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  1. What happens when you cure diabetes, like the good Dr Marik did? Nothing. Officially, nobody cares. Officially, there is no cure for diabetes. So diabetes cannot be cured. So there was no cure. Or perhaps it was a miracle. Or maybe the diagnosis was wrong. Our medical systems do not track cures for any disease. Most diseases are considered incurable. Most cases of cancer, even cancer, are cured, yes – cured. Most cases of cancer are easily cured. But officially, there are no cures for cancer. What happens when a case of cancer is cured? Nothing. Nobody cares. So, nobody cures.
    to your health, tracy
    Author: A New Theory of Cure

  2. I just witnessed the pattern Jefferey was talking about. Last week, the story about a DoD whistle blower (David Grusch) on UFO/UAP was initially passed thru NYT, Politico and the Hill. And it went viral.
    Like Jefferey said, I also felt the govt was still feeding info, deciding when to release and what portion of classified info. thereby driving the narrative.

  3. Damn, still argueing that the “Virus” originated in a Chinese Lab!!!!
    Why not have DR Brian Ardis D C on as a guest? Worst that can happen is that you learn something.

  4. Every time I hear Dr. Marik speak, I cry. The horrors of forced medical protocols, the persecution suffered at the hands of media and political activists, and the loss of his vocation b/c of that persecution.

  5. A few things: First, Happy Father’s Day to all those Dad’s that remain a positive influence in their children’s lives. This relationship is detrimental not only to the child, it’s detrimental to the family and society. Thank you! Next, I saw an interview with the founder of a website that says that the WHO and the UN are requiring all schools, all over the world, to teach that a child, from the age of zero, needs a sexual partner and if the schools do not teach this, the schools will be charged with denying a child their Human Rights. These people cannot be people. They are psychotic, demons or of another planet/dimension, or all three. This must be stopped. I think left, right and everyone in between can agree on this. He’s speaking out, even though he could be targeted, because he was in prayer and God laid His Sorrow and Grief on this gentleman’s heart. He said he cried and cried and cried and that he thought he would never stop crying so he has to do something. He said God cries. Get your children out of the public school system. It’s going to get ugly. Really ugly. Next, I saw in an interview that someone working in the Wuhan lab knew about covid and the plans to release it. There were two strains. One was cv 19 and the other was called cv 17. The 17 was the strain they wanted released but a researcher in that lab knew that it would kill over 80% of the world’s population so the labels were switched. One of those researchers must be the Hero. Are they all still alive? If so, one of those investigator journalists needs to get to them. Some how, some way. God Bless you all ?

  6. I am happy that many MDs, like Dr. Marik, are waking up to their programming. What they need to do is join the “ALTERNATIVE” health community that HAS been working quietly for thousands of years healing people! There needs to be some label changes: re-name medical care as SICK care and “ALTERNATIVE” care as HEALTH care.

  7. Hello, McFly!!!!! Cures for cancer HAVE been discovered YEARS ago, but have (mostly) been buried.
    Del, as much as I enjoy hearing from your M.Deity guests (and I genuinely do) you really need to have wholistic practitioners on to share the other side of the coin you’re only hinting at: NATURAL methods work!
    You can’t POISEN (aka DRUGS) yourself back to HEALTH!
    Otherwise, YOU’RE censoring the TRUTH!

  8. It is NO SURPRISE to those in the “ALTERNATIVE” health community that Berberine exists – we’ve been using it for years!
    Did you know, Del, that there’s an herb alternative to Ivermectin? Hint: it also won a 2015 Nobel Prize!!
    Get a few holistic practitioners on your show to talk about how to find a GOOD natural supplement! Buying cheap stuff like Dr. Marik suggested is NOT helpful…it’s synthetic CRAP! And will cause a nutritional deficiency!!
    Sorry, Dr. Marik – PLEASE STAY IN YOUR LANE! Leave the real healing to those who’ve been doing it for years: DCs, NDs, ACNs, RDs, etc.

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