Del breaks exclusive newly-unredacted bombshell Fauci email; Dr. Barke tells us why not to buy into Delta fears; CDC lying about natural immunity; Former Federal Official Catherine Austin Fitts’ urgent warning for all Americans

Guests: Dr. Jeffrey Barke, Catherine Austin Fitts

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[00:00:41] Del BigTree

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[00:01:25] Del BigTree

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, wherever you are out there in the world, it’s time to step out onto this very precarious HighWire that we’re living on. You know, we talk about a lot of things. We put out a lot of data on this show. And many of you love the fact that on Mondays you receive an email that has all of that data in hyperlinks that you can look at yourselves. That’s because we want to be perfectly transparent with you. It’s what we call The HighWire protocol. We’re demanding that every other news agency in the world do the same thing, show us your data. But even when showing data, there’s moments where, you know, I’m forced to speculate where I think this might be going or what this science might add up to ,and every once in a while, there is a chance or maybe the science changes that we have to come onto the show and say we might have said something wrong or made a mistake. So I’d like to lead out the show today by saying maybe I’ve made a mistake. I have said many, many times that this vaccine was going to be a failure, that it was not going to stop transmission, it was not going to stop infection. And, you know, we’ve done a lot of victory laps over these last weeks, you know, celebrating the I-told-you-so moment we’ve been living in here now, but I did make one statement that hasn’t proven to be exactly accurate. I want to correct it right now. That is, I said that I didn’t believe that either the head of the CDC, which is Rochelle Walensky or Tony Fauci, that these people would never admit they were wrong. They will never admit that the vaccine doesn’t work. Well, I stand corrected. That happened this week. Take a look at this.

[00:03:00] CNN interviewer

What about all the fully vaccinated people who get the breakthrough infection? Can they pass it on because they pass it on to their children? Could they pass the virus on to older people, especially more vulnerable people with underlying health conditions? [00:03:15] Rochelle Walensky

And that’s exactly the point that we made in our guidance, so, yes, they can with the Delta variant and that was the reason that we changed our guidance last Tuesday. Our vaccines are working exceptionally well, they continue to work well for Delta with regard to severe illness and death. They prevent it. But what they can’t do anymore is prevent transmission. So if you’re going home to somebody who has not been vaccinated, to somebody who can’t get vaccinated, somebody who might be immunosuppressed or a little bit frail, somebody who has comorbidities that put them at high risk, I would suggest you wear a mask in public indoor settings,

[00:03:49] CNN interviewer

Especially if if there is a breakthrough case, you get covid, you’re fully vaccinated, but you are totally asymptomatic. You could still pass on the virus to someone else, is that right?

[00:04:01] Rochelle Walensky

That’s exactly right, and that’s where I’m asking recommendation came from.

[00:04:05] Del BigTree

Well, there you have it, I stand corrected, as it turns out, Rochelle Walensky just did admit, as she said in her own words, they can do a lot of things. But what they can’t do now is stop transmission, meaning every one of you that got the vaccination because you were told you would be protecting your neighbor. It was the altruistic thing to do to protect your neighbor. Well, as it turns out, you’re not protecting your neighbor. You are just as dangerous as anybody else on this planet. If we’re going to take the spreading of colds and flu, as this some sort of moral judgment upon ourselves that all of that is over, the vaccinated are just as infectious and just as much transmitting as any natural human being walking this planet? So I stand corrected. There it is. I told you, if we ever get something wrong, I’ll be the first to tell you. But, you know, when we look at these discussions as we’re seeing it on the news to watch the head of the CDC saying this vaccine doesn’t do what a vaccine has ever done before, we always believe vaccines are supposed to stop infection, stop transmission, which this vaccine doesn’t do. This was the vaccine unicorn we were talking about that we were all waiting for that was going to end the masking and and the lockdown’s, well now it’s here. And it’s as big a turkey as we imagined it was going to be based on the science that we knew already existed. Well, what are we going to do about it? That’s the question. It’s a lot of what I want to talk about this week. What are we going to do about it? The writing is on the wall. The lockdowns are coming, the masking is coming. And the question is, is the 50 percent of America that turned down this vaccine, half of this country that said, no, I’m just not buying the science, it’s way too fast. Everything I’m seeing doesn’t make sense. You’re all backtracking and flip flopping. And, you know, it’s like watching salmon and, you know, in a fertility season in the ocean, like popping around Fauci is this way. He’s that way. It’s all over the map. So what are we going to do? One of the problems we have that we’ve all been quiet about our stance, right? We’ve been quiet about the mask. You we’re secretly not wearing the mask. We never get a chance, even myself. I’ll admit it. I walk onto the plane with a mask just so that the stewardess doesn’t pay attention to me too much, I don’t want to draw attention so that when I get to my seat, I pull it down, I pull out the peanuts and I just sit there hoping I’ve nevered noticed again.

[00:06:21] Del BigTree

And that’s what we’re doing when it comes to the vaccine, not telling our employers. We’re not telling anybody what we actually think.

And so we don’t know how many of us there are. And we don’t know if this is the moment that we stand to do something about it. That’s going to be our issue as we move forward. We are the 50%, maybe more. You have to imagine half of those that have been vaccinated didn’t want to do it in the first place and some just thought they were doing to protect their neighbor and now that’s going to let them down. So how do we know who we are? We’re going to have to stand up. We’re going to have to be seen. We’re going to have to be accounted for, which is exactly what we’ve started to see happening around the world and especially around the United States of America, where maybe we’ve been resisting more than anyone else, but we’ve been quietly resisting. Now we are marching into school boards. We’re marching into city council meetings, and it’s really, really awesome. And just in the nick of time, take a look at this.

[00:07:20] Asa Hutchinson, AK

I think what we agree on is that covid is real people get sick from. All right, so so let’s identify

[00:07:35] Daniel Stock, IN

[We are] 18 months into this and still having a problem, and I would suggest the reason we still have a problem is that everything being recommended by the CDC and the state board of health is actually contrary to all the rules of science.

[00:07:44] Miguel Escobar, TX

I understand you might have some doctors on your board, but I can tell you one thing. If they’re telling you something different that I’m about to tell you, they’re either one misinformed and they’re not looking in the right places. Two, they’re straight up lying to you.

[00:07:57] Clay Travis, TN

Here’s the truth. Our kids under 25 year old, one in a million chance that they are going to die of cold if they are more likely to be struck by lightning, they are more likely to die of the seasonal flu. Have any of you ever mandated masks for the seasonal flu? Well, shame on you, because every kid in Williamson County schools has been under more danger from the seasonal flu every year than they are for covid,

[00:08:22] Miguel Escobar, TX

What just happened about two weeks ago, CDC is now telling all the laboratories to stop using the PCRs that we’ve been using this whole time because they cannot decipher between the flu and Covid.

[00:08:33] Parent in Siloam Sprints, AK

Explain to me why there are so many that have the vaccine that are getting the virus.

[00:08:41] Miguel Escobar, TX

You can still get covid if you are vaccinated. You can still spread covid if you are vaccinated.

[00:08:50] Daniel Stock, IN

Why is a vaccine that is supposedly so effective having a breakout in the middle of the summer when respiratory viral syndromes don’t do that? And to help you understand that, you need to know the condition is called antibody mediated viral enhancement. That is a condition done when vaccines work wrong, as they did in every coronavirus study done in animals. Causes the immune system to actually fight the virus wrong and let the virus become worse than it would with native infection.

[00:09:18] Clay Travis, TN

We teach our kids the facts matter. That’s why they go to school. The facts are these massive don’t work. There isn’t a single scientific data that has ever proven that masks work.

[00:09:30] Miguel Escobar, TX

Why would you sniff the bacteria that comes out of your mouth all day long and force that on our children? That is wrong. That is psychologically affects them and you’re going to employ more infections on them.

[00:09:43] Clay Travis, TN

I feel bad for all these people, walking around in masks, engaging in cosmetic theater, thinking that they are making a difference against covid. They aren’t.

[00:09:51] Miguel Escobar, TX

There is still no proof that a child has actually infected a teacher or caused a death in any school in the world.

[00:10:02] Parent in Siloam Sprints, AK

What’s in the vaccine? Give me the insert sheet. Informed consent means you tell me what you put in my body.

[00:10:08] Miguel Escobar, TX

I know more people that have died from the vaccine than to have died from the, covid.

[00:10:15] Parent in Siloam Sprints, AK

The numbers, again, are being manipulated to try to force unvaccinated people towards a mandated vaccine.

[00:10:22] Miguel Escobar, TX

Most doctors that I know have no idea what I’m talking about, and they do not know where to search for this information.

[00:10:28] Daniel Stock, IN

And if you’re worried about being sued by somebody because you don’t follow the guidance of the CDC and the NIH, I will tell you have a free pro bono expert testimony at your disposal. I will testify in defense of this court for turning down all these recommendations for free at any time, at any point. Thank you.

[00:10:44] Miguel Escobar, TX

I can provide you on over a thousand pieces of literature, especially over 300 showing the Hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin actually work. Because everyone that I have personally treated, I know not one person in my section of family or friends that has been hospitalized or died.

[00:11:04] Parent in Siloam Sprints, AK

My whole family had covid, and we all got pretty sick, but let me tell you something. All of us took the therapeutics from day one. And if doctors were allowed to tell the truth and treat their patients with these therapeutics, we would not have hospitals full of sick people dying, OK? Don’t smirk at me governon, you should care both sides of the aisle on what works, what will save lives, Governor, and it’s not the vaccine.

[00:11:33] Miguel Escobar, TX

I’m telling you, parents out there are starting to realize what’s going on.

[00:11:37] Parent in Siloam Sprints, AK

Everything that was a conspiracy six months ago is now coming to fruition.

[00:11:42] Clay Travis, TN

And you all should be ashamed of choices that you are about to make.

[00:11:45] Parent in Siloam Sprints, AK

I will not hold you guiltless if you fail to stand up for the Christians who believe it is in their right to abstain from the vaccine.

[00:11:55] Miguel Escobar, TX

I implore you all, please look at the facts, don’t go by what the media says because it’s straight up lies.

[00:12:02] Clay Travis, TN

I would tell every parent here, don’t let your kid wear masks. Refuse!

[00:12:17] Del BigTree

It’s incredible to watch it, this is exactly I think, what they didn’t want to have happen, we were all supposed to just hop in line like lemmings and march ourselves off of a cliff. But instead, we’re starting to resist powerful images there and great spoken words by, you know, just average citizens, right? That’s all it is. It’s all any of us are. All of us. It’s just it comes that moment of when you just say, I’ve had enough, this makes absolutely no sense. And it’s you know, it’s amazing to watch these parents and leaders and doctors, as we saw there, stepping up and telling their truth, starting to give up on worrying about what it’s going to do to their license or their careers, because really, what world is there to live in if we let all of this take place? There’s a great moment, though, as we talk about masks and I guess in a little bit way about the vaccines. You know, we have all these parents that are now fighting this battle in the schools. Nobody wants to mask, you know, their kids. Well, let me not say that, but there’s obviously more than 50 percent of the country doesn’t want to mask their kids. And the science seems to back that up. But we’re hearing the opposite. We’re hearing the CDC saying, no, we are recommending masks for every single child in school. Where is the science on that? And I keep saying that. Where is the science on that? How are we going to allow Walinsky to step in front of the United States of America and said, I’m putting you back in masks without presenting any science whatsoever? I mean, we’ve just spent a year in masks. The virus is still here. It still seems to be running rampant in certain areas. Your vaccine’s a failure, and yet it’s all still here. So the lockdown clearly did not work. The math did not work, or we were supposed to be free of this thing by now. Well, it’s nice when every once in a while someone in mainstream media decides to ask the question. I’ve been asking on The HighWire for like months. Well, they asked it of former CDC director Robert Redfield. This is a fantastic moment. I want you to remember this all started when this guy was in charge of the CDC. He was looking at all the data and now he’s being asked, what data do you have after a year of this? How do we know that masks work? Should we be listening to the CDC? This is what the former head of the CDC had to say.

[00:14:26] Fox interviewer

When you look at what the CDC has recommended now, you know, they’re basically saying everybody should be masked, Right? And we talked about the fact that there has been no study that would that would back that up. So the question is, when you say you did some studies then, but you did them with dummies, where have they been for the past, you know, ever since then? What’s been going on for the past nine, 10 months? Why why don’t we have data rather than, as you say, just opinion that’s leading this push with our schools?

[00:14:54] Robert Redfield

I think it’s a fair criticism. A fair criticism. You heard the I think in The Wall Street Journal, they talked about forty two billion dollars of

NIH funding. Less than two percent was on covid. I mean, these are critical questions. Is routine screening twice a week in a school? Is that the real way to limit intra-school transmission? Is it wearing mask or not wearing mask? You know, I’m of the point of view that this has to be locally decided as opposed to a general mandate, particularly in the absence of data. But, you know, I’ve said before, I do believe that masks are better than having received a vaccine that didn’t work in you. But that’s not to say that I’m convinced that we can make the statements that the best way to protect kids in school is, as some has advocated, universal masking. I think maybe better ventilation, maybe better sanitation, maybe routine testing twice a week to identify a silent epidemic, maybe reinforcing in parents that they don’t send their kids to school if they’re sick and they don’t send them to school if they’re siblings are sick.

[00:15:54] Fox interviewer

So do you think the current CDC rule that all kids should wear masks, you’re saying that the current CDC is wrong on this issue?

[00:16:02] Robert Redfield

I’m saying that I haven’t been able to review data that supports that recommendation.

