The Covid Narrative is Unraveling; The HighWire Highlight’s Shocking COVID Accuracy; Dr. Barke Opposes Masking Kids Again; Hope for the Covid Vaccine Injured; Where is this all going?

Guests: Jeffrey Barke, MD; Angelia Deselle; Shawn Skelton

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Episode Transcript

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We’re not telling you what to think. We’re showing you how you find the information, how you think. And then when you go out to have your conversations, you don’t have to say, hey, del Bigtree said, you can say, here’s the science right here. Here’s the video. We’re Fauci says this right here. It’s total and complete transparency. That’s The HighWire protocol. And we’re demanding that every news agency in the world take up this incredibly I mean, no doubt about it. This is death defying news, you know, putting it all on the line, transparency that has never been seen before. That’s why we’re called The HighWire. I want to thank all of you who’ve been with us from the beginning and especially through this last year, because what an incredible year it’s been. So many ups and downs, twists and turns on this conversation about the covid pandemic and then the vaccination. And then we’ve seen the light. We’re out of our masks. Everything feels like it’s going to be OK. But now we’re all starting to see this dark cloud looming on the horizon and wondering, is that a different storm? Is that the same storm? Are we in the eye of the storm? And who is to blame? If you listen to the thunder coming from the dark clouds, they’ll tell you this.

[00:04:52] News Reporter

What is it going to take to get people to get shot tonight?

[00:04:55] Gov. Kay Ivey

I don’t know. You tell me. Folks supposed to have common sense. But it’s time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks, not the regular folks, the unvaccinated folks that are letting us down.

[00:05:09] Gov. Gavin Newsom

If we can just get everybody vaccinated, that’s not vaccinated, that’s refusing to get vaccinated, this living vaccine free and impacting the rest of us, just like drunk drivers, you don’t have the right to go out and drink and drive and put everybody else at risk, including your own life at risk.

[00:05:22] Sunny Hostin

I say we need to shun those that refuse to get vaccinated. If you have not been vaccinated, no entry, you want to get on a plane, you’ve got to be vaccinated, show proof of vaccination. You don’t then get to infringe on the rights of those who have chosen to protect their fellow citizens.

[00:05:41] News Reporter

It’s astounding. And I got to say disheartening that still we have some eighty five million Americans who are resistant to taking advantage of this gift. If you’re unvaccinated. This virus is looking for you.

[00:05:53] Joe Biden if you’re not vaccinated, you’re not nearly as smart as I thought you’d be. Those other 100 million people got vaccinated in a very different world.

[00:06:01] Gov. Jim Justice

And if you’re vaccinated, you’re part of the problem, not part of the solution. If we had you vaccinated, less people would die. It is truly a blessing from God that we’ve been delivered this vaccine.

[00:06:17] Del Bigtree

Well, I guess there it is. It’s the people that didn’t take the vaccine that are really the problem. That’s the blame game. That’s what’s going on today. But is it really the truth? I want to go through some of the headlines that apparently none of these people in these videos have seen, and there’s a lot of them. But let’s go ahead and bury this stupid idea. Here it comes. “COVID spreading fast in well vaccinated California counties”, “Fully vaccinated Cary couple ‘shocked and disappointed’ after both become sick from COVID”, “Piers Morgan caught covid at Euro 2020 final despite being double-jabbed”, “Masonicare in Wallingford dealing with COVID-19 outbreak of the fully vaccinated”, “Covid outbreak among vaccinated Vegas hospital workers underscores Delta risks”, “Breakthrough Covid cases among vaccinated players postpones MLB game”, “Shooting for a Hollywood film shuts down after vaccination cast gets Covid”, “6th fully vaccinated Texas Democrat lawmaker tests positive for covid-19″, Texas Dems slammed for ‘superspreader’ trip as Biden, Pelosi AIDS catch COVID” all of whom were vaccinated. “Two passengers test positive for COVID on Celebrity Millennium ‘Fully Vaccinated’ cruise”. “Outdoor Wedding: 6 fully vaccinated infected with covid-19 Delta Variant”, “Stanford students concerned about breakthrough COVID cases after 7 fully vaccinated test positive”, “Church camp covid outbreak: 20 fully vaccinated residents test positive, health officials say”, “28 fully vaccinated people contract COVID at Homeless Shelter in California”,

“Minnesota finds 89 covid cases in vaccinated people”, “Covid-19 infects about 100 vaccinated crew members on HMS Queen

Elizabeth:report”, “TDH: More than 1,000 breakthrough covid cases reported in TN”, “REPORTS: half of Covid-19-infected adults in

Israel in latest outbreak were fully vaccinated”, “So far, 5,800 fully vaccinated people have caught covid anyway in US, CDC says”, “Fully vaccinated New Orleans woman dies of covid aged 33 in rare Breakthru case”, “49 fully vaccinated people in New Jersey have died from covid-19”, “27 fully vaccinated people died in Tennessee, Health Department says”, “Four fully vaccinated people with underlying high-risk health conditions have died of covid-19 in Dallas County”, “246 infected, 3 dead from COVID-19 in Michigan despite being vaccinated”, “79 people dead, 303 Hospitalized in Mass. Breakthrough Cases: Report”, “169 dead, 644 hospitalized in Illinois Breakthrough COVID cases”.

[00:08:54] Del Bigtree

You get the idea, it sounds a little bit like the vaccine isn’t working at all, and in fact and so it makes sense. It makes sense. I mean, I said it before, didn’t I? I mean, I believe I said that when their vaccine starts failing, what was it? Remind me, what was it I said? Get ready. I’ve been warning you, right, they’re going to blame us, they’re going to blame us for not using their totally defunct and terrible, useless, worthless product. That was back in April. We’re going to do a lot of that today since we’re celebrating one year of being independent from censorship and controls by social media. We’re going to show you how we’ve been getting it right from the beginning. But first, it’s time for the Jaxen Report.

[00:09:46] Del Bigtree

Wow, Jefferey, I mean, exciting stuff, you’ve been here, you know, since we were in a closet, basically starting out, spend a little room in California and then into a un-airconditioned warehouse here in Texas. Now we’ve got our new digs, new website. It’s really exciting stuff. You’ve been a huge part of that Jefferey. So I just want to thank you right now for for sticking this journey out because it’s had its ups and downs for sure.

[00:10:13] Jefferey Jaxen

Right. And so many other people out there that supported all of us in this journey as hats off to everybody else. They know who they are by watching this. Just an amazing ride. And let’s start out. We have a we have an amazing video clip here. This is a clip by Dr.

David Bauer. He is he is a lead on a study that he’s going to be talking about. But he’s, he heads up the RNA Virus Replication Laboratory at the Francis Crick Institute. And here’s what he had to say about immunity and vaccination. Take a look.

[00:10:44] Dr. David Bauer

So the key message from our finding is that we found that recipients of the Pfizer vaccine, those who’ve had two doses, have about five to six fold lower amounts of neutralizing antibodies. Now, these are the sort of gold standard private security antibodies of your immune system which block the virus from getting into your cells in the first place. And so we found that that’s less for people with two doses. We’ve also found that for people with only one dose of the Pfizer job, that they are less likely to have high levels of these antibodies in their blood. And perhaps most importantly for all of us going forward, is that we see that the older you are, the lower your levels are likely to be. And the time since you’ve had your second job, as that time goes on, the lower your levels are also likely to be. So that’s telling us that we’re probably going to be needing to prioritize boosters for older and more vulnerable people coming up soon, especially if this new variant spreads.

[00:11:42] Del Bigtree

Boy, not very good news from an MRNA specialist right there.

[00:11:48] Jefferey Jaxen

And boosters are coming. And what else he found in that study was the increase of a person’s age and also the time that has elapsed after their second booster correlated with a decrease in activity of those neutralizing antibodies for not only the Delta variant, but the beta variant, which used to be called the South African variant. So there’s two of them there. And obviously they called for boosters at the end of that study. But, you know, science is acting like this is a big shock, like these are the new findings. But again, if anybody’s been watching The HighWire, we covered this back in August of 2020. Take a look at this.

[00:12:23] Del Bigtree

[Clip from Episode 177] This is the New England Journal of Medicine. This is the evaluation of the MRNA 1273 vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 in non-human primates. Now, this is obviously this is coming from the Moderna vaccine, which has got the NIH patent in it. This is what they say. Seroconversion was rapid for binding antibodies occurring within two weeks after the first vaccination. But

Suda virus neutralizing activity was low before the second vaccination, which supports the need for a two dose vaccination schedule. Now, is this what you’re saying? What they’re talking about is the first shot really just created binding antibodies which could lead to this immune enhancement problem, and it wasn’t until after the second shot that we got the neutralizing antibodies. Is that what they’re talking about there?

