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Episode 349: PLANET PANIC



    1. … and it appears all the videos shown below can’t be played either. I wonder if there are some system requirements for your video player upgrade?

      1. now after I posted my reply to you, the screen refreshed and the play button appeared.
        This didn’t happen when I posted my previous comments, nor when I refreshed the browser, or closed and opened the browser, etc.
        Good that the download option was available.

  1. These vipers of the parasitic class are conflating POLLUTION to “climate change”.
    ((They)) are the major drivers of pollution.
    ((They)) are projecting and guilt tripping the public.
    Please folks, don’t confuse pollution with “Climate”.

    FYI…a “Net Zero” carbon environment would look like the MOON…((They’re)) climate agenda is anti-human…it’s anti-life.
    WE are the carbon ((they)) want to eliminate.

  2. Curious that you mention again about where it cam efrom but I dont think that you have mentioned Dr David Martins work on the University of Maryland at Chapel Hill etc together with the various patents that he has to show the roadmap.

  3. On my computer I can adjust screen size plus see the timeline under the video to go back to last viewing. On my smart television though these options disappeared. I hope it is rectified for television.

  4. wow I just bought a packet of 60 charcoal tablets for the wife. A natural product and a by product. $24. Crazy. Why are they filling all the so called management roles and mouth pies roles with a particular gender. Is it that they can be bought more easily.
    Sounds sexist but cant help but wonder. And its been a bit that way for about 3 years so hits me in the face.

  5. I swear everything with the climate agenda is so stupid. Anyone with a brain should realize it’s about control and not actually doing anything about climate change.

    I definitely agree that there is plenty about the environment that is a problem and we need to clean up. But I also think that any plan to address it that doesn’t start at the top with the corporations and the rich cleaning up their acts and focuses solely on the average person changing their behavior won’t work. One corporation has far more of an effect than many average people. On top of that, they can drive change with the products and services they offer.

    Also, removing people from nature even more is such a bad idea. People are treating the environment poorly because they are so disconnected from it that they don’t know how their regular actions hurt the environment. Our problems started when humans decided they were above nature and could control it as they wished with no ill effects rather than trying to live in balance with it.

  6. How many of them have had the shot that destroys immune system. And so coincidental that its timing is when the WHO is pushing the agenda for total control!

  7. Everyone, how much does electro-magnetic frequency influence the balance of the human electrical field which is the operational system of the human body!

  8. I believe it is also unethical, as medical so called experts, to not have that original comparison between vaccinated and not in order to provide evidence of effectivity of a product that is administered to an independent system that has it’s own control.

  9. We need to get up to speed!
    The globalist’s plan is all explained by world renowned late Rosa koire, and in her book, Behind the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21 by Rosa Koire, SKU 0197

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Episode 349: PLANET PANIC

Religious Exemptions Attacked By NY Times; Chinese White Lung Pneumonia Hits U.S.; Unexpected Twist In Unsanctioned Chinese Biolab In California; The Latest Talking Points from Climate Change ‘Experts’ Are Getting Ridiculous; Will ESG Be the Downfall of the Free Economy?

Guests: Jefferey Jaxen, Utah State Treasurer Marlo Oaks, CFA, CAIA

AIRDATE: December 7, 2023