[00:16:08] Del BigTree

I have not reviewed data that supports that, and he even said, particularly in the absence of data, these are very difficult decisions to follow, I mean, in the absence of data. So there we are. You have the former head of the CDC, the saw all of last year’s information he’s watching. And I’m sure he gets a phone call once in a while and can ask some friends still on the inside. You want to give me some of that data? I mean, when he makes the statement, I still stand by my previous statement that the mask is certainly going to be better than the vaccine that didn’t work for you. I mean, it’s an amazing statement, isn’t it? I mean, better than the thing that’s doing anything at all. It’s supposed to be wrapped in toilet paper around your head. I would say that that works a little bit better, too. But at least he’s being honest. We cannot be making decisions based on a lack of data and a lack of science. But what we do have is quite a bit of science out there showing the dangers of masks, whether it’s the high CO2 levels or the collection of bacteria and viruses that are collecting around the face in a very moist space. All of those things are at play in these school meetings. Don’t you wish you could just bring in the former head of the CDC and stand him right next to you when you’re in these meetings to say, but don’t take my word for it, how about the former head of the CDC that, by the way, got us into the middle of this entire mess? That’s the world we live in. And as though, you know, I keep running circles around this desk, you know, screaming victory laps and talking about how the fact we told you so, I told you this was all going to happen. We knew this was the case. Somehow we’re living in this really weird, strange world where it just doesn’t seem to matter. But this week on this show, once again, we’re going to try and make it matter. And we’re definitely going to start to attempt to make it make sense, which is even harder than making it matter. But in order to do that, I got a huge show coming up. I’m going to be talking to Jeffrey Barke just very quickly. That’s in the middle of this practice right now. We’re trying to get the timing right so he can talk about the cases of children that are getting this new Delta variant. The headlines are talking about how, you know, children are going to die. More of them are getting infected. There’s terror. Our phones are ringing off the hook. Is this true? We’re going to talk to Dr. Jefferey Barke about that. And then a really special guest, someone that I’ve want to talk to you for a long, long time, Catherine Austin Fitts is joining us. You know, world renowned banking expert, she’s worked for our government, she has ideas on what this is all really about, which is the direction that I personally want to go in. If you’re watching The HighWire, I’m starting to really wonder, where is this all leading? Because obviously if it was about health. We would have cut all of these things, right now. We’re pushing forward anyway. It seems like they’re trying to control us. Control us to do what? I’m going to ask Catherine exactly that question. But first, it’s time for the Jaxen report.

[00:19:01] Del BigTree

Jefferey Jaxen, man, I swear we should be able to retire by now with all the things that we’ve proven to be right about in the world to just stop and say we got it wrong. You know, Jefferey Jaxen, Del Bigtree, The HighWire. They were right. We were wrong. We’re all just going to move on and get back to our lives the way they always were before. But unfortunately, I don’t think that’s what you’re going to report this week, is it?

[00:19:21] Jefferey Jaxen

Yeah, it doesn’t work that way. Science has been driven by questionable public health, has been driven by questionable science, and has obviously shown by those testimonies that those town halls and those school boards, it still is being driven by questionable science. People have questions. And we’ve entered a really interesting position now with with the scientific studies that are driving public health. And it’s called The World of Disclaimers. All right. That’s what I’m seeing at this point. So let’s let’s go back to last year. The Atlantic put out an article and it was titled Mask Up or Shut Up, kind of a catchy title. It called For Policing Speeching, saying if we could just get people to stop talking, this, this virus would be gone really quickly. So that sounded crazy. Obviously, we didn’t do that.

But take a look. We have the chief health officer of New South Wales, Australia, just last week. Listen to what she had to say:

[00:20:17] Dr. Kerry Chant, AUS

Whilst it is in human nature to engage in conversation with others, to be friendly. Unfortunately, this is not the time to do that. So even if you run into your next door neighbor in the shopping center in the Coles, Woolies or Aldi or any other grocery shop, don’t start off the conversation. Now is the time for minimizing your interactions with others. Even if you’ve got a mask. Do you not think that affords total protection. We want to be absolutely sure that as we go about our daily lives, we do not come into contact with anyone else that would pose a risk.

[00:20:59] Jefferey Jaxen Shut your mouth.

[00:21:02] Del BigTree

Oh, no, no. Incredible. So now we can’t speak. We can’t talk to each other. It wasn’t enough that we cover our faces and our smiles. You know, we just blink morse code at each other as we, like, sort of walk through the day. Absolutely. Is there any science behind this?

[00:21:21] Jefferey Jaxen

Well, we have to we have to wonder. There is a paper that came out last week, right around the time that the health officer Kerry Chant in Australia made that comment. We have to wonder if she’s going by this paper. This paper was called viral load of sars-cov-2 and respiratory aerosols emitted by covid-19 patients while breathing, talking and singing. And it says the conclusion of the paper fine aerosols produced by talking and singing contain more SARS-CoV-2 copies than coarse aerosols and may play a significant role in SARS-CoV-2 transmission. Exposure to fine aerosols, especially indoors, should be mitigated. Isolating viable SARS-CoV-2 from respiratory aerosol samples remains challenging, and whether this can be more easily accomplished for emerging sars-cov-2 variants is an urgent inquiry, necessitating larger scale studies. But now we go to the disclaimers. All right. At the bottom, there’s a couple issues with this paper that the authors point out, namely this: “most environmental SARS-CoV-2 sampling studies have been unable to mechanically retrieve and isolate viable virus from ambient air in the vicinity of covid-19 patients”. Sounds like a problem, “Hence, the infectious proportion of virus admitted from patient exploration remains unclear. In our study, the inability to isolate viable virus from respiratory aerosol samples collected directly from patients (not from their environment) is likely related to the low viral load in our samples compared to those generally found in cultural clinical samples”. So they can culture them, but they can’t find them in the aerosols, viable viruses. That’s kind of a problem and that’s really the whole purpose the study set out to find. And they’re saying at the bottom that we really couldn’t do that.

[00:22:59] Del BigTree

I mean, it’s absolutely incredible. The headline, as is being read by a health minister, who I hope goes down in history for just being an absolute sucker, because the headline basically is Don’t speak, don’t sing, don’t shout, don’t talk, don’t do anything, because that would be, you know, spreading finer aerosol particles. But when it comes to the scientific method, which is being able to prove ourselves or recreate this event, they’re telling you right there, even when we set out to do it, we couldn’t capture viral particles in aerosols. We haven’t figured out, we don’t have the technology. So this entire thing is complete and total speculation that even when they tried to prove it, they couldn’t prove it at all with the techniques they used?

[00:23:40] Jefferey Jaxen

Right, the viral virus couldn’t be isolated. And that’s a very interesting point. Now, again, these these science policies by public health officials are being driven by these questionable science studies. And that’s not just Australia. It’s here in the U.S. and the CDC this week we have watched these headlines that look just like this- “CDC says people who’ve had covid should get shot or risk reinfection”. Now we’re being told to get the shot, even if you’ve had covid. And what are they talking about? The CDC is basing their biggest foot forward as everything is happening, the Delta variant is raging and the vaccine is not really working that well. As as Walinsky said, they put their best foot forward on this study. This is what it was. It’s a Kentucky study, “Reduced Risk of Reinfection with SARS-CoV-2 After COVID-19 Vaccination- Kentucky, May – June 2021. The study involved two hundred and forty six people. And basically, it said being unvaccinated was associated with two times the odds of reinfection compared with those being fully vaccinated. So let’s look at some of the disclaimers in this study. OK, so the first disclaimer..

[00:24:51] Del BigTree

Before we get to the disclaimer, let’s take that down for a second, because let me make sure that we’re all on the same page here, all this science as we know it, since the dawn of man and every virologist that ever took a college class on this knows that no vaccine has ever been as effective as natural infection, not measles, not pertussis, not you name it, smallpox, even whatever it is, vaccines may do varying degrees of stopping infection or stopping transmission. But they wane, things that we know, measles. People can catch measles after they’ve had the vaccine because it wanes after 20, 30 years, whereas you have lifelong immunity when you’ve been naturally infected. So what we’re talking about is, we are talking about an absolute sea change, a virus that has done something that no virus has ever done before, and a vaccine that is better than any vaccine that has ever come before it. Just forget about the fact that every day on the news they’re telling us how bad this vaccine is failing. It is failing at stopping infection is failing at stopping transmission. It appears to be failing in Israel at keeping you out of the hospital, but the one thing that is it does is it protects you better than the actual infection ever has and ever will. I mean, so this better be one hell of a study because it’s not just one study about covid-19. It is a study that is going to reverse the science as we know it over the last hundred or so years. Is that right? I mean, that’s what this study does

[00:26:13] Jefferey Jaxen

In a big nutshell. That’s right. And they based it on two hundred and forty six people. It’s better,

[00:26:19] Del BigTree

I would hope that this thing’s rock solid at the CDC is going to quote it and change science as we know it. So let’s hear that. Right.

[00:26:25] Jefferey Jaxen

Well, there’s a couple of disclaimers, so let’s go through them. And they say here “first, reinfection was not confirmed through whole genome sequencing, which would be necessary to definitively prove that the reinfection was caused from a distinct virus relative to the first infection” Oops, “Although in some cases the repeat positive test could be indicative of prolonged viral shedding or failure to clear the initial viral infection…” So right there, we have a big problem. Now, that’s one. Let’s go, continue.

[00:26:56] Del BigTree

Well, let’s let’s let’s talk about a perspective for people that are new to The HighWire, because we geek out on this stuff. So what they’re saying essentially is that we did not do the proper test that any decent scientist would do, so that we could unequivocally prove that both when they had the initial infection, that we did the proper testing, genomic sequencing to make sure that that truly was a true positive, not just some PCR anomaly that ran forty five cycles, which could make anybody look like they’re testing positive that we both did at that point, that we did genomic sequencing. And then when these people caught it again, we did genomic sequencing to prove that that truly was a new infection. We didn’t do that. It says very clearly, which would be what would be necessary to say that you have proven this point. We didn’t do that. And then they point out what one of the errors would be, which is forget about the fact that the original infection by a PCR may not have been an infection at all, but simply catching some fragments is something that looked like the infection or the virus, but wasn’t the full viral load. We all talked ad-nauseam about how inaccurate PCR tests are, but they even mentioned if that was accurate, if that first infection was accurate, there’s a chance that there’s viruses that hung around, that the body didn’t fully clear that virus, and so that all we were doing in the second infection was detecting what was already there the whole time to begin with and had never been cleared. Those are major, major problems. And I just want before we even go on to a single other disclaimer, I want you to imagine if anybody in this world did a study like this that proved that natural infection is better than getting the vaccine. If we said, well, we didn’t actually do proper genomic sequencing, we use an assumption that the PCR test and the original infection was was correct. And the PCR test we did in the second infection was correct. And by all of that terrible science, we’ve determined that for sure natural infection is better than vaccine infection. Fauci you would be going absolutely out of his mind right now on the news. They would be going crazy because we’re not allowed to do crappy science like that, but they are, but you’re about to tell me it gets worse. So that’s not the only disclaimer, right?

[00:29:05] Jefferey Jaxen

As you pointed out, prolonged viral shedding or a failure to clear the initial viral infection. This is this could be long covid. This is what we’re hearing about long where people have these waves of these symptoms are coming back and forth. So not something that’s really out of the sphere of science here. But let’s go on to the next disclaimer. The next disclaimer is, second, persons who have been vaccinated are possibly less likely to get tested. Therefore, the association of reinfection and lack of vaccination might be overestimated. Now, this is a very important point because let’s go back in history really quickly. Why would people vaccinate, I mean, besides the obvious, be less likely to be tested? Well, you know, a lot of people that get vaccinated, they’re not going to be getting tested if they get him into the hospital or something like that, or maybe they’re in France, they’ll get the vaccine passport kind of situation. But let’s go back to a headline, May in May of 2021 and what happened in May of 2021? The CDC is limiting reviews of reported breakthrough covid infections to severe cases. The CDC on May 1st stopped counting breakthrough infection cases unless it was a hospitalization or a death. So if you’re vaccinated and you see that headline and the CDC is not counting breakthrough cases, I’m not getting tested anymore if I’m vaccinated. And it just so happens this this test, this test out of Kentucky that the CDC is relying on, that we’re talking about with the disclaimers started on the exact day, May 1st that CDC stopped counting breakthrough cases. So make of that what you will. But that’s a heck of a coincidence.

[00:30:36] Del BigTree

So you’re telling me. So the CDC says and we talked about this, right? We talked about how absolutely outrageous an entire pandemic that was built on the test-demic we would say built on this PCR test. The moment that the vaccine starts releasing, they say, you know what, we’re having so many breakthrough cases. This looks terrible. So they made this announcement. I remember we talked about it saying we are going to stop testing people and just look at the NFL. Right. Let’s look at the NFL right now as sort of a microcosm for this in the NFL. You are, they are only testing you every three days or something like that or once a week, if you’re in the unvaccinated category. Nobody vaccinated has to be tested, only the unvaccinated. So the nature of that would be if you have infections, it’s only going to be spotted by those unvaccinated, whether they have symptoms or not. They’re being subjected to testing all the time. Where as the vaccinated are running free. And so under those circumstances, as this study very well points out, obviously there’s a chance it may look like more unvaccinated people were tested and more of those that got reinfected were there than the vaccinated group because we simply aren’t testing them. But unbelievable that on the very day they were going to stop testing, they start a study that will be requiring testing to be accurate. I mean, that’s amazing to me.

[00:31:51] Jefferey Jaxen

A very interesting point. And now we have another disclaimer. There’s five total, but there’s only there’s three that are just really a home run home runs. The other two people can read is kind of in the weeds. But the final one here, it says “this is a retrospective study design using data from a single state during a two month period. Therefore, these findings cannot be used to infer causation”. So it wasn’t like people enrolled for this study and said, I’m really interested about reinfection here and the control group was this protected group and there was no confounders, no bias, nothing like that. These are researchers that went back, they chose the control group. They picked, they chose. And it appears that that they they may have made this look a little better than it actually was. So that’s so it says infer causation is not meant to infer, infer causation. But every headline is running with the fact that this thing is gospel truth from the CDC. So this is what we’re dealing with.

[00:32:46] Del BigTree

The very thing the study said, there is too few people. We didn’t do proper safety studies. It was very small. We started on the day when everybody stopped actually testing those that were vaccinated. And because of that, you know, take it as you will. And so the CDC is going to run with it, right? They need to use fear. They need to get to that 50 percent of people that are still in that unvaccinated category tell you you’re at risk. This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated and now we can prove it with the world’s crappiest study. Everybody keep watching Fox, because if you do, you are living in a cartoon world that has nothing to do with the reality that is actually happening on the ground in science.

[00:33:27] Jefferey Jaxen

This two month Kentucky study out of the CDC grabbed all the headlines. But what’s interesting is just a little over a month ago, there was another study that grabbed no headlines, really, except this one. And then it was buried and then it went away. “Study Finds COVID-19 Reinfection Rate Less than 1% for Those with Severe Illness. This is one of the largest studies of its kind, out the University of Missouri School of Medicine. It looked at 62 U.S. health care facilities, not just one state for two months, 62 U.S. health care facilities.

[00:33:55] Del BigTree

That felt like 9000 people there, right? Yeah, over. Larger. OK.

