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  1. “Lab leak”?…really…It’s a “Bioweapon”….Intentionally released! This all plays into the FEAR campaign for the NEXT plandemic.

    You know…for the plausible excuse of why there could possibly be ANOTHER pandemic so soon.
    Just a extension of the “plan”…A fucking SYOP

  2. Again I don’t think it matters if it was a lab leak or not. Lab leak is just icing on the cake of mass murder.

    In the end what matters is that when there was a known effective treatment, it was denied to people and demonized and denying that treatment to people should be considered murder. Until that is dealt with, it doesn’t matter where the virus came from because in the end had the virus been treated effectively, it wouldn’t have been a threat at all. The real danger is a possible repeat of the reaction, not another potential lab leak.

  3. Wondering if feeling ill in crowded spaces could also be due to the dozens of cell phones all emitting signals. I notice if I’m in a car with 2 or 3 people all w/ phones on!

  4. The ever increasing levels of EMF exposure in public places is of great concern to a growing percentage of our earth…all living species are being affected. 5G was being rolled out about the same time as the Covid plandemic.

  5. Thank you for digging into Statins. Great job!
    Would you take a look at the cancer drug Keytruda? The studies are nonsense. Oncologists are getting rich and killing people with it.

  6. Another great episode!! Jeffery’s research is impeccable!

    I just had a friend ask me if the J&J jab was Mrna. If I’m recalling correctly they claimed it wasn’t. But then why the blood clots? And now it’s just completely off the radar. Why? This would be an interesting investigative report. Jeffery???

  7. The convo between Tess and Del about nature and revolution brought Henry David Thoreau and his stay at Walden Pond to mind. He was feeling so discouraged by the Industrial Revolution. He was seeing the pollution, forests etc disappearing. I had done this very thing Summer of 2022. I lost my dad in 2020. My mom, my son in law (1 week later) my former mom in law who I stayed in touch with (days after my son in law) in 2021. I was spent. This added to everything “they” had put us through. Mr. Thoreau was on to something. I do believe getting in touch with nature kept me from heading down a very dark slope.

    Del and Ms Lawrie’s conversation aren’t just empty words. There is alot of truth to them.

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Pierre Kory, MD, MPA premieres new short film ‘The War on Ivermectin,’ based on his incredible book about the life-saving drug, details science on COVID Spike Protein Shedding, and breaks down an article he wrote on Excess Mortality which is making the rounds in the mainstream; Jefferey Jaxen Reports New Side Effects of Taking Statins, and more evidence of auto-immune disorders post COVID vaccination; Tess Lawrie MBBCh, PhD details the WHO’s attempts to assume control of global medical freedom through amendments to the International Health Regulations, and how you can help to stop them; Finally, the World Premiere of the film ‘The War on Ivermectin.’

Guests: Pierre Kory, MD, MPA, Tess Lawrie, MD, PhD

AIRDATE: December 14, 2023