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Episode 325: BURDEN OF TRUTH



  1. Stupid .YouTube even censoring ROBERT KENNEDY JR.,who is going to be the next President. YT platform is a thing of the past !Noone is going to go there anymore for any true news or reality

  2. What a LIAR Zuckerberg is.No could say anything on Facebook that wasn’t a part of the
    Public propaganda machine..He is sickening he’s such a liar

  3. They aren’t just petrified of the truth about the vaccine injured. They have their false narrative about vaccination to prop up. We know polio is NOT stopped by polio vaccines and that it really isn’t proved that vaccinating against measles does anybody any good. This kind of lack of efficacy may apply across the board on every vaccine to some extent. My point being: They cannot allow anyone to avoid vaccination for any reason because people going around measurably NOT VACCINATED and measurably STAYING HEALTHY DESPITE NOT BEING VACCINATED could REVEAL that there is an entire vaccine illusionism industry profiteering and destroying lives.

  4. AND, just as much of an issue – there is NO, NO, NO meaningful PROOF that vaccines do any real good, have any net benefit. The majority of the population had most of the diseases back in the 60’s which is what created the HERD IMMUNITY, and the cases and deaths from all of those diseases dropped by more than 96%, and THEN – it was AFTER THAT TIME, MOST OF THE VACCINES WERE THEN INTRODUCED – AFTER most had been eradicated. There is mountains of evidence of their harm.
    And the COST – – adding up all costs of R & D, production, administration, and then the harm done – everything is ASTRONOMICAL and going to increase multiple factors – totally destroying this country and world alone!

  5. would be good to get your show to let the world know what is being done in Aust re the voice and the new minister for lack of truth suppressing twitter comments etc

  6. One thing you dont talk much about which is the primary driver of stats, persuasion, etc and Scott talks a lot about cases which as has been pointed out many times are positive results on the test. Most testing is being done at too high threshold according to the late Kary Mullis and therefore giving a considerable number of false positives. So with that in mind it would be good for someone like Scott to also address that.

  7. the totality of the cruel truth is the 1986 no liability act..allowed in law somehow without any public tru acknowledgment… can we clarify that whole frekn truth to the listeners, please… is it not the tru reason for the onslaught of crimes against humanity…yes or no

  8. Fauchie, Burks, and Redfield did not fail in their goals. Unless you consider the fact that they did not kill nearly as many people as they intended

  9. I’ve heard Walensky say many stupid things, but the stupidest thing she said is that the VAERS system was designed with the idea there would be over reporting…. excitedly I might add. Why wouldn’t the system have been designed for accuracy? Dumb question right?

  10. The interview with Atlas is instructive on why we don’t want the government having so much power in our lives. The progressive dream was you could get rid of the dullards and have only experts in the room through Executive agencies, and yet look what happens. The people Atlas was talking about were career bureaucrats who’d been in the fed. gov. for many years. They weren’t just Trump appointees who came in yesterday. Yet, they represented “room temperature” opinion that destroyed millions of people’s lives.

    The reality of government is very different than what many of us have expected. One could argue this is one reason the Founders explicitly wanted government’s power limited to enumerated powers, and nothing else. This requires us, though, to have the confidence and skill to make decisions independently.

  11. The vaccine illusion is the same as the old story’The Emperors New Clothes’.The king is naked but none of the people DARED say so until one little boy, who was not indoctrinated with the same fear , yells out,”but the king is NAKED”!
    The vaccine illusion is a control mechanism and has never done anything but harm and if that’s not true ,than why no transparency,why no debate with Robert F.Kennedy Jr.Musk is right

  12. A wonderful interview.
    For me, the most important thing in life is freedom. Without it you’ve nothing. We need to stand up to prevent the insanity from crushing us.

  13. Del, I agree with your closing argument. I think what has prevented that is people have gotten used to being busy and distracted. They want answers that can be explained in 10 mins. or less. Otherwise, they’ve got things to do. I think what you’re expressing is true: That’s not good enough. That isn’t going to get us out of the morass. The reason being that a significant amount of what we thought were our support systems are failing, and it’s up to us to do what we can to “get in the gap,” to rebuild and replace those failing institutions.

  14. DEMOCRACY? As much as I like RFJ, Jr. I wish he’d stop referring to our country as a DEMOCRACY? We are a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC!

    No where in the Decl. of Ind. or the original organic Constitution does it mention the word DEMOCRACY! That’s because the Framers knew it was a mob rule and a short step to Totalitarianism.

    We need RFK, Jr. and others like you DEL to be educated on this foundational principle!!

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Invite Kris Ann Hall on to your show and you’ll get a great education in the Constitution!!!!!!!

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Episode 325: BURDEN OF TRUTH

Joe Rogan Calls For “Hotez vs. Kennedy Jr.” Debate, Pot Grows to $2.6M; Jefferey Jaxen Reports – FDA Ignores Undeniable Evidence pilling up over COVID Jab and Myocarditis, and introducing Walensky’s Heir to CDC Director’s Chair, Mandy Cohen; Former Trump White House COVID Task Force Member gives incredible inside look into what was going on inside the administration’s embattled public health response.

Guests: Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Dr. Scott Atlas

AIRDATE: June 22, 2023