[00:34:00] Jefferey Jaxen

Right over 9100 people and in that, less than 1%, so 63 people out of over 9100 people had reinfection. Out of those 63 people, only 2 died. And there is a high comorbidity rate in these people they were studying as well. So make of that what you will, but that’s that’s what the science is showing us. But we’re really talking about here, when you break it all down, you read between the lines, natural immunity, something that is becoming a really bad word in today’s in today’s media. So let’s look at some of just the recent studies. We go over these studies. It seems like every show as they’re coming out. So just the recent studies over this past month, this is one of them right here: “Antibody responses following SARS-CoV-2 infection more potent than vaccine-elicited ones”. So what this is we’ll go right to this study. Antibody evolution after SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccination. That’s the name of the study there if you want to look that up. And they recruited volunteers with no history of prior SARS-CoV-2 infection and they vaccinated them, and this is what they said: “we conclude that memory antibody selected over time by natural infection have greater potency and breadth than antibodies elicited by vaccination”. So they’re saying the boosters will produce more neutralizing antibody activity. Sure, for a little bit of time. But it’s not going to help with too much with the variants because it’s not giving you that that potency in that breath for the variants. But now, this is the study I was really excited to show you. This study is about what’s called super immunity. So we’re not just dealing with natural immunity, we’re dealing with super immunity. And here’s the headline for that one. Scientists identify natural sars-cov-2 super immunity against 23 variants. The study title is “Ultrapotent” There’s another word, “antibodies against diverse and highly transmissible SARS-CoV-2 variants” and in there, they said the researchers, “We identified four receptor binding domain targeting antibodies from three early outbreak convalescent donors with potent neutralizing antibody activity against 23 variants, including” all of those letters and numbers there, and that last one “B.1.617”. Yeah, yes. That’s the delta. That’s the delta. But what’s really interesting about this study is we’ll go to this next quote, “and [the researchers] show that combinations of two antibodies decrease the in vitro [that’s in a test tube] generation of escape mutants suggesting their potential in mitigating resistance development.” Which we’re dealing with now with Delta, they’re saying natural immunity can possibly stop escape mutants,

[00:36:37] Del BigTree

Which is the exact opposite of what the media is trying to say. And it’s what I warned everybody about over the last year. When this vaccine starts failing and we start seeing these sort of mutant escape variants, Delta, Lambda, Theta, whatever the next one is coming, all of which we were warned by by Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche out of Belgium, a huge show we did about that. And he said we are going to create escape mutants by vaccinating in the middle of a pandemic. This will be of diabolical proportions. I mean, the guy was almost in tears as he urged the world to stop using these vaccines. And now we have proof that the naturally infected are not the ones causing variants, that they had the antibodies, at least in these test tube studies that are going to stop the development of mutant escape. Whereas the vaccine clearly, this is known science, this is what Vanden Bossche was saying about the known science, we know this to be true. We know the vaccines are causing mutants and then to think that these variants are going to be blamed on the anti-vaxxers, and frankly, I’ve been warning I think the virus in the future are going to really start attacking those that are vaccinated when we look at Israel and other nations that are a little bit more vaccinated than we are. But I want to take a moment really quickly, Jefferey, because I did get a call from several friends this week that, you know, because obviously we are strongly in favor of natural infection. I’ve said things like go out and catch that cold and it’s made headlines all over the nation in every newspaper that I’m spreading misinformation and getting people killed, but I still stand by that. And by the way, I want to say Jefferey with any virus like this, when we look at the fact that it may be getting more infectious or they dare to say that it’s getting more deadly, I’d like to say you would have wished you caught last year’s version, then some future version that may be more deadly because you get this robust protection. But I want I said this to a friend, and I think people really need to understand this. I did the football analogy. But let me just put it this way. When you have natural infection everybody, imagine this whole virus. There’s twenty nine proteins sticking out on the edge of that virus. Twenty nine of them. The whole picture is there. So when you catch that, naturally, your body doesn’t just create antibodies for that one spike protein wiggling in the wind there. But for all the other twenty eight proteins and every part of that virus, you have an immunity to all of it. When you’re vaccinated with a spike protein, you are only one little hair sitting on that virus. That is the, the only thing that your body recognizes as what it needs to attack, and that’s why when the Delta variant is saying there’s this one little hair, that little S-protein, that spike protein, it just you know, it manipulated itself enough to not be seen by this vaccine. I mean, look how weak this vaccine is. That one little hair just needs to change a little bit so that it blows in the wind a little bit differently and now your body can’t recognize it. But do you think, my friend, that was like I’m afraid of getting it again. Your body, forget it. There’s this one little protein could grow eyes and wings. It would it matter because your body sees all the other twenty eight proteins and is going to attack them, and I have news for you, they’re not all mutating. And even if they did, there’s so much of this thing your body recognizes, there’s no way you can catch it again, or at least in these rare cases where they probably have severe autoimmune issues that aren’t working correctly, that lands that less than one percent. Remember, 54% of us have autoimmune disease in America, less than one percent are actually having this reinfection issue. So please, everybody out there has been naturally affected, do not go and destroy your natural immunity by getting this vaccine and then taking what was a robust, you know, recognition of the entire virus and every protein, to reduce it down to one little flapping hair in the wind. That’s what that vaccine is focused on, and that’s why it’s failing in this country and around the world. I hope that makes sense to everybody. Please, if your doctor tells you you’re better off getting the vaccine after you have already had the natural infection, I hope you will walk out of that office and say you are an absolute moron. You have no standing of science, and therefore I will never trust you again. All right. After that little diatribe, let’s get on with it.

[00:40:42] Jefferey Jaxen

Yeah, and what you’re really saying is with that scientific study we just covered said about potency and breadth of natural immunity over the vaccination. So for this final segment here, let’s go back just a couple of weeks. Many were stunned to see the CDC director, Rochelle Walensky, say this. Take a look. All right.

[00:41:00] Rochelle Walensky

Here’s the new science that we saw just in the last several days. With prior variants, when people had these rare breakthrough infections, we didn’t see the capacity of them to spread the virus to others. But with a Delta variant, we now see in our outbreak investigations that have been occurring over the last couple of weeks in those outbreak investigations, we have been seeing that if you happen to have one of those breakthrough infections, that you can actually now pass it to somebody else. We thought that was really important for people to know and understand, because when people are out there vaccinated thinking that even if they get mild illness, they can’t give it to someone else. If they’re then going to a loved one, who’s immunocompromised, who isn’t yet vaccinated or couldn’t be vaccinated, we wanted them to take the protection to protect others. So that was the new science that prompted the guidance. And, you know, it was not, it was it weighed heavily, I know that this is not a message America wants to hear.

[00:41:58] CNN interviewer

The reason I was asking is because just yesterday you also put out the CDC did a new science brief which contained this sentence; “These findings, along with the early evidence for reduced viral load in vaccinated people who develop covid-19, suggests that any associated transmission risk is likely to be substantially reduced in vaccinated people.” So even though that brief came out just yesterday, you’re saying that’s no longer operative?

[00:42:23] Rochelle Walensky

Yeah, we are, you know this, as I said, the science that prompted this guidance is just days old and in the coming days you will actually see the published information on the science that motivated this change.

[00:42:35] Del BigTree

All right, amazing, a twenty four hour flip flop, as pointed out there, I want to make clear to people that are watching this news piece, because I come from CBS television. I worked on The Doctors television show. You may think what you’re watching there, are like actual questions by a reporter of the head of the CDC. I have news for you, if you’re bringing the CDC to a mainstream network like CNN, this has all been scripted. [muted] just reached out to you and said, we want to use you as the platform that’s going to announce this new discovery of ours, in this case, the failure of this vaccine, and so here’s how this is going to work: you’re going to ask me this question. I’m going to give the answer that makes it sound like it was all really good. Then you’re going to out me. It’s going to be really uncomfortable going about me and read what we had released yesterday that it was wrong so that I can now fix it and get the right information out there. So if you think that somehow she’s being grilled, you don’t grill the head of the CDC and get them on CNN over and over again. There’s a deal that’s made, I worked for CBS. So I’m telling you, you must recognize that the reporter and the head of the CDC are all a part of a script here, a really bad script and an unfortunate script that says that we got it wrong. Our new science now shows us that what we put out twenty four hours ago is almost absolutely and completely incorrect. As it turns out, when we told you you should get the vaccine to protect others, you’re not going to be protecting others. So I just want to make that clear. So so what is it about this thing? I mean, last week we were in all that these statements were being made. But what’s so shocking about it,

[00:44:00] Jefferey Jaxen

What was shocking was as the issue is skyrocketing, as this Delta variant was just racing, racing through transmissibility and racing through really the vaccine, the CDC stopped counting, as we mentioned above. And Bloomberg did a great piece on this. Everyone should really read this because they go back and they do some actual investigative journalism: “CDC Scaled Back Hunt for Breakthrough Cases just as a Delta variant grew”. And it says here “the U.S. agency leading the fight against covid-19 gave up a crucial surveillance tool, tracking the effectiveness of vaccines just as troublesome new a troublesome new variant [that’s the delta] of the virus was emerging.” Bloomberg’s too nice here, they said, gave up, scaled back. They just stopped counting. It goes on to say, at the time, the agency had identified only 10,262 cases across the U.S. where a very fully vaccinated person had tested positive for covid. But then it goes on to say, “while the CDC has stopped tracking such cases, many states have not. Bloomberg gathered data from 35 states and identified 111,748 vaccine breakthrough cases to the end of July, more than 10 times the CDC’s end of April tally”. And that’s only 35 states. So this is what we’re looking at here. They dropped the ball and this thing was racing as they were blind because..

[00:45:11] Del BigTree

They more than dropped the ball. They took the ball, they wrapped it in a box, they put it inside of a pillow. Then they put a bigger box around it. They stuck to the car and they sunk it to the bottom of the ocean so that we would never see the data, and they thought they were going to get away with it. That is what Bloomberg is pointing out here. At the moment where your vaccine was beginning to fail, that had to be known by any decent scientist in the world. In fact, I think my 12 year old son, Ever would say, that’s really stupid, Dad, wouldn’t you want to collect the data if you want to make sure that this thing is protecting anybody? They wanted to hide it from the public and they got burned. This Delta, even if I mean- and frankly, I’m beginning to question if the Delta exists, is this is really even a different variant and just a complete and total failure against the original sars-cov-2? I mean, we really won’t know because what we are now learning is that these people lie, they obfuscate, they bury, they do everything they can to keep from telling the truth. And luckily, every once in a while, well, every single week on The HighWire, we deliver it to you. But it’s nice to see Bloomberg step up once in a while and do an investigation. This is shocking and deplorable. And frankly, everybody at the CDC and NIH should be fired right now based on this discovery,

[00:46:18] Jefferey Jaxen

As a CDC, as a CDC the U.S. is lagging outside the United States. They’re getting the picture and this is what it looks like. Let’s look at Professor Sir Andrew Pollard. He’s a professor of pediatric infection immunity at University of Oxford. He’s also the director of the Oxford Vaccine Group. And he’s in the media saying this, quote, “Delta variant ‘has ruined hopes of herd immunity’, experts say”. And he says “The Delta variant of coronavirus has rendered any chance of obtaining herd immunity ‘impossible’, the head of the Oxford Vaccine Group has said. Professor Sir Andrew Pollard referred to the idea as ‘mythical'”. Then he went on to say, quote, “we don’t have anything that will stop transmission. So I think we are in a situation here with this current variant where herd immunity is not a possibility because it still infects vaccinated individuals.” And this is exactly what we’re hearing out of Israel, the world’s previously celebrated most vaccinated country in the world. With the Pfizer vaccine, they’re having problems. This is what a doctor on the ground is saying. Listen to this.

[00:47:21] Israeli News interviewer

Hello to Dr. Kobi Haviv, the director of the Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem. Hi Sivan, I understand that most of the patience are vaccinated, even “severe” patients.

[00:47:22] Dr. Kobi Haviv, Israel

Exactly, naturally occuring. Old people, most of them are vaccinated. Most of the population is vaccinted, and 90%…85-90% of the hospitalizations here are “Fully vaccinated” people. Yes, unfortunately, the vaccine…as they say, its effectiveness is waning. Outbreaks in hospitals, one patient infects a large number of people, it is not just here and there. As we mentioned earlier, the effectiveness of the vaccine is really fading.

[00:48:04] Del BigTree

Wow, I think it was just, to see we’re reporting 70 percent of hospitalizations and now, as he’s saying, 90, 95 percent of hospitalizations, serious illnesses could be vaccinated.

[00:48:16] Jefferey Jaxen

Yeah, yeah, and so where do we go from here and this is where we’re looking at Iceland, again, looking at some of the headlines, Iceland’s chief epidemiologist is saying something a little different as well. So he says here, “Herd immunity must be achieved by transmitting the virus”. Now, Iceland. 96% percent of females, 90% of males or received at least a dose, 71% of the entire country is vaccinated, and here’s the quote from from this chief epidemiologist. His name is “Porolfur Guonason, this is a translated article set in Sprengisandur in Bylgjan this morning that it is disappointing that herd immunity has not been achieved with vaccination. He says that only one other way is able to achieve herd immunity to allow the virus to spread throughout the community”. He says, quote, “‘We really cannot do anything else’, says Porolfur when asked whether the nation of 70 or 80 percent must be allowed to become infected to achieve herd immunity”. Shocking and is something we’ve we’ve heard before. We’ve been talking about this before. This is exactly what people like the Great Barrington Declaration talked about, as far as the herd immunity, but what’s interesting is back in the United States, our public health officials don’t seem to be getting the message, they’re not sticking to the new science, take a look at everybody’s favorite public health official saying this.

[00:49:40] Anthony Fauci

I’ve said it several times on your show that you’re not going to see a federally, from the federal government, mandating vaccines for the country. But I’m almost certain in fact, I am certain that as soon as the FDA fully approves the vaccines that are now under emergency use authorization

[00:50:01] NBC interviewer

Sorry to interrupt, when is that?

[00:50:02] Anthony Fauci

You know, Chuck, no one wants to get ahead of the FDA because they’re an independent group that makes their their decisions. And that’s good in many respects because they will never be any concern that we’re influencing them. But I hope I hope I don’t predict, but I hope that it will be within the next few weeks. I hope it’s within the month of August. If that’s the case, you’re going to see the empowerment of local enterprises giving mandates that could be colleges, universities, places of business, a whole variety. And I strongly support that. The time has come is we’ve got to go the extra step to get people vaccinated. You want to persuade them? That’s good. And I believe that some people on their own, once it gets approved as a full approval, we’ll go ahead and get vaccinated. But for those who do not want, I believe mandates at the local level need to be done.

