1. In regards to the whole thing about reducing energy costs. I always love how they just assume we can install solar panels, buy appliances, etc. What about the people in the US who rent? Over a third of the US population rents and have no control over the majority of the energy efficiency of our residences. And if our landlords actually do perform upgrades, it’s usually not to our benefit. Very often these sorts of upgrades are used as an excuse to boot out tenants who are paying much lower rent than newer tenants so the landlord can attract higher paying tenants. I actually left California mostly because this practice was becoming incredibly common and all affordable housing was being torn down and replaced with expensive condos.

    1. All the bills crafted for legislation aimed at commercial market benefits not real help for citizens/families. People are their last concern. They discount everything they have to say. It’s as if government’s only concern is promoting business no matter how shady.

  2. Electric cars require new batteries roughly 70K miles. Like buying new engine every 70k miles. How economical is that?
    Fire hazard beyond belief. Charging or running.
    How do apartment dwellers or communities where homes park away from the house charge these overnight?
    What do you do when you need to go places but can’t because takes too long to recharge?

  3. RED (CONmunist) Flags all over the place…
    What do all ewe $heeple NotSSee? The Thought NotSSees, Chosen Ones…? See it or die at their enslaving hands.
    These Entitled, Elite Chosen Ones promise $alvashun to all ewe $heeple, by fleecing ewe and grinding ewe into mutton 6urger for Billy-Bob Gates’ BBQs.
    6uild6ack6urgers – “6illy6ob6urgers are $heeple!”

  4. They are already making kids in the US eat bugs in Minnesota there was a parent who is talking loud about it. Just disgusting… this is why I homeschool my daughter.

    1. 1:00:00 that farmer interview, curious to know, out of the 1000’s of meat purchases has there been any sickness or hospitalization tied back to this food that supposedly has dangerous bacteria? Probably not.

  5. Cows and other animals appear to be sentient, bugs not so much. I have no problem killing dangerous bugs, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, cockroaches, crickets, termites, etc. Bees are to be protected, but not at the unfair expense of people.

  6. Not only do have right to contract for food which are within the higher principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; this right extends to medical treatments and drugs and other aspects. A lot of laws oppress this right and puts government in the middle to make decisions for us, and fall into a form of fascism, collaboration of government and industry. The laws need to be corrected.

  7. First thought early on (have only watched about half the show so far).
    It’s interesting Del asks Amos about his belief that feeding the livestock healthy foods, etc. makes them “less susceptible” to viruses.

    In reality, infectious diseases called “viruses” don’t exist. So called “viruses” are just our bodies compost/decay of dying cells. And cell death occurs in greater numbers when the body is being treated poorly, through incorrect nutrition, stress and other environmental factors. So when the cow is being fed GM Corn and forced to live in a small space in its own waste, the cow (and other cows around them due to being in same living circumstances) become ill due to excess cell death, represented/excreted through various dis-eases. But we call this “viral contagion”. What a joke. Move that sick cow into Amos’s farm and will the “virus” spread? Not at all. Even though we’re meant to believe “viruses” are contagious and their sole purpose (despite not being alive) is to replicate.

  8. RE: Water. When I first chose to go vegan one of the things that excited me most was not feeling like I was a drain on the water supply. Ie a cow eats 10x the volume I eat, thus you are saving all of the water that animal consumes and all of the water used to grow feed for that 10x volume eater.

  9. I’ve got to say, I feel a little deceived by the Jaxen Report on this episode.
    I understand the ‘Highwire Protocol’ allows us all to fact check/confirm what statements are being made. Nonetheless, the way the bug eating segment was presented, the viewer was given the impression the celebrities eating bugs was a new story but in fact those videos shared were from at least 2 1/2 years ago (maybe more).
    Why not just state this information during the segment, to be a little more upfront / transparent regarding using old footage to compliment your current news piece?

  10. In 2009. Nestle tried to patent Wysong’s dog food production technology. Wysong had never patented their production methods, believing that it should be in the public domain, available for any companies. It ended up in court, and Wysong won, but that made me realize just where Nestle was coming from.

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