FDA Approves Pfizer Vaccine; The Booster Debate & Growing Concern Over ADE; Dr. Cole’s Concern About Covid Vaccines; Son Proves Mother’s Covid Shot Death

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AIRDATE: August 26, 2021

Episode Transcript

[00:00:08] Del Bigtree 

Did you notice that this show doesn’t have any commercials? I’m not selling you diapers or vitamins or smoothies or gasoline. That’s because I don’t want corporate sponsors telling us what to investigate and what to say instead. You’re our sponsors. This is a production by our nonprofit, the Informed Consent Action Network. If you want more investigations, more hard hitting news. If you want the truth, go to WWW.ICANDECIDE.ORG, and donate now. Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, wherever you are out there in the world, how about we all step out onto The HighWire? Well, things get crazier and crazier as every day goes by. We have a gigantic show coming up here, more bells and whistles. We’re trying to get it all together right down to the last second. But first, I want to talk about a screen grab that somebody sent us last week. You probably saw this on social media, potential terror threats, opposition to Covid measures, claims of election fraud, believe Trump can be reinstated or a 9/11 anniversary and religious holidays. This is the National Terrorism Alert [REF] ahead. Basically, this is the Department of Justice getting together with the Biden administration is starting to lay out something that I’ve warned you about. Right. I said at some point, they’re going to start to try and label people that dissent against the views of the government as being terrorists.


[00:01:50] Del Bigtree 

They will say that people that are interfering with protecting people from COVID 19 are therefore terrorizing the country. We did look at the languaging in this right up by our government. It does get a little bit more specific here. It is. It does sort of talk about violence, which obviously none of us are violent. This is a battle of truth and language, and that’s the way it has to be. So for all of you out there, I know no matter how frustrating it gets, we are, you know, a movement of civil individuals that are standing in the truth. We must keep it that way, no matter what oppression is brought against us, much like Martin Luther King or Gandhi. I think our greatest power is standing in our truth and not reacting through violence, but through our words, our language, and sharing all the information that we have, which is why we’re here. When you think about being labeled terrorist, you can tell they’re trying to push you into this direction. You know, you’ve got to ask yourself, I mean, what does a terrorist looks like? It certainly can’t be a child, right? Or a mother or father or an uncle, grandmother or a grandfather or any one of these beautiful people. 

[00:03:04] Patrick Layton 

Oh, say can you see by the dawn’s early light what so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming? Look around you for red shirts, you see Texans for Vaccine Choice. 

[00:03:30] Guest Speaker 

I just want to warn you, those people. Our super spreaders of liberty. 

[00:03:36] Jackie Schlegel 

I’m just the mom. And like you, I’m here to fight like hell for my children. 

[00:03:41] Del Bigtree 

We now recognize what it truly means to be free. We know what it means to have it taken away and we know how to get it back. 

[00:03:49] Protester 

I think that every parent should stand up and fight for their kid’s future. So if everyone, each of us does that, we’ll make a difference. 

[00:03:57] Protester 

I’m slowly getting louder and bolder because our freedoms are on the line. And that’s that’s not OK. 

[00:04:05] Protester 

I just want the freedom to choose. That’s it. 

[00:04:07] Miguel Escobar 

We all understand that there’s a lot of people in the community that are just deaf. They’re blind and deaf, and they don’t see what’s going on. 

[00:04:14] Mikki Willis 

They need the fear to divide us. Fear is the virus. 

[00:04:20] Del Bigtree 

Joe Biden in this administration or Department of Justice has just essentially labeled anybody that questions our government, that dissents against decisions that are made by our government can now be considered a terrorist. 

[00:04:36] Protester 

I work in the “OR” every single day. I see patients and how nurses are treating patients now who aren’t vaccinated. You can’t sit there and discriminate against your patients. That’s not why I got health care. I will get out of health care if it continues to be that way. 

[00:04:50] Jennifer Bridges 

And they first started bribing us with the money to take the shot. Then they wanted to fire us because we couldn’t we didn’t want to take the shot. My CEO literally looked at me in the face and he said, all are all replaceable. If you don’t like what you’re doing, you can leave. We will find someone to fill your spot. So now we are all standing up, fighting back. And we were the first ones to create this domino effect. Now it’s spreading across the whole nation. 

[00:05:19] Dr. Amy Offut 

As of this week, my practice has treated approximately twelve hundred acutely ill patients as old as 98 years old. We have less than 20 hospitalizations and zero deaths for patients. We have tools to address it. Why isn’t this information spreading like fire? 

[00:05:44] Texans For Vaccine Choice 

Let’s take a few moments of silence for those who have lost children and loved ones as a result of this vaccine. 

[00:05:54] Earnest Ramirez 

I’m here, excuse me, to speak about my son. He was a wonderful kid. My son received the vaccine. And he died a few days later. The only explanation I was given to me was an enlarged heart. So if I have anything to say to anybody, look down at your child. Is that worth the risk? I mean, you see your baby right now. You might not see your baby tomorrow. I have to live with that the rest of my life. I love the hell out of my country, but I don’t trust my government anymore. 

[00:06:33] Protester 

Vaccine mandates are not the most un-American thing I could possibly think of, not to mention a violation of the Nuremberg Code. We have to all stand up and say no.


[00:06:42] Protester 

My daughter has had a lot of health issues and this vaccine could really negatively affect her and harm her. 

[00:06:48] Protester 

I’m here because my husband was a doctor at Darnell Army Hospital and he had a forced [?] DTaP vaccine almost exactly two years ago that attacked his brain, brainstem and spinal cord, leaving him permanently disabled. 

[00:07:00] Protester 

I had an allergic reaction to the flu shot probably almost about 10 years ago, which really opened my eyes. 

[00:07:06] Jackie Schlegel 

And my polio vaccination did add to my leg, all the fatty tissue in my life every day. And that was from the vaccine that has been around for 40 years. 

[00:07:14] Jaco Booyens 

If you took the vaccine, that’s your right. I’m not a hypocrite, but hell will freeze over you make me get anything. 

[00:07:23] Mikki Willis 

You’re tyrants. Thank you for being so out of touch with humanity that you say and do things that give yourself away. Thank you for declaring liquor stores and McDonald’s essential by closing our gyms and houses where we pray. And thank you to the media for your daily lies and deceit because of you. This is a history that we, the people shall never repeat. 

[00:07:47] Protester 

And I think in no time in history have I seen this amount of people in this amount of support rally behind this cause. 

[00:07:53] Protester 

When government starts to kind of co-parent with us, that’s not OK, because we don’t co-parent with the government. 

[00:08:00] Protester 

We came down here today to support our freedoms here in the United States, to make our own medical choices and make sure our rights are not taken away from us. 

[00:08:07] Jackie Schlegel 

We are the last resort. If you lose this battle, if you lose Texas, I promise you you’ll lose the entire country. 

[00:08:17] Richard M. Fleming PHD, MD, JD 

If you are a doctor, a nurse, a respiratory therapist, a nuclear technologist, if you work in the cafeteria, if you clean the toilets, if you are security, if you administration strike. Rather than waiting for them to strike at you and threaten your job, go on strike. 

[00:08:41] Jaco Booyens 

Do not trust your government. They do not have your best interest at heart. Understand that the fight is local. Your county commissioner, your county judge, your mayor. That’s where they win the battle. Take back the local community. 

[00:08:54] Mikki Willis 

Dear Tyrants. Just one more thing. We the people have re-branded your agenda. The “Great Reset” is now the “Great Awakening”. 

[00:09:11] Del Bigtree 

When we leave here today, we are not the minority. We are the majority. We are the United States Of America, and we are fighting for FREEDOM-FREEDOM-FREEDOM-FREEDOM… 

[00:09:42] Del Bigtree 

Obviously, there’s amazing event that took place this weekend here at the Austin Capital in Texas. One of the largest crowds I’ve seen in Texas. It was just fantastic. Afterwards, we had a panel discussion where there’s hundreds of people in the room that was recorded. Just so you know, you can tell, by the way, it was a great day, but got a little bit of sunburn there. We all got cooked, just a touch, but an amazing panel discussion that is available for all of you to see if you go to Texans for Vaccine Choice. Here it is, [REF] Texans for Vaccine Choice dot com slash freedom fight panel discussion there. And by the way. Sign up. Help out Texans for Vaccine Choice, especially if you live in Texas. An amazing group that has done a lot to get bills passed and really, I think, sort of cultured and nourished our health committee in the Senate, who is one of the most open health committees I’ve ever spoken before. So just amazing work going on here in Texas. We’re not alone. My understanding is going to be a huge event on September 8th. I think it is that right? September 8th in California. Obviously, you guys are under siege. All sorts of crazy things going on there, including a recall vote. Twenty twenty one rally and demonstration at the California Capitol so in California.


[00:11:00] Del Bigtree 

Definitely make sure you get out for that. We’ve got to stand up. You know, there’s a there’s a tiny [REF] URL for you if you want to get on the California VAXXED mandate petition. All of this super important that we get involved now because we’re really just one step behind some of the more insane nations of the world. Like France was footage out this week showing people that aren’t being allowed into grocery stores to get food, if they haven’t been vaccinated. And of course, when we see Australia, where they’ve been 

locked down, they can’t I think it’s like six kilometers in in many areas. They can’t go further than six kilometers from their house. They’ve been marching and you know, it’s illegal. My understanding is it’s illegal. So there’s all of these police. This is incredible footage came out this week where they just basically outnumbered the police. I don’t know. They were violent, but they pushed 

forward and ended up breaking the line. So just incredible like you just when was the last time you remember everybody in the world suffering the same flight, marching for the same reasons, standing for the same freedom to breathe the air? These are just incredible images that we’re getting from all around the world. And, of course, Australia on the front lines of this battle where they’re locking places down when there’s just one case of Covid somewhere. A manhunt can erupt when one person decides to not check in, when they’re [?] no dev Covid. 

[00:12:25] Del Bigtree 

And I think what you know, when we think about the rally we had here, you know, and this idea that sort of came up at this rally and know we’ve talked about it before, but so many of you are writing in to the show all the time or calling us and saying, you know, what am I going to do? What is my legal recourse if they force my child back in the mask, if they force vaccinate us? And I just keep thinking, I don’t know what we’re waiting for. Why are you waiting till there’s an injury? Why are we waiting till our rights are taken away? We’ve got to preempt that by being proactive. That is what we’ve got to do. And so this idea of, you know, strike, if you have a job that you think is under siege and I’ve been saying this, we are not the minority. That was my point in this speech. We’re no longer the minority. If anything, we’re at least 50 percent of this nation. And if you think about all the people that have gotten vaccinated but were hesitant or resistant, but did it under duress, we’ve got to be the majority. Our only problem is we’re not talking to each other. 

[00:13:24] Del Bigtree 

Can you imagine the power we have if we walk out? Can you imagine the power we have against restaurants if we don’t go to them, if they force a vaccine pass or something like that, we have the power. Look at this in France. This is France. Look at these restaurants. They all decided, you know what, we’re going to eat out together, but we’re going to sit out in front of the restaurants that are demanding a passport and we’re going to sit and eat and enjoy ourselves here. I mean, this is the statement they’re making. We’re not going to go to those restaurants. We’re not going to use Netflix. We’re not going to use these employers that are forced vaccinating their employees or demanding vaccines in order for us to go to the establishment. So when you think of a strike, what would be powerful? There’s something amazing starting to brew in Australia that is now getting into social media. Take a look at what the truckers are planning in Australia of a test run to see if they could get all the trucks lined up and potentially lock down the cities around Australia. So this isn’t the actual event. This is truckers practicing what they want to do and what is it they want to do. Several of them got online and talked about it. Here’s what that looks like. 

[00:14:39] Truckie 

We’ve been telling everyone around the world, everyone around Australia. It’s on, the Truckies are doing it. We need you and everyone else’s support. To watch this video and go up and let everyone in Australia know that the Truckies is going to shut down the country. 

[00:14:58] Truckie 

We will block all your highways, we’ll block all your ports. And we will stop what we need to stop, there is nothing we’re unable to do. You back off. These are our roads. This is our country. 

[00:15:13] Truckie 

What that means is we need to go shopping now. Get what you can for the next week or two. Load your fridge and freezers. The Truckies is coming and they got to pull this country down. And we’re all going to do it together. And we need to [?] [BLEEP] government. 

[00:15:26] Truckie 

When people can’t get petrol or they can’t get food or they can’t get the basic necessities for two weeks, maybe they’ll wake up. 

[00:15:35] Truckie 

This is our country. You and your vaccines, [BLEEP], you can [BLEEP] off. You are not going to mandate nothing. 

[00:15:44] Truckie 

Be a man in 2021. Be strong be [?] Monster, don’t fear anything. 

[00:15:50] Truckie 

The vets are in. The Truckies are in. I’m in. I’m willing to go to jail to save my country and my children.

[00:15:57] Del Bigtree 

How much do our children matter? How much does our future matter? This is the conversations we’ve got to have today. We’re going to be talking about a lot of this. We’ve obviously got full FDA approval coming. That’s actually just happened this week on the vaccine. There’s a discussion now of boosters for everybody in America. It may seem sort of ridiculous in that they’re admitting that the vaccine obviously doesn’t work. But I think there’s something much, much darker and scarier on the horizon in this conversation of boosters. So I’m going to give you my thoughts on what I think may actually be happening there. And then I’m I’m going to have a conversation with [REF] Dr. Ryan Cole, who is the medical director, CEO of Cole Diagnostics, board certified anatomic and clinical pathologist. Another brilliant mind and doctor that is coming forward to tell the truth about what he thinks is going on with this vaccine. 

[00:16:46] Del Bigtree 

And then later on in the show, a very personal story of a mother of a man who lost his mother after the vaccination and tried to get to the bottom of what happened. And we’re going to talk about how difficult that was and what he learned when he really pushed into places that people were uncomfortable. 

[00:17:05] Del Bigtree 

Huge show coming up and a lot to say, a lot to think about. But let’s think about this. How much power do we have as the people we vote with our dollars? We talked about this just recently with Catherine Austin Fitts. Every decision we make, whether we go to work, whether we don’t go to work, those are decisions that are going to affect the future of our own health, of our children. 

[00:17:27] Del Bigtree 

So start asking yourself, how far would you go if it meant fighting for freedom, for body autonomy? And ask yourself you in a way, are you going to wait till your employer finally mandates it? And very quickly, I just want to say this, because there’s so many calls coming in to us and trying to get through the legal department, which is just swamped. I get it. Many of your employers now are going to start forcing the vaccination. The military that’s out there are looking at, you know, forced vaccination. And I want to say this. There’s a lot of conversations online about should I get a medical exemption or should I get a religious exemption? Here is my perspective after talking to our legal team and having a discussion about this. If you are in a situation where you feel like either your university or your job or or maybe the military is demanding that you get this vaccine or you lose your job in, you know, about forty five states, you still have the religious exemption. And maybe we have even pushed it in states like California. But my belief in the belief that we sort of see and what we see working is the religious exemption. If you file for medical exemption, you have to recognize that the mainstream medicine does not believe that there’s anybody that can’t get this vaccine. They want to give COVID 19 vaccine to cancer patients. They want to give it to people with autoimmunity, even though they never tested on any of those people. 