[00:50:58] Del BigTree

Wow, I mean, it’s like I mean, do I you know, we have like the stupidest medical leader on Earth and I think as we continue to listen to them, does that make us the stupidest nation on earth? Absolutely incredible. In the face of a vaccine that is failing at catastrophic levels around the world, he can’t seem to move fast enough to encourage people to force this. And we’re seeing it, right? We’re seeing California now talking about I think it’s the Los Angeles County, maybe even getting into restaurants and possibly grocery stores. France, you know, New York, absolutely unbelievable Jefferey, you know, defying the actual science and then calling themselves ‘the science’. I mean, the man who actually said I am the science, essentially, if you question me, you question science. While I have news for you, Tony Fauci, we are questioning you. And if you do things like we don’t want to have any idea that maybe we’re influencing the FDA, but I hope that it comes in August. I’m hoping it’ll be here by the end of August. And I’m hoping that we’ll be able to force this on innocent students that don’t need it. And by the way, I’m sure that that lack of influence is the same way he’s talking to the FDA. I hope you’re going to have it by the end of August. I’m hoping to have it at the end of August because, by the way, I have the four billion dollars that funds you, so you better- let me take better out of it-I’m hoping I’m strongly hoping that you will have this by August. All right, Tony. Sure. You’re not involved in this process whatsoever.

[00:52:23] Jefferey Jaxen

Things are moving really fast these next couple of weeks are going to determine a lot of how we move forward in this country and I really hope it’s on the right foot.

[00:52:30] Del BigTree

Me too, Jefferey. Hopefully the world is listening to you and these great reports keep up the great work. Thank you. And I’ll see you next week. All right. Well, we have the Jaxen report online at our website, thehighwire.com, if you want to get these issues, he writes these great articles and gets in much more detail. So check out the Jaxen report at thehighwire.com. Coming up in just a move in a moment. We have a bombshell. As you know, we released about three thousand pages of Tony Fauci’s emails. Well, we just got one in REDACTED. I’ll tell you, we got the redaction removed. I’m going to tell you how we got it removed and what we’re working on and what it actually said. But first, I want to talk about this fear that really is starting to grip this nation from the same people that we’ve just proved over the last fifty three minutes that are lying to you, the CDC and the NIH. And they just can’t get enough of a single cherry picked, bad studies, garbage picking, as we call it, to try and scare you. One of the things they’re trying to scare you with is your children. We’re hearing so many headlines are coming out and saying things like this. “Delta is bad news for kids”, more children are falling ill because more are being infected. “The Delta Variant Is Sending More Children to the Hospital. Are They Sicker, Too?” And

“Is Delta Also More Severe in Kids?” All this fear mongering about our children has got our phones ringing off the hook.

[00:53:55] Del BigTree

Obviously, everyone’s worried about their kids. You know, what am I going to do? I’ve even heard that in some of the school board meetings here in Texas. There are people that want to already build a memorial at the school for those children that are going to be killed by Delta and I’m not making that up. One of our insiders back there in the booth was at a school meeting where that was actually the conversation. That’s how absolutely panicked and ravaged by fear people are over the delta variant and kids. I’ve been calling doctors and friends all around the country to see if they can back this up, and one of them who we love to talk to, he was actually was just on a couple of weeks ago. But one of our favorite doctors in the world, Jefferey Barke, is joining me from California right now. Dr. Barke, we know, we are just grabbing you in the middle of work there, but you’re the perfect person to talk to about the Delta variant and the fear of kids. Not only are you a doctor, you also have work. You run a private school, you’re deeply involved with education of children. So lay it on me. Are these headlines for real? Do we need to worry about a massacre of our children by the Delta variant?

[00:55:03] Jeffrey Barke

Del, great to be with you. What the headlines should say is automobiles and swimming pools are bad for children. The reality is, if you look at the CDC’s own data, the number of kids throughout covid-19 that has died has been a very small number, just just shy of 350 or so. And if you compare that to the number of deaths from seasonal influenza, traffic accidents, drownings, etc., it’s not even close. So did to gin up fear over the Delta variant just makes no sense. The statistics don’t bear that out. Parents have no need to be fearful of the Delta variant. Of course, some kids will get sick. I’m dealing with two kids that are ill right now, with the Delta variant, with covid-19. They’ve got mild cold symptoms. They’re already recovering after a couple of days and they’re doing just fine and the vast majority of kids will be just fine. The rare kid may get sick and need some sort of intervention, but most kids do find there’s no reason to fear this. Listen, I would be more fearful of the mask mandates when you go back to school than I would of the Delta variant. Masks, we know cause direct harm to children, both physically and psychologically. The Delta variant, eh sure, it’s a little bit more contagious, but it’s not more deadly. Kids continue to do well with the Delta variant, as they did with every other variant. So parents, put your fears aside, take a deep breath. It’s going to be OK and keep things in perspective. There are far more important things to worry about than the Delta variant. I would worry about the masks. I would worry about the curriculum that’s going on in the schools, and of course, all the other things that our crazy kids get involved with over the summer.

[00:56:54] Del BigTree

Right. So would you say, though, to just sort of do a litmus test in your practice and what you’re seeing around you? Are there would you say there are more infections? I heard you say that it does appear that delta is a little bit more infectious and and we’ve got to watch that word right. Because the common cold tends to be very infectious because we only have sniffles, but we’ve never worried about it before. It may be more infectious than cancer, but, you know, that doesn’t mean it’s more deadly. It just means more people maybe get the sniffles and things like that, but just to be totally accurate, would you say we are seeing an uptick in the children that are sort of being infected by Delta variant versus or whatever came before it?

[00:57:34] Jeffrey Barke

Well, remember, Del, the largest cohort of unvaccinated people are young people. And if you are less than 12, the vaccine isn’t even available to you. So, of course, when you have such a large group of people that are unvaccinated, they’re going to be more likely to come in contact with this virus. And so is there an uptick? Yeah, I would say there’s a little bit of an uptick, certainly with kids getting Delta, but they’re not being harmed more than they were previously. They do just fine. Many of them don’t even have symptoms or they have mild cold symptoms. And by the way, you’re talking about infection with the Delta variant, nobody tests as to which covid virus this is unless the lab sends it off for a genetic analysis. There isn’t a standard PCR antigen test that differentiates covid 19 Delta from any other variant, although the epidemiologists tell us that the majority of the infections now are the Delta variant. The reality is the original covid virus really no longer exists as this thing mutates and changes its genetic structure as a result of this vaccine mass attempt during the middle of a pandemic that stimulating these variants. So it’s probably Delta, Lambda will be next. Soon we’ll move on to the Hebrew alphabet or whatever else they have in mind. And you can bet the media will continue to scare us, push vaccines, push close downs and push masks, time for parent parents to relax. Their kids are going to be fine. I would suggest that they not send their kids to a school that mandates masks, that’s really the only way you’re going to change that policy and get their attention. And then, of course, in California, let’s get rid of this governor and put somebody else in place that understands the meaning of liberty and freedom.

[00:59:24] Del BigTree

Amen. All right. So ultimately, it appears that a lot of science is moving towards herd immunity. The children are always really the best place to achieve herd immunity in the schools, especially when they’re having such a mild illness. So, as you know, I’ve been saying essentially, if you’re not already immune either because you have some cross reactive immunity from a cold and you had last year, maybe you’ve already caught it. But for those that haven’t, right, that remaining group that we really did mask and lock down and kept from having contact with the virus, which is the opposite of what many of the doctors, the Great Barrington Declaration said, we should have had phonon of that. So as we prepare our children who maybe haven’t had COVID and recognize that it’s just a matter of all of us, what do you recommend that we do to prepare for that?

[01:00:11] Jeffrey Barke

There’s really nothing we need to do other than take really good care of yourself, make sure your vitamin D levels in the upper end of normal, if you’re overweight, lose weight, eat clean, take some supplements, keep your stress down. If you’re in a high risk group, there are wonderful prophylactic medication protocols with ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, et cetera. They work well. The the protocols are always being updated based on the data on the street, if you will. So connect with the doctor that knows what they’re doing that can help both keep you safe. And if you do come down with covid, it’s really important that you’re treated early with the mildest symptoms. That’s when treatment works best. Don’t wait until you’re miserable and you end up at the hospital. We now have availability, by the way. It’s very accessible, outpatient I.V. monoclonal antibodies such as Regeneron. There’s even a protocol now where you don’t need an IV. It’s given subcutaneous. We’re better and better at treating covid-19 as an outpatient and even inpatient. By the way, hospital stays, if you do end up in the hospital, are usually very short. So people are doing fine. Is there an uptick? Sure. The Delta variant is going around, but there’s no reason to reinstate the failed policies that we tried before with locking down businesses, masking everybody and their mother. We know that doesn’t work. And then mandating, which is what’s happening now, mandating vaccines for businesses and hospital employees and so forth. I’m getting multiple calls from my local hospital. Nurses, physicians, pharmacists called me yesterday that are healthy and don’t want to get the vaccine and they’re being forced to get the vaccine. So I’m hoping some of these lawsuits that are being filed by your organization, by Children’s Health Defense, the Orange County Board of Education, recently sued the governor. I hope some of these finally go through and maybe work their way up to the Supreme Court so we can end these liberty, defeating, anti-constitutional mandates that are just crazy, the Soviet Union like in their style, and they’re basically doing what they’re doing right now in China and it’s out of control and just tyrannical at every level.

[01:02:25] Del BigTree

Absolutely. I couldn’t agree more. Jeffrey, thank you for taking the time to sort of give us some clarity and to sort of, you know, just calm people down about the Delta variant. Your kids are going to be just fine. You happen to be mirroring what I’m hearing from, you know, dozens and dozens of doctors on the front lines that I’ve talked to all over the country. So it’s no different in California. It’s not different here in Texas. Thank you for that clarity. And we’ll talk to you soon. Take care.

[01:02:49] Jeffrey Barke

Thank you. Great to be with you.

[01:02:50] Del BigTree

All right, great. Well, as Jeffrey just talked about, its lawsuits is a big part of what’s going to make a difference. And, you know, when you watch The HighWire, it’s not just like every other experience you have from news agencies where you just sit there, they blab at you, and then you sit there, you can either take their word for it or not. But that’s the entire reaction or experience of watching the news. We’re a little bit different because you are our sponsors you get to take credit for some of the things that we do and not just our reporting, not just all that list of information you get in your hands on Monday because you signed up to our newsletter, but you actually get to sit back. We win lawsuits and say, you know what, I had something to do with that. I would not have been possible had I not been donating to the Informed Consent Action Network, which the parent company of thehighwire.com. Well, every once in a while, somebody takes notice that isn’t watching the show every day and isn’t receiving our newsletter. But it gives you a sense of what we are achieving, even though we’re not bragging about it. Twenty four hours a day. This is constitutional attorney, doctor. I mean, Robert Barnes, who has appeared on virtually every news channel in the world. He knows what he’s talking about when it comes to law. And he made a little unsolicited mention that we happen to catch, referring to in a lawsuit by ICAN, Informed Consent Action Network. Take a look at this.

[01:04:09] Robert Barnes

Speaking of lawsuits involving medical issues, there was a good lawsuit brought by an organization, the Informed Consent Action Network. I think it’s what it’s called ICAN, the against the the government, because the government was hiding a range of information about the studies concerning the safety and efficacy of the current covid vaccines. The suit did not concern whether they were actually safe or effective, it just concerned FOIA information that someone is entitled to under the Freedom of Information Act, to know what the studies actually showed. And rather rather interestingly or peculiarly, the government didn’t want to release a whole bunch of information about that they had from those studies. And it they lost in court. They didn’t lose across the board, but they lost on a bunch of key issues. And, you know, maybe it’s a coincidence, maybe it’s not. But once it hit, that precedent had been established not long after all of a sudden the CDC started talking about some other recent studies that raised questions that have us in our current political predicament of what to do with the new mask mandate discussions, new lockdown discussions and of the rest. But it’s probably a product that that transparency is probably a product of that FOIA suit. So it was a very FOIA suit in a very important context where people should have the most information possible. And the government was trying to hide it and they were forced to disclose it. And that that was, it was a critical case, sort of under the radar case, but a very important the government was paying very close attention to it. Some of us paying attention to these issues. We’re monitoring it. And it was a very important judicial ruling because the court said there’s an absolute public interest in this information, particular information that goes to safety and efficacy of a of a government produced in part product medical product that large numbers of people are going to be taking. [01:06:09] Del BigTree

You know, it’s really I think it’s great to see outside entities that don’t really, I’ve never really spoken to Robert Barnes, although it does make me interested in having him on the show. I have seen a lot of interesting things that he’s been reporting and obviously we’ll try to get him on the show. But it just gives you a sense of what we are actually doing. And he’s right. What you don’t understand is sometimes these lawsuits that we are launching on a constant basis with our legal team against the FDA or against the CDC, it looks like just a meaningless case. But as he said, it’s setting precedent that is shining light and forcing these regulatory agencies to stop hiding things. One of the goals of the Informed Consent Action Network is to create transparency. Just as we’re trying to create transparency and news with The HighWire, we believe that people have the right to know what is actually going on, what is actually the truth about the studies, what is actually the truth about the trials. And we believe that you need to know actually what’s being said in emails, say, from Tony Fauci to Peter Daszak and others like that. Of course, you know, we had the entire document dump that took place just over a month ago. Three thousand documents here it was, “ICAN obtains and releases nearly 3,000 Fauci Emails From The Beginning of the Pandemic; Twitter Account suspended.

[01:07:27] Del BigTree

We were actually that that headline pointed out we were suspended from Twitter for announcing that we were going to show the world three thousand documents we had legally obtained through a FOIA request. Isn’t it an outrageous world we live in? Well, one of the issues with that document dump, as was also with the three thousand pages or so that were dumped by I think it was it was it BuzzFeed or Washington Post or whoever that was. There we go. Whoever did The Washington Post, they got on it, too. But what you have to understand is we received many of those emails and they were redacted. We got like these black lines, these giant boxes covering parts of the emails. This is what it looks like when we received it. This was a famous email we got and we’re asking ourselves, well, what are they blacking out? What are they hiding from us? And in fact, we had the Informed Consent Action Network, I reached out to our legal team and says, that’s not good enough. We can’t allow that. Here’s my question you know, when a government agency is redacting something, what they’re saying is this is sort of private, critical, you know, government top secret information. It cannot be shared to the public. There’s an internal discussion we’re having. And frankly, I agree with that. Look, if our government agencies are talking about strategy, especially if maybe this is a bio weapon and conversations of whether we were attacked or not, I get it. You’re not public about that. You’re having that privately. But in this case, many of these emails, like the one I’m about to show you in this bombshell discovery you’re going to see first right here on The HighWire in just a second. This was a

conversation with Peter Daszak, who’s the head of EcoHealth, which is where we were funneling the money from NIH through EcoHealth into the Wuhan laboratory. This is the guy that wrote basically the article that published, got published in medical journals saying there’s no way that this was a lab leak. It couldn’t possibly come from the lab. I’ve been funding that. I’ve been getting money from Tony Fauci for. Why was this email between him and Fauci redacted? He is a private citizen. He doesn’t work inside of the government. He’s totally private. He runs a private company. So if a private citizen and a private company is talking to Tony Fauci, we get to see that. That’s how this works, folks. And so when you’re wondering what is our legal team doing? Number one, not only do we get the original download, we start demanding no. We reached out, we took them to court and said, you know, right now we’re in conversations saying we want the emails that we are deserved to look at for all the reasons that we’re saying, there’s no reason this should be redacted. We want to know what that paragraph that was squared out there was saying.