[00:13:15] Dr. Neu

Yeah, that that’s what that looks like. This graph really shows that. So the binding antibodies are there right away. It’s a neutralizing antibodies. You really don’t see a big jump until you get that second shot. And without that, you don’t have protection against the virus. You have that window where potentially you could have antibody dependent enhancement from the vaccine.

[00:13:37] Del Bigtree

It’s amazing Jefferey to look back at that and think, as you’re saying now, it’s like big shocker. We said that first shot, even though remember when the whole world was saying, you know, let’s just get one shot if we can’t get two shots and we’ll let’s get the one shot. Now, this scientist today is pointing out that that’s going to be a problem. We pointed out all the way back in August, and this is just some people that are tuning in that don’t fully understand what we’re talking about: when we looked at the trials, you know, one of the issues is binding antibodies don’t do any good when they say, well, we’ve got a lot of antibodies being produced. If they’re binding antibodies, they’re just going to grab on to the virus and actually sort of act as their friend and like waltz them in through the security into the building. You do not want that. You want the neutralizing antibodies. And so all the studies were showing that was almost no neutralizing antibodies, that the first shot you had to get the second shot. But then the question we were having then was how long have those antibodies going to last? And if they start to wane, do they drop back in that place where all they have is the binding antibodies? You’re hearing, Dr. Neu respond there, they’re talking about antibody dependent enhancement, one of the reigning theories, and that is where the vaccine actually helps the virus, which we saw in all the animal trials, helps make the animals sick and in many cases die. And the enhancement caused by the vaccine, helping the virus kill the animal. That’s what we’re really concerned about. We’ve talked about it sort of the entire year. But now that we hear these antibodies are waning as fast as they are from this scientist, it really becomes a new concern, right, that 10 weeks in after your second shot, could you now be vulnerable for that antibody dependent enhancement because you’re neutralizing antibodies are disappearing. Very, very scary stuff. You know, and now we are being backed up on the obvious science that was here all the way back in August. News is now reporting it like it’s a brand new thing. That’s I guess that’s the difference between the news and The HighWire. And we’re going to point that out clearly today.

[00:15:26] Jefferey Jaxen

Right. And we don’t have to go searching very deeply for this. It’s all over the news. It’s not just Dr. Bauer and his study and his institute. We have it right directly from the headlines at The Guardian out of the U.K. Their own study says UK scientists back covid booster’s as study finds post-jab falls in antibodies. It goes in to talk about scientists have backed proposals for covid booster’s in the autumn after blood tests of hundreds of people revealed that protective antibodies can wane substantially within weeks of a second vaccine shots being given. Now listen to this. It says the UCL, this University College London Virus Watch study, found that antibodies generated by two doses of the Oxford AstraZeneca are Pfizer Pfizer biotech vaccine started to wane as early as six weeks after the second shot, in some cases falling more than 50 percent over 10 weeks. They had six hundred and five people in this study, mostly 50 and 60 year old. So these are the people we are supposed to be protecting that, you know, really high mortality rate for this virus. So that’s an interesting, a really interesting fact. But the studies keep going. Here’s another here’s another headline. This was published in the journal Nature: “Reduced sensitivity of SARS-CoV-2 variant Delta to antibody neutralization”. And here’s where we talk about that immune escape. It says “Sera from individuals having received one dose of Pfizer or AstraZeneca vaccines, barely inhibited variant Delta. Administration of two doses generated a neutralizing response of 95 percent in 95 percent of individuals with titers three to five fold lower against Delta than Alpha. Thus, variant Delta spread is associated with an escape to antibodies targeting non-RBD and RBD spike epitopes. S receptor binding domain.

[00:17:12] Del Bigtree

Wow. So just the slight shift in this variant. Now this Delta is throwing this vaccine all out of whack, right?

[00:17:20] Jefferey Jaxen

And that’s what we are worried about doing. These talking about this early on was if this thing does shift because we have everything was pointing towards those alpha, those initial strains. So what happens if that spike protein shifts in the wrong direction? And we’re seeing this. And so let’s go right directly to now Rochelle Walensky, the director of the CDC. Listen to what she’s talking about just recently on this topic. Take a look.

[00:17:42] News Reporter

Ok, and just last question, because I know they’re doing it in Europe, but you’re not CDC director of Europe, which I’m sure you’re plenty happy about. But they’re issuing health health passes. They’re right where, you know, you can go to a disco or a discotheque, as they like to call it there. If you have a health pass, is that something that the CDC would ever lead into or perhaps advise here? [00:18:03] Rochelle Walinsky

You know, I think some communities are doing that, and that may very well be the path forward. I do want to sort of comment that in some fully vaccinated venues, if there are people if they’re unmasked and there are a few people who are transmitting there as a fully vaccinated person, it is possible to pick up disease in those settings. We’ve seen that in some of our outbreaks investigations this summer, which is why overall it’s so very critical to just get the huge amount of disease in some of these areas down.

[00:18:34] Del Bigtree

How do you plan on doing that when after what she just said, I mean, that is the most incredible statement. I mean, I would say, you know, and when we were starting to talk about the show, we were going to talk about this push for vaccine passport. Clearly, our country is is following other nations in a very, very scary direction when it comes to our constitutional rights as citizens and free people walking the streets, going to restaurants, going to movie theaters that may very well be under attack. But slowly, this story started shifting right underneath our feet as the absolute destruction of the belief in this vaccine is taking place. But what she says is incredible. In a venue of fully vaccinated people with fully vaccinated people that are transmitting, fully vaccinated people will catch this virus and fully vaccinated people will transmit it, which is why we’ve got to get this virus under control. Well, clearly, the vaccine is not going to be how you’re going to do it. I mean, this is such an amazing admission by the head of the CDC. I mean, frankly, with all the lies that I see coming out of our regulatory agencies, I’m kind of impressed that she’s admitting the total and complete failure of this vaccine the way she is.

[00:19:45] Jefferey Jaxen

Right. And adding the passport as the answer to that. Just I guess so you know, more people are vaccinated with a vaccine that’s failing to stop transmission. OK, but speaking of that, here is everybody’s favorite. Dr. Fauci saying it is plain as day, plain as day.

Take a look at this.

[00:20:01] Dr. Anthony Fauci

Ok, now that we have a Delta variant that has changed the entire landscape, because when you look at the level of virus in the nasal pharynx of a vaccinated person who gets a breakthrough infection with Delta, it is exactly the same as the level of virus in a unvaccinated person who’s infected. That’s the problem. So those data are very compelling. And that triggered the change in the CDC guideline.

[00:20:33] Del Bigtree

I mean, we’re even past like it’s going to knock down the virus a little bit. He is literally saying when we look in the nasal passages of someone vaccinated that’s infected and someone unvaccinated, it’s the exact same amount of virus that’s indistinguishable. There is no difference. The vaccine is clearly having no effect on these individuals whatsoever. That is I mean, because what they’ve been telling us, well, it lowers it’s going to you know, you’re having less of a of an effect. It’s not as strong as if you were unvaccinated. Clearly, that’s been thrown to the wind, too. I mean, I’m I’m shocked that we’re even sitting here, that there’s a working vaccine program as we speak. And still we have a vaccine program in play while they’re saying this. Right.

[00:21:13] Jefferey Jaxen

Right. I wonder if he even meant to say that part out loud. I mean, i was so shocked when I heard that.

[00:21:22] Jefferey Jaxen

Mean, give him a couple of weeks. Maybe he might backtrack on that one or flip it. So what we’re really talking about here is we just talked about what the vaccine is doing now. Let’s talk about the natural immunity, really a freight train. I mean, we’ve been reporting on this for over a year now, study after study after study showing natural immunity is robust, is durable, and that’s exactly what the headlines are continuing to show. So this is the latest headline here. It says, “Natural Immunity After covid-19 found durable and robust”. It says here, “this new study shows that most convalesced covid-19 patients mount durable antibodies, B cells and T cells specific for SARS-CoV-2 to up to 250 days. The kinetics of these responses provide an early indication for a favorable course ahead to achieve long lived immunity”. Maybe that’s what Walensky is talking about when she says we need to get this virus infection under control in so many words. Now, let’s go to that study. Let’s see what they actually say. So this was in the Cell Press Journal and it’s titled Longitudinal Analysis Shows Durable and Broad Immune to memory after sars-cov-2 infection with persisting antibody responses and memory B and T cells. Big title there. They took 254 patients to sites over 250 days. And they found, quote, “Our findings show that indicate induction of neutralizing antibodies occur in the majority of covid-19 patients. These neutralizing antibodies can persist over the eight to nine month period following infection”.

