1. The judges in Nuremberg had it right. Criminals who are guilty of crimes against humanity like the Nazis in WWII should be hanged by the neck until dead. I think criminals such as Bill Gates, Anthony Fouci, Alejandro Mayorkas, Jen Psaki, Joe Biden and many others should face the gallows just as the Nazis did.

  2. Re: DOSE correlation proves the cause – people with multiple vaccinations have more problems – take care. There are other important factors to consider.
    For injuries caused by the vaccine, dose correlation proves causation.
    But, for all cause mortality, it’s more complicated.
    People who perceive themselves to be weak and less healthy of body, mind, spirit, and community, or people whose doctors perceive them to be less healthy, people who have more disease and more pre-disease conditions, are more likely to be vaccinated, more likely to be vaccinated multiple times.
    People who percevie themselves to be strong and healthy and people who are stronger and healthier of body, mind, and spirit and community, are less likely to be vaccinated, less likely to take additional doses.
    As a result, people who receive more vaccines are already “self selected” for all cause mortality.
    There is another important factor in all-cause mortality. It is clear that the vaccines, and multiple doses decrease the healthiness of the “patient” in many ways. When the general healthiness, or many health factors of a specific group – with many varied illness conditions – is decreased, we should expect an increase in all cause mortality.
    to your health, tracy
    Author: A New Theory of Cure

    1. Yes, and then there are those who, from the very beginning, refused ANY of these vaccines. Those who didn’t believe the fear mongering. Those who saw the logic and sincerity of experts like Dr. Michael Yeadon, an ex Pzifer researcher, who was warning people about this dangerous vaccine It goes on and on. Fear and stupidity drove most of the hysteria. We now get to live with it.

  3. Del, thank you so much for asking that burning question to these fine doctors. I have been very curious of what they thought about Geert’s warning & this is one of the many reasons why I love your show so very much! You & your team have always been such a bright, beautiful light at the end of a very dark tunnel. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 💕

  4. To bring Pharma to justice you must also bring all on their payroll and bribe recipients and those protecting and promoting their bad products to. Get rid of “NO Accountability laws” and hold those accountable who protect those laws.

  5. News Flash: How can a “vaccine” with NO effect on the virus pressure the virus to mutate? Dead issue. Next. How bout investigating envenomation gain of function with Dr. Judy Mikovitz and Dr. Tau Braun?

  6. NOTE: a PCR test can NOT confirm a Covid-19 infection. The test was NOT EVER designed to do so. Furthermore, the inventor of the test has said it’s NOT designed to be a diagnostic tool for Covid, and attempting to do so is nothing short of being a valid malpractice lawsuit.

  7. Self-Censorship notice: How can a “vaccine” with NO effect on the virus pressure the virus to mutate? Dead issue. Next. How about investigating envenomation gain of function with Dr. Judy Mikovitz and Dr. Tau Braun since We the Sheeple are shivering in our self-censoring boots over Dr. Ardis?

  8. I wish Dell would stop interrupting Jeffery–and in fact, some interrupting everyone he deals with. Can’t he just wait for a good moment instead?

  9. I see, even today, with all we know that many asinine people are driving in their cars with the windows up and wearing masks.. These same people are going to blame the unvaccinated for the next virus. We are not only fighting big pharma, media, and all the rest, but the fools and dullards who are either too stupid or too lazy to research the truth. It’s stupidity combined with mass psychosis. Disaster is the inevitable result.

  10. Thank you Del & Jefferey; you guys are the best.. thank you for providing evidence and non-bias information, and not the corporate fake news propaganda…

  11. Please, please, please stop saying that mandates and quarantines for the elderly and immune compromised are OK! They are not! We also have rights; we also deserve our freedoms. Right at the beginning of last week’s show Del did this — as do so many others I respect and support. NO! Voluntary quarantine is one ting, as is opting into taking the jabs (with real informed consent). But please stop making it sound like there are two levels of freedom, and those of us who are old and have immune issues or diseases like diabetes are and should be treated as second-class citizens.

  12. That commercial from the British Heart group is unreal.. Never before have we had to see this kind of thing because it was so rare nobody had to think of it.. Now it’s up front all over, with Pharma pushing heart drugs now to fight heart issues.. which they wouldn’t have if they hadn’t got the jab to begin with! Just unreal.

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