[01:09:53] Del BigTree

So let’s look at what we received when we showed it to you last time. This was the redacted version. Here’s the sentence they let us see. “As the PI of the RO1 grant publicly targeted by Fox News reports that the presidential press briefing last night, I just want to say a personal thank you on behalf of ourselves and collaborators for publicly standing up and stating that the scientific evidence supports a natural origin for covid-19 from a bat to human spillover, not a lab release from the Wuhan Institute of Virology”. Well, there it is. We just go with that than the email is telling us. Look, you know, Tony, thank you for standing up for what is obviously true. We know it came from nature and we’ve got to just quell this conspiracy theory. Well, that’s what you would think this is all about. But unfortunately for Tony Fauci, we’re not the only ones that are questioning what’s really going on here. We have Rand Paul that has been grilling Tony Fauci now for months, really, and even gotten more serious in the last several weeks. But I want you to pay attention to this statement that we have recorded on video, because Tony Fauci, unfortunately for himself, swears in and says this stuff in public. Here’s what he had to say to Rand Paul in this short statement. Take a look at this

[01:11:08] Rand Paul

Gain of function. Research, as you know, is juicing up naturally occurring animal viruses to infect humans. To arrive at the truth, the U.S. government should admit that the Human Virology Institute was experimenting to enhance the coronaviruses ability to infect humans. For years Dr. Ralph Baric, a virologist in the US, has been collaborating with Dr. Shi of the Human Virology Institute, sharing his discoveries about how to create super viruses. This gain of function research has been funded by the NIH. Dr. Fauci Do you still support funding of the, NIH funding of the lab in Wuhan?

[01:11:49] Anthony Fauci

Senator Paul, with all due respect, you are entirely, entirely and completely incorrect that the NIH has not ever and does not now fund gain of function research in the Wuhan Institute.

[01:12:07] Del BigTree

All right, breaking news right now, this is something that just came in last night, as I said, we received one of those redacted emails and we have had the redaction removed. And so this I want you to remember what he said. We have not funded or been involved with the Wuhan lab when it comes to gain function. This email didn’t seem to be addressing any of that, really, but there was this big gray square. Can we pull away the gray square now? Please, listen to what Daszak that goes on to say to Tony Fauci. “It’s been a very hard few months since these conspiracy theorists have gradually become politicized and hardened in their stance. Especially because the work we’ve been doing in collaboration with Chinese virologists has given us incredible insight into the risks that these viruses represent so that we can directly help protect our nation from bat-origin coronaviruses. We’re fighting to keep the communications open with our Chinese colleagues, [so that may have messed up and spilled this on the world or possibly did it purposefully. But that doesn’t matter. We don’t want to lose our relationship] so that we can better address future pandemics like covid-19.” Let’s go back. I guess you could question, is he just talking to Fauci? Who is the we he’s talking about? You ask yourself this right now. Is he saying that me, you Fauci and and you know, all those others at the NIH and CDC and those of us who have been having this communication, who’s mean by we when he says bring back up one more time through this, especially because the work we’ve been doing in collaboration with Chinese virologists has given us incredible insight into the risk that these viruses represent so that we can directly help protect our nation.

[01:14:01] Del BigTree

I’m pretty sure he’s talking about the NIH and you in front of the cameras that together we’re going to do this from that origin coronavirus, not penguin, not lizard, not shark, origin coronaviruses, the very bat ones we just sold the world happened naturally. We’re fighting to keep the communications open with our Chinese colleagues, working with a foreign agency, foreign scientists with a product that may have been purposely or accidentally released on America. You have helped us, Tony, hide their influence, hide their entanglement in this issue. I think this is gigantic news. I think especially when you think, well, what do they mean by “we” you know, is that really as damaging as we think it might be? Remember, it was so damning that Tony Fauci and his team redacted it so nobody could see it. They didn’t want you to see that part of the email. Try to wrap your head around that and imagine, as we have hundreds and hundreds more that we are sitting in court right now saying you’re going to get rid of these redactions on all these emails. This is the tip of the iceberg, folks. I believe we’re going to take Fauci down. And guess what? As soon as this show is over, we’re emailing this right over. I think I said we might have done it last night. Now I’m hearing to Rand Paul’s office because he’s directly involved in prosecuting Fauci on these issues. So there it is when Fauci finally goes down, when you finally walked off in handcuffs after what I call Nuremberg two, which will be the investigation of every scientist and world leader that got involved with lying to us, hiding known treatments from us and then hiding the fact that this was actually built maybe by us or an affiliation with China, who is last I checked, is an enemy of ours, and then started injecting with China, told us to inject into all of our citizens once we finally tried all these people and then they’re walked off to jail. I want you to ask yourself, what will you feel like if you didn’t help make that happen? If you’ve been watching The HighWire say, you know what, all I needed to do was donate 50 cents a month and I’d be able to say I helped make that happen. I helped put that jackass in prison. Wouldn’t you love to be able to do that? Well, the only way you can is to become one of the sponsors of The HighWire. We need your help and of the Informed Consent Action Network. It’s really simple. Just go to Thehighwire.com, click on the donate button. And then when you go to that donate button, say, you know what? How much could I spare a month? Is it maybe I could drop one Starbucks cup of coffee. You know, it’d be good for my health anyway. And I’ll just maybe give you six dollars a month or twenty dollars a month or for those of you that can afford it, one hundred or more, but be a part of it. Stop sitting there bemoaning how you feel like the world is out of control. Help those of us that are out there trying to make a

difference and are making a difference. Do you know how good you will feel when you’re a part of that process? I know you want to, so stop denying it. Get involved with the ICAN. We’re really making a difference. Now, speaking of making a difference, I think we have absolutely obliterated this vaccine discussion, I think it was just down to public health then this thing would be over. For the last five weeks, we have shown you exactly what we predicted over a year ago. This vaccine will not save us. It will not stop the infection. It will never get us to herd immunity. Only natural immunity will. Which is why I said almost a year ago we got to go out. Those are there those of us that are healthy enough and catch this cold. Now, I’m being followed by some of the greatest scientists around the world, whether they’re from Oxford, from Iceland, saying, yep, that pretty much looks like it’s going to come down to natural immunity.

[01:17:44] Del BigTree

Then why is it our nation is still pushing this vaccine when it clearly doesn’t do anything? It certainly doesn’t protect anyone around us. So how can you force teachers to take it? How can you force firefighters to take it? How can you force police officers to take it when the only advantage that they’re seeing is the injuries that they’re seeing all over the Internet, something else must be going on. This is truly a realization of mine. This week, as I really just stepped back and looked at it, I just thought, man, I am not satisfied with just proving this vaccine doesn’t work, which we’ve done in spades. There must be something else going that is keeping this, you know, this train, this runaway train on the tracks. And so now officially, we’re going to start investigating the places that are a little less comfortable for me that maybe will lead us to what’s really going on here. And as you know, in The HighWire, I interview these people when they come up for the first time, I haven’t had any previous phone call or anything like that. I am seriously a person that wants answers. Answers to the questions that we’re seeing all over the news. I mean, it’s not just vaccines, it’s not just health. It appears that every sector of our lives is under attack, at least if you’ve been watching this on the news.

[01:18:59] News report

Twenty and a half million jobs were lost in April. The worst monthly loss on record. Financial markets suffered historic losses. The US government has now formally issued its highest alert for foreign movement of American citizens. The proportion of Americans working from home full time has gone from one in fifty to more than one in three. Covid has wreaked havoc on the lumberyards. There is an energy emergency. Bitcoin has wiped out all of its gains. Fourteen hundred dollar checks. From the wealth of the world’s top ten richest men has increased by half a trillion dollars. So will we ever go back to our offices or work from home here to stay? As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread across the US, a growing number of people are dealing with food insecurity. In America, the richest country in all the world. We have incredible hunger. What how is this possible? Almost all of the job growth achieved during the 11 year recovery from the Great Recession has now been lost in just one month. Many businesses now face a new challenge, bringing back workers and doing it quickly. In the month of May alone, three point six million Americans quit their jobs. People aren’t taking the jobs that are available because it’s easier to stay home. The push for more covid stimulus, including direct payments to you. Missourians who qualify for food stamps, are going to continue to get those maximum benefits. Now, if everybody can’t work from home and everybody doesn’t have careers where they can just operate on a computer. The West Coast is still caught in a historic heat wave that threatens to cut the lights out and turn off the AC for millions of homes here in California. Four million people in the state are in the dark and don’t have heat. The cold, crippling Texas power grid. Housing experts say the cost of building a home hasn’t gotten any cheaper at all. Whether you rent, own or want to own, it’s all impacting inventory. We get calls every day. I see a house under construction can I buy it? No, it’s already sold. Since the Dow falling almost 3000 points. That is the biggest one day point drop of all time. Twitter’s got guys bagging, gunning and liquidating everywhere. I’ve never seen so many games played. But it’s creating enormous wealth for the people behind some of the world’s top covid vaccine candidates. The rich enrich themselves the billionaires by 3.9 Trillion, and workers have been impoverished by 3.7 Trillion. Moderna, BionTech, Novavax, Pfizer, McKesson all creating billions in new shareholder wealth. Bezos has made a record 81.9 billion dollars in earnings this year, making him 2020’s biggest gainer and the richest man on the planet. We talk about what the new normal will look like. As I said, normal. It will not be.

[01:21:54] Del BigTree

Just incredible mayhem and chaos when you look at the news. I was in a Best Buy, I think I’ve mentioned this recently where there was only one dishwasher available. They didn’t have like multiple different versions of it. I felt like it was what I read about living in Russia, people talking about going to Costco and it feels brighter in there. And then you look up because none of the shelves were filled above it the way you’re used to them being filled. All of these are leading to questions that I frankly cannot answer. I can stand toe to toe at this point I think with just about any scientist or biologist in the world based on the investigations we’ve done on vaccinations. But here on The HighWire, it is becoming clear to all of us that there seems to be more behind the scenes, maybe the vaccine is just the tip of some spear that’s trying to achieve something else. What are the agendas that are really behind us? Is it just about health or is it just about control? All of these things or questions that I need answers to, which is what drives The HighWire here. I’m curious about it, my team’s curious about it. We’re going to try and find people that can help us understand this better. And so this week is really my honor to be joined by somebody that understands the financial system the way many don’t. She was a former secretary or assistant secretary of HUD in the United States of America, former managing director and member of the board of directors of Dylan Reid and Co. Inc., president of Solari great websites, solari.com. That gives a lot of information. I am joined now by none other than Catherine Austin Fitts. Catherine, it’s absolutely a pleasure to finally get to meet you.

[01:23:27] Catherine Austin Fitts

Del, it’s a pleasure to be on. I have to laugh because all last year as I was trying to understand the pandemic and of course watching The HighWire regularly to try and understand it, I kept kicking myself for getting a C in biology in high school. So I know what it’s like to struggle with a area of knowledge that you’re not expert in.

[01:23:49] Del BigTree

Yes, and that’s true. I wish I had done a little bit better in economics and really cared. You know, I still wish I was a little bit better with my checkbook, but we’ll work on that later. So, you know, I want to start sort of in your wheelhouse where you’re at. You know, when we look at banking and I you know, I’ve heard because I go to these I go to speak at, you know, these large conventions of people that are speaking out on different areas. One of the things I hear a lot about is central banking in the Central Reserve banking system and how all of that is really what is controlling the world and we’re not paying attention to it. So is there is there a greater power than pharma that exist in central banking? Is that an equal player? And what do we mean when we say central banking, as far as you


[01:24:39] Catherine Austin Fitts

So is central banking is a critical bureaucracy in controlling and managing the financial system. So the financial system I would describe as part of the governance system. So one of the ways you govern the entire planet is is through the financial system. And there are very important bureaucracies within that financial system and the one at the top of the food chain is clearly central banks. But it’s not just central banks because think of think of the planet like a house. You have a mortgage. That’s the banks. You have equity, that’s the intergenerational pools of capital. And then you have the asset, the house. And so the insurance industry is important. The banking industry insured. Everybody knows their house is only their equity in their home is only worth something if the insurance is good. Right. Right. So you have these different industries and they’re all players. But there’s no doubt that the fundamental model that we’ve been operating on for most of our all of our lifetimes is called the central banking warfare model. The central banks print money and and the military make sure that people use it and and they basically police the model. And and what has been happening now, and it’s been ongoing for 20 years, is we are coming into a significant change in both the governance and and the and the financial model. So so the currency system is influx globally. And that’s part of what’s happening. It’s part of why there’s a demand for reset in anticipation of this. So for the last 20 or 30 years, the central banks have been moving significant money out of the sovereign governments. So we have known for many decades that there was going to be a problem when the baby boomers retired. And the reality is the central banks have moved that money out of the government. I call it the financial coup. And there’s been tremendous funny business going on with federal accounts in the United States for a long time. And we’re now in the consolidation where if if all that money has been moved out of the government and the retirees want it, you need an excuse as to why it’s not there. You know, enter the magic virus. So from a financial standpoint, covid-19 is helping provide the air cover for the fact that many of the promises that have been made are not going to be kept.

[01:27:02] Del BigTree

When you talk about money being moved or hidden or using the virus sort of as a cover up, exactly what how much money are we talking about is sort of missing from what we expect, like those of us that have retirement plans? What we believe our nation is worth.

And what’s sitting inside of the governing banks that you talk about, how much is currently missing when you’re talking about that?