[00:22:47] Del Bigtree

Now, just let me stop you there for a second. Is the exact opposite of what we just heard from the vaccine, right? Once you were naturally infected, eight, nine months, those antibodies are still just rocking it out. But when you get the vaccine in 10 weeks has dropped up to 50 percent. And then when I think of every politician I’ve heard, say, vaccine immunity, stronger than natural immunity, and why wouldn’t you get your vaccine after you’ve naturally been infected? Clearly, we know why Rand Paul has been screaming and yelling from the mountaintops. The naturally infected have got to be accepted in the society. Now, we know that they’re the only ones that are truly immune.

[00:23:25] Jefferey Jaxen

Right, and much like a lot of the studies that we have found on natural immunity, like this study, it only persisted to eight to nine month period because that’s as far as the study went out to. So it’s a longitudinal study. So it’s going to go up to two years. So there’s going to be updates on this that we’ll cover here. But it’s not just some random study in Cell Press Journal or nature we have the CDC’s own Emerging Infectious Disease Journal now reporting on this as well. Here’s a study that they put in. This is their August 1st edition “Persistence of sars-cov-2 specific IgG in children six months after infection, Australia”, that almost 300 children, 300 participants, children and adults included in that. And they found, quote, “we found that similar to the adults in this cohort and those in previous studies, SARS-CoV-2 positive children with no or mild symptoms might have strong and durable moral responses that persisted for over six months”. Here we go again.

[00:24:22] Del Bigtree

So you didn’t even have to have a strong infection, this idea that maybe you had to get high symptoms. We’re finding out what we always knew, which was the children who may be exhibiting no symptoms whatsoever are really building this wall. They have powerful immunity even when we didn’t even see them have symptoms. And the CDC is admitting that.

[00:24:42] Jefferey Jaxen Right, right.

[00:24:43] Del Bigtree

We never hear from Toni Fauci’s mouth, do we?

[00:24:46] Jefferey Jaxen

No, we don’t, we don’t, and it’s interesting about testing, you mentioned that, here’s a question, are we testing too much? We’ve covered that a little bit, but now it’s mainstream headlines. So this is directly The Washington Post. It says literally, we are testing too many vaccinated people who lack covid symptoms, if possible, for someone to fight off an infection and still test positive, which skews case numbers. And this one article in The Washington Post, and it’s calling they’re basically saying there’s the article right there and basically saying in the article, quote, “In today’s world of routine coronavirus testing of vaccinated people, these positive tests are inflating the number of positive cases in a misleading way. We should not let imprecise and inflated case numbers among the vaccinated shape public policy”. Interesting.

[00:25:37] Del Bigtree

So believe me, that is what we’ve been saying from the beginning with the testing of children and everybody else. It doesn’t matter you’re test testing asymptomatic people. It doesn’t matter. What we should be talking about is how many people are dying, how many people are sick. That’s what we are saying. And now all of a sudden now the vaccine is failing. Stop testing in the vaccinated people. We were going to try to tell them that that works better than not being vaccinated. Now we’re just seeing asymptomatic spread everywhere we look, people are getting panicked. They’re losing trust in the vaccine. So just stop testing. Remember when Donald Trump said that? Remember when Donald Trump said we should really just hear here was Trump on coronavirus? “If we stopped testing right now, we’d have very few cases, if any” and everyone’s like, how could you say such a thing? I mean, that’s just anti science to say stop testing. What he was saying is, look, most people are doing fine. We are making and so many people said this is a test-demic that we’re creating a pandemic by testing people that we’ve never looked at before. Never before in society did we ever test people that were walking down the street perfectly healthy. And they did. You know that you actually are carrying a virus, never done it with a flu, never done with a coronavirus that we sent ourselves into a frenzy. But now, now that the vaccine was supposed to be the savior, now we’ve got to stop testing so we don’t out that the vaccine is doing no better. I mean, the is unbelievable.

[00:26:54] Jefferey Jaxen

Exactly. And just a quick trip down memory lane. The reason we didn’t want to test was because the real time PCR testing was so inaccurate because of the high cycle threshold. So that was contested early on with the Cormon-Drosten Review Report. And they looked at that and they basically called the test. So this is this is the actual paper, if anybody wants to look at this, they had scientists, doctors, researchers look at this testing protocol and saying this is what they said. I pulled a quote there. They said, In light of our reexamination of the test protocol to identify SARS-CoV-2, they found it at the bottom line there. They said it’s they’ve identified concerning errors and inherent fallacies which render the SARS-CoV-2 PCR tests useless. This is when they’re using it to test in the vaccine. So the fact that they use that to shape the lockdown policy and the restrictions for so long now, again, this is, like you said, bringing it back now that the vaccinated are starting to test positive. Now they’re almost echoing what everybody, including us, have been saying for almost two years now. Right.

[00:27:57] Del Bigtree

It’s all going to come down to natural immunity, but that’s not where their focus is. It I mean, instead, I mean, what we have got to report on this week is where they should be bailing on the vaccine, where they should be just telling us, you know, we tried we rushed into it. And sometimes when you rush science, it really doesn’t work out. That’s not exactly what the White House is saying, is


[00:28:18] Jefferey Jaxen

That’s right. And speaking of the White House, directly after our show at 4:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, Joe Biden is expected to announce a vaccine mandate for federal workers. This could be a live, a live announcement, that’s the expectation. And how did we get here? These gene therapy vaccine products still under emergency use authorization? Well, what he did was his administration did first was they went to the Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Counsel and they had that counsel give an opinion on the coming mandates to give give the Biden administration legal cover. This is what the headline looked at. This was out of Fox News for the DOJ. DOJ declares vaccine mandates legal now of the VA, California and New York are to require some or all government employees to get vaccinated or tested weekly. And so that was a shock for a lot of people because, again, this is an emergency use authorization product

[00:29:14] Del Bigtree

And you’re still in the middle of an experiment, right. An experiment on arguably the largest body of human beings that have ever been injected with an experimental product that had never been in a human being before, a product that when we talk about coronavirus vaccines, killed and maimed animals in virtually every single trial of every attempt at a vaccine for coronavirus over the last 20 years or so to think that this is now going to be forced on the largest employment group in our nation. Right. When we look at government agencies, this is incredible, but I was under the impression that the FDA clearly said everybody deserves informed consent, especially during an emergency use authorization, because this product has not been licensed or approved for safety. So how does the Department of Justice come to that? What did they say?

[00:30:05] Jefferey Jaxen

They basically said that this thing they said that it will be they can be mandated, there is no legal requirements, that it can’t be mandated, but that’s not exactly true. Health and Human Services, the United States under Health Human Services has legal code that’s written out to govern these things, among other laws, and bylines. So let’s go through those really quick just to put Joe Biden’s perhaps coming mandate it a little of a light. So here’s the emergency use authorization code. This is U.S. Code, Title 21, Chapter nine, Subchapter five, part E, Section three sixty, triple B, dash three. And it says in there appropriate conditions designed to ensure that individuals to whom the product is administered this is emergency use authorization product are informed of the option to accept or refuse administration of the product. Congress plays such an importance on an individual’s right to refuse an emergency use authorization product that it it carved out only one requirement, only one time that it can be waived. And that’s if the president of the United States in writing wants to give it to the military only for only for extreme purposes, such as an interest of national security.

[00:31:19] Jefferey Jaxen

That’s the only time that that exception was given. Let’s go on. So even even task forces that were created for the covid-19, this is the same, a safer federal workforce. They say this, the task force led by the White House covid-19 response team. They say at present covid-19 vaccination should generally not be a precondition for employees or contractors at executive departments and agencies to work in person, in federal buildings, on federal lands and in other settings as required by their job duties. And even, as you said, the FDA’s own inserts for the emergency use authorization of the product. This was for Pfizer. The same for Moderna. This is the fact sheet given to recipients and caregivers. It says here question what if I decide not to get the Pfizer biotech covid-19 vaccine? It says it is your choice to receive or not receive the Pfizer Pfizer biotech covid-19 vaccine. Should you decide not to receive it, it will not change your standard medical care. So it was basically saying right there that it’s not going to change your position on what’s on what’s going on in your life. You decide not to enroll in this experiment.