[00:18:49] Del Bigtree 

So I don’t think that medical exemption is going to hold up for you. The one strength that you still have in the United States of America and one of the strongest constitutional rights we have is freedom of religion. And just so you know, you only have the state that you have a deep personal religious belief against the use of vaccinations in your body or the bodies of your children. That’s it. They don’t get to ask you what religion it is. They don’t get to ask you what the tenets are. That’s all your private information. So what you want to do is find out in your state what’s the best form for a religious exemption. And let me just, you know, say this. Do not in that religious exemption, talk about the dangers of the vaccines or the science and all the things that we talked about here on The HighWire. Because they will use that against you say, oh, well, it’s really not a religious belief or a religious exemption. You actually have a personal belief or a science believe that’s getting in the way. So that’s my sort of update to you for all of you out there. We’re going to have we have this up on [REF] ICANDECIDE.ORG. That is the nonprofit website that supports The HighWire. If you go to ICANDECIDE.ORG, we’ve sort of laid out your questions about vaccine exemptions in more detail of what’s the best way to file for a religious exemption. We believe that’s the best way forward. 

[00:20:02] Del Bigtree 

If you’re going to try and protect yourself in your job. But again, just as though we live in Nazi Germany, how much ground are you going to give up? How many stores are going to be shut on? You know, how many places will you not be allowed to go before it’s too late? How many people are you going to watch fall down around you and say, well, it’s not me or it’s not my profession or it’s not my, you know, my issue until they finally get to you. I mean, there’s the famous poem that came out of Nazi Germany when they came for the trade union. And I didn’t say anything because I wasn’t a trade unionist when they came for the Jews. I didn’t say anything because I wasn’t Jewish. And when they came for me, there was no one left to protect or support me. We’ve got to start thinking along those terms and get proactive. Think of the power you have. And also, I know I’m just laying it out here. Conversations about, you know, laws to you know, I just saw a conversation about Chris Noem up in South Dakota. You know, I guess she may be standing up against laws that will tell the employer it’s illegal for you to have a vaccine mandate, and she’s not crazy about that. I think we’ve got to question all these things, folks. As much as we don’t want vaccinations and we want the freedom to be able to make that choice. Freedom, remember, this goes it cuts both ways this idea that was once stated that I believe was Benjamin Franklin, that if you give up a little bit of liberty to achieve a little bit of safety, you will have neither liberty nor safety. I think we should be very careful about passing laws that tell employers that they cannot mandate something, even though today it works in our favor. Having the government get involved with your you know, your business isn’t telling us and having them mandate what we can and cannot do, that cannot be the answer to going forward. Bringing the government in on all these conversations is why we’re finding ourselves in the difficult position we’re in now. We’ve got to start thinking outside the box, looking in the big picture. 

[00:22:00] Del Bigtree 

All right, enough of that diatribe. It’s time for, I think, a lot of our favorite part of the show, the Jaxen Report.

[00:22:16] Del Bigtree 

There’s just so much to talk about, Jefferey, it’s really hard, right? I mean, I was thinking as we were putting this whole show together, how we get accused of cherry picking as though we have to go and look for, you know, one like out of place, you know, piece of information when it’s just this floodgate upon us every single week of stories that just should not be lack of science, lack of data, lack of proof. But here we are. So huge things to report this week. A lot of things that we’ve projected over the last year and a half. It almost feels like this week it’s setting in many of the concerns that we’ve had from the very beginning. 

[00:22:55] Jefferey Jaxen 

It sure does. The big news this week, we knew it was going to happen. The FDA did approve the Pfizer vaccine. Like everything else, this was supposed to be approved. We were told in early fall. But because of like everything else with the vaccine timelines in the scales when it comes to regulatory agencies, this was sped up. And this is what it looked like in the news. Check this out. All right. 

[00:23:18] News Anchors 

Full approval. Full approval, full approval. The FDA has now granted full approval of the Pfizer COVID 19 vaccine. This is a breakthrough in the push for vaccines, making it the first Covid vaccine in the United States to move beyond emergency use authorization. Pfizer has shown enough effectiveness and safety data to meet the stringent requirements that the FDA sets, which includes at least six months of safety data. The move Paves the way for more corporations, government and schools to issue vaccine mandates. 

[00:23:56] Joe Biden 

If you’re a business leader. A nonprofit leader, a state or local leaders who has been waiting for full FDA approval to require vaccinations. I call on you now to do that, require it. 

[00:24:06] News Anchors 

The Pentagon now preparing to require the shot for its one point three million active duty troops. Now they have the full confirmation of one of the most respected agencies in the world, the FDA. That the product, the vaccine is effective and safe. How do you address any concerns that this approval may be happening too fast?They have had time to get this done to do it right. And I have confidence in it as long as nothing indicates that isn’t the case. 

[00:24:35] Anthony Fauci 

It wasn’t rushed. They meticulously went over every bit of data. 

[00:24:43] Doctor 

Hopefully, the other group of people who are vaccine hesitant will see this and say, OK, that is six months of safety data. 

[00:24:52] Del Bigtree 

Six whole months of safety data. Wow. Ready for approval. I mean, that, again, something that we warned people years ago about the entire vaccine program, that we just don’t test vaccines longer than usually six months was my argument when drugs like, you know, that we almost every drug we take is tested for two, three years, five years, I think Grampa’s Viagra, you had a 10 year safety trial. But when they say we looked like it, all of the evidence that we you know, all the safety data was there, there’s one piece of data that I didn’t hear mentioned anywhere in there, and it’s VAERS. Can we bring up VAERS? [REF] Because I think that just really quickly here, this is where VAERS is, that we have thirteen thousand reported deaths, fifty four thousand reported hospitalizations, seventy two thousand urgent care, four thousand Bell’s Palsy, five thousand anaphylaxis, and nearly a hundred thousand office visits. How is that? I mean, where did that come up in the conversation here when they’re saying what data they’re looking at? How about like your biggest capture system? Where are the discussions? Did they have any discussions about when we look at VAERS? We analyzed all nearly ten, 10,000 cases reported of deaths. And here’s what we found. I mean, it seems to me when you’re dealing with death from an experimental product, you better explain where those deaths were coming from or how you’ve been able to write them off. Did anything like that happen? 

[00:26:19] Jefferey Jaxen 

That would have been great. There is actually no public discussion, there was no FDA meeting, that’s the verbal meeting that we’ve seen periodically for every emergency use authorization uptick for children, for adults, for older adults, for health care workers. We see in meetings for every one of these. Nothing for this. No public discussion. And it’s interesting, because I looked into the I did a quick search online last year at this time, August of 2020, the FDA was was sounding the trumpet about how great they plan to be about transparency. This is the article, if you don’t believe me. [REF] This was, by the way, who wrote this? Peter Marks, he’s he’s responsible for the biological okaying of this vaccine, essentially. And Steven HONNE, the former director of the FDA, it says, ensuring the safety and efficacy of COVID 19 vaccine. It says in this article, again, August of last year, FDA is also committed to ensuring that data from COVID 19 vaccine trials is reviewed in a transparent, deliberative manner. To this end, the agency intends to convene its vaccines and related biological products advisory committee. That’s for back when data from trials becomes available. Well, they didn’t do that. It goes on to say “By convening VRBPAC, FDA will ensure public transparency around discussions of vaccine safety and effectiveness to provide a window into its decision-making process and help them and help address potential concerns from vaccine-hesitant populations.” Some promises just can’t be met. And this is what we keep hearing now that this thing is approved. The vaccine hesitant. Sure should go out there and get it. Well, what did you do to help that vaccine hesitant population that you call them? You did it essentially behind closed doors, approving the first Covid vaccine out of emergency use authorization.

[00:28:02] Del Bigtree 

Wow. I mean, absolutely amazing. You don’t. And to not have VRBPAC involved, I mean, that’s really crazy. Those are people like Paul Offit, these guys that are usually singing the praises of products like this, and yet they don’t even go to them to advise them on all of the evidence. So what type of evidence did they look at behind closed doors? Do we have any idea of what they’re looking at? 

[00:28:25] Jefferey Jaxen 

Yeah, we do, and before we even get there, because they didn’t have public discussions and explained these things out a little further, there’s already issues and questions people are having. So there’s two separate vaccine names. So the Pfizer approved vaccine is called COMIRNITY, and that’s approved for 16 and older. Now, the ones on the shelf still, because this thing is not on the shelf at your doctor’s office, your pop up clinic at your college. The ones on the shelf right now are the Pfizer BioNTech still under emergency use authorization. So those are under a emergency authorization, still for ages 12 to 15. And now they’ve added a third dose for immunocompromised people. So to cover this, some of this confusion, the current FDA director, Janet Woodcock, was on a media call when the approval happened. This is all we really, really got from the FDA was a media very short media call, I believe is 20 minutes. [REF] Listen to what she had to say about this. 

[00:29:23] Janet Woodcock, M.D. 

Health care providers can continue to use the vaccine on their shelves. It was provided under EUA while production of the approved vaccine is under, product is underway. The FDA approved the vaccine and the EUA authorized vaccine have the same formulation and can be used interchangeably to provide the COVID 19 vaccine series. 

[00:29:47] Del Bigtree 

That’s interesting, you know, because I’ve been seeing a lot of things online, people speculating that this is a different vaccine. Maybe they added the Delta variant to this vaccine to update it, which would would beg the question then how do you not go back into some form of trials to say that the vaccine is obviously going to work differently if it’s got a different spike protein formulation. But it sounds like right there that that would sort of put to rest, that these are two different things she’s saying it’s the same exact formulation. They’re interchangeable EUA or, you know, the now licensed, what’s it called? 

[00:30:22] Jefferey Jaxen 

[?] A licensed COMIRNITY. It’s a tough one, I’ve been practicing it all day. I keep saying co-morbidity. 

[00:30:30] Del Bigtree 

A little more time on the drawing board on that one, just doesn’t quite roll off the tongue. Wow. All right. So there’s other confusions, right? I’ve been hearing. So that to me seems to me that it’s the same exact product. But I understand what I mean. My understanding of what this you must be saying then is we sort of legally have to treat it differently than if we get rid of the other completely. Then that’s how those were made. They exist sort of under EUA packaging. So we’d have to destroy, I’m guessing, hundreds of millions of, you know, the vaccines that are already out there. So we’re just saying keep the EUA so you can deliver those. But no, that is the same as the COMIRNITY product. They could be interchangeable, but they come to us through sort of two different legal structures. Is that it? Am I getting that right? 

[00:31:14] Jefferey Jaxen 


[00:31:15] Del Bigtree 

And so then the bigger question is and I’ve seen conversations and let me ask you about this, where I’ve been seeing people say that now that it’s licensed, it’s no longer protected by the prep act, that now we can sue, which was news to me, because up until now we’ve watched every single vaccine we know is really very well protected by the 1986 vaccine injury compensation program. It seems that they’re pretty good at protecting these things. It’s hard to imagine that they would leave one vulnerable. But as we know, until the CDC and the ASIP Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices put this onto the child and schedule, they won’t have that protection from the 1986 act. So the question being, did they somehow accidentally just remove protection by taking it out of EUA? Because I’ve seen a lot of conversations about this online.

[00:32:08] Jefferey Jaxen 

Yeah. And to your point on that, before they even get it into the vaccine injury compensation court, the secretary of HHS has to put in a federal registry. They have to have public comment, discussion about which injuries are going to be on the vaccine injury table to compensate for. It usually takes about six months to a year from the experts I’ve talked to. But here’s where the confusion really stem from or part of it. And again, it probably would have been cleared up there, public discussion through [?] Bearpark. But, hey, we can do the job for them here. So let’s there’s a legal difference. All right. There’s a legal difference. So let’s look at this was in the FDA’s letter to Pfizer [REF], and it says here there’s a footnote, footnote number eight. It says “The license vaccine has the same formulation as the EUA authorized vaccine and the products can be used interchangeably.” We’ve heard this. “to provide the vaccination series without presenting any safety or effectiveness concerns.” Here’s where it gets interesting. “The products are legally distinct with certain differences.” Doesn’t say which differences “that do not impact safety or effectiveness.” So as you’re saying, people are claiming the manufacturer can now be sued. They’re saying that one might be vulnerable to it. So to understand that you have the vaccine injury compensation program that’s for approved vaccines and you have what’s called the Countermeasures Injury Compensation program, that’s what all the emergency use authorization vaccines fall under if someone gets injured. There’s this injury compensation program for products that were really rushed forward during, you know, a pandemic or an epidemic. And that’s what we’re talking about here. So I looked into that and the countermeasures, by the way, the countermeasures injury compensation program, it’s been called by the media, a black hole. Entire entirely handled within HHS. There’s no court hearings. You have one year window to file claims. Think about that. How are you supposed to know if we don’t even know what the side effects are? If you have a one year window, there’s no expert witnesses. In short, my opinion is terrible and when I’ve read about it, nevertheless. So we go into this countermeasures injury compensation program [REF] that’s under the prep act. The prep act is really what holds is the framework that holds these emergency use authorization, the liability in there. And under this prep act, it says “Covered countermeasure.” So what is covered? It says in the highlighted areas, “a drug, biological product device, that is authorized for emergency use.” So people are reading this and saying, well, it’s no longer authorized for emergency use. There is therefore seen. It’s where we can go after this thing. Let’s go after this thing now. 

[00:34:30] Del Bigtree 

[?] This has been a test of the emergency HighWire broadcast system in the event that this had been a real event and the government of the United States or any other rogue government had decided to shut down The HighWire, it would have been imperative that you were signed up to our newsletter at TheHighWire.com so that we could at least email you the entire video copy of the show so that we could continue to do the work that we were going to do bringing you the truth. I’m sort of joking around, but I said to my team, I do want that. It’s been very rare that we’ve crashed or that was our computer that just crashed. It hasn’t done that for a very long time, but it does bring into awareness what we’ve got to start thinking about when we see the idea that they want to say that this is misinformation, even though we’re providing you with all of the evidence of what we bring into the show. For instance, if you’re brand new to the show, if you sign up for our newsletter right now, get Thehighwire.com, just sign up and go to the newsletter, put in your email. It’s that simple. We’re not going to charge you anything. We’re not going to advertise anything to you. All that’s going to happen is you were going to receive the breaking news that we find, and especially every Monday after Thursday show, you get all of the proof, all of the things we’re talking about, not just parts of the prep act. You’ll have the whole prep act and you can read the whole thing yourself. So we don’t want you out there saying, well, I saw in The HighWire or Del Bigtree said, you’re going to get information like this, hyperlinks where you can read the whole article yourself, calling it The HighWire protocol, a protocol of transparency in media that we’re demanding that every news agency in the world take up The HighWire protocol so that we can see where your information is coming from. Show us your data. God knows we’re showing you ours. 

[00:36:16] Del Bigtree 

All right. Let’s get back to where we were. Jefferey. We were just talking about the prep act, the fact that it appeared that it said, you know, that it protects EUA vaccines. And I think you’re about to talk about, you know, does it still protect a now authorized product? 

[00:36:33] Jefferey Jaxen 

Yeah, in that framework, there’s a heading this is qualified pandemic or epidemic products, so this talks about what products are protected in that framework and which would go to that countermeasures injury compensation program if there was injuries [REF]. And under section seven, it says “A product manufactured used, designed, developed, modified, licensed or procured to diagnose, mitigate, prevent, treat or cure, pandemic or epidemic, or to limit this the harm such pandemic or epidemics might otherwise cause.” This vaccine and all the other vaccines are are exactly that. They are produce used, designed and licensed are down the road licensed for this pandemic, specifically for this pandemic. So it appears in this wording, it does still keep it under the prep act. And then there’s another there’s another quote from the prep act as well. And it says, “Any project approved or cleared or licensed under Section 262 of this title”, section 262 is a biologics licensing, which is now what this COMIRNITY vaccine does have. So, again, it appears it is still protected under this emergency use authorization countermeasures injury compensation program. And it sounds like we have a quite a bit of time yet before this thing goes into the national vaccine injury compensation program. But understand, too, countermeasures. It’s called CICP. They’ve never paid out any money for any Covid vaccine injuries yet. And in general, less than 10 percent of all claims have ever been paid out in this thing. So it’s extremely [?] Stupid, to say the least, to say the least. So it’s not where we want to be as a country having this thing as like the go to move for all these emergency use vaccinations as they’re coming to market and being licensed. But let’s get into the actual data here. So the the pre-print from Pfizer, this is what we are giving. We weren’t given a [?] VERPACK, meaning we were given a pre-print from Pfizer. 