[01:27:26] Catherine Austin Fitts

So the federal government has refused since nineteen ninety eight fiscal 1998 to produce audited financial statements as required by law. OK, so imagine if you refuse to give the government a report about how much money you made last year to the IRS. So the federal government has refused to produce audited financial statements. But we know from the financial statements that they have produced that there’s over twenty one trillion of documentable adjustments by 2015. Professor Darke, Dr. Mark Skidmore did a survey in twenty seventeen and published his results. And at the two agencies that have been missing money, we have very significant issues. Now, what’s happened is pressure was put on the federal government to finally produce this audited financial statements. And in 2018, they adopted a policy called Federal Advisory State, a federal accountant, Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board, a statement fifty six thousand fifty six, which takes the position that they can keep secret books. And what that now means is the federal government. Well, if you and I were to look at the financial statements, we have no idea what they mean because they have decided, as a matter of policy, a secret group of people by a secret process can take whatever portion of the financial statements they want private. Now, I would describe that as a coup d’etat. But here’s what you need to understand. The Western democracies in the United States have been run with a two pronged financial system. On one side, you have private banks with the central bank, the Federal Reserve, who are managing monetary policy. On the other side of the House, you have an electorate voting for representatives who manage the tax flow and the credits that relate to that. So the Treasury market, so you have this balance of power between the people and the bankers. And now what is happening under the guise of covid-19 is the bankers have decided they no longer want to share power with the electorate or the people’s representatives. And whether through [inaudible] or levering the government subsidies so they’re deeply dependent on the central banks. The central banks have decided essentially to take over. And the ultimate sort of completion of this will be when they introduce digital currencies controlled and operated by the central bank. Why is that important? Because they won’t be currencies Del, they will be a financial control system. To implement that system they need the vaccine passports. And the goal of the vaccine passports have nothing to do with health. They have to do with implementing a new digital financial transaction system, which is, in essence, complete control. So I call it a slavery system. Dr Naomi Wolf said vaccine passports are the end of human human liberty in the West. And she’s absolutely right.

[01:30:18] Del BigTree

So when you say digital currencies, you know, many of these events I’ve been speaking at, many of my friends are big on Bitcoin or Ethereum, saying this is our way forward. This is how we set ourselves free. This is how we break free of those power mongers running the world. And it sounds like you’re saying no, that’s exactly how they give the death blow.

[01:30:40] Catherine Austin Fitts

This is not what the central bankers are planning. And I sent your staff a fifty six seconds of the video of the Bank of International Settlements general manager Carsten’s explaining exactly what it meant.

[01:30:54] Del BigTree

Ok, we’ve got to play it. Yeah, let’s play it. Let’s it.

[01:30:56] Agustin Carstens

Ok, our analysis on CBDC particular for the use of, general to the general use. We tend to establish the equivalence with cash and there is a huge difference there. For example in cash, we don’t know for example who’s using a one hundred dollar bill today. We don’t know who is using that one thousand peso bill today. The key difference with the CBDC is the central bank will have absolute control under rules and regulations that will determine the use of that expression of Central Bank liability. And also we will have the technology to enforce that. Those are those two issues are extremely important. And that makes a huge difference with respect to what, to what cash is.

[01:31:52] Del BigTree

All right, so I hear what sounds like controlling the finances, but you give me

[01:31:56] Catherine Austin Fitts

So tell us what this means. You will no longer have a currency. You will have a credit at the company store. If they don’t want you traveling more than five miles from your home, your credit card, your bank account won’t work for more than five miles from your home. If they don’t want you, let’s say they decided you shouldn’t be able to buy pizza. You can’t buy pizza. You’re talking about complete control. You know, at a very intimate level of both surveillance, because remember, there’s no privacy, they’ll be able to track every transaction you make. So we’re talking about a credit at the company store and literally a slavery system.

[01:32:35] Del BigTree

And you think, you know, based on so Bitcoin, so then what is Bitcoin is that or any other cryptocurrency that we talk about? Are you saying central banks are going to take on crypto currencies themselves or are they going to take over Bitcoin or exactly what’s what


[01:32:52] Catherine Austin Fitts

So central banks, Right. So central banks would issue their own central bank digital currency. OK, and the question is, would the regulators increasingly regulate cryptocurrency, which I think the answer is yes. Will they allow them to coexist? Maybe. But if you look at the way the system will be implemented, you’ll find that the vast majority of retail transactions will end up being in the CBDC system. So this is the Bitcoin in the cryptocurrencies have been very useful to help the central bankers prototype how they might want to run their systems. So they’ve been very useful as a prototype, whether they’re allowed to continue to exist. Big question mark. I think at the end of the day, the central banks are basically planning on being the dominant player in the market. So it’s a control system. This is this is a re-engineering, so so here’s the question, Del. If I’m the central banks and I’m basically going to destroy the sovereignty of governments in the power of the electorate to affect the budget, the question comes down to how am I going to collect taxes if they’re if if the electorate has no power and doesn’t feel like they’re sharing in the in the financial system in the way you do that is with the CBDC system, you can just take the money out of the account. This is taxation without representation.

[01:34:15] Del BigTree

Wow. You are seen some of your video as you referred to Mr. Global. I mean, I always say sort of the “cosmic they”. I keep hearing my friends always saying they they are doing this. They and many times I feel like we give “they” way too much credit, as though that is masterminded geniuses that have really thought this down the road. Who is Mr. Global or the “they” in your mind when you when you make that reference?

[01:34:41] Catherine Austin Fitts

So so in my mind, you know, let’s go back. If you look at the people who govern and manage this financial system. So the owners of the central banks, the people who manage the intergenerational pools of capital, the people who manage the insurance industry, if you look at how the financial system works, at the heart of making the financial system go is risk management. So it’s all the people throughout those different bureaucracies who’s responsible. Now, one of the decisions that is clearly evidenced by what is happening now, which is called the going to direct reset, which is a plan voted on by the central bankers in August 2019 and the takedown of the economy, including the pandemic, rolled out as a result of that going to direct reset. If you look at that group, they have decided to radically centralize control into a much smaller group of people. And that’s one of the reasons why what you’re watching is a destruction of the small business economy in a way, and a printing of money by the central bank. So basically, the private equity firms can engage in a shopping spree to pick it all up cheap, which is why during the videos you were showing the the you know, the billionaires are getting richer and richer and richer, which are what you’re watching is what George H.W. Bush used to call consolidating the wealth into tighter and righter hands. So this is a plan. It is being engineered. I’m not saying it’s 100. You know, they kind of make it up as they go. But if you look at who’s responsible at the very top of the global financial system, they are in the room. If you look at the list of participants for the vote for the going direct and the people who put the plan together working for BlackRock, you can see a lot of those players now. You know, if you look at the whole going direct to get the control, the financial control system into place with the passports, you need the pharmaceutical industry, you need the tech industry, you need the telecommunications industry. It’s all part of putting together the smart grid because the smart grid is the hardware and the infrastructure for this financial control grid. So it’s a lot of people and there is no doubt that the U.S. government and the central banks have been absolutely instrumental in creating massive incentives to get everybody to play. That’s the magic secret here Del, and it’s something you hear a lot, sort of embedded in your interviews and presentations at The HighWire. We’re building the prison, you know, in a highly centralized system. Mr. Global is not a lot of people. And yet if you look at who’s building the train tracks for the control grid, it’s all of us, which means, you know, we have the power to stop banking with them. We have the power to stop associating with them. We can stop them on the street. We don’t have to buy their stocks. We don’t have to go work in the companies. You know, you can make a list of the 20 companies who were the most instrumental in making this all go. We don’t have to support them. And you say 10

percent of the people just walked out tomorrow and we have to do it before the vaccine passports go into effect, because once you get CBDCs and vaccine passports, essentially you’ve got you’ve got at a very central level as as Mr. Carstens implied, you’ve got complete control.

[01:38:05] Del BigTree

So the vaccine passport, which is already some version of it, is already seems to be infecting the politics of New York and in California, we’re seeing those discussions around the world, France heavily involved. And that’s what really sort of set me off in wanting to talk to you. This is the first time ever where every government seems to be in on like the whole world is aligned. As I’ve said, this is a world war by every government of the world against the citizens of the world. But very quickly, when you say companies we should avoid I mean, what companies like can you name a few? I mean, I’m not even sure.

[01:38:39] Catherine Austin Fitts

Like there’s 21 trillion missing from the US federal government. OK, OK. The U.S. federal government bank accounts are run by the New York Fed who’s owned and who, whose member banks operate as Asian, is the depository for the U.S. government. So if you look at the largest banks who run, who own and operate the New York Fed and run the the government financial statements and financial system and bank accounts, they’re responsible. So 21 trillion is missing. They affected a great deal of illegal transactions.

They’re responsible. Why are we banking with them? Pull your money out.

[01:39:18] Del BigTree

Who? I’m with Chase. I got some of my accounts and Chase is Chase one of them.

[01:39:21] Catherine Austin Fitts

Get your money out Del, You’re financing your enemy.

[01:39:25] Del BigTree

Really? Bank of America? Wells Fargo?

[01:39:27] Catherine Austin Fitts

So I’ll tell you a story, OK, in 1990, in 1998, I was writing a check on J.P. Morgan Chase, you know, private wealth, and I froze and I realized, why am I banking at the very bank that is engineering all the mortgage fraud? I need to come clean. And it took me two years to get my companies and myself out of I was in JPMorgan Chase and Citibank and it took me several years. So, you know, we need to stop financing. I was I was raised and trained, never finance your enemy. This is war. Don’t finish your enemy. Right.

[01:40:04] Del BigTree

That’s simple. So as is there’s a credit union. Where do we go? I mean, what is the move I make today? Walk out of here.

[01:40:11] Catherine Austin Fitts

If you if you go to Solari and you do a search for how to find a good local bank, I have an article and it walks you through the process of how to find a good local bank or credit union. And a lot of what you’re looking for is what is the institution that has good governance, good ownership, good management, and has a demonstrated record of really caring about the people in that community, their businesses is banking their business is not trading derivatives on Wall Street. And they’re right now, I figure you’ve got four to 5000 of those in the United States. And if they the more they shrink down, the less freedom will have. You know, the best thing for the small business economy is a healthy infrastructure of of good banks and credit unions in your community. So get your money out of the big banks and head into them. But do it in a way that’s good for you because you deserve a bank that really cares about you and it’s, you know, and is clean and and so I don’t know if you’ve ever looked at the Madoff fraud, but that’s a perfect example of why you never want to bank with JPMorgan Chase, in my opinion.

[01:41:17] Del BigTree

When you talk about sort of the consolidation of wealth, you’re mentioning, you know, private business, small businesses all through this covid this weird thing happened for the first time in the history of any virus that we know of. We lock down the healthy people. We lock them in their houses. We kept them from being able to go to work. We shut down businesses all across the country.

[01:41:41] Catherine Austin Fitts

And I totally I totally I have to I have to stop you, Del. OK, and I’m going to grossly oversimplify. We shut down the businesses owned by Main Street. The businesses owned by BlackRock kept trading and were able to suck up the market share. So we have we have two classes of business. We shut you down. Everybody has to go shop at my store. They can’t go shop at your store. They have to go shop at my store. So what happens? My stock goes up, right? That’s how I get wealthier, that’s how all these billionaires get wealthier. I mean, we literally saw one point Andrew Sorkin on. I forget what what program is he on? Rick Santelli got in a huge fight with Andrew Sorkin. He said, why are we shutting down Main Street when Costco is literally in the same shopping mall and it’s open and there’s no problem? And Andrew Sorkin said that’s the science. So he was basically saying the magic virus will not attack it if it’s owned by by BlackRock and Vanguard and Fidelity. So publicly traded, the big publicly traded corporations stayed open and made a fortune because the business had to consolidate into them, whether it was online business or the big box stores. So this was a disaster capitalism at large, and it was unbelievably profitable because they were able to pick up enormous amounts of market share for free. And of course, that market share they get to keep. Now, it gets even better because if the central banks are printing money and the private equity firms can pick that up. Then they get to go buy your real estate cheap. Right? You’re forced to sell, right?

[01:43:20] Del BigTree

Yeah. Going into foreclosure can’t run my business. I have a restaurant not allowed to have customers.

[01:43:28] Catherine Austin Fitts

Right, so the magic virus, and I’m not saying that there wasn’t serious disease, and I’m not saying people were getting sick, and I’m not saying we don’t have to deal with this. But I assure you, the bigger the bigger play was a financial reengineering that has absolutely nothing to do with health care. Health care is the marketing plan for the reengineering of our governance and financial systems. This is a coup.

[01:43:55] Del BigTree

I have to say that I’m I’m leaning in that direction now, and people that watch the show know that I don’t tend to go places I don’t understand. This is a place I don’t understand. But here’s what doesn’t make sense. And as we’ve said in the whole top of the show, we showed how the vaccine is failing to stop infection, failing to stop transmission, which means why would force anybody to get it? Look, if they can prove I don’t even think they’ve had very good proof that it lowers your symptoms. But if it does, it’s a selfish vaccine, you can get it for yourself if you feel like it’s going to help you get through this better. But we don’t force people to do things that are only going to affect them personally and not everybody else, which is where we’re at. I think the writing is on the wall that we’re going to mask our children, are going back into this horrible space where now they’re saying we shouldn’t even laugh or talk or speak because we might be sharing water particles. And right behind that, I have to believe, is going to be another shutdown of these businesses, all this economy here, what was once the greatest country in the world.

[01:44:47] Catherine Austin Fitts

Political control has nothing to do with health. Right? This is purely politics. So in 1995, an effort was made to to get to the federal budget in balance, including the retirement obligations. And when it failed, it was described to me by one of the largest pension fund leaders in the country who said, you don’t understand, they’ve given up on the country. They’re moving all the money out starting in the fall, which was fall 1997 when the 21 trillion dollars started to disappear. So literally, here’s the reality. If if this is this is the law of math and actuarial science, if you cannot get a financially responsible solution to your retirement benefits, then you have two choices. You can increase the retirement age or you can lower life expectancy. It’s pure math. If you can’t get the money, then you have to lower life expectancy or you have to you have to raise the retirement age. And if you look at what happened after that, the budget deal failed, it’s what I called the great poisoning. We started a process where in America we significantly increased toxicity levels and we significantly lowered immune system strength by many different variations. And if you look at one of the contributing factors of what I call the great poisoning, it is. The heavy vaccination schedule and if you look at the biggest problem that we know with a covid-19 injections, it’s that they deliver significant lipid toxicity and it looks like they also suppress the immune system. So this is just going to continue to accelerate the grade poisoning, which is how you bring down life expectancy. And we’ve seen life expectancy steadily falling in the United States, particularly in lower income groups. And that’s what we’re going to continue to see.

And it’s not just this. It’s you know, it’s a combination of many different things, as you know, because you’ve covered health for years.