[00:32:28] Del Bigtree

It’s true informed consent. Yet the Department of Justice, obviously under pressure from the Biden administration, looks at all of those statements. And somehow, in my understanding is it was pretty simple. They said that really when the FDA and all these organizations, the HHS, are saying you have a right to accept or refuse the vaccination, what they determined was, well, no, the law basically what they’re saying is you have a right to be told that you have the right to accept or reject it. But if you reject it, you can be fired, meaning it was only the implication that you should be told that you have a right, but you don’t actually have that right. Is that am I wrong? Is that what the Department of Justice just basically stated for the nation? You have a right to be told that you have a choice, but in the end, you actually don’t have a choice. You just had a right to be told you had a choice that if,

[00:33:23] Jefferey Jaxen

As appears to be how they are interpreting it. But a lot of people are happy with that. Paramount is the American Postal Workers Union. And they had a statement on the mandatory vaccination. And there’s the statement right there. And they’re basically said it’s in the statement they said is not the role of federal government to mandate these for the employees they represent. They said that this is this needs to be negotiated with their union. They can’t just blanket put this out there. And finally at that time, they put that statement out there saying, we oppose this mandate in relation to all postal workers. So there’s a lot of schools, a lot of governors, postal worker unions and probably more federal agencies, I hope, that are going to take a harder stance on this if this mandate does come down like this. You know, but.

[00:34:12] Del Bigtree

Yeah, well, you know what this is. Go ahead. This is the White House essentially throwing in the towel. What they’re saying is we have been incapable of getting our employees in the federal government to listen to us. We’ve shown them the science and the data, presumably, and they’ve refused it. Now, can we make an assumption here, Jefferey, I’m going to go ahead and just make this bold assumption that if our government is hiring individuals, they must be top of their class, high intelligence individuals because they work for the government. I mean, I think that’s what the government would like us to believe. So what they’re saying to us is that these highly educated, brilliant people that have gotten government jobs are obviously not responding to the rhetoric and propaganda coming from the White House on this vaccine. They clearly have access to the data and the science. They may not have to watch The HighWire, which is the only place you’d find it, but you would. I think that they’re looking at it and all of that has led to them saying, I’m not getting the vaccine. And so now instead of appealing to the hearts and minds of government workers, our president is simply saying, I’m not going to give you a choice. I force the Department of Justice to make a ruling that goes against all logic and reason and all the scientists that have weighed in on this from HHS to FDA. I’m going to have a bunch of lawyers overwrite that so that I can force you since you did not respond to our propaganda. I mean, to me, this is just a complete I mean, it’s terrifying, you know, on its face. But really, it’s an admission that you were incapable of motivating and inspiring your own people. What a freaking joke.

[00:35:47] Jefferey Jaxen

Right. And it’s it’s not science. It’s not sound public policy. It’s not a government that’s competent. This is a ham fisted approach to ram this thing through. And it’s going to get pushback. You know, an unlikely American voice has emerged. There’s been a lot of frustration with the vaccine now failing. You see the government starting to almost turn on the people that were vaccinated as well as the unvaccinated, because now we’re kind of in the same boat as far as they’re concerned, because the vaccine is doing failure and this American voice has emerged to really express that frustration. And it’s an unlikely source. It’s actor Michael Rapaport. Take a look.

[00:36:25] Michael Rapaport

I I just watched. Tony Fauci, CNN. And Fox. Tell me that people with the vaccine, vaccinated people are now spreading the coronavirus. A couple of weeks ago, a couple of days ago, I was yes, I’m vaccinating a little stick here. I’m vaccinated, be a hero, be vaccinated. I went from being a hero because I’m vaccinated and now you motherfuckers are calling me a super spreader. I’m and super spreader. Figure this shit out.

[00:37:21] Del Bigtree

I mean, I don’t I don’t know what else to say, I mean, clearly Michael Rapaport, much like many of his characters, a little bit intimidating, a little bit scary, but clearly confused. I mean, that is a man who and I think that must be the sentiment right now sweeping across America. I thought I was a hero and now I’m a super spreader. What incredible times we now live in and an amazing time to be on The HighWire having predicted all of this, that would happen. Jefferey amazing reporting, amazing that we find ourselves in this position. All of the things we’ve uncovered that we’ve been sharing all along the way keep up the great work. We’re going to have a lot of fun with this new website for those Jefferey. Take care. We’ll see you next week.

[00:38:05] Del Bigtree Thanks, Del.

[00:38:06] Del Bigtree

And for those of you like the word that Jefferey does, definitely check out the new website. You can check out the Jaxen report there where he’s writing brilliant articles, getting to a lot more depth on the conversations that we’re having here on the show. We’re also inviting other writers to come in and we’re going to allow different opinion pieces to be written. We have an entire news page where there’s going to be a news feed of the things that we think are interesting but may not be our point of view. Maybe it’s even the other side’s point of view. But if you want to know what’s happening in the world of health, medicine, vaccines and the pandemic, there’s going to be one resource where you’re going to find all of the things that we find interesting. And if you’re watching this show, I’m going to guess you’re going to find it interesting, too. So that’s brand new for us. I want to thank the voluntary team that is out there collating, finding this stuff and populating this website. So many volunteers, we don’t talk about that work for The HighWire and do the work to help bring truth and light to this world that don’t get recognized. So I want to thank you also for the brilliant contribution that you make to The HighWire. All right. Well, I think that it’s important, especially based on watching Michael Rapaport there, clearly confused at how we got here. And really, unfortunately, Michael just should have been watching The HighWire the whole time. So I want to take you just very quickly.

[00:39:27] Del Bigtree

We now know where we stand. We are standing on a castle made of sand. It is dissolving right neath our feet, but they’re acting as though this is a surprise that they never expected to be here. I want to show you how it wasn’t a surprise to us. So let’s just go through a little bit of the history of what got us here, starting with when this vaccine first was released. We were told that it was 95 percent effective. And I did a bunch of work with graphs. I showed you how they’d only even looked at about one hundred people out of like thirty five thousand made all the decisions there. But there was a moment I had a discovery. I think it was about three weeks in to them promoting this ninety five percent efficacy, where it really dawned on me what they were talking about and how they were lying to the world. It was at ninety five percent effective at stopping the infection. But here’s me saying it not today, not as an armchair quarterback, looking back before anybody else said it. Take a look at this.

[00:40:28] Del Bigtree

[From Episode 192] I want to explain something that I was even somewhat confused about it. First of all, have you been asking yourself why is it sometimes they say covid-19 and other times they say SARS-CoV-2? Well, there’s actually here’s the difference. sars-cov-2 is the infection that we spread to each other, that we’re asymptomatic carriers or whatever is going on. We sneeze, we spread to each other SARS-CoV-2. Covid-19 is just the symptoms that come from sars-cov-2, otherwise known as the disease. The part that makes you ill at ease. This is really important for me to explain what’s going on here. So when you were watching that news and they do this on purpose, you were under the impression when they say 95 percent effective at stopping Covid-19 you think, well, that’s it, we can reach herd immunity because it stops the infection and I can’t spread it to anybody else. And you keep hearing all the scientists and pundits saying we got to get as many people to get this vaccine as fast as we can in order to achieve herd immunity and stop the effects infection around the world. But here’s the problem. They are not telling you that it stops the infection. It is stopping the illness or the symptoms known as covid-19. You are still, as far as they know, infected with sars-cov-2. You can still spread sars-cov-2 to anybody you meet on the street, thereby when they’re rushing you to get a vaccine to begin with, saying we can reach herd immunity. There is nothing in science that proves that that’s true. In fact, they are only going to turn you into a asymptomatic carrier.

[00:42:10] Del Bigtree

Boom. That was December of twenty twenty. So had you been watching and by the way, I want you to keep remembering the reason we have a brand new website. Everything here is we were kicked off of YouTube and Facebook for spreading misinformation when all we were doing was reading the science. That was the science written in the literature, the peer reviewed science.

