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  1. Dr Miriam Grossman is a right wing religious extremist promoting her hate agenda against the transgender community. Over 70 years of fact contradict her OPINION!!

    1. Why is not wanting to mutilate kids who cannot give consent a hate agenda? No one cares what you do when you are an adult. However too many of these kiddos are de-transitioning and we are learning to catch up with reality which is relying on big pharma for happiness is probably not the way to go.

    2. OUTRAGEOUS INJUSTICE by Chase Bank!!! WOW!How could this happen to anyone,especially Dr. MERCOLA,one of the most respected doctors in the world! It sounds so illegal. I hope he sues them for everything they’re worth!We should all pull our money out of Chase and let them know how you feel about this injustice and how it won’t be tolerated

  2. Leave the kis lone. Stop brainwashing them. They can me male and like dolls, they can be female and like kick boxing. Let the kids go through puberty without grooming them. The once they have all their hormones in a line they can chose to be Gay, they can chose to reassign, but this frenzy to adopt a flag and make everyone neuters is very sad.

  3. The banks are practicing discrimination – if they were closing people´s accounts because of religious beliefs or race – then maybe most would protest in the streets. If they are a public business, it is against the law to discriminate. We need to get lawyers on this.

  4. I have predicted that the Internet will be either severely limited or shut down by 2025. Get your passenger pigeons ready. I make hard copies of anything I want to keep. I also have a lot of books.

  5. You are comparing apples to oranges when comparing the big pharma stance with the condition of our environment. To really see the truth – pay attention to the indigenous. They will tell you how they are facing hard times because the climate has totally changed. You are correct that the fear porn is ridiculous. The efforts to handle what I now term – climate alteration – are efforts to undermine what we really need to do.. Instead of cutting the big emitters, they are going after what individuals do in their lives. The don’t´ eat meat, don’t´ travel, take over of farm land crowd are the people who are making the climate conversation turned into a weapon for control. You are totally correct about the efforts. The problem is that there really is a climate problem and the science is there. The insanity is the take-over by energy interests. We can argue all day that people have made the mess or not, but what are our government and policy makers doing to help their populations survive the increase in droughts, flooding, heatwaves, severe storms, and sea level rise? I am a retired teacher with nothing but time to research and keep track of what is happening. I was not surprised that right at the beginning of COVID – there was an increase in news reports that climate alteration is a hoax – even in the face of wildfires burning up forests, record heat, and devastating floods. I suggest you review the insurance agencies that are not offering property insurance in areas where there are increased hazardous extreme weather. Please do more research into this topic and don´t become confused, our way of life and our quality of life is under assault. We can figure out how to change our situation without authoritarian control.Totally my opinion, but I suspected that the COVID19 plandemic was the catalyst to take control over the growing backlash against the fossil fuel industry. Take note of the immediate shut down of street protests about climate alteration. Notice the timing of increased oil and fracking sites. Covid19 is a Trojan Horse. The same thing is happening with the next topic about transgender. Another thing to divide people, keep people ill, and control society. These three topics are all related.

  6. @aztec8888

    Many of us are perfectly aware there are plenty of problems with the environment that need to be addressed. However, any solution that doesn’t start with big corporations cleaning up their act has serious problems. Using climate change as a way to control the people and smaller businesses but allow big businesses to keep on polluting is not going to solve a thing. Anything that attacks smaller sustainable farmers without making the factory farms change their ways is not going to solve a thing. Forcing the average person to make changes but allowing the big corporations and the rich continue as they are will not solve a thing.

    The solution is not going to be an easy one because we will need to make shifts to our lives all around, but those changes need to start at the top with the biggest corporations and the rich. Not at the bottom with the average person.

  7. @jenniferny: Dr Grossman is NOT a religious right wing zealot. I am a lifelong JFK Democrat who brought my kids to PRIDE in the 90s. This is a CULT. I am a trained hypnotherapist, retired medical provider for hospice and chronic care, a Reiki healer and an Artist. I started my state Bernie group and ran the state movement. This Trans movement is a CULT and not founded on anything but Social contagion. Children should NOT be exposed in school to gender queer theory nor should they be put on ANY hormones for any reason related to believing they are trans. The statistics of how many kids are identifying as Trans is NOT equal to the .001% of trans identified adults before 2010. This insanity is Manufactured Consent and propaganda based on the #s alone which dont lie. This has NOTHING to do with “right wing conservative ” issues. As a liberal they have now disgusted me forever. No matter what you say they have destroyed their own credibility. REAL Trans people are now speaking out AGAINST this “trans” activism. We will NO LONGER be silent about the active sterilizing and harming our children in teh trans medical mill which states themselves that each child they medically intervene with enriches them by 1 MILLION dollars EACH. The surgeries alone have a 69% failure rate. WATCH and read Blair white on Youtube and Buck Angel. They explain everything you clearly dont understand based on your comment. This isn’t about civil rights . Its about the destruction of children for propagandistic purposes and financial as well.