So I don’t need to tell you. Here’s what the reality is,

[01:46:52] Del BigTree

Well, go ahead, finish the reality then. I’ll tell you what, I’m confused.

[01:46:54] Catherine Austin Fitts

We’re bringing down life expectancy and it’s engineered.

[01:46:58] Del BigTree

So just to be clear, this 21 trillion dollars or so that is suddenly missing. It was once they’re right. It’s not that these retirement programs and pensions didn’t have funding in the banks. What you’re saying is essentially it’s been stolen. Why would someone steal that? Why? I mean, why would you put yourself in that?

[01:47:19] Catherine Austin Fitts

Why not? Ok, but if so so it’s a whole nother conversation to talk about the growth of the national security state, because starting in forty seven and forty nine, we started to build what’s called the black budget and a national security state that was secret. And part of that development meant that one part of our society started developing very powerful technology behind walls of secrecy that made fantastic amounts of money and really began to build literally a separate civilization. So, for example, when I worked in Washington or I worked in Wall Street, you would literally go back and forth between the official reality and reality and official reality with those walls of secrecy increasingly became like Disney World, you know. So if you go to Disneyland, Del, I don’t know if you’ve ever been underground, but, you know, there’s this world underground, the sort of engineering everything. And then you have Disney World evolve. And increasingly, when you worked at the top of Wall Street or the top of Washington, you would have to go back to being Disney World. And the real world in the world have gotten separate, further and further apart. And one of the reasons they’ve got further and further apart is we have a federal budget that’s been financing both worlds and and the secret world has been getting more and more powerful, more and more expensive. And now we’re watching with covid-19 as they’re breaking back in. I mean, they’re basically coming in and saying, OK, we’re not going to explain anymore. We’re not going to keep this wonderful Disney World going. We’re just going to take control. And now you’re going to do what we say and the reality world.

[01:48:56] Del BigTree

Ok, well, speaking of the two worlds, very quickly, I think we have a video. This was very popular this week of President Obama, I guess is celebrating another birthday. At the same time, when we’re locking down the country, we’re telling everyone to mask. This is a sense, I think, of those two different worlds. This is from Obama’s party. It’s packed with people. I think that’s President Obama right there, hugging, kissing, no one wearing masks. Erykah Badu. And so is that what you’re talking about? But are they laughing at us? I mean, it feels like when we watch videos like that, that doesn’t even seem like they hide it. It’s like, yeah, we we are an elite group that live in no world around what you are being told on the news. We live in a separate world. Are they smug about it?

[01:49:42] Catherine Austin Fitts

Unfortunately, unfortunately, Del we we’ve had a process and it started with the Kennedy assassination, where the more they get away with the less they respect the average person. And it’s reached it’s reached a very dangerous point because you have the average person can’t fathom that, that the you know, the government system has grown this far away from them. So so they can’t fathom it. And and the people at the top can’t fathom that they can get away with this. And they’re very pleased that they can.

[01:50:17] Del BigTree

Wow. When you look at, you know, this last year, things outside, not only do we have a pandemic, this supposed a disease, which I

agree with you, there are issues with it. It may even be a bioweapon or toxic substance that was created in laboratories. I think most of the science points there. But outside of the science, other weird things were happening. At the same time, we’re all suffering, trying to get to this pandemic. We had like this revolt, these racial issues taking place in this country where one of the things I was confused by is I’m all about, you know, freedom of humanity. I believe that everybody should be treated equally. I think we should fund neighborhoods and things that don’t have funding to make sure that we all get as sort of an equal start in this world. But when we watch the, you know, the government or those that we’re running to be in government supporting what look like, you know, dramatic attacks on cities like Seattle and, you know, fire bombing, you know, police precincts in flames when you were watching that, did you see that as a natural occurrence or do you feel like that’s a part of maybe this consolidation of funds?

[01:51:28] Catherine Austin Fitts

So the riots tended to happen in the cities where you had a New York Fed, but I mean where you had a Fed Federal Reserve Bank. And if you look at where the riots were, I would describe them as a real estate acquisition plan. Really? So, so, yeah, so. So a lot of them occurred in opportunity zones, which are tax shelters, and if you’re going to build out the smart grid, the place you want to build the smart grid out for the CBDC’s is in the in the cities, in the areas that have a setback. So if we created a database and mapped out some of the riots and what we found was there was an extraordinary correlation between the Fed banks and the opportunity zones and where the riots were. So to me, the patterns I worked as an assistant secretary of HUD and we saw very similar patterns in the mortgage fraud. So I would say that that the riots were primarily an op and I would say that they were probably designed to facilitate picking up lots of real estate cheap in the areas where they most want to build it, build out the smart grid first. It’s my guess. [01:52:35] Del BigTree

I was thinking about that. Austin has been really at the forefront of smart grids. I have a friend that lives in a neighborhood where there’s a camera on every every light through the area and every piece of his his toaster has a camera on it. His is refrigerator has a camera on it. He finally recognized that maybe that wasn’t the best idea. But so I think I look at New York, right? We’ve lost twenty I think twenty five percent of the population left New York City. And, you know, I guess Cuomo didn’t seem to care. Of course, now he stepped down. But on the other side, there’s also sort of the I can imagine that. So if they’re buying up properties, but then when we look at the job, one of these things that’s really been crazy to me is this idea that we’re hearing and I hear I go into restaurants now and I think we’ve all recognized the service in America. I mean, I spent 20 years waiting tables before I finally got my career to take off. So I know a lot about waiting tables. And I can tell you personally, the service industry is flailing. It’s like we never knew how to work a restaurant before. But many of the servers were complaining to me, we’re understaffed today. We just don’t have enough staff. So bear with me today and you see that you feel like the food coming out. That’s not your usual short order cooks back there. It’s like someone’s trying to do it for the first time. And we’re hearing one of the things that they’re at home making more money, not working, but taking government assistance. So what’s happening there?

[01:54:00] Catherine Austin Fitts

Right. Because because essentially we’ve reached a point in the economy where it is cheaper rather than have the electorate who shares partial control of the governance and financial system basically pay everybody to not work. And shut down all the small business, a small business is the bedrock of democracy, and if you’re going to wipe out democracy, you want to wipe out small business. And the best way to wipe out small business is to make sure that their labor supply has an alternative other than going to work. And so part of what we’ve been watching is sort of different prototyping on how you’re going to buy everybody out of the small business labor force. And part of this, if you’re going to institute a new kind of digital transactions, just like the one I’m discussing, what is essential for control is first, the dollar is the gold standard. It’s been around informal oil standard. I think what they want is they want control of the food supply and restaurants. Small restaurants provide a very significant market for small farmers away from the big industrial food system. So there is clearly a desire to wipe out the small business industry if they can. It’s all part of taking complete political control.

[01:55:23] Del BigTree

So as we see that, we’re starting to sort of leak our way back in the lockdown’s, are you under the impression that the landgrab isn’t over? They didn’t get enough. They didn’t kill enough jobs and put enough people on some sort of

[01:55:36] Catherine Austin Fitts

Land grab has just begun. Really the land grab has just begun because the way to make money on new technology is the capital gains on real estate. So one of the reasons they’re pushing so hard to lower the homeownership rate is so Wall Street can pick up all the properties and and use them in sort of rental industries and rental businesses. So remember, when flashmob says it’s 2030 and you have no assets in your and you’ll be happy, what he’s saying is it’s 2030. We will have stolen all your assets and we’re going to mind control you.

[01:56:11] Del BigTree

Wow. OK, so super enlightening. And I could talk to you probably all day, but let’s get into some solutions. I mean, you know, this all sounds really terrifying. We’re just simple people, you know, trying to get through the day. We are now seeing, you know, I you showed earlier, you know, people standing up the school board meetings recognizing that they want to voice in opposition. How do we expose this potential takeover of democracy in our republic here in America?

[01:56:46] Catherine Austin Fitts

So the good news is, you know, the bad news is we’re on our own. But the good news is if we know that we’re on our own and we can take action and it doesn’t take everybody taking action, it takes a small group of people, the first thing you can do is start using cash. Unless the system goes to all digital, the harder it’s going to be to sort of move it into the CBDCs. These are going to take time. That’s not going to happen this year. It’s going to take some time. So the more we can dig in and go back to cash, the better. If we can decentralize if you go to Solari, So we have cash Friday. OK, so if you can’t use cash every day, let’s use cash on Friday. And believe it or not, you know who invented this Del? You know whose idea this was who? I was sitting in a meeting with Mary Holland and I was talking about the importance of not letting the vaccine passports happen and not going to an all digital financial system.

And she said, well, why don’t we have cash Friday? And everybody stopped. And we said, what a great idea. That is a great idea.

[01:57:46] Del BigTree

So all we do, all we have to do is commit to at least one day all of us, the millions that are watching The HighWire and all the other programs that are out there and everyone you’re talking to. Let’s take Friday to make sure we don’t touch that plastic. Leave it in your wallet. Don’t pull out the iPhone and slap a little beeping tap payment, but actually pull out some cash and make them. And frankly, I think it’s really good just for those young people that are working the registers to make them be involved with math, at least just a little bit more than they are.

[01:58:18] Catherine Austin Fitts

Yeah, absolutely. The second thing is in every in almost every county in America, the thirty one hundred counties, you you still have great community bankers and credit unions. And the problem is not that we’re financing the bad guys. The problem is we’re not financing the good guys. OK, and it’s been amazing. Over the last twenty years, the small community banks and credit unions have been able to stop a lot of crazy stuff and a lot of crazy Fed policies. So if we start shifting our money to them, the more money we flow into them, the more powerful they become in the system, the more they can help us circulate money locally. And there’s a lot of very powerful literacy and intelligence in that group, and they don’t feel like they’re being supported by us. So, you know, get your money out of the big banks and get it, you know, get it into the good local small banks. The third thing is, for heaven’s sakes, build resiliency the more resiliency we can have within our family or with our community, I. Once had a client who would complain to me about the fact that the yields on her portfolios were going down and her water bill was going up, I said, this is you live in a rural area, said sell some stock and build a well, you know, do it get get the big corporations out of your out of your income statement out of your house. Just get them out. And it’s funny, I told you the story of when I said I’ve got to come clean. We have an article up. It’s called Come Clean. And well, you can walk through it and go through many of the different steps you can you can do to come clean. But one of the things you can do to come clean is get any any institution, any company that has no integrity out of your lives. You know, stop shopping there, stop supporting them, stop helping them, stop donating money to just get them out of your life, start building your life around more solutions. One thing we all need to do is we need to build local food systems. And one of the reasons we need to put protect ourselves on the local food system. Inflation is coming. I mean, inflation is here, but it’s really coming. So and and the more you can do for yourself or do locally with other people, the more you’ll be protected from that inflation. So I would go to Solari and check coming clean. There are many solutions Del, and all we have to do is stop building the you know, we’re building our own prison. Just stop building it

[02:00:46] Del BigTree

And stop funding our enemies, stop building our own prison. And I know all of us. I’m listening right now and I already know what I need to cut from my and all I feel is the inconvenience that that’s going to be.

[02:01:00] Catherine Austin Fitts

You know, here’s here’s the little secret here, the first thing is don’t feel badly about it. It’s a journey. OK, let’s start doing it, but do it in a way that gives you energy. OK. One of the things I’ll tell you, it took me two years to move the companies and myself out of the big banks and to switch my purchases. And one day it took me about two years I woke up and suddenly my life felt so much better because all those people were out of my data. You know, they they weren’t getting my data. They weren’t getting my purchases. And suddenly everybody I was doing business with, I loved it was great. I can’t there is a way to go about this, which is fun and which is energizing and, you know, go go spend money at the great local stores and do business in cash. If you go to the Solari Report, we have something called the gold and silver calculator, because one of the things one of the secrets here is we don’t need central banks still. You know, if you look at what they do, the governments could issue the currency. We don’t need central banks. It’s a huge, expensive infrastructure that adds, you know, the permits a whole world of money to stay secret. It’s really about protecting the secrecy. But we can decentralize. And one of the if you go to Solari, we have the gold the silver calculator. And I just tell people, take the gold and silver calculator and just start transacting. Use your gold and silver. Just just do it. You don’t need by-laws. You don’t need an organization. You don’t need to have a conversation. You just need a group of companies and families to just start. Let’s use our gold and silver.

[02:02:37] Del BigTree

All right, well, Catherine, I want to thank you for taking the time. That’s great advice. And obviously, everybody, you know, I’m going to get out of here and go check out Solari.com. Really. I mean, I want to read about how to do that, knowing you were coming on. My wife and I started having the conversation this morning. I need a new bank account. She’s like, we’ve got to stop using Chase. And so just how do I mean when you say, I got a research or do I use Yelp? Where do I go? If I’m looking at a at a at a credit union, you said make sure that they’re good to the people. How do I find out that information?

[02:03:09] Catherine Austin Fitts

So there are a couple of ways you can do it, first of all, their bank rating services and you can look in your area. So for Austin, Texas, you can you can determine through the bank rating systems what the banks in your areas are, particularly the ones that they rate highly and their ratings are useful, but they’re not always perfect. And so the first thing I would do is I would do that. And the other thing is I would go to the Chamber of Commerce and see what the local banks are who are members of the chamber. And so between the bank rating services and the chamber, you’ll be able to find a pretty healthy group, particularly in Austin, Texas. And then I would start to ask around. I would talk to CPAs, I would talk to attorneys. I would talk to people sort of in the money business locally and say, who do you think is the best local bank or credit union? And you’re going to get probably in Austin, you’re going to get down to a shortlist of maybe five locations. And one of the things you want to do is you want to read their governance documents and financial statements. You want to know who owns them. You want to know who’s on the board, you want to know who the managers are, and then you want to walk in and talk to them. I’ve never I’ve it’s amazing how much just walking into the bank and talking to the people and getting a sense for what it would be like to have a relationship there. It tells you a lot. So I will send you a link to the article we have on how to find a good local bank. And, you know, one way to do this Del, because it can be time consuming, you get together with a group of friends and do it together. Right?

[02:04:46] Del BigTree

All right, well, and so and that’s what I think to finish this off, is this all driving us to understand in need of community? I mean, I feel like one of the beautiful things happening around me here in Texas, so many expatriates from California. You know, we’ve all run from California, New York, we find ourselves in Texas. But there is this community forming and we are starting to, you know, interact with each other, use each other’s businesses. Do you think that that’s going to be maybe the accidental thing that happens and maybe saves us is recognizing the need for smaller community again?