[00:38:23] Del Bigtree 

I just want to let our audience know that you are a little bit out of sync. We’re aware of that. But I think we’re going to just keep moving because your audio sounds good. But just for the audience out there during this one, can you just go one, two, three, real quick, Jefferey?

[00:38:37] Jefferey Jaxen 

Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. Testing one, two, three, testing one, two, three. Test test test. 

[00:38:43] Del Bigtree 

It’s one of those days.We have Murphy on our back. All right. 

[00:38:49] Jefferey Jaxen 

We can go straight up audio and slides. 

[00:38:50] Del Bigtree 

I’ll go to the slide. Go ahead. We can hear you. Everybody, close your eyes and listen. It’s important. All right. Here we go. 

[00:38:57] Jefferey Jaxen 

So we have the six month safety and efficacy, the pre-print from Pfizer this is that from their COVID 19 vaccine. And in that pre-print, it says “The current report provides updated efficiency analysis conducted on cases accrued up to March 13th, 2021.” So all the data we’re looking at for this approval is up to March 30th, 2021. So enter Peter Doshi. This is the senior editor at the BMJ. He wrote a really detailed article and the article is called “Does the FDA think these data justify the first full approval of a COVID 19 vaccine?” In there, he writes, quote “It is notable that evidence of waning immunity was already visible in the data by the 13th of March 2021 data cutoff from its peak post dose 2, the study authors write, observed vaccine efficacy declined from 96 percent to 90 percent from two months to less than four months, then to 84 percent from four months to the cutoff. The data cutoff date. It’s hard to imagine how the Delta variant could play a real role here for 77 percent of trial participants were from the United States for the Delta was not established until months after the cutoff. 

[00:40:10] Del Bigtree 

Wait, hold on a second. But that is such a good point, right? I mean, you are approving a vaccine in the middle of what is now the Delta variant pandemic, if we’re going to talk about it. Right. And the vaccine apparently, as we’re seeing every day, we’re going to talk more about it coming up in the show. This vaccine does not protect against Delta, it protected against last year’s virus, not this year. And amazing that they approved it, looking only at data that was really only looking at the previous virus up until the first six months. I mean, that’s really it’s beyond tragic. It’s beyond reckless. And you got to ask yourself. Certainly they knew they were doing that on purpose. 

[00:40:54] Jefferey Jaxen 

Yeah, you’re exactly right. And so he goes on to say, now let’s talk about the the blinding. And as we remember, Pfizer allowed the people that were in the placebo group to get the vaccine shortly after this this trial was was going. So it says here, Doshi writes “Despite the references to, quote, six month safety and efficacy in the preprints title, the paper only reports vaccine efficacy, quote, up to six months, but not from six months. This is not semantics, he writes. As it turns out, only seven percent of trial participants actually reach six months, a blinded follow up. Eight percent of the Pfizer biotech recipients and six percent of placebo recipients had greater than or equal to have six months follow up post dose 2. So despite this pre-print appearing a year after the trial began, it provides no data on vaccine efficacy past six months, which is the period Israel says vaccine efficacy has dropped to 39 percent.” Now, remember, he continues “Until new clinical trials demonstrate that boosters increase efficacy above 50 percent without increasing serious adverse events. It’s unclear whether the 2-dose series that’s Pfizer’s would even meet the FDA’s approval standard at six or nine months.” Wow. Think about that for a second. We have because the EUA was based on it has to be 50 percent effective, at least 50 percent effective. And we’re seeing in this waning immunity. So he concludes with this. Now, he wrote this a day before the approval. He says “But here we are with FDA reportedly on the verge of granting a marketing license 13 months into the still ongoing two year pivotal trial with no reported data past 13 March 2021. Unclear efficacy after six months due to unblinding evidence of weight protection, irrespective of the Delta variant in limited reporting of safety.” And this is where we’re at as a country. We have a fully approved vaccine on the back of those points. 

[00:42:52] Del Bigtree 

And that’s an editor of the British Medical Journal writing that not some hack, not somebody with an opinion, but something that actually knows what it takes to, you know, produce a peer reviewed study in his paper. And he is saying, when I read this, essentially, I think what he’s saying is, I would never accept this as even being approved by the British Medical Journal as a decent study. It’s really, really shocking. Shocking with a vaccine that is about to be mandated, as President Biden said, you know, asking every employer force this on your employees. 

[00:43:27] Jefferey Jaxen 

And he mentions limited reporting of sect safety data, so let’s now look at, as we do so much on this show, the actual vaccine insert for Pfizer’s newly approved COMIRNATY or whatever we’re going to call it vaccine. So it says here in the insert the first quote “Available data on COMIRNATY administered to pregnant women are insufficient to inform vaccine associated risks in pregnancy.” That’s not what you would hear if you’re just reading headlines and fact checker headlines. But that’s the actual insert is what it’s telling you. Let’s go to the second point on the insert 8.2 “Section 8.2 Lactation – Risk Summary. It is not clear whether COMIRNATY is excreted in human milk. Data are not available to assess the effects of COMIRNATY on the breastfed infant or on milk production or excretion.” And then finally, it says on section “13.1, Carcinogenesis, Mutagenesis, Impairment on Fertility – COMIRNATY has not been evaluated for the potential to cause carcinogenicity, genotoxicity or impairment of male for fertility.” And that’s what we know so far. So despite fact checkers or Facebook censoring you or Twitter censoring you for posting things like this, this is the insert. This is what the FDA is giving us.

[00:44:43] Del Bigtree 

And obviously, they’re writing that for whatever possible light might be able to get through a crack towards liability to saying, hey, you can’t hold us liable if you lost your baby because we told you we never looked at that. Or if you poison your baby through your breast milk, you know, none of our studies show anything like that yet. You know, today there are, you know, pediatricians and OBGYNs that are saying to their patients, you know, you should get this vaccine while you’re pregnant. It protects the baby. You should get in while you’re nursing, it protects the baby. Even though nothing could be further from the actual factual truth. 

[00:45:20] Jefferey Jaxen 

Right. Right, and occurring at the same time essentially as this approval, we have the booster vaccine being put out all throughout certain countries in the world and also here in the U.S. And this is what the news looks like for that. 

[00:45:34] News Anchors 

Covid 19 booster shots are coming. 

[00:45:36] News Anchors 

All Americans will need a booster shot. 

[00:45:39] News Anchors 

There will be a third booster shot. 

[00:45:40] News Anchors 

I do believe that all of us are going to need another shot at some point. 

[00:45:45] News Anchors 

Just last week, we heard from the CDC or the FDA authorizing those booster shots for immunocompromised people only. Now we’re hearing that’s been extended. What changed? 

[00:45:55] Dr. Richard Besser 

People who are fully vaccinated and who don’t have immune disorders that their protection levels for severe disease and hospitalization are falling. 

[00:46:03] Dr. Rochelle Walensky 

So we have several studies that have demonstrated waning effectiveness in 10 million people in New York State and eighty thousand people in the Mayo Clinic. 

[00:46:11] Joe Biden 

The plan is for every year, every adult to get a booster shot eight months after you got your second shot. 

[00:46:19] News Anchors 

U.S. Health officials now recommending we get this booster shot eight months after our second dose. 

[00:46:24] News Guest 

If the FDA hasn’t decided that the booster is necessary, how do you put a date out there saying September 20th, we can start giving booster shots? 

[00:46:33] News Guest 

So they issued this broad guidance here that everybody’s going to need a booster at 8 months does not align with the data as we know it to be right now. 

[00:46:42] News Anchors 

So so here’s my question. Is there hope or better yet, data that getting this third booster shot could actually prevent transmission? 

[00:46:51] Dr. Rochelle Walensky 

So there’s actually hope, we don’t have data yet. 

[00:46:55] Del Bigtree 

“Don’t have?” I mean, I feel like we are living in a in a Simpsons cartoon, right. We’re going to push this thing on everybody. We have zero data. And obviously, clearly by that news piece, we don’t have scientific consensus on whether or not this booster even works. Right. I mean, you’ve got some dissenting voices right there in that news package.

[00:47:19] Jefferey Jaxen 

Yeah, there’s absolute division and it’s coming actually as well from the WHO. This is their headline “No Need for Covid Booster Jabs for now”, even though we’re seeing all these headlines about them rolling out. And this is their chief scientist “WHO chief scientist Soumya Swaminathan asked about the need for boosters to increase protection against the disease”, told a Geneva news conference, She said, “We believe clearly that the data today does not indicated that boosters are needed”. And that’s her quote. Now we go over to Israel. They’re not listening to her, apparently, because in Israel, like Peter Doshi said and wrote about the efficacy of the vaccine there, that’s Pfizer vaccine specifically because they made an agreement to have Pfizer vaccine be rolled out there first. They have over 60 percent of their population vaccinated. The headline says “Israel says Pfizer Covid vaccine is just 39% effective as Delta spreads, but still prevents severe illness”. So what they did there was they rolled out the Covid boosters first to 60 and up, and now we’re seeing 40 and up “COVID 19 boosters expanded to 40 years older and up”, and they just expanded them to 30 years older and up. But here’s the big news out of Israel, really. I mean, I hate to put a description on this. I’ll leave that to the viewers. But the green pass is what the vaccine passport’s called. And in this in this article, the article is titled “Ultra-Vaxxed Israel’s crisis is a dire warning to America”. And it says, “As of this week, all Israelis, over 30 will be eligible to receive booster shots by the end of the month. They’re expected to be universally available to anyone over the age of 12, receive their second vaccine five months or more ago”. Then it goes on to say “Israel will then reconfigure its green passports, granting them only to the triple vaccinated”. Please understand what that means. This is the first. A world’s first. The two vaccinated will become the un-vaccinated in Israel, according to the vaccine passport. 

[00:49:14] Del Bigtree 

So when we see rising death rates and things, potentially they will say it’s only the un-vaccinated. When the truth is, it’s all the people that got two shots. It’s failing them. They because they refuse to get the third shot, which I think is going to be a gigantic number of people. So there’s two sides to this coin. Right on one side, the anti-vaxxers or the vaccine hesitancy group will be growing in massive numbers, as we’ve sort of predicted, as they, you know, alienate all of those that believed in the two shot program that was just approved by the FDA. But that will have, you know, a deleterious effect against those of us that truly are un-vaccinated, because we’re not the ones being represented in hospitals. We’re not the ones that are dying. It’s going to be people that were vaccinated but are no longer considered vaccinated. What a crazy mess this thing is boiling up to be. And like I said, we’re not cherry picking here. I mean, you are literally I mean, we can just go and go and go. It’s coming from all sides. I mean, this is a level of stupidity from people that consider themselves experts like the world has never seen. 

[00:50:20] Jefferey Jaxen 

Right. And let’s move over to the United States, because this is the ball is beginning to roll here, as we all have probably seen by the headlines. And just recently, this was about a week and a half ago or so, the ASIP committee, CDCs ASIP committee held a meeting about giving a booster. This is the kind of the first one here in the United States to immunocompromised 12 and old, 12 and older. So 

looking at their slides, let’s check it out. It’s called, they have a slide here. [REF] And the reason I’m pulling this is it’s showing the lineages in the United States. So from this slide, if you look at the far right pillar column or whatever it is, it’s a big pumpkin colored orange column. Yeah, that’s Delta. And it’s saying that 94 percent of the cases in the U.S. at that time were Delta. I heard the CDC saying 98 percent of the cases now and underneath you see the sub lineages, which are like sub mutations. And from what I understand of that delta, so we have full delta essentially in the United States that’s being put out here, making the vaccine efficacy, as we’re told, go down. Now, the next slide, it says something very interesting. [REF] They’re talking about the boosters. And if you go all the way to the bottom of that slide, it says “No Delta specific booster vaccine studies have been shared to date”. So we’re having a conversation. They’re having a conversation about boosters because the Delta variant, but they have no Delta specific booster vaccine studies to look at. And then it goes on even further with their slides. There’s no studies, they’re saying. [REF] So this slide here, the “Benefits and harms summary of the available evidence”. And remember, at the end of this meeting, they voted to give these these booster vaccines to immunocompromised 12 and older. It says here highlighted “No efficacy or effectiveness. Studies of Covid 19 prevention following a third dose”. Not even Delta just following a third dose. And then at the bottom, “There are no safety studies of an additional mRNA dose in immunocompromised adolescents”, or that’s what we’re kind of talking about. I mean, some of those people that are going to get them. 

[00:52:16] Del Bigtree 

I just keep sitting here thinking, what planet do we live on? And better yet, what country on that planet are we living in? This is the United States of America. When did we suddenly just become guinea pigs in some, you know, experiment by a bunch of scientists, supposed scientists that obviously don’t care whether they have any data to go on whatsoever? There they are. There’s the geniuses that are going to go down in history. And if there is a giant [?] Kassidy to this, these are many of the people that I believe will be pulled into what I’m going to call Nuremberg 2. Yes, every one of your smiling faces. We’re coming after you because this is not how science should be done. These are innocent people that are trusting their doctors and frankly, innocent doctors that trust the CDC is telling them the truth when they say it’s safe and efficacious. Go ahead and do it. Everyone assumes you did studies to prove it was safe and efficacious. They didn’t realize that that was a dream statement, some sort of assumption statement or wishful thinking. You know, we’re wistfully hoping that it’s safe and effective and does something against the Delta, even though we haven’t changed, you know, the formulation whatsoever.

[00:53:29] Jefferey Jaxen 

And last week, the United States did something that really was another first and perhaps not in a good way, that they announced boosters for all adults, boosters for all. And the headline was here, [REF] “U.S. Announces Plan to offer boozers to all Americans starting in late September”, September 20th is the date they’re going to begin offering them to all adults. That was the White House by the administration that announced that. And that really put a big division. That was kind of one of the final straws here for some of the scientists that are sitting on the sidelines to just say something at this point, just something. And we have, you know, typically a very pro vaccine cheer leading outlet, which is state news. They usually report very favorably on most vaccine issues. And they have this title here, [REF] “U.S. officials decisions on COVID 19 booster shots baffles and upset some scientists”. And in here, it says “To many experts, including Baylor”, that’s Norm Norman Baylor. He’s a former head of the FDA’s Office of Vaccines. He told STAT “the sequencing of the decisions being made is also out of whack. While U.S. health officials said booster shots could start being offered the week of September 20th. The Food and Drug Administration has not even ruled yet on Pfizer’s application for approval of a third shot. It was filed only Monday. Moderna hasn’t yet asked the agency to authorize a third shot at all”. Goes on to write. “Meanwhile, the Advisory Committee of Immunization Practices”, that’s ASIP, “which reviews data on vaccines and makes recommendations on their use to the Centers for Disease Prevention, is set to meet next week to look at the data for the third dose before Wednesday’s announcement. There is no suggestion a vote might be taken next. Next Tuesday, the group may need additional sessions to address the question”. Now, that meeting was moved. So it was it was on the calendar. Then it was moved to now this coming Monday, which is August 30th. So they’re going to talk about the boosters then, I guess a full two weeks after the White House announced that it’s coming for all Americans. Now, state news goes on to write. [REF] “Jesse Goodman, a former chief scientist at the FDA, was now a professor of medicine at Georgetown University, was concerned about the administration’s decision to announce the plan before the process has played out. He says, quote, I’m not sure we had enough data to pull a trigger right now”, he said. And then we have Dr. Paul Offit, everyone’s favorite to use. He was quoted in this in this [?] DTaP news article, and he says, quote, “I would have preferred that this had been vetted a little bit more, says Paul Offit, a vaccine expert from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, who is on an expert committee that advises the FDA on vaccines. He says, quote, This just seems to be a declaration without the kind of vetting you would like to have seen”. 