[00:42:30] Del Bigtree

I told you in Jefferey told you all the way back in December that this was not going to stop infection or transmission, that it was a lie. Yet they were allowing all of the pundits, whether as Sanjay Gupta or Anderson Cooper saying it’s ninety percent effective at stopping the infection and you need to protect your neighbors. Have you noticed or not talk about protect your neighbors anymore? Have you noticed that they’ve recognized that it does nothing, all the signals or protect yourself that’s going to lower your symptoms, protect yourself. That’s what they’ve reduced themselves to. But I really want to show you how we got here. So let’s continue a few weeks after that. We recognize that not only when we were looking at the data, Peter Doshi at the British the British Medical Journal, he found something that we hadn’t seen which was there, it may not even be as effective at stopping symptoms as we had thought because they hit a giant group of infected people. I had done some graphs. I was standing in front of it in that last video where I showed you it was like 11 people out of the 15000 thousand that had gotten infected in the vaccinated group and about 90 people out of fifteen thousand in the unvaccinated group. But what he found was there was a giant group of infected people that hadn’t made it onto those charts. So let’s look at this. That’s the- do we have the video, let’s just go ahead and run the video.

[00:43:52] Jefferey Jaxen

[From Episode 197] Associate editor of the BMJ, Peter Doshi, he’s been writing articles. He was actually testifying at the emergency use authorization forum the FDA had for Pfizer vaccine about almost a month ago now. Now, he wrote in the BMJ a new article that’s really getting circulation. And he’s looking through the data and he’s asking serious questions. And he’s he says Peter Doshi, Pfizer Moderne is, quote, 95 percent effective vaccines. We need more details and the raw data. First, he says, keep in mind, 95 percent efficacy is what we heard Pfizer reported. One hundred and seventy PCR confirmed covid-19 cases split eight to one hundred and sixty two between vaccine and placebo groups. But these numbers were dwarfed by a category of disease called, quote, suspected covid-19 those with symptomatic covid-19 that were not PCR confirmed. According to FDA’s report on Pfizer’s vaccine, there were three thousand four hundred and ten total cases of suspected but unconfirmed covid-19 in the overall study. Population one thousand five hundred ninety four occurred in the vaccine group versus one thousand eight hundred and sixteen in the placebo group. Now, Doshi goes on to say, with 20 times more suspected than confirmed cases, this category of disease cannot be ignored simply because there was no positive PCR result. He says a rough estimate of vaccine efficacy against developing covid-19 symptoms with or without a positive PCR test result would be a relative risk reduction of 19 percent, far below the 50 percent effectiveness threshold for authorization set by regulators.

[00:45:27] Del Bigtree

He’s saying it looks like the vaccine was 90 percent effective. Did you see what they did? They literally had thousands of people that are coughing and hacking because like almost sixteen hundred in the vaccine group hacking symptoms. And they said just don’t test them, don’t give them a PCR test test. These 11 will say these 11 were the ones that were sick against these in the unvaccinated group. They hit a giant group and said, well, we didn’t PCR test them. So we’re not really sure. I mean, what a bunch of scoundrel’s and we pointed that out in January, once again, proving to us that this vaccine was not going to be able to stop infection because we received so many people getting infected in the trials themselves. But then all of a sudden we jumped out of the trials and just rushed it out of the people. Everyone forgot about the trials, not The HighWire, but we knew and we kept saying this vaccine is not stopping the infection. So then after we talked about Doshi, there was a brilliant statement that came out by a terrified world renowned scientist named Dr.Geert Vanden Bossche, who had worked for GAVI, the global advisory on vaccines and immunization. I mean, this is the biggest vaccinating group in the world. We talked to Astrid Stuckleberger recently, who worked inside the WHO, said that GAVI is driving this entire pandemic from their hidden castle in Switzerland where they cannot be contacted. They have nation state status. They are fully protected and immune from any prosecution. They’re in Switzerland. They’re the ones putting forward all of this pandemic information. Vanden Bossche had once worked for them, had once worked for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. So when he came forward with dire warnings saying, I need the scientists of the world to join me now and recognize what we know to be true about immunology, this vaccine is going to be terrible. It’s going to create escape mutants. It’s going to create, you know, versions of this virus that the vaccine will not be able to stop. Here is one of the videos that we played when he first spoke out. Take a look at this.

[00:47:29] Geert Vanden Bossche

[Video from episode 206] Every single time you have an immune response that is simple, optimal in the presence of an infection, in the presence of a virus that infect the person, you are at risk for immune escape. So that means that the virus can escape the immune response. And that is why I’m saying that these vaccines, I mean, in their own right are of course, excellent, but to use them in the midst in the midst of a pandemic and do mass vaccination, because then you provide within a very short period of time the population with the high antibody titers. So the virus comes under enormous pressure. I mean, that that wouldn’t matter if you can eradicate it, if you can prevent infection. But these vaccines don’t prevent infection. They protect against disease because we are just unfortunately, we look no further than the end of our nose in the sense that hospitalization that’s all that counts is getting people away from the hospital. But in the meantime, we are not realizing that we give all the time during this pandemic by our interventions, the opportunity to escape to the immune to the immune system. And that is, of course, a very, very, very dangerous thing.

[00:48:57] Del Bigtree

So for those of you that saw that show, I’m doing this because many of you are new, but we are showing the track record of what we knew, what all science knew. He said this is basic immunology. Everybody knows this. Remember that as we continue on, because it’s going to get more and more shocking. But just very quickly, he said this vaccine may be a good vaccine in another time, but not in the middle of a pandemic. It’s underperforming and the virus is studying that immune reaction. And it’s going to have immune escape where it gets around. The vaccine is going to cause and create variants. That was the point he was making. And he said, mark my words, you will start to see variants that the vaccine can’t handle. And that will be proof that I’m right. Of course, he’s admonished by the WHO. Nobody wanted to listen to him, but we did. But listen, what he said about natural immunity. He said the vaccine is going to fail. It’s going to create variants that cannot stop, which is what we’re seeing now. But what did he say about the natural immune system? Listen to this from a world renowned vaccine promoter, vaccine scientists. This was fascinating.

[00:50:02] Geert Vanden Bossche

We know that young people have quite decent, innate immune response and therefore they are naturally protected and even more. I mean, if they get in contact with Coronavirus, it will boost their natural immunity. When we vaccinate somebody, you all at the same time losing the most precious part of your immune system that you could ever imagine. And that is your innate immune system, because the innate antibodies, the natural antibodies, the secretary agents will be outcompeted by this antigen specific antibodies for binding to the virus, and that will be long lived. That is a long winded suppression. And you lose every protection against any viral variant or coronavirus variant, et cetera. So this means that you are left just with nothing, no single immune response with your it’s not your immunity has become new. It’s all done. The antibodies don’t work anymore. And your your community has been completely bypassed. And this and this wild, highly infectious strains are circulating. This is just a situation that is completely, completely, completely out of control.

[00:51:30] Del Bigtree

It’s amazing, isn’t it, to find ourselves in this position? I’m going to show you one clip from that show, because that was really, I would say, a sea change for The HighWire Geert helped us really understand what we were dancing around and knew to be true. But when he brought up the specific antibodies, it really triggered in me a way to show the world what we’re talking about, the difference between natural immunity and vaccinated immunity, which he was warning us about. And I came up with a football analogy. So many of you talked about it and shared it with your friends. But for all of you that are new, this is going, I think, to be very really help you understand what’s going on. And for those of you who’ve seen it before, we’ve cut it down, I think it’s a great thing to revisit because we’re going to have to explain this to all of our disillusioned friends like Michael Rapaport that just can’t figure out what’s going on. Look at how profound it is when it’s broken down. What Geert was warning us and is now proven to be true. This is the football analogy of what was going to happen. Remember, this is back, this is now, this is not armchair quarterbacking. We quarterback this and threw this sucker into the end zone. Check it out.

