1. I support you Irene. I wish your state would pass a no vax passport law. Alabama’s Governor did have this law passed so a business doesn’t have to do this. I hope your state is able to get your Governor out of office!!

      1. You should have bucked the system. You were compliant and look where it got you. You are getting what you deserve. I hope all eating establishments fail if they go along with this ridiculous agenda. Be strong and fight for Freedom like a American Patriot should

  1. I live in nyc. My 14 year old daughter can’t go to pizza places or Starbucks and has lost all of her friends. She’s in a huge depression and now wants the vaccine.

    1. Where in NYC? There are pockets of communities with people of all ages who are gathering in their own social events, relying on each other for all kinds of supports. Many great friendships are being made.

  2. I stopped going to restaurants years ago since most feed you GMOs etc. I feel for the owners but they need to stand up to the government! This is communistic! I see the government as well as the economy collapsing more and more. We can’t fix corruption so let it fail and lets build something that serves We the People!

  3. This ridiculous practice Of segregation is moving to a town 90 minutes north of NYC- City Winery. I left and will not return. This started the first week of August 2021. Unless they change much like NYC (restaurants and theater) it will affect their bottom line.

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New York City’s vaccine passport mandate is impacting thousands of already struggling businesses. Brooklyn restaurant owner, Irene Siderakis, talks to Del about the extreme financial impact this mandate has had on her 100-year-old restaurant, and how she fears for her own safety.

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POSTED: October 1, 2021