[00:56:14] Del Bigtree 

I mean, that’s amazing because he is a member of [?] Fatback Back, which is the group that normally weighs in on these public hearings. They skip Paul Offit and all the scientists that are usually out there with their pom poms for vaccines. But even he is dismayed at how these decisions are being made. And it sounds like they’re all sort of blown away that the White House is jumping to a recommendation before the FDA has even looked at it. I mean, folks, you know, there’s a lot you could take away from this conversation we’re having right now. But one of the things that I really want to get through to you, and I’ve said this many, many times, when you keep saying that they that they’ve outsmarted us, they’ve thought it through. Oh, they’ve got us trapped and you give them that power. Clearly here, you must recognize that they is a giant mess of childlike individuals with no long term vision that are arguing, you know, have ego battles with each other behind closed doors in rooms that we’re not in. You don’t have the WHO agreeing. I would love to see Bill Gates jump in here and just really throw another yarn ball in the middle of this kitten battle. I mean, it’s outrageous that these are policies, right? We’re working on policies to inject a product that, you know, has a spike protein that may have been developed in the lab in Wuhan. And these people can’t even agree on the protocols or who leads who. I mean, who is zooming, who really is the question we’ve all got to ask ourselves right now? 

[00:57:41] Jefferey Jaxen 

Let’s let’s move on to one last story. Excellent points. And I don’t know where this is going. I can only imagine what the news are reporting on next week. Yeah, this is what’s happening this week. So let’s go to Australia really quick. There’s a member of parliament that’s been in the news. His name is Victor Dominello. He’s a member of parliament from New South Wales. And he was at a recent press conference. And it wasn’t so much what he had to say at this press conference, but what was happening when he said it. Take a look. 

[00:58:08] Victor Dominello 

Providing great services to the people of our state. It’s a service that we’ve built up over seven or eight years now. It is not just renowned here in Australia, but around the world. And the quality of service that we’ve provided over the last month is not up to standard. 

[00:58:28] Del Bigtree 

All right, well, I can tell, obviously, it looks like he’s blinking a lot in one of his eyes. Right. Right. What are we looking at there? 

[00:58:37] Jefferey Jaxen 

Ok, so well, he actually well, let him explain it, he actually took to his Instagram page [REF] right after that press conference, and he he wrote this “At this morning’s press conference. A number of people commented on my droopy eye. Some people thought I was winking at the camera. Some thought I had a stroke. I have actually been diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy. About 48 hours ago, I felt a pain in my skull behind my right ear. This morning, I woke up with pins and needles on the right side of my tongue, but I did not notice any drooping this around my eye. I only took it more seriously this afternoon after a number of people sent me a screenshot of the press conference and others contacted my office, prompted me to seek urgent medical attention. Thanks to everyone who reached out. Bell’s Palsy, as we reported earlier, can be a side effect of vaccination. We saw those in the early articles, but it’s a condition of facial paralysis, as we’re seeing, and it’s a damage to the cranial nerve that causes that. And so immediately everyone started asking him, what’s your vaccine status? And he took to Twitter and he wrote this.

[00:59:37] Jefferey Jaxen 

[REF] “People are asking about my vaccine status. Had my first job of AstraZeneca on 27th of May, was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy on 18th August. Almost three months later, I then got rescheduled to and will get the second dose of AstraZeneca on 30th August. So here we are. And this is his this is his latest picture with his inclusion card. Now, here he is holding an inclusion card. He’s what’s called the Minister of Digital. So what he is responsible for is he is one of the big proponents in Australia of the vaccine passport. So this card he’s holding with a QR code on it is for people that don’t have a cell phone. They have these digital paper cards that they will scan before they enter businesses. And the businesses use that for contact tracing, but they’re also being tried for vaccine passports. So here he is pushing that inclusion card. And now, you know, really just to add this up. 

[01:00:36] Del Bigtree 

There’s a whole gamut, doesn’t it? Right. It’s a promotion and a warning all in one. Oh, I mean, not to laugh, but seriously, it just for those of you like we’re not making this up. Bell’s Palsy was one of the few things that was witnessed in the trials and was an issue that was being discussed. So very few things in that very tiny, short lived trials. But Bell’s Palsy, let’s bring up that VAERS again. [REF] I mean, every time we show you the various numbers, you’ll see that one of the boxes, what’s in that box? It says right there, Bell’s Palsy is something that we’re always looking at because it’s prevalent with this vaccine. And so for him to not recognize that this may be a side effect of the vaccine, that he’s pushing a cord for everybody to use. There’s the before and after folks. You know, I don’t want to make light in any time someone’s injured by anything. It’s sad, but it’s even more sad when they don’t recognize potentially what is causing the injury. And I think he should probably sit down with a functional medicine doctor that may approach this as a vaccine injury. He might get further along in his rehab if he recognizes, you know, how the problem began. I mean, incredible, incredible, depressing, scary sort of predicted news that you’ve brought to us here. It’s unbelievable, the absolute lack of science that is out there being used to push this vaccine. I don’t know what the FDA is thinking. I’ve said it before and some of the meetings when I sit in on the CDC meetings and I speak at ASIP, I’ve said you guys are destroying all belief and credibility that people will never believe you again. And what I’ve been saying to myself the whole time Jefferey this week is how are they so arrogant to believe that there’s not going to be so much injury from this product, so much long term? They admit we do not know the long term effects of this product that we have just, you know, given to the world. How were they so sure that there’s not going to be so much injury that they won’t be arrested for crimes against humanity? It just boggles my mind because everything we look at, there’s just so many different ways this vaccine could end up and appears to be harming people. So amazing, amazing investigation there, Jefferey. Thank you. 

[01:02:48] Jefferey Jaxen 

Thank you so much, Del. 

[01:02:50] Del Bigtree 

All right, we’ll see you next week. Definitely, if you you know, one of the fans of The Jaxen Report, I hope you’re checking it out at Thehighwire.com. The Jaxen Report is also an op-ed that is or is written by Jefferey Jaxen, where he goes into details on many of the topics that we cover here on the show. Ok, I want to just take a moment, because personally, as all this booster shots been rolling out, I’ve been laying awake at night just trying to wrap my head around it. And you have to understand, I come from television, right? I worked at CBS for almost 10 years of my life. I won an Emmy award, went working for the doctors television show. Prior to that, I had worked for The Dr. Phil Show. But there’s things that we do. We learn to sort of study population. You study what works. And I’ve always said we know that, you know, these pharmaceutical companies and now the government are hiring the biggest advertising firms in the world to promote this pandemic to us to promote and push fear and to try and drive us into this vaccine, to both build confidence in the vaccine, fear of the pandemic so that they come together in this perfect marriage where we all line up and hand our bodies over, which is why I’ve been sort of so shocked by this booster rollout. 

[01:04:05] Del Bigtree 

It just seems to me that, you know, first of all, you have a you have a virus that they know their own studies. If you look at the science, if you look at what [?] John Unity’s from Stanford laid out when he looked at all the studies from around the world, we’ve said before the death rate of this SARS-CoV-2 is about 0.2%. And that includes mostly the elderly that are making this up over the age of 80 with other comorbidities, cancer, diabetes, heart disease. We’ve covered all of this. But, you know, while you’ve got this very low death rate, it seems like you should just be happy to get people vaccinated. Right? And your big conversation is that we have about 50 percent of the nation in the United States of America that have refused this jab. And Joe Biden has spent four billion dollars of taxpayer money to try and stop the vaccine hesitancy and to get all of us to be convinced that this vaccine is what we need. And I’ve talked about it in many shows before. All the studies that have been done in polls that are done of the vaccine hesitant in America shows that it tends to be more affluent, higher educated groups of people that are not taking the vaccine, people that they say know how to read science, know how to read the data, understand what they’re looking at, nurses, doctors, lawyers.

[01:05:25] Del Bigtree 

Those are the types of people. And so you have to know, we all have to know that the booster shot represents to any intelligent person that the vaccine didn’t work, that didn’t end up achieving what it was meant to achieve, which is to stop this virus, to stop the infection, to stop transmission. If it can’t do that, then how are you going to mandate it? How are we going to mandate a product that can’t even get you the relief you’re seeking? You only take away someone’s constitutional rights if you think there’s an emergency. And I can stop the spread of this virus by taking away your constitutional rights. That’s sort of the thinking our politicians have. But this can’t even do that, yet they’re still making that push. And while they’re making that push, you must know that this last 50 percent of us that have held off on the vaccine is crucial to both this vaccine program, the future vaccine programs, and a whole bunch of agenda driven ideas that we’ve covered on the show and we’ll cover more from trans-humanism to, you know, globalist control groups. All of that, I think, is a part of this. But this defies reason. And this is what keeps me up at night. I want to be perfectly or I’m not a doctor, right? I’m not a scientist. I’m just a journalist. And as a journalist, I have a natural skepticism inside of me. And I have like this Spidey sense that goes off when something doesn’t make sense, when it goes against what the narrative should be, the narrative should be right now for the next two months as you’re trying to prepare this nation for the pandemic you’re selling them on is the vaccine works, it’s effective. It’s great. Both shots are doing better than we ever dreamed. Everybody that didn’t get it, you got to get out there and get it. That should have been the languaging. Not this vaccine is failing. It’s waning. It’s falling apart. And now everybody that got the first two shots, you’re going to need a third shot immediately, like in September. That just says right there to every one of us that didn’t get it. I said no to two shots. You can be damn sure I’m not saying yes to three. Right? So why are they doing it? I believe that there is something I think they’re showing some cards are potentially selling some cards here on something that has been a concern of ours here in The HighWire almost since the beginning of this pandemic. It’s an issue called antibody dependent enhancement. And I’ve covered it a lot. But I’m going to get into a lot of details right now. Because the question is, we’ve been concerned about this here on The HighWire, we brought scientists like Dr. Robert Malone on who invented the mRNA vaccine technology. He’s concerned, but the question is, is the CDC concerned? Is Tony Fauci concerned? Is Rochelle Walensky concerned about it? Are they even aware of it? So to start this conversation out, let me prove to you how long ago we were concerned about this. And listen to this report. This comes from The HighWire, February, not of 2021, but of 2020. And for all of you, news mag heads out there, all of you from The New York Times, Washington Post or The Insider that wrote the great article about us this week. I hope you’re watching this because I want you to see what we were saying when you were twiddling your thumbs. 


[REF] I found this interesting, we actually found that there was a vaccine that was attempted to be made after remember SARS started and we’re all talking about SARS because it was the last time we had a Corona virus that scared the hell out of everybody around the world. Now, didn’t spread as far as we thought. It didn’t end up being quite as deadly as we thought it would be. But it really scared us. And right after that, we went into trying to make a vaccine for SARS. Well, we looked into this and we discovered there’s about four studies that we looked at, and they all had a natural similarity. This study right here that was in plus one immunization was SARS coronavirus vaccine leads to pulmonary immuno pathology on challenge with the SARS virus. Let’s take the next part. All mice exhibited. Remember, all mice in the animal study exhibited history of pathological changes in lungs two days after the challenge, challenge meaning with an animal study, you can actually put them in contact with these SARS corona-virus that they were vaccinated from. And essentially what they discovered was these mice were getting extremely sick, essentially having what appear to be like a cytokine storm, not from the virus. It wasn’t happening to the mice that didn’t get the vaccine, only the ones that got the vaccine. The one that had antibodies from the vaccine were actually over overreacting to the virus. And it goes on to say we’re suffering from in this part of the article, [?] necrotizing vasculitis was prominent in medium and large blood vessels involving vascular endothelial cells. I don’t want to get too far in the weeds. This is some deep science. But let’s look at vasculitis as we look up vasculitis. And here’s what we find. Complications from vasculitis can be what? Organ damage, blood clots and aneurysms. Here was the conclusion from these studies, these SARS covi-vaccines, all induced antibody and protection against the infection. They seem to work. However, when challenge of mice given any of the vaccines, led to occurrence of TH2 type immune pathology, suggesting hypersensitivity to source covi components was induced. Look at this, caution in proceeding to application of a SARS Covi vaccine in humans is indicated. 

[01:10:58] Del Bigtree 

Obviously, those were the last studies ever done before we rushed warp speed into this product. We went against those cautions. Don’t go to human trials. We’re having a real problem here with animals that the vaccine seems to be helping the virus infect and kill the animal. I mean, this was something and I want you to think about why we were just playing this. We have said I want to know how far back I talked about antibody dependent enhancement, and we pulled that video up February 2020. But it blew my mind. I forgot that we mentioned blood clots then. We actually named blood clots was a concern before you ever heard blood clots being announced by AstraZeneca in England or by Johnson and Johnson here, or the proof that we’ve seen that Pfizer, Moderna calls those issues blood clots thrombocytopenia. All of that became breaking news almost at least a half a year later when we were finally giving this to the population of the world. So just to show you The HighWire, this is what happens when you help fund us to work with world renowned scientists.

[01:11:56] Del Bigtree 

This isn’t me, by the way, by myself going, oh, I just found this, you know, this great set of studies. We ask questions and then we go out to world renowned scientists, many of whom remain anonymous so that we can bring you the cutting edge information. And if that doesn’t prove right there that we were ahead of the game. But that’s not my point. It’s not that we were ahead of the game. I want to talk about that was a concern, antibody dependent enhancement, which means the vaccine creates antibodies, but those antibodies don’t actually protect, somehow they help the virus and it paradoxical go away infect the body and cause a total immune system meltdown. Now, about a month or just a few weeks after we made that claim and said this was what we were going to be watching in the warp speed of this vaccine, we were concerned to see if they were going to overcome this problem in trials. Dr. Peter Hotez from Baylor College, who’s the head of the tropical medicine department. He makes vaccines for a living. He hates my guts. But in this moment, he happened to actually, you know, just weeks later say exactly what we were warning about in front of the Congress. Here’s him, warning the Congress. 

[01:13:03] Dr. Peter Hotez 

[REF] One of the things that we’re not hearing a lot about is the unique potential safety problem of corona-virus vaccines. This was first found in the early 1960s with respiratory syncytial virus vaccines. And it was done here in Washington with the NIH and Children’s National Medical Center that some of those kids who got the vaccine actually did worse. And I believe there were two deaths in the consequence of that study, because what happens with certain types of respiratory virus vaccines you get immunized and then when you get actually exposed to the virus, you get this kind of paradoxical immune enhancement phenomenon. When we started developing corona-virus vaccines and our colleagues, we noticed in laboratory animals that they started to show some of the same immune pathology that resembled what had happened 50 years earlier. Since it we said, oh, my God, this is going to be problematic. These these clinical trials, are not going to go quickly because of that immune enhancement. It’s going to take time. 

