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Episode 270: ACTS OF MALICE



  1. Just a quick note — Be Schooled. It’s still not possible to create a vaccine for any coronavirus. There’s still no evidence to support the existence of Covid-19. Lockdowns, Masks and Social Distancing can not protect anyone from ANY virus, plus actually does more harm to the health of a society. The official narratives can kiss my butt!

  2. There are many things we need to iron out so to speak. Firstly saying Asymptomatic transmission is the biggest problem , what is the basis of Gerts assertions, and how realistically can that be determined to translate to illness, asymptomatic for how long? To say asymptomatic people are infectious based on what evidence? The term can also describe healthy people, when healthy you have no symptoms of illness. If I went to Accident and emergency and said hi I have no symptoms but I might be infectious , I would diagnosed as insane. We also need to go back further these so called viruses have not been proven to exist ever. Mixtures of substances are carried out and then voila at the end the virus is pin pointed. If asymptomatic people are supposedly so infectious then take their bodily fluids and attempt to infect someone else. Yet we are told there is not enough Viral load to carry that out, yet they are allegedly so infectious? Scientists have to create hypothesis and that stems from theory to a degree and correlation, then disprove or prove yhe hypothesis, what they arent supposed to do is turn theories into unquestionable dogma. Its not complicated. To tell us its too complicated means they dont understand it themselves, it should not shut down debate. Herd immunity can never be achieved as each individuals blood, body state varies. People for example with contaminates like in Vaccines verses someone with non are going to respond differently. Herd immunity as a concept only uses correlation but Geert knocks down correlation when speaking of Vaccines and cronic illness he dismisses correlation. At least at minimim apply the same parameters.

  3. I have to say that in a way what Del and the Highwire is doing is basically the same as the MSM. Sure, they are attacking within the approved narrative, but they are very carefully avoiding bringing on the people, doctors, scientists, etc. that demonstrate and prove that VIRUSES DONT EXIST – have NEVER BEEN PROVEN TO EXIST, have NEVER BEEN ISOLATED.

    As long as Del vehemently denies this truth – what he is doing is basically controlled opposition. He’s work is screaming every day and all the time: VIRUSES EXIST!! KEEP SUPPORTING BIG PHARMA! (Yes, let’s ensure that they behave correctly) – BUT KEEP SPREADING the lies…..

    Sure, that lie is sooo humongous that it is like attacking the fabrics for reality for many…. nontheless the proof is in the non-isolation.

  4. “CEO of large Spanish pharma company bought a fake vaccine card. Why would someone pay a huge fee and risk a long prison sentence to avoid taking a perfectly safe vaccine that will keep him from dying from COVID?
    Answer: to avoid dying from the vaccine.” Here’s the story:
    Don’t expect to see this in ANY American news reporting outlet. It won’t happen. The gaslighting continues.
    Thank you Steve Kirsh and Edward Dowd for this information.

  5. Del please check out the origin of the virus theory. It is not based on good science. I know it takes courage to question this theory because it is ingrained in the minds of most people. But you are here to uncover the truth and I believe you can. Just imagine if this house of lies comes crumbling down, how everything will change, We have to find out the real reason for illnesses, not just blame it on some “virus”.

  6. The extent of the evil inflicted on humanity really is unbelievable. Anyone who takes $$ knowing they are killing babies ????? That is indescribable evil.

    I hope and pray that the people who participated in this atrocity are charged with crimes against humanity and hung if convicted.

  7. I think we need to strip mainstream media of their monopolising presence. We need to reveal thextrue Fishkill that all msm is. All media is controlled by less than 10 people. They basically feed us what they like and people form their truth from that. It is so easy fir them to control us this way – we need to dissolve their ability to keep doing it.

  8. 9400 people in the Adverse Effects document–their outcome is unknown. How scientific is THAT? Unacceptble for a “scientific” study!!!

  9. Even Jeffrey still doesn’t seem to get it….

    These “journalists” aren’t “lazy”, they’re CONTROLLED.

    Operation Mockingbird it’s a really easy introduction into why you can’t trust these presstitutes. Maybe you could go watch “The Corporation” and see what happened to the Fox news reporters who tried to report the truth about milk in Florida. You don’t have to control every reporter, you just need to control the editor, then you have control over every reporter.

    You guys are getting played once again. You’re all going to get together and get a republican majority and think you “won” and then that’s exactly who they’re going to get to take your guns. It’s just the same shit over and over and some of you can’t seem to see through it.

    Did you vote for Bill Gates or Klaus Schwab? What in the hell makes you think you’re going to be able to vote your way out of this? You don’t care that the Republican Party orchestrated the war on terror and the 9/11 false-flag? Why? Just because now they’re telling some truth about the Rona?

    Like I said, you’re supposed to be the tip of the sword, but some of you are just dull as fuck

  10. Here is an interview done on June 7hth. Dr. Blaylock,, retired neurosurgeon and professor of neurosurgery, describes the insidious vaccine propaganda and the resultant millions of deaths directly from it’s use. Those pushing this vaccine, Dr. Fauci and others, knew that theses vaccines are dangerous.
    Incredibly easy to follow and understand…


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Episode 270: ACTS OF MALICE

Memorial Day Irony; Biden IHR Amendments Fail; New Risks In Vaccine Tech; Media: “Anti-Vaxxers Can’t Be Beat”; Pfizer Docs Paint Perilous Pregnancy Picture

Guests: Meryl Dorey, Katie Ashby-Koppens, Shabnam Palesa Mohamed, Dr. Naomi Wolf