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  1. Great episode! I’m not sure how I connected with The Highwire early early on but have been in the loop from the start. Putting all things together in this presentation like a timeline was so interesting. Quite honestly it was set up much like a murder mystery would be. It made me want to keep turning pages to find the outcome. Sadly the reality is it is a murder mystery. The truth gets closer every day. Any chance this Harari dude is AI? I’m just thinking if a human actually heard themselves & believed the things this guy says, at some point they would have to admit it’s just plain crazy!

  2. The only thing you got wrong in that speech, Del, is Operation Warpspeed was not Trump’s idea or even what he wanted. I know there are a lot of speeches he gave after trying to say it was a great thing and I have no idea what that is about, but like you said, he tried stopping the vaccine production by promoting therapies that already existed, and it was Alex Azar and Moncef S. who were the architect and overseer of Operation Warpspeed specifically. I know you always like to be accurate, so please start being more accurate about Operation Warpspeed too! 🙂

    1. @Brantich – That isn’t the way I see Trump’s actions. He’s been all in favor of the vaccine the whole time. He’s only recently hedged, acknowledging there are people who have problems with it.

      What I think should be emphasized with him is that he never wanted to mandate these shots. He wanted it as an option, not a requirement. He wanted HCQ out there. He put in a very large order to make it available to those who wanted to try it with Covid, but the CDC blocked him. Nothing could be allowed to interfere with uptake of these shots. That wasn’t Trump’s decision. That was the decision of bureaucrats; actions that IMO were illegal, and should be prosecuted. They have no right to countermand a president’s orders like that.

      Re. the lockdowns – Trump is culpable for that, but only to an extent. The lockdowns he wanted were only on the federal level, and for about 5-6 weeks, in total, not a year or more, as happened in many states. Those were decisions of governors, and the CDC, not Pres. Trump.

      Re. the CDC – This is but the tip of the iceberg of what we now realize we’re opposing, which are rogue agencies that think they are independent of any authority, including ours. They think they are authorities unto themselves. This mentality must be defeated.

      I agree that Warp Speed was not Trump’s idea. The history on that shows it was in the works before he even became president. What Trump has touted is that he pushed hard on the FDA to allow Warp Speed to speed ahead. I think Del is right that Trump didn’t understand that in order for the shots to be available under EUA, no other remedy could be recognized, or used. The very definition of EUA doesn’t allow it to be an option. It had to be the only answer, in order for it to be used at all, unless it received full FDA approval.

      I think that was a really bad decision. However, I don’t judge politicians just on their bad ideas, but also what good they did, and I think Trump did a lot of good, outside of what happened with the Covid response. You’re not going to get anyone who’s perfect in that office. So, take what good you can.

  3. did anyone read the address to the WHO by Kissinger in 2009 which when you search for it has so many comments from so called fact checkers saying it was not said. Anyone have any proof of that?

  4. @Brantich:

    “… [Trump] tried stopping the vaccine production by promoting therapies that already existed” Actually, Trump was really doing that to end the lockdowns, not needless vax. Trump had already freed up drug makers to reduce safety research time to speed profits for Big Pharma LONG before 2020;
    “…a lot of speeches [Trump] gave after trying to say [Op Warpspeed] was a great thing and I have no idea what that is about” … then maybe you should keep quiet since you really have “… no idea…”, instead of re-writing history.


  5. I get so frustrated sometimes with people who say, “We’re not doing enough of X. That’s why we’re doing so badly..” What I love about what you’re saying is hold it: Maybe doing more of X is what’s causing the problem! How about we try doing less of it, or stop doing it altogether? See what happens.

    I know there are a lot of people who would say, wait, hold it. That’s crazy talk. X prevents the problem. Such is epistemological blindness, sometimes. Looking at the historical medical data is helpful with this, “Hey, this used to be happening less. Why is it getting worse?” Hopefully people can bring themselves to ask, “What were we doing then vs. now?”

  6. Another absolutely amazing, well put together presentation/collaboration of information.

    Well done Del!

    My only side comment, is that for all the efforts/actions you (and everybody else) are doing to “win our freedom back”, don’t you realise, as long as you keep on using ‘THEIR’ financing tool/weapon (fiat, central back money – regardless of if it’s digital or not), you are still their slave.
    If you keep using their money, it just means ‘they’ will continue to create more money out of thin air to ensure the wealth (and demise) of whoever they choose to see wealthy and poor.
    Legislation means nothing, when you’re a slave to their money.
    Freedom to choose what you buy means nothing, when you’re a slave to their money.
    Even property rights to a degree are meaningless, when the economics of supply and demand are being manipulated by, for example Bill Gates owning all of the farm land – why?? Because we’re all still using ‘their’ slave money.
    A different trade system/method/product needs to be introduced, otherwise the slavery will never end (And I don’t think crypto is the answer by the way).

  7. Geez Dell. You lay the patiotic American stuff on a little thick. You know, people in other western countries do NOT see America the way you do. Could you please tone that down a little? You guys don’t even have free healthcare…

  8. I can’t understand how Bill Psychopath Gates was allowed to create GMO mosquitos in Florida and Texas of all places and then let them loose with malaria? How is that allowed? How is this guy getting away with SO much and being so incredibly evil. He One Handedly is destroying our food system, health. Why is he even allowed to do all this????? Can someone go after this creep?

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Del recently gave a presentation exposing the real pandemic, a pandemic of lies surrounding vaccine safety and policy in the U.S. which The HighWire and ICAN have been investigating since its founding. COVID may have opened your eyes, but this talk, given in California at a fundraiser for the group PERK, and now being presented to you, will help you learn why COVID was just the tip of the vaccine safety iceberg.

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