[01:14:06] Del Bigtree 

Ok, so immune enhancement, remember, this can be called a bunch of different things. It can be called antibody dependent enhancement, immune enhancement, disease enhancement, pathogenic priming. All of those being the same thing where the body is primed to overreact when it comes in contact with the virus and thereby potentially killing the hosts that receive the vaccine. That was the warning. Now, when we finally saw the emergency use authorization being applied for, which is the first time we were going to see what had happened in the trials and whether or not they had covered this disease enhancement or immune enhancement issue. We reported this, that it was shocking to find that in it this is what they said about immune enhancement [REF] “However, risk of vaccine enhanced disease,” what Peter Hotez and The HighWire been warning about “over time, potentially associated with waning immunity, remains unknown and needs to be evaluated further in ongoing clinical trials and in observational studies that could be conducted following authorization and or Leisinger”. I mean, just think about you’re seeing it all play out right now, how reckless the FDA is. But here you had a deadly problem with your animal trials. The animals were dying because the vaccine was having this paradoxical effect that Peter Hotez is worrying about and talking about where the vaccine helps the virus kill the animals or in fact, their lungs and cause what are like what we call cytokine storm immune system meltdowns to to immune the pathology, all of that.


[01:15:35] Del Bigtree 

Well, I want to say this. If I played you the whole Hotez clip, he would explain to you that they don’t really know what causes antibody dependent enhancement or disease enhancement. But there are speculations. And so when you see what that says, that FDA EUA approval and they set it on every one of the vaccines approved for America. Essentially, we have not looked at the overall, the waning of the vaccine could lead to this disease enhancement. More studies would need to be done. This is what I want to focus on. But let me try to make this clear. I’ve talked about antibody Dr. Peter Hotez: syncytial dependent enhancement. We’ve called about disease enhancement. We’ve talked about, you know, neutralizing antibodies and binding antibodies. But let me try and do this with a couple of dolls here to make this make sense. I haven’t really rehearsed this. I know my team is freaking out. They just brought me these. We ran through really quick. Alright imagine that these two guys right here are bouncers keeping you out. It’s a club. Let’s think of like a club scenario. You’re going out to the club and these two while the virus is going out to the club to club B, your immune system. Right. Or your cells. So this cat comes up. This is SARS-CoV-2. You know what I mean? He’s not really dressed appropriately to get into the club. He’s going to be damaging to the club, is going to ruin all of you know, what it stood for over the years of being cool and, you know, sexy. He’s going to kill the whole thing. Right. So he comes up to the club and he says, I want it and I want to get in the club. They say, no, you’re not allowed. We are neutralizing antibodies. If you try to get into the cell, if you try to get in the club. We are going to kill you dead. Otherwise known as a sterilizing vaccine. We’re going to sterilize you. Well, I don’t believe you. He tries to get through bam, boom. Oh, wait. Let me jump in there, OK? Partners did their job. This dude’s out. That’s what happens, right? These are neutralizing antibodies. And we talked about the fact that the first shot of the vaccine doesn’t really create many neutralizing antibodies. They create something different, which is called binding antibodies. Now, binding antibodies, in my little scenario here are a little bit more like the club girls, right. This guy, you can sit there. We’ve all been that guy that couldn’t get into the club. But there the pretty girls, they show up. They say, hey, they don’t really have a pass. They don’t even pay. They just kind of go right in. Yeah. Come on in, ladies. Go right ahead. So that’s a binding. Antibodies are moving around the body. They’re kind of friends with the neutralizing antibodies. No issue there. Right. But here’s the problem. Here’s the problem that they’re talking about with the waning immunity. Waning immunity really gets to be an issue. If the warning immunity is you’re neutralizing antibodies, if you’re neutralizing antibodies, suddenly start disappearing. Let’s just take one of the bouncers away. And now you only have one bouncer. And what you really have still floating around your body are these binding antibodies. What are the binding antibodies do? Well, the binding antibodies, you know, here comes the virus. He comes walking up. He wants to get in the club. The binding antibody is just kind of throw their arm. They throw their arm around the virus like, hey, you’re kind of cool. We’re going to hang out. And, you know, we know that the neutralizing antibodies used to seeing the binding antibodies and you got it goes, oh, well, you know what? I guess I can let him the club. They look like a good group of people. And there goes, the binding antibodies, sometimes called the disease enhancing antibodies. Just help the virus into the cells, into the club. Pass the centurion here, which was your neutralizing antibodies. That I hope helps you understand. You don’t want too many binding antibodies. You want more neutralizing antibodies that will kick the crap out of the virus if it shows up. This is the problem with waning immunity. 

[01:19:05] Del Bigtree 

So now we just saw the FDA is saying we’re concerned if the vaccine starts waning with its immunity, we could see this antibody dependent enhancement problem. So next, then we found this article that was put together. This is a research study funded by the NIH, funded by Tony Fauci’s group himself, [REF] “This is the informed consent disclosure to vaccine trial subjects of risk of COVID 19 vaccines, worsening clinical disease. Now, what these guys are saying is we need informed consent. And remember, this is back when the emergency use authorization. Look what it goes on to say, what you should get consent about [REF] “Conclusions drawn from the study and clinical implications: The specific and significant COVID 19 risk of ADE should have been and should be prominently and independently disclosed to research subjects currently in vaccine trials, as well as those being recruited for the trials and future patients after vaccine approval in order to meet the medical ethics standard of patient comprehension of informed consent”. Ok, you see what they’re saying? It is so possible there is such a great risk of this immune enhancement, antibody dependent enhancement issue, that we believe everybody that is getting the vaccine should be told about it, what it is. There is this chance that you could come into contact with a corona-virus this fall or next year. And suddenly, instead of being protected, this vaccine could help that virus penetrate your cells, make you more sick, and potentially lead you closer to an inevitable death. 

[01:20:46] Del Bigtree 

This is what they thought. Now, did you or have you heard of a single person get this vaccine being worried about ADE? Did you even hear about ADE when you bring it up at parties? Does anyone know about it? Because this study funded by the NIH said, everybody should know about ADE. But we didn’t. Right? So now, waning immunity, right? That is the concern. Waning immunity is really the culprit, what they’re concerned about ADE. And that’s when we saw this [Pfizer admits this is just August 5th. This is just a few weeks ago. [REF] “Pfizer says immunity can drop to 83 percent within four months in people who got its COVID 19 shot, further bolstering the company case for a booster”. Do you see where I’m going with this, folks? We have waning immunity now being admitted by the manufacturers themselves. And the way they’re going to Band-Aid, this little problem, if it’s little, is with a booster shot. But maybe the problem’s a little bit worse than went into 83 percent, because at about the same time, there was an independent study of the Pfizer vaccine. We showed you this video. Let me show you it again. And I want you to watch it through this new lens thinking or what we are about to experience. Is this potentially going to be antibody dependent enhancement? Listen to this.

[01:21:59] Dr. David Bauer 

So the key message from our finding is that we found that recipients of the Pfizer vaccine, those who’ve had two doses, have about five to six fold lower amounts of neutralizing antibodies. Now, these are the sort of gold standard, private security antibodies of your immune system, which block the virus from getting into your cells in the first place. And so we found that that’s less for people with 

two doses. We’ve also found that for people with only one dose of the Pfizer jab, that they are less likely to have high levels of these antibodies in their blood. And perhaps most importantly for all of us going forward, is that we see that the older you are, the lower your levels are likely to be. And the time since you’ve had your second jab, as that time goes on, the lower your levels are also likely to be. So that’s telling us that we’re probably going to be needing to prioritize boosters for older and more vulnerable people coming up soon, especially if this new variant spreads. 

[01:22:57] Del Bigtree 

He very clearly laid out what I just said, too, which is basically those sort of guardians of the immune system, those neutralizing antibodies, if those when you have a real problem and you’re going to need a booster. Right. But how big is the problem? He was in an article talking about his investigation. Here’s the details of what he was laying out. [REF] “UK scientists back Covid Booster’s. A study finds post-jab falls in antibodies”. How bad is it falling? Let’s take a look. [REF] “The UCLA by the UCL Virus Watch study found that antibodies generated by two doses of the Oxford/AstraZeneca and Pfizer BioTech vaccines started to wane as early as six weeks after the second shot. In some cases, falling more than 50 percent over 10 weeks”. 50 percent. Now, I want you to look at that. Six weeks after the second shot. Now, remember, they don’t even consider you vaccinated until after two weeks of getting that second shot because you don’t have enough antibodies then. So you’re still unvaccinated after two shots until two weeks in. So by six weeks, we’ll all be waning. There’s like four weeks that this vaccine is at full power before it starts waning in 10 weeks. You could have lost half of your guardians at the gate, leaving prey, you know, your immune system to a couple of club girls, bringing the virus right into your system. Ok, so now, we know that it’s seriously waning in levels that no one ever really imagined would be true except here. We were telling you from the beginning in the trials, we saw that it did not appear to stop infection or transmission, but nobody else seemed to care. 

[01:24:30] Del Bigtree 

Now we’re starting to see articles about ADE. This is one that’s in the Journal of Infection. [REF] “Infection enhancing anti SARS CoV-2 antibodies recognize both original Wuhan Strain and Delta variants of potential risk from mass vaccination?” Here’s what it says [REF] “As they entered the NTD (N-terminal domain) is also targeted by neutralizing antibodies., our data suggest that the balance between neutralizing and facilitating antibodies” those are the those little club girls there “in vaccinated individuals is in favor of neutralization for the original Wuhan/D614G strain”. Meaning in the original strain., the vaccine did pretty good at having a balance between the bouncer’s and the club girls, the neutralizing, the facilitating antibodies. But look at this. [REF] “However, in the case of the Delta variant, neutralizing antibodies have a decreased affinity for the spike protein, whereas facilitating antibodies display a strikingly increased affinity. Thus, ADE may be a concern for people receiving vaccines based on the original Wuhan Strain spike sequence. Under these circumstances, second generation vaccines would spike protein formulations lacking structurally conserved ADE related epitopes should be considered…the possibility of ADE should be further investigated as it may represent a potential risk for mass vaccination during the current Delta variant pandemic”. 

[01:26:00] Del Bigtree 

It’s a little bit alarming, isn’t it? You see what I’m saying? Why would they push the booster? What is the rush? I mean, it’s going to get in the way of your, you know, propaganda for us all to get vaccinated, because is it possible? Is it just possible that right now Rochelle Walensky is saying, wait, what? Why didn’t anybody tell him about ADE before you made me the poster child for this vaccine, before you put me in front of all the cameras and said, oh, Rechelle, it works great. All the test perfectly safe, perfectly. Then the FDA is going to approve it. Get out there. You’re going to be a hero. And now she’s saying, wait a second, what is happening? What is happening? And so is this. You know, I want to go to a video where Walensky really gets here. It shows you sort of the balance, right? It was OK with the Wuhan, with the Delta. The ADE is much more possible. And this is what we’re in the middle of. I think what really, if there’s anything that blew my mind, it was when we have been saying for months, but really recently, look at Israel, look at Israel. If we’re going to figure out what’s going on, you’ve got to go to the most vaccinated nation in the world where immunity is dropped with the vaccine down to thirty nine percent. Why are we talking about? Remember when we were talking about it’s a pandemic of the unvaccinated, we said, no, it can’t be because Israel is fully vaccinated and they’ve dropped down to 39%, 70 to 90 percent of their hospitals are filling up with what? Vaccinated people. Meaning it’s not reducing their symptoms. The serious cases are the vaccinated, the ones that are dying or the vaccinated. Well, she finally admitted it last week, and it blew my mind. Take a listen to this. 

[01:27:33] Dr. Rochelle Walensky 

[REF] Our top priority is to save lives and prevent severe infections. The data we will publish today and next week demonstrate the vaccine effectiveness against SARS-CoV-2 infection is waning. And even though our vaccines are currently working well to prevent hospitalizations, we are seeing concerning evidence of waning vaccine effectiveness over time and against the Delta variant. Additionally, reports from our international colleagues, including Israel, suggest increased risk of severe disease among those vaccinated early, given this body of evidence. We are concerned that the current strong protection against severe infection, hospitalization and death could decrease in the months ahead, especially among those who are at higher risk or who were vaccinated earlier during the phases of our vaccination rollout. In the context of these concerns, we are planning for Americans to receive booster shots starting next month to maximize vaccine and use protection. Our plan is to protect the American people and to stay ahead of this virus”.

[01:28:45] Del Bigtree 

I don’t know, I don’t want to put any words, anyone’s mouth, but that looks like a deer in headlights to me, that looks like someone that is truly terrified of what she is now seeing and is incapable of telling the public what may be going on. She needs to get everybody a third booster. No idea if the third booster works, but is she asking ourselves, is she sitting in meetings saying, wait a minute, is it possible that we might have rushed one hundred and sixty million people in America and potentially a billion people or more around the world into their own demise, potential death, serious illnesses is that with this vaccine could be doing when it’s waning? This, I believe, has got to be while they’re pushing a booster, which is against their best interest. And so let me just point this out. For those of us that have been presenting science on The HighWire and those of you that are watching, try and present it to everyone, you know, you’re going to start handing the stuff to your employer. We have another way. And there is not consensus. There’s never been consensus around this vaccine. And now all of you are admitting what the people in The HighWire been saying. You’ve been saying it’s misinformation, but they’ve all come to us now. We’re all now sitting here. And the truth we’ve been sharing and now this preprint study just came out, which I think makes the whole point of what we all that our vaccine hesitant and able to read data should be looking at [REF] “Comparing SARS-CoV-2 to natural immunity, to vaccine induced immunity: Reinfection versus Breakthru infections”. Look what they say. “Sars-Cov-2-native vaccinees”. So people who had not had the virus before getting vaccinated “…had a 13 fold increased risk for breakthrough infection with the Delta variant compared to those previously infected”, meaning they did far worse than people that had just naturally gotten an infection, “…when the first event infection or vaccination occurred during January and February of 2021”. It goes on to say “…The increased risk was significant for symptomatic disease as well”., meaning that didn’t stop the disease. They got really freaking sick “…When allowing the infection to occur at any time before vaccination, evidence of waning natural immunity was demonstrated, though SARS-CoV-2-native vaccines had a 5.96-fold increased risk for breakthrough infection and a 7.13-fold increased risk for symptomatic disease. SARS-CoV-2-native vaccines were also at a greater risk for COVID 19 related hospitalizations compared to those that were previously infected. This study demonstrated that natural immunity confers longer lasting and stronger protection against infection, symptomatic disease and hospitalization caused by the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2 compared to the vaccine”. Two dose vaccine “…induced immunity”. I believe that’s the Pfizer vaccine. So there you have it. Natural immunity, as I’ve said before, is our only way forward and at the very least in the United States of America and any other free nation, those of you that are listening to us or any of you that are listening that do not live in free nations, but dream about what it would be to be free. We must recognize that certainly in a moment where all the science now shows that you lied about the effectiveness of the vaccine or you were just dead wrong and stupid. Either way, it is now waning, which puts brings into light the potential for a deadly outcome, a long term outcome that may happen the next time we come in contact with the virus, and look at their deadline. They want everybody to get the third dose by September, huh?. What’s September? I don’t know, the next flu and cold season. That’s right. They’re terrified of all of the people that got two vaccines to go into this cold and flu season as they are with reduced antibodies. They could be in severe danger. If we look at the size now, I don’t know. I don’t know if this is what they’re really worried about. I don’t know if this is why they’re pushing the booster shot. Maybe they just want to be able to say that all the people that are dying and got sick after the second vaccine are really unvaccinated so they can put them in our column. Maybe that’s what this is all about. But I am very, very concerned that they are extremely concerned now. And when we think about that concern, just listen to this voice coming from, you know, shouting from Israel, the new prime minister that’s inherited this experiment that is now taking place over his nation and his people brought on by Netanyahu. Here’s what he’s saying. Listen very carefully. You don’t have to read it because the subtitles are below. Watch this… 

[01:33:13] English Sub-Title Text 

Niku. [?] [REF] [NOTE From Ron: This is the English subtitle text I added from the video, I wasn’t able to format this properly and delete the other original text.] [Translation Start —>] A very important point that the public must understand, and I think that most of the people are not aware yet: The most vulnerable population at the moment is a paradoxical manner – are the ones who received two vaccine doses but not the third dose. Why? Because they walk around feeling like they are protected because they received both doses. They do not understand that the second vaccine has faded against the “Delta” – and must quickly get vaccinated with the third vaccine dose. Therefore, each one of us, including Members of Knesset Gilad Kariv and Itmar Ben-Gvir who are both young – there are many young people (vaccinated) who are seriously ill, including hospitalizations. [<— Translation End] 

[01:33:13] Israeli Speaker 

The hush will vomit.All chasuble have left Nimba over lormer venema dying hotsy blow up a gerbil tell the orphan paradoxal ekiga they’ll SCSU snake sunim vote loitered sleazy still will be Kusher Chelo and Muga name Kim uSwitch Nafi Sunim Himmelman if your name Shah sooner schneid the up in Imola Delta that I have in my hand Luke Hassan Basketful Sheer shoe lahane not a whole colectomy to. Nice that they’re glad khalib short sale with them, Bennettsville should sail. Yes, I’ll bet Milty Rim Charm column casher image pools. 