  8. 70 years of facts? It’s 70 years of gross medical negligence, 70 years of mutilating and chemically castrating bodies, 70 years of nothing more than a Frankenstein like science experiment. Have you seen what these surgeries look like?? HAVE YOU???!!!

  9. I breastfed all of my kids. I lasted anywhere from 1 year to 2 years. You have to feed/pump every 2 hours for months. Then you have to pump/feed constantly in the middle of the night to maintain any supply at least I did. It isn’t for the weak and I sure wouldn’t do it if I didn’t have a good supply. What that man pumped is not ever going to feed any baby. Women struggle enough with feeding issues. I just doubt any biological man will ever actually breastfed a baby. They may get a few drops but that is just for show. It takes many ounces everyday to do that job. I think at my best I was producing 1/2 gallon a day. Let me see a man do that.

  10. Well, I’m NOT WAITING for my bank account to get frozen because I refused the first or third vaccine…..
    I’m a monthly donnor.
    Please don’t wait too. You’re poor give 1$ a month, you are not poor give the max.

  11. At the same time JPMORGAN CHASE BANK is treating Dr. Mercola et al like criminals, that bank was deleting all incriminating evidence in their records regarding another person — Jeffrey Epstein and the trafficking of minors etcetera and the money laundering in regards to such Epstein crimes? Is this another case of look over here, not at the real crimes? Is this a way to divert our attention away from the real joint crimes among 1/ JP MORGAN CHASE BANK (money laundering), 2/ Jeffrey Epstein human trafficker, and 3/ the child molesters to whom Epstein provided victims?

  12. Dr. Mercola came out rapidly with the first book exposing the truths about covid as a globalist agenda, the planned public-private partnership corruption of regulation of drugs, and so on — an excellent concise book. Earlier in this century he led the exposure of the reckless introduction of the GMO industry application to the food chain. In my view, the powers that be are full of vengeful intent toward a powerful voice for responsibility in the public and private sectors and for truth in all areas especially health. Dr. Mercola is a dynamo, so the sickos who are trying to shut him down, I think not only are fools, but are also proving in public what complete fools they are, totally devoid of controlling for a moment even their most criminal impulses.

  13. The globalists want to collapse all small businesses — and digital ‘currency’/CBDCs is how they will shut down small businesses in this next onslaught. The covid lockdowns worked for this globalist goal, and it appears shutting down bank accounts and removing access to funds will be another step in realizing their goals.

  14. The trans “movement” is not organic. It is engineered, funded, and forced on our children and the media is propagandizing it. Thanks for covering this.

    That Dr. Grossman’s book is not in stores shows how cowed bookstores are to carry any criticism of such a propagandized, engineered ‘movement’.

    Like the Maoists/Marxists forced their population into unisex clothing during the Cultural Revolution, controlling the number of births, and essentially encouraging homosexuality, this bizarre American trans “movement” also is a draconian social engineering scheme that is anti-family, ends in sterilization and control of the birthing habits of the population. Stand up to this sick manipulation for the sake of the children and the future.

  15. i have to say thank you for your sense of humour , your latest comment of folks if you want to trust these people with your lives well we cant help you . Thank yoou for helping me laugh . The stubbornness, the ostricahs not sure how people cannot get really upset . This is what bothers me most. i was a single parent worked hard put all I had into it all so natural intense real. i oisten to this wow it feels forced pushed awkawd and unatural. <Its supposed to be about the chiod not the parent. <its all backwards feels so off. it s so off it s umbelievable.


    1. This is very dark. One cannot deny this. Wait until your adult end of story.. Its a muse for the bigger darker part I believe. We ve already seen it. And actually a side note that i learn t in nursing school, the human brain does not mature until 25, a biological fact.

  16. Energy policies are not sustaining us. Del, you are smart enough to see the science, the measurements, the correlation of excess carbon emissions with the warming of ocean and atmospheric temperatures and their impact of accumulating and intensifying carbon density in the atmosphere, and lowering of carbon sinks from deforestation, fires, and ice melt.. Check these resources out.. and if any of the science here is incorrect, let me know.. You can also witness that the military industrial complex continues drilling for oil and really making it into an inevitable crisis. that we are facing today.

    The answer is not in fascist people controlled policies, but in reigning in the military industrial complex for real sustainable directions from world peace and care for our environment and our right for clean air, water, and health. https://flybynews.wordpress.com/2011/05/11/energy-pollutions-impact-on-our-environment/

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Chase Bank Puts A Life At Risk After Canceling Mercola and Staff Bank Accounts; Jefferey Jaxen Reports on COVID Shot Finally Coming into the Crosshairs as Heart Problems In Young People Mount; After Being Labeled ‘Domestic Terrorists’ For Pushing Back Against COVID Mandates Regulators Are Set To Employ Same Tactics To Achieve ‘Climate Compliance’; ‘What is A Woman’ Star Has a Path Out of The Madness; Next Week Firebrand Physician, Dr. Jim Meehan, Guest Hosts for Del!

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