[00:52:34] Del Bigtree

[Episode 206] If you’ve ever played any sports, soccer, football, hopefully this makes some sense to you. But on our team, on our immune system, we have what are called nonspecific antibodies. They have he called it broadspectrum. It’s broadspectrum, low affinity. They don’t care who is coming across in this case. Let’s look at the other team. These are let’s say these are all variants of coronavirus. We got the A variant, F, T, R, L, Y, X. OK, now it doesn’t matter who gets the ball in this case, when we have nonspecific anyone that comes across. So let’s say X gets the ball running back, gets the ball, comes running over here, boom. Right here, nonspecific antibodies, boom, tackled dead, not going anywhere. But let’s say it’s a different play. Let’s say they decide that we’re going to run Y so they run run Y, roundabout coming through here. But it doesn’t matter. Nonspecific. We see the Y too. It doesn’t matter. We’re going to go after anything because it’s nonspecific. It’s brilliant. These are brilliant antibodies you have as your natural immune system. Now let’s talk about what happens when we’re given a vaccine. In this case, we’re now going to move into vaccine vaccine induced antibodies. As he said, they’re long lived. They don’t go away. This isn’t a drug that’s going to wear off two days from now. We say, you know what, you had an allergic reaction. We’re not going to do that drug anymore. It is in you. Forever. There’s no getting this thing out and what did it just do? It created what he called specific antibodies, specific antibodies is now what we’re going to discuss. So now in this scenario, playing football, essentially everyone on the team has been told you’re looking for X, the antibody created in this case for the spike protein, the spike protein of sars-cov-2 that we first saw at the very beginning before there were any variants or vaccine is going to make you fight that really well. So how does it work? Well, it’s great. The coach basically said, I know for a fact that X the running back back there is going to get the ball. So everyone on the team T on X, great. So X gets the ball, boom comes through. It doesn’t matter, man. They’re all going to jump in there, ye-haw! Yay the vaccine is awesome. It totally stopped the virus. OK, but now here is the problem. He’s talking about this entire team can only respond to X. It only understands it is a specific it’s an antibody specific to the virus it’s looking for. So what happens if Y gets the ball? What if the team they know doesn’t matter? The coach said it was going to be X, it doesn’t matter. Y gets the ball, Y comes around, boom goes through here. It can go anywhere they want. X does nothing. But when we’re in the end zone, we just one virus wins the whole game.

[00:55:27] Del Bigtree

So all the way back then, we told you that the problem with the vaccine would be that it was specific antibodies. It would not recognize the variants that the vaccine was creating. And what do we have? We now have the Delta variant and what’s happening. The vaccinated, their bodies are not recognizing Delta variant. Jefferey already showed you all the studies of those nonspecific antibodies. The natural immunity is not only lasting long, the antibodies they can fight any form Delta, Gamma, lambda, it doesn’t matter. It’s perfect immunity. It’s working brilliantly, but the vaccine does not see it. We told you this over the last year. I have proved that. Now I want to watch you,Have you watch the head of the CDC, that doctor we’ve been bowing down to this institution that is supposed to be had their foot on the gas and understand where they’re going, driving us all somewhere, taking us home. I hope that’s who we trusted. Listen to what she just said this week. I want you under the context of what we’ve been telling you. We know with the White House saying that people like The HighWire and Del Bigtree are lying and we need to be shut down. Listen to what she admitted just yesterday or the day before. This is going to blow your mind. Check it out.

[00:56:41] Rochelle Walinsky

Here’s the new science that we saw just in the last several days with prior variants. When people had these rare breakthrough infections, we didn’t see the capacity of them to spread the virus to others. But with the Delta variant we now see in our outbreak investigations that have been occurring over the last couple of weeks in those outbreak investigations, we have been seeing that if you happen to have one of those breakthrough infections, that you can actually now pass it to somebody else. We thought that was really important for people to know and understand, because when people are out there they are vaccinated thinking that even if they get mild illness, they can’t give it to someone else. If they’re then going to a loved one, who’s immunocompromised, who isn’t yet vaccinated or couldn’t be vaccinated, we wanted them to take the protection to protect others. So that was the new science that prompted the guidance. And, you know, it was not it was it weighed heavily, I know that this is not a message America wants to hear.

[00:57:38] News Reporter

The reason I was asking is because just yesterday you also put out the CDC did a new science brief which contained this sentence, “These findings, along with the early evidence for reduced viral load in vaccinated people who developed covid-19, suggests that any associated transmission risk is likely to be substantially reduced in vaccinated people”. So even though that brief came out just yesterday, you’re saying that’s no longer operative?

[00:58:03] Del Bigtree

It’s no longer operative because the new science, the new science that’s brand new today, that The HighWire somehow had a magic like time capsule got ahead of us on this. But for us, it’s brand new. Do you see how shocking this is? I mean, I’ll admit it. I get attacked by The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN and everybody else saying he’s only a journalist. He’s not a medical doctor. He’s not a specialist. That’s true. That’s absolutely true. You’re right. All I am is a journalist. All I know how to do is interview scientists and doctors. And then I go a step further than most of you would CNN, where I say, show me that science. Can I read it? I mean, I think I’ll understand it. Let me read it. Jefferey get over here. Let’s let’s let’s read through this. And then we were showing you what we were reading with our eyes that goes to our brains and then helps us make decisions. And we’ve been bringing that to you and we’ve been right the whole time. This, you know, and really I’ve got to feel bad for every idiot watching CNN still or MSNBC or frankly, FOX, for that matter. Because for you, this is brand new science. It’s just breaking. We’re just oh, my God, it’s like watching Neanderthal’s, isn’t it? Like, awed by the sun, all by fire. Oh, my God. What is that lady created? Oh, wait a minute. We should try cooking over it. I mean, these are the people that are running the health departments of the world, shocked, in awe by the fire. [00:59:22] Del Bigtree

Well, we weren’t shocked. In fact, all you needed was a high school understanding of immunology to have been ahead of all of these clowns that are making these decisions and driving us to our doom. And where are we at now? These same clowns that are in shock and awe over what any person should have known from a high school science class. Now they’re going to force vaccinate, I mean, force masks, work towards vaccination, take away all of our rights. This is what’s happening with the masks. As of this week, CDC reverses indoor policy, saying, of course, fully vaccinated people and kids should wear them indoors. That’s it. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended Tuesday that fully vaccinated people begin wearing masks indoors again in places with high covid-19 transmission rates. The agency is also recommending kids wear masks in schools this fall. CDC recommends masks for all K-12 students, even those who have been vaccinated. Oh, my God, folks, it’s Groundhog Day. We’re going back in.

Can you believe this? One of my favorite doctors in the world has been outspoken. He’s probably as pissed off as I am right now. Dr.

Jeffrey Barke, you wrote a great article. This was the headline right here. “Masking Children is about power and control, not science”. Instead of reading it, I am honored. And it’s my pleasure to be joined right now by Dr. Jeffrey Barke. Dude, can you believe this? What is going on?

[01:00:50] Dr. Jeffrey Barke

Del, thanks so much for having me on. I don’t know what’s going on. It’s the craziest thing. It’s a Twilight Zone movie. It’s we’re living in the Babylon Bee, I don’t know what’s going on. It’s so upsetting.

[01:01:04] Del Bigtree

Do we have the Babylon Bee headline? Hold on, I think we were looking at one, do we have it? Can we pull it up? All right, go ahead. We’ll find it.

[01:01:12] Dr. Jeffrey Barke

It’s crazy. Listen, I’ve got I’ve got patients that have come in and have told me that if their school mandates masks, they will be pulling their kids out of government schools. Caitlin, who’s a big fan of yours and a patient of mine, has three kids. Under no circumstances is she masking her kids and sending them to school. Here’s the problem, Del. None of these unelected bureaucrats ever ask the question, at what cost? What are the consequences of the mandates? What are the consequences of these edicts? They never ask that question. We know that children are not harmed from covid, but we also know that children are harmed, often severely, from masks. Listen, we’ve had a year now to look at this: increased level of anxiety, increased level of depression, suicidal ideation, learning disorders, etc.. I mean, you know, a couple, three weeks ago, these moms out of Florida took masks off their kids after wearing them for a few hours and sent them to a local lab. And they discovered all kinds of pathogenic disease causing organisms inside their mask. And then there was a study out of JAMA Pediatrics that looked at carbon dioxide as a result of just a few minutes of mask wearing in children. Now, of course, the woke Journal, Journal of the American Medical Association got so much pressure, they ultimately pulled that article. But the facts are the facts, masks harm children. Covid does not harm children. Why are we doing this? I don’t understand. Under no circumstances should a parent allow their child to be forced massed in order to attend a school. In my opinion, the forced mandates of masking children is equivalent to child abuse. It harms them and offers no benefit and we should not be doing it.

[01:03:15] Del Bigtree

It’s a total destruction of their will in this really sick things that I’ve heard where teachers will, as you know, for being a good student, will give you five minutes without your mask. I mean, it’s being used like that, like rats being trained to walk through a maze and and we’ll take the torture device off you if you do what we say. I mean, it’s really shocking. But here’s what I here’s what I can’t believe America is accepting in this and and how we’re not just standing in the streets right now shoulder to shoulder. I mean, the idea that it is clear our administration is taking us right back down the tunnel. We are going into masks, which is going to lead the lockdowns and all the rest of it, the vaccines, a total failure. So I don’t know what the end of that road is. But all of this now, at this point after a year, where is the science? I mean, are we really going to do this again based on just their opinion of it? They’re not going to stand there and say this study shows us this. This study backs up that study. We have multiple studies that we’ve done. We really did testing through all of this. While we were torturing you, we were doing really robust studies to show you how effective the vaccines are at stopping the virus, which if they were effective, why are we here? I mean, honestly, if they worked at all, why are we even here? If lockdowns work, why can’t we stop this virus? Clearly, we’ve proven we can’t hide from it. Clear, we’ve proven that the masks aren’t working yet. Suicide is skyrocketing in our children, other diseases, RSV and things like that, spreading rampantly through our children, our children are now sick from illnesses they normally don’t catch. Why? Because they’re just living in a petri dish all day long. But where is the science Jeffrey? Are we going to accept an administration that’s going to keep telling us? We really don’t know a lot about it, but this is what our gut tells us we should do.