There are many young people (vaccinated) who are seriously ill, including hospitalizations.


[01:33:55] Del Bigtree 

There it is. They are just about a month or so ahead of us in their vaccine push, they got on it early. They want to show the world, look at us, we’re going to be the big experiment for the world. Watch us. We’re going to beat you to it. And now what are they doing? They’re beating us to a dire warning. The most sick are those that have had two vaccinations. You must immediately rush in and get a third vaccination. That is the state of Israel right now as we speak, as our president stands for, saying I am pushing the backs of the third booster, whether or not the FDA is with me or not. I am assuming these scientific professionals around him are saying we’ve got no choice, Joe. We may be in serious trouble. And speaking of serious trouble with the vaccine program, what happens when your front line completely falls apart? Do you realize how many nurses and doctors are walking away from their lifelong careers to avoid this vaccination? People who are designed to be pro vaccine that have pushed vaccines, giving them to our babies their entire careers. And when we came back and the baby’s having a seizure, they say, oh, no, it’s not the vaccine. Trust us. Those same people are now lining up and saying, I’m going to give up my career if you make me take that vaccine. What happened to them? Right. What happened? Look at the headlines. This is what we’re seeing all over the place. [REF] “Huge numbers of hospital workers still unvaccinated” “Biden administration not mandating COVID vaccines for White House staff, Psaki says”. They’re saying no way and they’re allowing it. [REF] “Fifty three percent of military families don’t want COVID 19 vaccine surveys shows”. 

[01:35:25] Del Bigtree 

In fact, the [REF] “Pentagon orders ALL active military to get the vaccine as soon as possible. 800,000 service members still haven’t gotten a shot and could face court martial if they don’t”. What is going on? When has a nurse or a doctor ever turned down a vaccine? When is a military professional ever turned down a vaccine? They line up all the time. I don’t believe it’s because they think, oh well, the science is kind of rushed and I don’t trust it. I have to believe that these nurses and these doctors are witnessing with their own eyes carnage from this vaccine, a failure of this vaccine in a way they have never seen before. From speaking individuals that they are losing as they’re dropping into their death, they’re being ventilated. That’s what they’re seeing. That is the only thing that explains why people that are always have been die hard pro vaccine people are suddenly walking away from their careers and saying, over my dead body and my taking that vaccine, I will change my careers. Maybe that’s behind, you know, part of the thinking of my next guest. You know, we’re talking about someone who has his own laboratory, a pathologist that is, you know, has been on this looking at it. Dr. Ryan Cole joins me now. 

[01:36:39] Del Bigtree 

I saw you speak recently, and I don’t want to put words in your mouth, but, you know, when we look at all these nurses and doctors walking away from this vaccine, do you think I’m right? Is that because they just have read the science or are they seeing something they’ve never seen before with the dire outcomes that we’re watching on Facebook and YouTube and happening all around the world? 

[01:37:01] Ryan Cole, MD 

Well, thank you, Del. I think it’s a little bit of both, and that was a brilliant segment that a lot of us have been looking at, just like you for over a year, predicting that this might be coming. And I think a very important point that you bring up, not only are they talking about booster’s, but it’s the wrong booster. They’re still trying to boost you for a Wuhan’s spike. And we’re on to Delta. By the time they formulate and get a delta shot out will be on to Mew or Zeta or onto the [?] surreal alphabet. Who knows? So you can’t play whack a mole with this, especially when we’re seeing those binding antibodies that are non neutralizing. So I think my my fellow colleagues in medicine, I’m former military. I got plenty of shots from Uncle Sam back in the day. I’m not anti vaccine, but I am very pro informed consent. And and as a scientist, I’m gravely concerned that the equivalent right now in my mind is saying to the health care workers, OK, flu season’s coming. We want everybody to get a flu shot. By the way, we have some leftover flu vaccines in the freezer from four or five years ago. No, nobody would take that. That’s the equivalent right now saying we’re going to boost you and give you some more of those binding non neutralizing antibodies because we’ve got a bunch of this leftover vaccine with that spike in it. And we’re really onto this spike. And the Delta variant literally has escaped the vaccine. And we need to be scientifically honest about it and say, OK, we can no longer manage a pandemic with shots. We need to focus on early, effective, safe treatments and save lives that way, because if you have a good antibody, an antibody is forever great. You know, so you have a measles antibody. Grandma had measles and now she has an antibody 80 years later, wonderful. But if you have a bad antibody, that’s forever as well. And now, again, you could potentially be a ticking time bomb. And I think you spell that out brilliantly. 

[01:39:05] Del Bigtree 

Now, before we get started, you know, you’re sort of new to our audience. So what is your background that you’re bringing to this, your specialty that you think that? You know, I’ve seen you give talks about this vaccine just for an understanding where your perspective is coming from. What is your background? 

[01:39:23] Ryan Cole, MD 

Certainly so on the board, certified pathologist, I’m trained in anatomic pathology, clinical pathology, [?] dramatic pathology. And I did a Ph.D. research in immunology as well. So part of that clinical pathology background is virology trained at the Mayo Clinic? I was chief fellow there in my surgical pathology years. I run a large independent medical laboratory. One of the largest in the state of Idaho. I serve clients and patients all around the country and all day long. I’m looking at tissues, examining blood reports, doing microbiology, doing molecular biology. So I’m a pathologist. I do the hardcore science and I do the diagnostics. 

[01:40:02] Del Bigtree 

So take me through what you’ve been looking at, because I think that you have a view on this that is clearer than most and really up close and personal with what’s happening inside the cells of the body, inside the, you know, when you’ve looked in. What are the events that you’re seeing and, you know, we should be thinking about?


[01:40:24] Ryan Cole, MD 

Well, I think it’s primarily important to remember that Covid is a clotting disease, like you pointed out in that segment. Covid is a clotting disease. Number one, it’s clotting disease. Number two, it’s clotting disease. Number three, it’s a clotting disease. And so as we approach treatment, as we look at the patterns in some of the tissue biopsies, even from the vaccine reactions, what we see is clots. When I have more autopsy tissues coming in from around the country after I gave that talk that you saw. So now we’re getting an opportunity to see some of those changes, both in the post Covid patient, but also interestingly and very importantly, in the post vaccine injured patients and or the post vaccine deceased patients. So when one gets these injections, you can look at a blood marker called a D-Dimer. You can’t see these clots on a scan or an X-ray. But if we do some blood tests, this D-Dimer gives an indication that there’s micro clotting happening all throughout the body and blood reports and blood patterns in the laboratory. And I’m working with a project right now on pre-vaccinated and then following these patients. I’ve seen in several patients how long this micro clot marker and the blood, this D-Dimer stays elevated. There’s one clinician who reported 62 percent of his patients after the vaccine had elevated D-Dimers. So it’s highly concerning that we are we’re using a shot. Obviously, it’s experimental. And these genetic vaccines, as much as science may have thought, hey, we can stop this, we have a good idea. In retrospect, we’re starting to see and we’ve seen for quite a while now the patterns that these aren’t as safe as they were projected to be. So that’s my job. Look at the pathophysiology. Look at the exact patterns. Look at the blood patterns. Look at the markers. Look at the concerning things that aren’t being talked about. When when you mix medicine and politics, you get politics. So when we have politicians telling us what we should be doing or what the science is, I get very frustrated because the scientists are the ones quietly seeing what’s happening and then we get censored or canceled when we speak the truth of the patterns that are undeniable. 

[01:42:41] Del Bigtree 

What are those patterns before I used to before we get to let’s talk about the vaccine for a second, because a lot of the conversation we’ve had in The HighWire is about this spike protein, right? [?] We didn’t we could this twenty nine, my understanding. Twenty nine proteins on this virus. You could have gone for other things that, you know, if we weaken the virus in some place, poke a hole in it, maybe we kill the whole virus. But they didn’t just grab any protein. They just didn’t grab some side protein. They kind of grabbed a doozy. You want to take me through that and why perhaps this maybe shouldn’t even be called a vaccine. 

[01:43:11] Ryan Cole, MD 

Yeah, so so the spike itself in animal models, if you take the spike with the rest of the body of the virus gone, just the spike alone and inject it into animal models, we know that that spike alone can induce vascular disease, pulmonary disease, brain disease, disease throughout the body. So the spike ends up being the inflammatory aspect of the virus. And now we selected a vaccine or a gene sequence that literally codes for the spike. So is the spike a toxin is the question? We know that once that spike is given in the arm, it doesn’t stay there. Studies show that the spike does circulate and the S1 fragment of this spike can cross the blood brain barrier. The AS1 fragment can cause the inflammatory patterns. It induces the inflammation. So we literally did pick the wrong part of the virus. You know, to your point, earlier on antibody dependent enhancement in some of the studies, I think was an article in nature. They said we should really focus on the receptor binding domain, just the little part where where the virus binds and not the whole spike. And then we could avoid some of these enhancement reactions. Instead, they said, yeah, we should do that. Oh, let’s just do the whole spike. And wow, I can’t scratch my head. And I thought, well, you knew it because of those antibodies had escaped just the receptor binding domain. Then you just have a few antibodies and it would have become a nonentity. But there you’re showing that spike protein. Yeah, that spike literally is what induces disease. And so without that ball of the virus, there is that spike is binding. It is inducing that inflammatory pattern. And we can see some of the same cytokine patterns in the blood. We can see some of the same inflammatory patterns, the D-Dimers, the elevated C reactive proteins, just just from the spike produced by the genetic sequence shots. 

[01:45:03] Del Bigtree 

So in essence, the disease is the spike. And we are injecting a vaccine full of messages to tell our body to fill us with this disease, this spike protein, this toxic element that causes the problem. So when people think of a vaccine, they think I’m getting some dead version of the virus or some attenuated version that can’t hurt me so that I can protect myself against the dangerous infection that I could possibly get. But really, it seems that we’re injecting people with more spike protein and the dangerous part of the virus than they would get in a natural infection. Right? You’re actually giving yourself an overload of the worst part of this virus.


[01:45:44] Ryan Cole, MD 

Yeah, and this is a good point, because we’re giving the sequence that makes that that toxic part. But even in the SarsS-Covi-1 and the MERS studies. They used an inert spike. It was in a genetic sequence, but still because of the nature of this family of viruses and how they slowly genetically drift. When you get that exposure to a variant of the virus, it’s still just that protein that induces the enhanced reaction. So even if it were just a traditional just protein vaccine. The concern is the shape changes and then it escapes our immunity. So not even just the potential dangers that we’re seeing and the side effects that we’re seeing from the present shots, the genetic sequence ones. But even historically, so, even if we were using a more traditional vaccine, we’re taking the wrong approach to a wrong viral family that we’ve known the history of this viral family and we could have predicted. Now, to your point, we are seeing these same inflammatory patterns because of that shape change in that spike. The new variant as Delta fades is going to burst and taper, it as a wildfire. We’re going to see it go away here in six to eight weeks and then hopefully we’ll get a lot more natural immunity. That’s good. Hopefully, we can save those who are going to be infected badly. At a high risk, you know, you look at the Oxford study in Vietnam that showed that two hundred and fifty fold increase of virus in the vaccinated over those who are unvaccinated. And I mean, that’s highly concerning. So really, we need to be honest to the population said, great, you got your vaccine. You feel comfortable. We need to be honest and say. You’re still at risk. You’re still a candidate for early treatment, so we can save you. Same thing to those who are refusing the vaccine we need to focus on. Look, there are early treatments, you know, be it monoclonal antibody treatments, be it, you know, a lot of the drugs that shall not be named, shall we say that there are plenty of them. And it’s a multi drug approach and very efficacious, but I think we do need to really step back and say, look, we know what’s causing the damage. Let’s use some logic and say game over. This is not the approach we need to be taking. We’re damaging individuals when we thought we were doing something good. And so, you know, maybe some people had fewer symptoms. It’s hard to say because we went through variants that were different. So doing a statistical analysis of that is very difficult to to be honest about. So. 

[01:48:15] Del Bigtree 

All right. So let’s do this because our audience has gotten used to you know, we geek out a little bit here on the science. And so I want you to take me in. You’ve sent some slides over. Take us inside the microscope and what you’re looking at. And so that people can really see what is this what is this spike protein doing when we look at it through a microscope? What are the things that you’re seeing? The types of illnesses that we’re really concerned about? 

[01:48:39] Ryan Cole, MD 

Okey dokey. So, number one, the the vascular disease. Number two, the vascular disease, number three of the best persons. 

[01:48:51] Del Bigtree 

Ok so let’s show the slide. 

[01:48:53] Ryan Cole, MD 

[REF] Ok, so this one’s borrowed from a Salk Institute study. On the left, you see a glowing blood vessel. Yeah. That little circle in the middle of the little channel inside the vessel. And then the cell body is all kind of that frayed purple to the right. So on the left hand side there you see just very crisp, clean lines. Those represent your mitochondria. And then on the right side, again, this is a study with only use by protein, not the virus. You see those mitochondria fragmented and falling apart. So because the spike is inducing cytokines, an inflammatory reaction, that cell and the powerhouse of your cell, those mitochondria are getting fragmented, attacked and denaturing. So that fatigue, that malaise that people get. Yeah, that’s one of the side effects of the disease as well as from the shot. So that’s one example of on that cellular level where the spike is doing damage. 

[01:49:53] Del Bigtree 

And if you wipe out your mitochondria, you’re in trouble. And that’s the energy of your cells, right? That’s what is keeps you alive. Ok. All right, next one. Let’s look at this next next one. 

[01:50:02] Ryan Cole, MD 

So on the left hand side, you see these nice, wide open white spaces. Those are your air sacs in your lungs, your [?] alveoli. And you can see you’ve got plenty of room to move air in and out of those nice wide open spaces. On the right hand side after again, the vaccine and the spike protein, all that purple you see there, that’s all inflammation. And you can see how much less space you have to ventilate there. All those white spaces are obscured by all those inflammatory cells infiltrating into that lung tissue. And then after that inflammation starts to fade, scarring gets set down. So when you see this ground glass appearance on the x rays that you hear about in the news, that ground glass is really representing micro clots and early scarring in those portions of the lungs. 

