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  1. Praying for Justice and a MIRACULOUS healing for you! Don’t believe the lie!! The Lord himself will be the only one to remove you from this ball of dirt in the sky….when HE says so! Hang tight!! Blessings!

    1. Your story of Faith. Witness to others, and relying on the Lord is inspirational! Prayers and Blessings to both of you! Keep up your fight for health and Life and all that is Good! We all support you and God won’t let you down! Prayers and Blessings! ❤️

      1. Good for you Jill, believing that God will heal you completely from head to toe. Stick with the Lord, He will honor your decision.. we call for a “New Kidney” from His storeroom in heaven, in Jesus Name!!

        What a great testimony!!
        God Bless you.

          My brother who is 27 and is at end stage renal failure due to leukocytoplastic vasculitis with HSP, witch it’s attacking his kidneys and shutting them both down.

          MUSC sent him a letter saying if he doesn’t have the vaccine then they would give it to him because it’s now a requirement to be added to the transplant list. If he refuses the vaccine he will not be added to the kidney transplant list.
          When before my brother was asked to hold off on his dialysis so that his body won’t be so weakened so that his body would hold up better for the kidney surgery in hopes of being made priority on the transplant list.

          He’s already been told by his medical team that he already has not to take the flu vaccine, because how it’s done his body before.
          I understand different vaccines may be different and others persons body may react different, but I also understand that you need your whole body and its organs need to work together accordingly when it comes to immunity and fighting off a sickness and or to gain immunity from a vaccine.

          His medical team that he has been working with has tried everything possible from many different meds, dialysis and even chemo, to help his body and his kidneys not to shut down and for this autoimmune disease not to overtake any other organs. And nothing has worked and caused other issues like his blood pressure and having to take blood pressure medicine and steroids everyday because it’s now the only option besides kidney transplant. (But until something changes with MUSC and their requirements his only option NOW is dialysis again; which is very strenuous on the body we’ve seen it with our own eyes)

          Getting a kidney is his best option to continue living for him self, 2 children and his wife. But it seems of now he’s being denied that opportunity. Because he feels in his heart and soul and mind, that getting the vaccine will kill him faster than the process of getting a kidney or waiting to get a kidney or even his second term with the dialysis.

          Is this not a form of medical discrimination
          Just because MUSC new requirement is to get this new covid vaccine,
          or you won’t be able to be given the opportunity to be added to a transplant list to get a kidney to save your own life not just for you but for your 2 children and your wife.
          Am I the only one mind blown and hurt by this?
          What rights does he have?
          To me a “requirement” is not a law! Especially when it comes to a person’s body, health status, and fact that his body is already in a state of shutting one organ system down. When you need your whole body and immune system to work together properly to create healing and to gain immunity!
          What person in their right mind with medical knowledge and understanding of the body the molecular biology of it how it works immunology and how it works. And continue to push this on someone within a medical State as my brother just literally makes no sense at all to me!

          And no I don’t have a full medical degree at this time but I have experience within the “medical field” and have studied not just from books or classes I’ve taken or reaching out to others that have and what they teach you, but real life experience with people! And not every sickness not every disease not every thing that happens medically goes by “the book” in a human body. And it’s nothing to sit back study and research to gain the knowledge of understanding from true credible sources!

          To know and realize that something truly isn’t right here only takes common sense!
          And if I’m wrong in any part of this medically point it out to me in the right direction from reliable specialists and from a reliable medical lab scientists point of view. Show me the facts please!
          This is not about how much knowledge you have it’s about knowing something is wrong about this and something needs to be done and it’s about my brothers life and others life!

  2. To this woman in the video, hopefully you find this message and please try watching Dr Robert Morse and learning how to cleanse your kidneys and bring yourself back to wellville without pharma. This is a genetic weakness in your family if your father went through this too. Sending so many blessings your way. I hope you find health.

  3. More crocodile tears from a privileged, white female, responsible for the murder of millions of children, not to mention the persecution of countless men and fathers to the point of suicide, under color of law.

  4. I was in a semi truck rollover in june 6th vancouver washington I out and hurt bad when i was out and before my wife was there they blood transfusion A few times are you saying like you I mint had A vaccinated blood transfusion

  5. I strongly agree with everything you present.

    Take a comprehensive position: The covid vaccine should not be routine or mandatory. But also take the position that none of the customary childhood vaccines should be routine or mandatory. Vaccination is still in a crude stage of development.

    The only justification for a mandate is when the disease is ultra deadly, like ebola, where it spreads easily. I think ebola vaccination is done to relatives and neighbors. The disease is worse than the adverse reactions. Even then, I do not know whether the ebola vaccine is mandated for the family and neighbors.
    With the standard childhood vaccines and the covid vaccines, the adverse reactions are worse than the disease.

    Keep up the good work.

  6. It is my understanding that the CDC or FDA changed the procedure for filling out death certificates. They did this without the required notice and hearings. The result if this change is that anyone who had numerous other morbidities or even died in a car crash would be counted as a covid death if a blood test were done on the cadaver and the result came back positive for Covid. I have read that if this change had not been made, the number of deaths would not be 700,000 but would be 7,000. Please update us on this.

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