[01:05:02] Jefferey Jaxen

You know, Del, unfortunately, the CDC has turned into a political organization, not a science organization. You know, our founders warned of this, Thomas Jefferson said two hundred and forty plus years ago, there is no justification for taking away individual’s freedom in the guise of public safety. And that’s exactly what is happening here. They are taking away our freedoms under this umbrella of safety. And it’s ridiculous. And the problem is, it’s one thing if you presented the science to the American people, I think people would be willing to abide by recommendations based on solid science. They aren’t presenting the science. In fact, doing just the opposite. They’re being hypocritical. They’re changing their minds. You hear Dr. Fauci one day say one thing and the next day say another. First they tell us that vaccines work and therefore you don’t need to wear a mask. Now they’re telling us that despite being vaccinated, you need to wear a mask. You know, there’s a study out of Israel that looked at these new Delta variants and hospitalizations was something like 60 percent of all hospitalizations in Israel are a result of vaccinated people getting the Delta variant. And I know it’s hard for me to believe that similar statistics aren’t true here in the United States. Quite frankly, we can’t believe the statistics anymore. Nobody’s sharing on the mainstream media the VAERS data that is just blowing up with relationship. To injury and deaths and so forth, nobody, literally no mainstream media is sharing the data from a website that is run by the FDA and the


[01:06:47] Dr. Jeffrey Barke

Listen, I’m not I’m not anti vax or anti mask necessarily. I want the information presented to the people so they can make an informed decision. And unfortunately, that’s not happening. If you want to go get vaxxed, go get vaxxed. But don’t blame me if I don’t want to get vaccinated and don’t put government pressure on people to step up with an investigational vaccine with a very short safety record, using brand new technology that we’ve never used before. And now they’re coming after our children, which makes absolutely no sense at all. I looked at the CDC data yesterday, and if you look at the number of deaths in children less than 18 years old, that’s basically K through 12. It’s at three hundred and thirty six. And almost all of those kids that died had significant underlying health conditions. Now, just for fun to your audience, Google number of traffic deaths and children, number of drownings in children, it far exceeds any risk of covid, but we’re not going crazy over that. So the idea that we should vaccinate a child against an illness that they’re not even at risk from with a brand new vaccine, with untested technology, with no long term safety data makes absolutely no sense at all. The other problem when you go about vaccinating a child is you take away their option of getting natural, long lasting, robust, broad spectrum immunity. You know, when I was a kid, I got chickenpox, the real disease. And the reason why I got it is my mom walked my brother and I down the street to a neighbor who had chickenpox and we stayed home from school for 10 days. We recovered just fine. And now as a result of getting chickenpox over 50 years ago, I now have lifelong immunity against chickenpox. I don’t need a chickenpox vaccine. So we’re removing that option from children, setting them up to need boosters and annual vaccines. And all they get is the downside risk of the vaccine without any benefit whatsoever. In my opinion, the vaccine is more risky than it is beneficial, especially to young people. I’m getting so frustrated and so tired of having this conversation over and over and over again. Yet our unelected bureaucrats continue to throw down these mandates and edicts that are not based on science. They’re based on power. They’re based on politics. And I think parents are sick and tired, I hope come the end of August and into September that there’s such a dramatic reduction in the number of kids that show up to school that these schools have to make different decisions. That’s the only way we’re going to change things is by standing up and saying, no, I’m not going to mask my child, be like Kate and just say, no, I’m not going to mess my child. And under no circumstances am I going to let my child get a vaccine with an investigational product with no proven safety record.

[01:09:56] Del Bigtree

Amen, one of the thoughts that I’ve had I’m really sort of hitting over the last couple of weeks. Here’s where I think we’re at. You’re a doctor, though, and so I’m going to throw this by you. But it seems to me now that the vaccine is a complete failure. Breakthrough cases everywhere, breakthroughs, symptomatic cases, as you said, more hospitalizations of the vaccinated in the largest test group in the world where there is scrutiny, which is Israel made a deal with Pfizer, all of the time. We locked down, we wore the mask we locked down last year. We flatten the curve is supposed to last 14 days. So far lasted most of our lives. We’ve had a little bit of a break, but now we’re going back in. But all of this was to get to a vaccine that would somehow eradicate this disease so we could get on with our lives. It is clear now to me that I don’t think and I saw the writing was on the wall from the moment we were reading the studies on this vaccine, that it’s not going to stop infection. It’s not therefore, it cannot stop transmission. And we can’t get the herd immunity, which means we can’t get our lives back until every single human being that is vulnerable ends up catching this virus. At least those of us that are healthy, that can make up the larger percentage, herd immunity now scientifically being proven is only available to those who have caught the illness known as SARS-CoV-2. And I mean, that’s both the unvaccinated are going to have to catch it, but the vaccinated too are proving they’re going to have to catch it in order to handle the delta and the lamda and the all the game, whatever the virus variants that are coming. So in the end, I feel like we’re all on the same path here. What are we hiding for? What are we masking for? And when you talk about the children, the children don’t really have symptoms. And when they do, they’re extremely mild and we’ve shown that they have robust immunity, even though they’re having that very mild reaction, that’s seventy five million Americans and our children that can catch this cold easily and it is a cold for them. It’s nothing more. And they build that rock solid wall of herd immunity that will protect grandma and grandpa and those that are going through chemotherapy. The vaccine isn’t doing it, which is why Walinski and Fauci tell you you’re going to have to wear a mask anyway, even though you and I know that the mask is totally worthless. But we need to mask our children is like it’s going against everything we know to be true. They are the ones they need to be the front line. They need to catch this to protect us. The vaccines are not going to do it. They’re still going to have to catch it. So why aren’t we letting them catch it? Because it’s so mild and getting to this herd immunity, are we really going to hide from natural immunity the rest of our lives and I guess wear helmets?

[01:12:30] Dr. Jeffrey Barke

Well, I’ll tell you, what’s really frustrating to me is, is not just that, but also we are really good at treating this illness with repurposed medication. And I have never seen anybody on mainstream media push that with ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, budesonide and the like. We are really good at it. I get calls and emails and texts literally all over the country every day with people that have come down with covid but have no access to these medications because their own doctor is either unfamiliar or unwilling to treat. And it’s so frustrating. The path forward is allow and push these repurposed medications that are incredibly safe, very effective against all variants, Delta Lambda, whatever is coming, I think we’re going to be soon moving on to the Hebrew alphabet and and they’re effective. So why aren’t we talking about it? Why aren’t we talking about the importance of measuring and boosting your vitamin D level? We know there’s a direct correlation between poor outcome with covid and low vitamin D level. Nobody’s talking about that. Nobody’s talking about just simple measures to take good care of yourself, clean eating, exercise, a little sunshine, stress reduction, sleep, have access to these repurposed medications. It is so frustrating that this is all about driving this vaccine from companies that are completely immune from all liability, that are profiting like you can’t believe. I read an article. There’s been over a hundred new billionaires created in the vaccine industry as a result of these vaccines. And we’re told, by the way, oh, it’s free. You can just go down to your local pharmacy and get it. It’s not free. Who do you think’s paying for these things? It’s you and I and all the taxpayers. The government funded the research, the government holds some of the patents at the National Institute of Health, and they’re profiting enormously from this. It’s a perfect business model. I’d like this model, by the way. I’m immune from all liability and the government mandates that you must come see me as a doctor. Perfect business model. I’d like to sign up for that.

[01:14:45] Del Bigtree

Yeah. Wouldn’t everybody? Really great points Jeffrey, Frontline Doctors have really, I think, changed this conversation boldly going out there. There’s a website, right? If people are looking for these types of treatments that are available, can we still find that online?