[01:50:54] Del Bigtree 

So let me ask you a question. Are we looking at tissue just coming from autopsies or is this from mice or what is it we’re looking at right now?


[01:51:03] Ryan Cole, MD 

Little bit of both. I mean, I have several autopsies here, now post vaccine, and we’re doing sequence analysis. We’re doing protein analysis, we will publish this once I have enough of them, like Dr. Shermer did in Germany, where he published his 40 patient autopsy to the which he said 30 to 40 percent of them were vaccine deaths. And of course, the media attacks him when he says that. And, you know, we as the pathologist with the scientists, we have the markers to look for the spike protein alone, the whole virus, antibodies, so we can tease out what’s being deposited and we can tease out what kind of inflammatory cells. So, again, the media can criticize all they want, but when we are the ones looking at the actual mechanisms, that’s why we report it. We say, look, nobody wants any death to be from a vaccine. And they always say, oh, these are not the droids you’re looking for, nobody gets hurt, gets hurt or dies from the vaccine. That’s not true. It’s absolutely not true. So we need to be scientifically cautious and we need to be scientifically honest. We need more autopsies. I mean, the scant number of autopsies that have been done, 13,000 plus deaths in the U.S. and VAERS twenty one thousand plus in the EU. And here we have just a smattering and only one. [REF] There you go. Yeah. Thirteen thousand deaths in the U.S.. Right. And as of June, we had one post vaccine reported autopsy in the entire literature, you know, which is mind boggling. Yeah. In the U.S.. It’s mind boggling that we’re not doing science. We’re spending a lot of money on advertising. Get a shot. Get a shot. 

[01:52:40] Del Bigtree 

How do you explain that? We should be explaining that if you want to explain that for me, because we’re under the impression that the NIH has got billions of dollars. Right? There are they’re a bunch of guys that loved their jobs, loved to investigate disease, love to investigate what’s going on. You have this giant pile is the highest rate of deaths ever reported from a vaccine. It now looks like it’s going to overcome every vaccine report of death.All of them put together over the last 20 years and six months this vaccine has decimated those numbers. And yet you’re telling me when they’re talking about an experimental product that they emergency use they authorized to give to totally innocent people. When those innocent people start piling up in morgues, they are not doing any autopsies. Can you explain that to me? What the logic or the thinking or what you believe would be the reasoning for the agencies that are supposed to care about our health, not doing the obvious science that should be being done. 

[01:53:35] Ryan Cole, MD 

I wish I knew. It’s really frustrating from a science point of view. Literally billions of dollars available, our children’s grandchildren’s tax dollars, and we’re not investigating this. We should be treating it like the French law system. We have a new product on the market. It should be guilty until proven innocent. And we’re not taking that approach. Every single adverse reaction, every single death post vaccine should be autopsied. That would be real science. And why we’re not doing that. I had a colleague, you know, Dr. McCullough down in Texas. He had a patient pass just yesterday, and he requested the autopsy. The coroner refused. And I scratched my head as to why aren’t we doing this because that’s how we learn. That’s how we learn what’s happening in the body, what those secondary reactions like in those mice studies and whatnot. If you cannot find what you’re not looking for and maybe they don’t want us to find it, I don’t know. It’s not science in this day and age to not be doing those basic principled research examinations, because that’s how we learn. And if we don’t do that, then we’re doomed to continue down the same pathway and cause potentially more damage. And we take an oath in medicine to do no harm. So if these are harmful, we need to prove it. If they’re not great, let’s prove that either way, you know, let’s be neutral, but at least be the observer and come to a conclusion that’s based on real data and real examination. 

[01:55:00] Del Bigtree 

I love what you said, and I absolutely agree. I’ve been calling it the scientific method. I said I got interviewed by a television station out of the U.K. and they said, you know, our problem with you is that you seem to do your show based on the assumption that the vaccine is dangerous instead of the assumption that it’s safe. And I said, yeah, there’s a term for that’s called the scientific method. My job and a scientist job even beyond that. But as a journalist, same thing is to challenge and put up real questions, real posit, real problems and theories, especially based on animal trials where the animals were dying. Well, it’s not we’re not pulling it out of thin air. You should be able to dress how you’ve overcome these problems. That’s our job, is to challenge it, not to just go woo-hoo and have pom poms and have the FDA telling us before we even look at this product, we’re planning on rushing it out to the public and giving it authorization and ultimately approval. So one of the things and what’s sort of crazy is in some of these cases, they may not be doing autopsies, but they’re kind of admitting it’s happening. One of the things that’s so problematic is the youth, right? This idea of myocarditis, the swelling of the heart. Can you sort of take me into that and what you’re seeing there?


[01:56:11] Ryan Cole, MD 

Yeah, and this is unfortunate, children’s immune systems are different than adult immune systems, and in some of these shots, they’re giving the same dose to children as they’re giving to adults. And in young males at a higher rate than young females, we’re seeing inflammation of the heart in some of the mammal models they showed that within some of the white blood cells that are infiltrating in the heart, they’re finding spike in sequence. And that induces an inflammatory reaction in the heart and the sac around the heart. So if you statistically look at the number of [REF] children that passed from Covid last year, most of which, you know, had comorbidities. So here on your right side with red arrows, that’s the sac that lines the heart. That’s inflammation surrounding that heart. And that’s going to cause swelling and pressure on the heart. And we know that there have been, you know, over 10, 12, 15 kids that have died of a heart attack already post these shots on the left hand side, those blue arrows, that’s the muscle. The lower the the heart and all that weight that you see on that left hand side where the blue areas are. That’s inflammation, swelling the heart. And you hear about inflammation in the heart enlarging. And so, I mean, over 400 children. And again, these are highly under reported. Once the heart is damaged, the scarring happens after the inflammation. Heart doesn’t heal with new heart cells that heals with scar. So when you’re giving something that damages the heart, you are literally. [REF] Yeah. There on your left hand side. All that those blue dots, that’s inflammation in all the pink. Those are the fibers of the heart. And then down below, you can see kind of all that blue, gray, that scar healing, that’s that scars starting to form and that scar is left and that messes up conduction pathways can cause you chronic heart failure over time. There’s no such thing as mild myocarditis when the heart is inflamed that is a serious condition for a long time. And so we’ve had more children damaged now by the shot than who passed from Covid. So now our ratio of damage to what we think we’re preventing is disproportionate. And that’s very concerning. 

[01:58:23] Del Bigtree 

Yeah, incredible. So summing it all up, you’re looking at this. First of all, I want to thank you for being brave enough to speak about these things. We all know the doctors, you’re under amazing pressure, as you know, there for people that are you know, as a pathologist, some of us sitting here, obviously you’re taking great risk, which is crazy. There is even a risk to talk about what you’re actually seeing in patients, in autopsies, in tissue, in animal studies. But when we think about this vaccine now, 40 percent of this nation is now going to be under extreme pressure by employers, by airlines, you know, to get this vaccine. From a scientific point of view, what do you want those people to know as they try to figure out how to grapple with that decision? 

[01:59:14] Ryan Cole, MD 

That and it’s a tough decision and it should never come to this, especially now that we have a shot that isn’t effective against the new virus and all that data about efficacy that they keep claiming it doesn’t apply, even that that approval that came through the other day, it wouldn’t have even met threshold for EUA approval. I want these people to stand for bodily integrity. We need to push back like they’re doing in France. We need to push back like they’re doing in other nations. This is about health freedom. This is about physical integrity. Nobody should be mandated to take something for the which the side effect is death. That is just not moral. It is not ethical. It is not scientific. It is not right. And your body, your choice, if you’re fully informed and you feel like you need it. You know, I don’t judge anyone one way or the other, but fully informed consent is what you need. We’re not getting that to the degree that we need. People need to be allowed to have their bodily integrity. And these mandates need to go away. It’s not even the right shot for the right virus anymore, even if it did work. And so we need to pivot and shift and focus on early treatments, focus on better therapies, focus on earlier interventions, focus on safer shots that maybe target different proteins. But at this point, we need to be scientifically honest and we need to allow every individual to have that choice for his or herself. 

[02:00:44] Del Bigtree 

I appreciate those are wise words, but thank you for taking us into the details, because it’s super interesting to look at what’s actually happening in the cells, the idea of scarring on all these children. We’ve heard the CDC say exactly that. Well, they were mild cases of myocarditis. And as you said and other doctors have said, there’s no such thing. You are creating scars that will never go away. We have no idea what the long term implications are of this. Most of these kids going to hospitals, a lot of them athletes that can’t compete in sports now. They’re on heart medications for a group, by the way, of individuals that aren’t really even at risk for this illness, incredibly high success rate and really super low even symptomatic conditions. I hope that we can have you on again. There’s so much to talk about, especially since you’re deep in the middle of it. But I want to thank you for being brave. I want to thank you for standing up for science, because that’s what I really think is under attack here. Real science is under attack. We’ve lost, as you said, the principle of science to be more like the French legal system. It is guilty until proven innocent, especially when it’s being tested. There should have been the number one conversation at FDA, not the safety trials done by Pfizer that’s trying to put a bow on their products that’s going to make them tens of billions of dollars. But thank you for your work. Thank you for taking us so clearly through that. And I hope that we’ll get a chance to talk to you again soon. 

[02:02:08] Ryan Cole, MD 

Thank you, Del. Appreciate it. 

[02:02:09] Del Bigtree 

All right. Take care. Well, you know, as we find ourselves watching more and more of these world renowned scientists coming on to the The HighWire to warn you about what they’re finding in their laboratories, there are hospitals on the front lines. You have to ask yourself, you know, what would happen if you had just been Facts-Inated? I mean, were you actually had the facts? Let me introduce you to a brand new campaign by The HighWire. 

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[02:02:50] Doctor 

[REF] Natural immunity appears to be robust, complete and durable. 

[02:02:54] Del Bigtree 

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[02:04:31] Del Bigtree 

So GetFactsinated is a new campaign. And by the way, for everybody right now, those of you there say, man, I love this show. I can’t believe the information I’m getting that I’m not getting anywhere else. And I want to know how I can help and what I can do to make a difference. Well, you can do is help support us as we build a bigger and bigger legal team, as we build a bigger and bigger science investigation team to bring you all this information. You make that possible. So we want you to become a recurring donor if you become a recurring donor today, you will get a get vaccinated shirt for becoming a recurring donor. It doesn’t matter what amount, but just go to Thehighwire.com or ICANDecide.org, hit the donate button. And please just become a recurring donor where you’re sort of just set up for whatever you can afford with a cup of coffee every week, you know, five dollars a week or maybe a month or 50 cents or one hundred dollars, whatever you can do, you help us be able to sort of push back and give information to the world. And by the way, it appears to be working. You’ve been sharing. The world is listening. The United States of America is at a 50 percent vaccination rate on a failing vaccine. We now have our work cut out for us to stop the booster shot and all the damage that that is going to cause. But that is what is happening here at The HighWire. 

[02:05:50] Del Bigtree 

Now when you listen to what Dr. Cole was saying, there’s only been essentially one autopsy in the United States of America in the face of thirteen thousand reported deaths in VAERS. My understanding is about seven or eight thousand of those were actually in America. Some are coming in from around the world. But can you imagine that we they say to us, we’re just going to we don’t know what’s wrong with we we don’t really have time for safety trials that you’re going to be our safety trial. Oh, and by the way, when you die, we’re not going to look into it. We’re not going to investigate it. We’re not going to do the autopsy. Remember the show growing up, Quincy? Where is Quincy now? Where’s the autopsy guy that’s supposed to get to the truth of it? Well, what happens if your relative or someone you care about gets the vaccine? They die. And as we just heard, Dr. McCullough had a patient. He asked the coroner, can we get an autopsy? They say no to a doctor. What happens if it was one of your relatives? What was your parent or your mother? And you said, I want information, I want the facts, I deserve this. I mean, you’ll do an autopsy over every other stupid death that happened out there. I happen to want to know what happened. That’s the story that we’re about to share with you. 

[02:06:54] Del Bigtree 

This is Marty, who went through this incredibly tragic experience. Not bad enough to lose your mother, but what about the push back when you want to try and find out what actually happened? 

[02:07:05] Marty 

[REF] My mom was a professional dancer. She did ballroom dancing and, you know, back in the 40s and 50s, her and my dad were dancers. They were Fred Astaire instructors. My mom was a piano player. She would sit in and play for Dean Martin and his pianist was out. Mom was always there to support me. She cared about other people. She embraced life. She was very outgoing. My mom was amazing. And she took the Covid vaccination on February 16th. She dropped dead less than 24 hours later. So just over two years ago, my mom was living on her own. Eighty six years old, independent, driving. I mean, heck, she had her annual checkup. She never took any drugs, was on no medication, didn’t have high blood pressure. As she got older, the arthritis started being more challenging for her. We knew at this point with her starting to fall potentially, that it might be a good idea for her to live closer to me. So we were able to move her to a assisted living like two minutes from my house. So awesome. We had gone places, gone to events, going to church with me until 2020. Covid hits, luckily enough, I was able to still see her at the facility she was at, a lot of times I would drive by way of saying to her, we play music from the balcony and the third floor. But I was able to get her out every now and then. And on January 14th, I get a call. My mom tested positive for Covid, became a little nervous, 80 years old. Her oxygen levels never got below where they needed to be at a slightly elevated fever, slight for like two days. Loss of appetite. She was a little tired, so she tested negative on January 31st. Golden.


[02:09:01] Marty 

[REF] I don’t know if my mom felt pressured about getting the vaccine. Maybe brainwashed might be a better word for it, because we see it everywhere we go. It’s on every news channel. It’s on commercials, it’s on TV shows, it’s on signs, it’s in restaurants, it’s in stores. It is inundating us. And she kept saying, well, you know what? They tell me I should get the Covid vaccine because I could go back to living my life again and get out and go around. And so February 16th, it’s Tuesday. She gets the vaccine around 11, 12. I go over and pick her up. You know, I wanted to make sure she didn’t have any arm pain or any swelling or any redness. Good to go. Ok, what you want to do this weekend, we’re excited. Her that night at nine thirty. Mom, I love you. Good night. Monday morning comes around. If I get a phone call at about 11:30, it’s one of the directors of this sister living. Marty, called to tell you your mom died. Wow. Got through, the cops are there to see a go up on what’s going on, what happened? They wanted to bring her lunch at about eleven thirty twelve, and they found her dead on the ground. Cops said, well, what do you want to do, the body? He says, I have the metal examiner on the phone. I said, tell the medical examiner that we want an autopsy. Medical examiner refuses. So I talk to my girlfriend. She’s oh, my gosh. You know, it was the vaccination and I can’t even think of that. I’m like, OK, I don’t know anything. But that sure could be the case. And her doctor is very confused. He says this is very strange. She talked to the staff Wednesday morning. She was complaining of nothing. He says she’s not on medications, not on drugs. The doctor told the medical examination that he wants an autopsy. Did matter what her doctor thought even though he’s been the one that’s been seeing her. So we decided, the family, that we’re going to get an autopsy. And here’s the facts. Here’s the science. Didn’t have a heart attack, didn’t have a stroke, didn’t have an aneurysm. Didn’t have cancer. Then we get the death certificate. Here it is. And I will read it to quote unquote, “Reason immediate cause of death, adult failure to thrive, cardiac failure”. 