[02:05:20] Catherine Austin Fitts

Ok, so I want to tell one more story. When I was litigating with the federal government, it got it turned into a really brutal fight and and the other side did everything they could to shut off my income, shut off my credit, shut off my access to money in any respect. And when it happened, you know, when the boom got lowered, one of the things I realized at that moment was I had shifted or loaned to friends and family a quarter of a million dollars. And over the next 11 years, my family and friends got together and said, well, I guess she needs the money back and and I had them either return or I had a wealthy uncle who helped other people I’d helped other people. He would help me. And over the next 11 years and I counted it up when it was over. I received back from them two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, and that’s what kept me alive and the other guys could never shut that money off because it was in the people bank. It was in the community bank, you know, it was out there on the network. And so when people ask me, what do I invest in, I invest in people because, you know, in the world we’re going into, a civilization is built one great person at a time, one great child at a time. That’s how you build a great civilization. And either we finance the world we want to live in or we won’t have it, because I assure you, Mr. Global is not going to finance it for us. Right.

[02:06:50] Del BigTree

Brilliant words, I hope you know, everyone out in the audience is taking that to heart. I know I am. We have got to start making a difference and whether it’s just using only dollars on Friday. But I think every time we pull out our wallets, we should feel a little bit of a win just by the fact that we use cash. I mean, those types of things will get us through these dark times. We feel like we’re not doing anything. Go to your ATM, grab a bunch of cash. It’s going to make your wallet a little bit bigger. I’ll have that like Castanza wallet, we call it. But at least when we throw it cash, we know we’re making a difference and certainly make sure you’re part of hashtag cash Friday, Catherine Austin Fitts. You’re a gem. You’re fantastic. I hope we get to bring you on again and again more recently.

[02:07:31] Catherine Austin Fitts

And and I would just tell everybody, do what I do. Remember to go give a little bit of that cash to ICAN and The HighWire. I think you’re doing great work and I want to support you completely.

[02:07:44] Del BigTree

Thank you very much. All right. Take care and we’ll talk to you soon. Bye bye. Oh, fantastic. I mean, amazing advice there. An amazing thought. And really, you know, what seemed like this big boogie man to me in many ways, when you listen to Catherine Austin Fitts talk about this, it’s obvious, isn’t it? You know, it’s happening. That isn’t shocking. There’s nothing there that you heard that you thought, well, that’s just that’s just out there. Crazy, wacky stuff. It’s obvious what’s happening. It’s obvious what we’re signing on to if we say yes. I keep thinking about the statement made by Dr. Scott Atlas when he was working for Donald Trump and talking about, I mean, all the masking and all the lockdown’s. And he didn’t agree with it. I wish we could have had a debate between him and Fauci. That would be the one thing I wish Donald Trump has done is just put both of these guys out in front of television and say, let me show you the argument that’s happening inside of the White House that you’re not seeing. But Scott Atlas made such a great statement when he was saying, you must resist, you must stop letting all of these things happen to you. He said, you get what you accept.

[02:08:48] Del BigTree

We are going to get what we accept. So every little piece of what we accept is a wall that’s being built in that prison that is only encasing us. We can make a difference in each one of them is brick by brick. And so when it comes to making a difference, that’s one of the things we like to celebrate on this show. So it’s time for my favorite part of the show, The HighWire Hero.

[02:09:20] Del BigTree

This week’s The HighWire hero is actually some of the sort of surprised me a lot of times we just go with regular people, maybe a

superstar, but this is someone that didn’t have to do it, didn’t have to say no, could have said yes along with everybody else. I mean, he works in a space where he needs the people in his industry to be healthy. He could have bought the lie or sold the lie, but he decided not to. I’m talking about Dana White, president of the UFC. The fastest growing sports industry in the world are really the front man. Dana White was being asked, are you going to force, vaccinate or make these athletes that are competing with each other take the covid vaccine? Here’s what he had to say in a recent podcast.

[02:10:01] Dana White

We just had a couple of fights fall out due to COVID this last week, you know, and there will be more. It’s just it’s part of our life now. This is this is part of what’s going to happen in the future. But I’m not putting any restrictions on any of my people and forcing them to do anything. I’ve never forced anybody to do anything, let alone take a shot you might not be comfortable with. You know, just not me. It’s not what I would ever do.

[02:10:28] Del BigTree

I mean, I think that that’s fantastic. Think of the ripple effect of that. I mean, that is a gigantic. We’re talking the biggest pay per views, packing stadiums. I think a recent UFC fight had a packed stadium stadium UFC ask if you’re vaccinated, never going to happen. So if he’s starting there with his athletes, you have to imagine he’s not going to accept any venue that’s going to force you to be vaccinated to get into it. Look what that man just did. One small human being that, you know, had a dream, built a new sports and an industry is now simply saying, no, that’s not my position. Do you realize the power that has how many of us have power just to move four or five people or maybe ten people that work in our business? That’s why I really want to celebrate so many great speakers this week that could have made our The HighWire hero list. Those doctors, they’re stepping up the school board meetings all around the country. But to me, Dana White, you represent what we want to see, especially people in power, but also celebrity that are visible. Just simply saying I that is not my position. I’m not a doctor and I’m not going to make health decisions for the people that work for me or around me. It’s a spectacular moment and we’re looking forward to seeing more and more of that resistance as it goes along. And speaking of what we’re resisting, what we’ve been resisting in many ways is that that sort of group of politicians or that that selected other world, right? The the underworld entrapments, we’re living in this Disneyland fake world that we’re being told. But who’s pulling the strings? Well, some of those people pulling the strings are starting to be revealed. The curtain is being pulled back on the wizard and they’re not as strong or big or as powerful as anyone thought. Of course, I’m talking about the incredible moment that happened this week when as I as I tweeted this week, ding dong, the witch is dead. The witch is dead. Andrew Cuomo resigning from his position. Here it is. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo resigns after sexual harassment allegations. We’ve been all over that guy. I told you we would not rest or be happy until we saw him walked off of that position and stepped down in New York. Remember how many countless how many unbelievable untold amount of elderly were killed by his decisions during the pandemic to force the nursing homes to take on people that were sick with covid a catastrophic move, something that we talked about. I don’t know if you can pay attention, but there were several states that made that same move. And if Catherine Austin Fitts was right, we’ve got to lower that age of retirement. Right. We can’t pay those pensions anymore. How are we going to do it? Was it on purpose? It sure is suspicious. But unfortunately, the Department of Justice has dropped its investigation of all the states that forcibly forced covid into those nursing homes and killing innocent people who were all at this moment receiving retirement, at least a great body of them.

[02:13:19] Del BigTree

So Cuomo is down and ended up coming down to the sexual harassment, and that was the pill he was willing to accept. Remember, he changed the news. It sort of went from you killed people in nursing home. He decided to sort of ride and thought he could survive the sexual harassment allegations. Well, he’s gone down. That is the biggest guy that is WHO. There he is. Ding dong. The witch is dead. Little Andrew Cuomo, he he’s gone. He’s gone. And we’re all clicking our heels and making our way back to Kansas because of it. That was on one side of the universe here in America, on the other side, his other sister or brother or whatever you want to call them. Maybe they’re non binary, which is living in California. Gavin Newsom is also coming under massive heat, the recall effort he’s been pulling ahead the whole time. But now it looks like things are changing for little Gavin Newsom. Shocking poll shows Gavin Newsom losing recall vote by double digits. Brand new polls showing he’s crashing. And apparently the way he’s going to get through that is by, I don’t know, forcing teachers to be vaccinated, allowing counties to not allow you to go grocery shopping to get the vaccine. I don’t know how that’s going to work for you, Gavin. I would look across the nation at what happened to your buddy there, Andrew Cuomo.

[02:14:37] Del BigTree

Either way, these were the icons of this pandemic, right? These were the untouchables, those celebrities that literally I mean, he won an Emmy Award. Andrew Cuomo won an Emmy Award for his handling of covid. And yet at the same time, a massacre of the elderly in the nursing homes. This is only the beginning. I am not going to rest here. By the way, I plan on having him be in handcuffs next to Anthony Fauci, you can resign, but you cannot go away. We’re going to find you. We’re going to come after you. Who should really be winning the awards? Probably the politicians that are standing up against the machine saying things that sound a lot like what Catherine Austin Fitts just said. The person that’s fighting to put some of these people behind bars, and especially Anthony Fauci, I don’t know if you saw it, but our good friend and really probably the lone voice in this cesspool we call government, Rand Paul put out a video this week. We decided to touch it up a bit. But I think this sentiment should ring and sound in your hearts, play it several times every time you’re feeling down, every time you’re confused or forgot what Catherine Austin Fitts said on The HighWire this week, it just takes three minutes to be reminded what is expected of us. Now, this is Rand Paul in a powerful, powerful video. Take a look at this.

[02:16:00] Rand Paul

It’s time for us to resist. They can’t arrest all of us. They can’t keep all of your kids home from school. They can’t keep every government building closed, although I’ve got a long list of ones they might keep close to my ought to keep closed. We don’t have to accept the mandates, lockdowns and harmful policies of the petty tyrants and bureaucrats. We can simply say, no, not again. Nancy Pelosi, you will not arrest or stop me or anyone on my staff from doing our jobs. We have either had covid had the vaccine or been offered the vaccine. We will make our own health choices. We will not show you a passport. We will not wear a mask. We will not be forced into random screenings at TESTING’S so you can continue your drunk with power reign over the Capitol. President Biden, we will not accept your agency’s mandates or your reported moves towards a lockdown. No one should follow the CDC s antiscience mask mandates. And if you want to shut down federal agencies again, some of which aren’t even back to work yet, I will stop every bill coming to the Senate with an amendment to cut their funding. If they don’t come back to work in person, local bureaucrats and union bosses, we will not allow you to do more harm to our children again this year. Children are not at any more risk from covid than they are from the seasonal flu. Every adult who works in schools has either had the vaccine or had their chance to get vaccinated. There is no reason for mask mandates, part time schools or any lockdown measures. Children are falling behind in school and are being harmed physically and psychologically by the tactics that you used to keep them from the classroom during the last year. [02:17:51] Rand Paul

We won’t allow it again. If a school system attempts to keep children from full time in person school, I will hold up every bill with two amendments one to defund them and another to allow parents the choice of where the money goes for their child’s education. Do I sound fed up to you? That’s because I am. I’m not a career politician. I practiced medicine for 33 years. I graduated from Duke Medical School. I’ve worked in emergency rooms. I’ve studied immunology in virology. And I ultimately chose to become an eye surgeon. I’ve been telling everyone for a year now a Dr. Fauci and other public health bureaucrats were not following the science. And I’ve been proven right time and time again. But I’m not the only one who’s fed up. I can’t go anywhere these days without people coming up and thanking me for standing up for them, whether I’m at work or at events in Kentucky, at airports, in restaurants or in stores. People thank me for taking a stand. They thanked me for standing up for actual science, for standing up for freedom, for standing against mandates, lockdowns and bureaucratic power grabs. I think the tide is turning as more and more people are willing to stand up. I see stories from across the country of parents standing up to the unions and school boards. I see brave mom standing up and saying my kids need to go back to school in person. I see members of Congress refusing to comply with petty tyrant Pelosi. We are at a moment of truth and a crossroads. Will we allow these people to use fear and propaganda to do further harm to our society, economy and children? Or will we stand together and say, absolutely not. Not this time? I choose freedom.

[02:19:50] Del BigTree

There you have it. One of the elected officials in the United States government exercising the greatest freedom known in the world, the freedom of speech and the right to say that if a law is unjust, not only is it OK to resist it, it is expected of you, it is demanded of you. We must stop building the walls of our own prison now. And I couldn’t be clearer today. All the science is crap. It doesn’t hold together. It’s built by lies and assumptions and obfuscation and burying their heads in the sand. Are we going to allow these people to lead us any longer to lead us to our own demise, the destruction of our businesses, the destruction of our lives, only to put us on some sort of universal income and turn us into slaves and prisons that we built ourselves? Pull out your wallet, pull out your cash, do the things that you know you can do every day to get outside the system. And I know it sounds like a lot of work to figure out, know what bank is best, but start that work maybe a little bit every day. As you said, let’s get a team of friends together instead of just drinking and crying about what’s happening in the world. Why don’t we say you take this part, I’ll go down and check out, you know, with the state and the city and the department of commerce and see what bank is best and let’s make a difference. Let’s start moving in the right direction.

[02:21:09] Del BigTree

My garden’s bigger. I just got bees this week, everybody. Crazy story bees wild in my car. She said carry them in your cars. That would be air conditioning. Well, I ended up having a swarm inside my truck. I handled it all these things. It’s a learning curve, right? It’s a learning curve. Trying to find your way forward in a community driven world where we love each other and we love life. But we’ve got real blood pumping through our veins, not ice cold fear and terror and a hope that a computer somewhere in some group, in some central bank or some central world order will take care of all of this. For me, taking care of it means your fed, you are controlled, you’re given your rations through your bars. Is that the world you want? It’s not the world I want. No one here on The HighWire wants this. I don’t think anyone watching The HighWire and certainly Catherine Austin Fitts and Rand Paul are standing up and telling us what we need to do. We need to do it now. You must resist this insanity because it’s not legal and it’s not right. And it’s not constitutional. It’s not American. It is not human. It is not of this earth everywhere, wherever you are in the world, whatever country you’re in, where these draconian laws are being pushed on you, they’re being pushed by the same Klaus Schwabs around the world that are saying, we’re taking everything from you and you’ll be happy because of it.

[02:22:29] Del BigTree

You’ll be renting from who? From us, whoever what tiny group that us dreams them to be. Let’s not hand them that power. Let’s not hand them another single dollar from our wallets. Let’s not invest in Netflix. If it’s going to go ahead and say that we’re going to vaccinate everybody that works for us. Let’s deny the radio stations, the television stations, the people that make our milk and poison our food, stop using them. We vote with our dollars. We vote with our truth. We stand for who we are and we resist oppression because that is what is required in this time. Thank you, Catherine Austin Fitts. Thank you, Rand Paul. Thank you, Jefferey Barke.

And thank you to my team that puts this brilliant show together every week. And thank you to the legal team that keeps busting Tony Fauci’s balls. We’re on your man and we’re not going to stop. I’ll see you. Oh, by the way, if you want to do something important and you’re anywhere near Texas, we’re having a rally at the state capitol here in Austin Saturday, August 21 it’s being put together by Texans for Vaccine Choice. Freedom Fight. We’re not going to take it. 2021 I’m going to be there, other great speakers. This is just one event. There’s many like them all around the country. Stop thinking, what should I do? Get up and do it and I’ll see you there.

This is The HighWire. I’ll see you next week.