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  1. A growing problem for some of us who are unvaccinated is the problem of shedding and the fact that many who got the shot are sick all of the time. Every time I go out into the city I need to take supplements, eat a good hot meal, and take a long nap to stay healthy. Taking the shot does not make people healthy. It leaves too many with runny noses, coughing, and sneezing several times a week. I do have friends that I see and just make sure to take supplements and get plenty of rest after seeing them. It is not their fault they were lied to.

  2. In addition, I wrote a post about someone else’s post about C19 and the censors did not like it on Medium and my entire account was canceled. Censorship is alive and well.


  4. Jackie’s story is one of the most ironic, and outrageous story!.Here she has a vaccine injured child that is blocked from access to medical care for this injured child FOR NOT BEING VACCINATED! OUTRAGEOUS IRONY AND INJUSTICE! I commend Jackie’s tenacity of spirit to fight for 6 YEARS to get this bill passed!!She is an amazing person and definitely a hero.I would never have the patience for that.I would have lost it .

  5. My view is Elon Musk is part of the de-humanizing machine. Look at what the man is into! Come on Dell, make so accusations man! What does Elon’s “Right” mean? W.T.F.! Mass survilence frrom his thousands of 5G satellites. Pollinator collapse/demise from the strong(And coming soon-All pervading) 5G pulses beamed at all of us, and mother nature, insects, butterflies, small birds, etc.Elon Musks involvement with the C.I.A. and the D.O.D. and the U.S. (Taxpayers) funding of many of his projects. Brain chips? Really.Why are there ant questions left about this modern day technocrat psycho and his deepest of intentions? Come on Del, don’t be so nice on this one! this mans true colors are all to visible! Thanks again to Jeffery Jackson for his astute well researched journalism!

  6. The W.H.O.’s “Plandemic Treaty” is one of the worst moves (If not the worst move of all,,,) to push forward on a total central control agency, of course in bed with the W.E.F. and also the U.N. is highly suspect in supporting this global tyranny unfolding. Most of us know who the psychopathic creep is that sits at the head of the W.H.O, table is. Our good little super rat-Billy boy Gates with his corrupt G.A.V.I. that infiltrated the W.H.O. many years back in time.Their real three tier goal is- Massive population reduction. Global police state. And the insiders such as Gates and Schwab will make biiiions more added fo their sick coffers of control. Come on humanity! Wise up and pay attention! The who does not want to save lives from pandemics! it wants to create “Plandemics” get rid of massive numbers of humans, make big bank from their vaccines involments and investments. Control the world food and water supplies. Destroy small farmers. Dictate to all of us how we must live (Or die by their “Sword”) I say it is time for 100% conscious rebellion! WE WILL NOT COMPLY!!!

  7. On fertility, Rochelle Wollensky was lying when she said there is no chance of infertility. There was a Japanese study done on mice prior to the release of the shot. One of the main places the nanoparticles accumulate is the ovaries and testes. Girls are born with all the eggs they will ever have. It’s quite possible that those egg cells are all deformed or dead after this attack from nanoparticles. Besides that pre-release data, VAERS showed an 82% miscarriage rate after injection. One doctor joked that this shot had a better rate than other oral abortefascients(sp). It is very sad how they have lied.

  8. Wow! Amazing research on the business life of EM!! I have been trying to make up my mind about him since Twitter! I don’t believe he can achieve all of his dreams and goals and still care about the human family. Thank you Jeffrey and Del and all the Highwire crew for this eye opening info??

  9. This episode is a great example of why I haven’t missed an episode in years. You continue to grow beyond vaccines into the agenda and the players involved.
    I trolled your, “Yay Elon took over Twitter” episode a while back pretty hard. Because Elon is a transhumanist shill and now you’re like, “Hey by the way guys, Elon is a transhumanist shill”
    You evolve. You actually talked about The Club of Rome, at some point perhaps you’ll cover the Committee of 300.
    It’s like watching a new activist progress, but you are reaching so many people while you do it.
    For more on Elon go to Thecorbettreport.com
    Kudos Highwire team!?

  10. Outstanding show today!

    A huge mission right now needs to be educating, informing and lobbying our congressional reps and senators about this WHO “Treaty” and how it is completely unconstitutional! The more opposition emails, snail mail and phone calls they get, the more informed they will become, and the more
    Likely they are to vote against this tyranny!

  11. What I find is crazy is fighting to get into a system that you dont trust and wants to do things that aren’t healthful for your body. Why not set up or become part of a healthcare system that provides treatments that improve the health. To me it’s bonkers to say I want to be part of the vaccine pushing, surgery pushing, pharma pushing healthcare system, when there are other ways to treat people that promote health and wellness not promote sickness to continue to make money.

  12. If they considered the pregnancy study with under 350 participants as being an under-powered study, what did they consider the 8 mice study that gave approval for the vaxx to be given to pregnant women – Weekly comedy show to cheer up the FDA`?

  13. I know a retired lab tech who swears by the jabs. She has gotten sick with covid at least 2 times I know of. But when I pointed out that the shots did not stop her subsequent infections, she got angry and told me she’d rather get covid than die from covid. She believes the jabs are keeping her from dying. I give up. I don’t engage anymore with these jab fans.

  14. That animal research failure is like all animal research. First, critical thinking should tell you that when the animal is tied up, restrained (to prevent messing with surgery wounds, for example), caged etc. — they are under extreme stress. STRESS of these EXTREME LEVELS means none of the results can be considered trustworthy even if the animals don’t die from the procedures! And they ARE dying from the invasive procedures.

    SECOND, implants are already a failing solution. Example: If a young person requires an implant for a broken bone, they are scheduled for its removal in order to prevent “complications”. The same is NOT done for old people, because the medical profession writes off the “complications” as just old age problems and the person was going to die anyway. So, often a broken bone implant is just left in an old person; they don’t care to prevent the complications up front. AND, take hip replacements. The presence of the implants is never guaranteed, only estimated to last at best for 15 or 20 years if everything is done perfectly in a perfectly receptive patient. There are huge problems with failures, fake joint balls slipping out of fake joint sockets, materials breaking down and toxifying the patient, continued pain problems, complications like creating an implanted leg that is shorter or longer than the opposite leg leading to limping and further injurious problems, and then creation of chronic inflammation or rejection of the implants. IF THE MEDICAL PROFESSION CANNOT EVEN MASTER JOINT REPLACEMENTS AFTER 30+ YEARS OF DOING THEM, what are the chances that Musk’s brain implants are going to result in success? IT IS ALL ILLUSIONSIM at this point, marketing hype in expectation of investment capital or grant funds (like taxdollar NIH funding maybe?). Implants are not a sure thing even in a knee, so why would anyone think they could have reached precision in the brain?

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