[02:11:36] Marty 

So that’s confusing to me because we then took the cells and had them sent to a specialist. And that specialist set back the results of pathologists and the pathologist. I have a VAERS report. This is what the pathologist sent to the Federal Drug Administration, and it says that her death was an adverse reaction to the Covid vaccination. Here it is. So the pathologist was very confused. He thinks this is a very rare case because it says in here the immediate cause of death was, in fact, liver failure. I’m not an expert, but I can certainly read, media liver failure. And here is the medical records I have. I have them all. My mom has never had any liver problems in her life. My mom was healthy at 88 and taking no medication, which is unheard of for an 80 year old person. 

[02:12:27] Marty 

My mom and I hiking. Yesterday was my birthday. Would have been cool if I could talk to her.Just called her. My mom went out too early. I’m not going quietly. I’ve reached out to every local network here in town. I reached out to some of the bigger networks. Do you all know them on both sides of the spectrum? They have no one to reply to me. They kind of push back and they don’t want more information. So luckily, I can network once and bring you the truth. 

[02:13:02] Del Bigtree 

It’s my honor to be joined by Marty right now. Marty, first of all, it is clear in watching that you loved your mother, went further than most would. I think under these circumstances. What kept you going through that? Why? Why work that hard to get the truth? 

[02:13:22] Marty 

It’s like you said, it’s the power of information. You said it’s the truth. And I think given inherit. People are scared. Doctors can’t tell the story. They’ll lose their license. So I’m just honored that you’re bringing the story to your viewers. 

[02:13:41] Del Bigtree 

We just spoke to Dr. Ryan Cole, who is a pathologist. He could look at autopsy reports. He’s saying that essentially none were really done in America, at least not by the NIH, the CDC, the FDA. When you see what you’ve gone through in the push back for that and you look at these numbers, we’re seeing thirteen thousand deaths in VAERS. Given the push back you got just to get one report for yourself, to have one autopsy, to verify what you sort of sense was true. How accurate do you think that death number is that we’re looking at? Do you think it’s a lot higher? 

[02:14:21] Marty 

It’s scary a lot higher. And now that I’ve been telling my story every day, my radar is up and people come up to me and talk to me and tell me their story. And I’ve heard probably 10 other people that I’ve talked to in the last few weeks have the same story that I do, that their loved one or friend took the vaccination and they’ve died. I talked to somebody yesterday who had the same thought that I do. They don’t know what to do and who to talk to from somebody yesterday. Same thing. They don’t know what to do. So, of course, it’s higher in my opinion. Of course. 

[02:14:58] Del Bigtree 

What do you recommend then? There’s so many as you’re saying? I think there’s so many people that are going through this experience. Would you recommend they follow in your footsteps or would you just say it was just. Was there any relief to it? Did it help at all for your experience, at least having a knowing at the end of this? 

[02:15:17] Marty 

So I would tell anybody that has somebody that takes the vaccination and they say pass away because that, you’re probably going to have to get your own independent autopsy. I did, they said they’re not going to do it, even though my mother’s doctor recommended and insisted on it, and they said no. So I had to pay out of pocket to get an independent autopsy. A lot of people can’t afford that. Some people maybe don’t know that they should. Some people don’t like conflict who’d rather just say that person had a nice life and it was their time. I chose not to do that. If you’re a fighter and you have the opportunity to do that, I encourage you to get into independent pathology done. I mean, talk to a pathologist. Definitely get to get that done for sure. I’ve had two of them done now.


[02:16:02] Del Bigtree 

When you think about your mother as you’ve gone through this, I mean, was she, you know, like who, when you think about, you know, representing our parents, which one gave you that type of fight? Is this something that your mother would have done, do you think, for you? 

[02:16:15] Marty 

My mom, yeah. My mom was a fighter. She was a stick of dynamite. You always knew where you’re going to stand with her. She was a pistol, for sure. I think I probably learned that from her. 

[02:16:28] Del Bigtree 

Yeah, well, it’s an incredible story, and I want to thank you for working so hard to get to the facts, because I don’t even think we would have that VAERS report of your mother had you not sort of pushed that hard. Right. These are the things that are just being filed away, just sort of spontaneous death or failure to thrive. Terms we’ve never really heard of. When you sort of sit here in this moment and you look at a nation, people, employers are going to be forcing this vaccine on to their employees. Restaurants, we may have, you know, vaccine passports. What are your thoughts now of the United States of America, given your your new lens at looking at this when you see the president of the United States pushing this vaccine and you know what it did to your mother? What is your message? 

[02:17:18] Marty 

You know, I was at a rally two nights ago with 400 health care workers that were standing up against the scientific inquisition and the forced mandates, and they were in tears. They’re scared to death. They had their kids that were there. I received a call from a business partner of mine this morning who was in tears after watching what’s been happening that our president and his cronies have been doing. We just need it. We need to stay hyper vigilant. Folks, this country is worth fighting for, our forefathers did. We need to stand up? We need to fight for what we believe in. As I sit here today, all around us, there are people that have sacrificed, their heroes. And just remember, without a test, you can never have a testimony. So keep fighting. Speak up. Don’t put your head in the sand. Don’t be a minion. Surround yourself with like minded people. Luckily, I have support of a lot of people. Well, that’s that’s what I would encourage. 

[02:18:22] Del Bigtree 

All right, well, I do appreciate it. First of all, I want to thank you for, you know, because you had the finances to do what I keep saying this for those people out there that have worked hard and done well in their lives. You’re the ones that really need to push back. You’ve got to sue if you can. You’ve got to get the autopsies if you can afford it. You’re the ones that are truly making a difference in fighting for those people that can’t really push that hard or that far. So, Marty, you’re a hero or in our eyes, I think you’re leading a new path for people that are going to be going through this unfortunate experience. Take it all the way. Get to the truth. And for that, I want to thank you for really being a warrior for your mother, but also for the citizens of America. 

[02:19:04] Marty 

You’re welcome Del. Thank you. 

[02:19:05] Del Bigtree 

You take care. All right, well, we’re nearing the end of the show, and I told the team that I would move out quickly, but I think, you know what, we might as well do it since you’re going to be reading an article this week, it’s getting all over the place by the insider talks about ICAN, The HighWire. It says that we spread misinformation without facts. Things like this. [REF] Here was the headline. It’s like reading a headline from three years ago. I swear these people just plagiarize themselves. But “How a New York billionaire funded anti vaccine group is contributing to the vaccine hesitancy that’s crippling the US recovery”. We were told and I sort of want to take you through this, and for those of you, it’s been a great show. This is just sort of, you know, what’s happened to us here. So if you want to move on, we’ll see you next week. But for those of you that care, we I get an email, say, three weeks, maybe a month ago, saying that insider wants to write an article where they’re basically going to say that what we do on The HighWire is we spread misinformation that can’t be backed by facts. So the first thing I did was say, OK, you know, and would we like to, you know, defend ourselves or have a conversation? Obviously, I’ve told you I’m open to any conversation there is even with people that I think are going to attack me. But I said, you know, let’s send back, you know, a request and say, if you’re going to accuse me of spreading misinformation, that doesn’t have facts. I’m getting really tired, essentially, of reading articles that generally say we’re not, you know, we’re spreading misinformation without a single example. So please send us the examples of what you plan on saying was not fact based so that we can do our due diligence to show you whether or not we actually have the facts to back it up. Do you think I got any such email that we thought this went away? It was about a week and a half. We didn’t hear from this cat over at The Insider. Tom, Tommy, didn’t want to send us any of the examples that he wanted to bring against us. But still, [REF] there is Tommy Porter, I guess he’s from the London Bureau of the Insiders. So he ended up saying, I want to interview you after never having, you know, sent over what we requested. So I took that interview. This is just over the last little clip at the end of it, it was basically a fairly redundant and pointless interview where he didn’t truly, this is about the most acquisitional thing he said the whole time. Why don’t you take a listen to this? Because it’s just a little bit of a life inside of what we’re what I’m fielding here at ICAN, The HighWire with New York Times, Washington Post. In this case, it’s the Insider. Here’s just a taste of what that conversation sounded like. 

[02:21:32] Tom Porter 

One more very quick follow up question. Do you feel a kind of any kind of twinge of regret or anxiety when you see these appalling stories of people who’ve chosen not to get vaccinated in ICU wards, hooked up on ventilators, you know, struggling to survive. Do you not just think, you know, this isn’t worth the risk for people? We have very good evidence these things work. We have very little evidence that doing people serious harm. Is the urgency of this, not, you know, not quite apparent?


[02:22:15] Del Bigtree 

I don’t agree with any of the principle of your question to say that there’s very little evidence. We have over 7000 reported deaths in our VAERS system here in the United States alone. That’s the highest list of reported deaths of any vaccine. In fact, all of our vaccines put together over nearly two decades. We have cases of swollen hearts on children that the CDC has admitted has taken place. And we’re seeing reports of these children who took the product that you just called safe, laying in an ICU and finding out that that hospital has had, you know, dozens of other cases exactly like that, filling hospitals with children who would have been perfectly healthy had they not taken the vaccine, are now going to deal with heart issues, at least in the short term and potentially the rest of their lives. And that person that is struggling, that is unvaccinated in the hospital is laying right next to somebody that is vaccinated. And the vaccine is completely failed them. This is an illness that is going to affect a lot of different people. And we are all trying to find the best way forward. And the number one question I ask myself when I hear about someone struggling or potentially dying from this illness was were they, you know, given the opportunity to use Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, you, Budesinide, all products that in studies around the world have been shown to be effective. Or were they, as the reports we hear, were they sent home when they first were struggling to breathe and said, well, your oxygen levels are still OK? Come back when you’re struggling. And then when they come back, when they’re struggling, they’re put on a ventilator, really essentially given no medicine whatsoever. Or maybe Remdesivir, which is just a waste of money and has proven to be totally ineffective. I think even you’ve reported on that. And so and then they die. So I think these deaths, for the most part, should be investigated as medical malpractice, whether you were unvaccinated or vaccinated. I think the way our hospitals are handling this is deplorable. And I believe that we should have trials when this is all over to investigate how the care for these people was so misguided. We know that early treatment is the secret to all illness, and yet hospitals are sending people home and saying, wait till you get more sick. That’s why people are dying. And the doctors and hospitals that are following through on that protocol should be held responsible. 

[02:24:46] Tom Porter 

Ok, thanks. Thanks again Del. That really is all for me now. Once again, thanks. Thanks very much indeed for taking the time to explain your views on this topic. And I may well be in touch with some follow up questions. I guess, Tom, in your press department would be the to follow up. 

[02:25:07] Del Bigtree 

I mean, you know, I know that you had said you want to write an article that says that I don’t have facts to back up my statements. And I gave you over a week to, you know, send over any thing that you might be questioning as things we’ve said that may not be backed, in fact. And you said nothing over. So I hope if you’re going to make that statement, you’ll be honorable enough to actually get into details instead of just making some fairly uneducated and emotional statement that isn’t actually itself backed in fact. So I’m here for any information you need. I’d be happy to send you any of the scientific documents and peer reviewed science that drives our work and our research. 

[02:25:52] Tom Porter 

No problem. I’ll certainly be in touch with regards to more specific points. 

[02:26:00] Del Bigtree 

That would be great. 

[02:26:01] Tom Porter 

But I but I really wanted to feel out your views to talking to you personally rather than through an email exchange. 

[02:26:13] Del Bigtree 

No, I love a good conversation. And if you really want to see my views, I am completely transparent. For about two hours on an almost unscripted show once a week. So you can certainly see. And then if you want to sign up for a newsletter, you’ll receive all the documents that back up the statements I’m making in the middle of this incredible process we find ourselves in. 

[02:26:36] Tom Porter 

Great. Thanks again Del. Have a good day. 

[02:26:39] Del Bigtree 

Take care. Well, that’s just a little taste of what it was about, I think, a 30 minute interview. If you want to hear the whole interview, actually all you have to do is sign up to our newsletter, [REF] TheHighWired.com. Just get involved, put in your email, and then you will get all of the details that we shared, all the science that we shared, the slides that we showed you so that you can show your friends the science and read the science and the actual facts behind what we do, where the most transparent news agency in the world. And this week, you get the bonus of getting to listen to Tom drool on with redundant points that have been thrown at us for the last three years. None of them have stuck. I do want to address they keep wanting to know who our donors are. That’s one. And by the way, they ask for our tax returns. We’ve handed over our tax returns to multiple news organizations. We have nothing to hide here except the names of those of you that are supporting the work we do. I will not disclose any conversations I have with any donors, but I want to say this, that it’s an absolute misstatement. If there’s any if they sort of allude to the fact is every single donor that supports the work we do, the greatest body and the greatest donor we have is all of you, over ten thousand of you and fifteen thousand of you.


[02:28:00] Del Bigtree 

Small donations, 50 cents a dollar or two dollars. Ten dollars. You are what’s making this possible. There’s no single billionaire out there that is making this all happen, even though they keep throwing out that ridiculous accusation. And all of it’s just because they want us to try and defend ourselves in the only way we would is we’d have to open up our files so that everyone can look at it. But, you know, that’s how you sign up. But all of your information is always safe with us. I will never tell them who any of you are or have any conversations. And that’s all they really care about. So accuse us of whatever you want. Tom, he ended up sending me one more email, basically saying we have experts that say that you’re going after the Trump supporters. I wrote back essentially saying I would just as soon speak at the Democratic National Convention as I would, and confess, I am still a card carrying Democrat, though I find myself politically marooned by both parties. I think Donald Trump made a colossal… This has been another test. The emergency broadcast system. This is like those phone calls that drop. And I know you’re all hanging in there just so that we can say goodbye. So let me just say this. Patrick was just walking through the room saying, you know, this equipment’s been great, but I think it’s time to move up to the pro stuff. 

[02:29:14] Del Bigtree 

We want to make sure that we never drop a call again. You can help us by donating to TheHighWired.com become a recurring donor. Get your Factsinated shirt. And by the way, I’m going to be in California on Tuesday, an event with Billy DeMoss, the chiropractor down in what in Orange County-ish? Where do we go, where do they go to sign up for that? CalJam.org, so go to CalHam.org. Here it is, Freedom Crusade Del Bigtree with Billy DeMoss. All proceeds will help fund I can inform Consent Action Network tickets available at CalJam.org. Tuesday, August 31st from 6:30 to 9:30. I’m going to dove we’re going to fly into the belly of the beast where things are getting crazy. I hope you’ll join me and Billy there. Should be an awesome event. Let’s just close out by saying this. They may try to threaten us. They want to put up posts like, oh, we’re going to call you terrorists. I’m not worried about it. I have the Constitution of the United States of America standing behind me. I have over what I don’t know, probably four hundred, five hundred hours of information interviewing world renowned scientists. I have not alone been dissenting. The presidency, whether it’s Donald Trump or Joe Biden, certainly always been Fauci. But whatever it is, we are bringing you the truth. 

[02:30:32] Del Bigtree 

We will always bring you the truth. And the United States of America defends the truth. And I trust that. So no matter what our politicians try to say they’re going to do to us, no matter what power they think they have over us. We are the unvaccinated. We are the health free. We are the partially vaccinated. We are those that have once believed and no longer believe in a system that lied to us. We are the fresh air breathing, clean water drinking, organic food eating citizens of the United States of America. We are here to stay. You must go. We’re holding this nation strong. Stand strong, be strong. Stand up, talk. The only reason we have any issue right now is we actually think we’re the minority. We’re not that we’re the majority. And if they dare to go with booster shots and saying that your UNVAXXED, unless you get three shots, then we will be the ninety percent of the United States of America. Try and win an election against us. Here we come. This is our time. The future is ours. To have a new medicine with new bright shining lights that know what they’re talking about and actually use science. That’s our future for the country, for the world. We are the beacons of light and we are not afraid of threats. I’ll see you next week on TheHighWire.com.