[01:15:04] Dr. Jeffrey Barke

You can you can find it on my website as well. rxforliberty.com . I wrote a book. It’s available. They’re either directly through my publisher. If you don’t want to go through Amazon, there’s also a link under covid treatment to a national group of telemedicine docs that know how to treat covid that you can click on. I think they charge one hundred dollars for a telemedicine visit and then they’ll help you. I would encourage you to get help before you need it. It’s really scary if you’re sick and you don’t know who to reach out to, so get help before you need it. Pay the one hundred bucks so you have a doctor either that will prescribe these medicines so you have them just in case, or at least you have a relationship with a doctor that knows how to treat this before you need it. So don’t be fearful. Don’t live your life in fear. Get the information that you need before you actually get sick. America’s Front Line Doctors also has a website. The same link to those telemedicine docs is available. It’s been estimated that twenty five percent of all covid treatments have been instituted by this telemedicine group that’s available on America’s Frontline Doctors or on my website as well. So reach out. You can follow me on my website. I put out an email every couple of weeks, just my thoughts. I’ll put out a link to The HighWire for all my followers to see, they’re excited to see me on on your show. Thank you for having me. And it’s all about not living in fear, take care of yourself, eat clean, get some sunshine, get some exercise and be prepared.

[01:16:44] Del Bigtree

Amen. Those are great words, Jeffrey. Thank you for speaking the truth. Thank you for your website and your work to get people treatments to get them the truth. You’ve written a new book. Everyone should check out that book. We shouldn’t just be listening to the Neanderthals of science that are out there shocked when they see Pfizer for the first time. Why don’t we go with those guys who have been on the front line that treat children that know what natural immunity looks like and when we should be counting on it?

Jeffrey, you’re amazing. I look forward to speaking with you again soon.

[01:17:11] Dr. Jeffrey Barke

Thanks. I’ll stay in the fight. I appreciate you having me on. Thanks for all your good work.

[01:17:15] Del Bigtree

Sounds good. Take care.

[01:17:17] Del Bigtree

Well, we’ve talked a lot about how this vaccine is a total turkey. I talked about it being a vaccine unicorn. We apparently can’t use the picture we had of the really ugly Chihuahua with the ice cream cone on its head. But it is clearly devolved. We are now in a position where the vaccine is totally useless. It’s a disaster, and yet they push it anyway. There it was. It looks nothing like that. That was what we were hoping for. But now. Oh, I guess we did. We’re going with it. Oh, that was the ugliest one. There it is. There is your covid-19 vaccine against the Delta variant. Not quite as beautiful as we had imagined. But what’s even worse is those people that, you know, I

don’t want to do this show this week and be launching this website and not talk about what really the reason we’re here. The some of the parents that work for me are strong team members that have vaccine injuries in their own families that are passionate to get the truth out there because of what happened to them, what happened when they believed in the vaccine program. Look, we aren’t anti vaccine. We went to the FDA and demanded they had a placebo group to the phase three trials, and they did. They’re listening to us. So we’re helping with the process. It would have been nice if they kept that trial the full two years it was supposed to go instead of bailing out and turning all of you into guinea pigs. But they did. And what happened when they turned you into guinea pigs? Many, many, many of you were injured. And we have been sharing those stories. But a story and probably one of the most watched shows we’ve had this year, just a powerful representation of some nurses and practitioners who believed in the vaccine. And then when they got it, their lives were changed forever. This is just a flashback of what that looked like on The HighWire.

[01:19:03] Shawn Skelton

[Episode 213] My name is Shawn Skelton and I’m very real. And unfortunately, this is also very real. I was very pressured by my employer to get the vaccine. The next day I woke up, my tongue was spazzing and it just went on from there. The next day I was in full body convulsions. The doctors just have no idea. They don’t know how to treat a vaccine adverse reaction from the mRNA. And I feel like they’re too scared. I don’t I don’t have any other explanation as to why no doctor will help us.

[01:19:48] Angelia Desselle

I took the Pfizer one Saturday morning. I got up and I could not use either of my legs and it eventually followed by full body convulsions about two hours later, my husband took me to the E.R. and from there I was transported over to the hospital. And as soon as I got into my room, physician came in a hospitalist and he said, Mrs. Desselle, I heard you were coming. I know what’s going on. I know this is the vaccine. And we are going to do research until we figure it out. I never saw that doctor again.

[01:20:26] Kristi Simmonds

If you guys think this is normal, you tell me. With the convulsions that I was having, I would every muscle in my body would tense up and just continuously spasm. At the E.R. I was told that I was having a panic attack and discharged me,

[01:20:45] Shawn Skelton

All three of us here today with no job, no income, our medical bills are stacking up. If this happens, you’re on your own.

[01:20:59] Angelia Desselle

You know, you trust the medical industry to help you. And at the end of the day, when there’s no help, you just sit back and wonder why. I I didn’t do any research and that’s totally my fault. You know, I just trusted what I was told by our leadership. They’re pushing this vaccine and they don’t want to see people like us. They want to cover it up. And we are completely.

[01:21:29] Del Bigtree

We’re joined now by Angelia Cell and Shaun Skelton, I wanted to check in with you ladies to see, you know, what’s going on. Was this a short lived issue? Where are you at? Is it continuing? Just sort of an update. You know, as you watch that video reflecting on that, is your life different now than it was at the moment that we last talked to you?

[01:21:54] Shawn Skelton

No, no, no, sir. Mine has actually gotten worse, really.

[01:22:02] Del Bigtree

And how about you, Angelia?

[01:22:04] Angelia Desselle

I have good days and bad days. We Are still the same, undiagnosed. You know, we were receiving treatment. We reached out and teamed up with the American Frontline doctors and we got ivermectin. And that is helping us tremendously. We’re still receiving other therapy, but we still have our good days and bad days.

[01:22:31] Del Bigtree

So you’re telling me, which is weird because I know ivermectin is good at sort of stopping the illness when you catch it. It seems to be a very good preventative. But you have, you’re beyond sort of we would assume that your body’s immune somehow already to this virus, but something going on from the vaccine and it’s not going away. Whatever that vaccine has done, you’re telling me ivermectin has some kind of effect on that?

[01:22:58] Shawn Skelton

Yes, sir. My my doctor told me he has his fear was that it had been too long for me and that the damage may have already been done. But he said he’s known to have said that to many patients and been proven wrong. When he said that to me, I couldn’t use my legs for several days and then was using a walker and I am able to use my legs. But at the time of our first interview with you, I was having convulsions, I wasn’t having any seizures, I now have seizures and I’m now on more medication for that. But now with the ivermectin, it’s still too early for me to say. But I do have the use of my legs back, so I definitely can vouch and say something’s happening.

[01:24:16] Del Bigtree

And Angelia, you sent in some video sort of a before and after ivermectin. Let’s take a look at this. This is interesting. There you see before ivermectin trying to go upstairs and after.

[01:24:32] Angelia Desselle

That video of me, me, and they’re all going down the stairs, I lost the use of my legs again in the early part of June, that video was taken June the 20th after I started to ivermectin. I believe I started it on June the 9th. And I was able to get up and actually walk up and down the stairs, you know, I’m not saying that ivermectin is the cure-all, but it is definitely helping us along with some other treatments that I am getting still. It’s just a battle, you know.

[01:25:14] Del Bigtree

It’s outrageous, you know. Go ahead,

[01:25:17] Angelia Desselle

If you miss one dose of it, all of your symptoms come back. Therefore, it’s not a long term fix. You know? Oh, Lord.

[01:25:29] Del Bigtree

It’s really impossible to know what this experience is like and what I think has really been shocking is since airing that episode, I keep seeing videos online and it’s not, you know, like really the same symptoms. It’s just so strange to see whatever this is. And doctors are telling you they don’t know what it is, but to see other people that are having their bodies react to this thing the same exact way where this sort of shaking, these muscle spasms, difficulty walking, difficult control over your muscles, it appears. And I know you guys started a website, one of the reasons you really when you came onto the show, one of the things you really wanted to achieve was you were fielding phone calls. Are you continuing to hear this is happening to people all over the country?

[01:26:24] Angelia Desselle

Every day, every day, every day. We’re we’re getting people reaching out to our group has grown so much.

[01:26:36] Del Bigtree The website?

[01:26:37] Speaker6

Yes, this is the website. We encourage everybody to, any any reaction, no matter how small you think it is, it needs to be reported. Whether you feel comfortable doing, whether you feel comfortable just writing your story, they will just use your initials and the state you live in, or you can do both video as well. And that is very important. And there is one thing we have both learned even more since your show, is how much people are not aware of the VAERS website and how doctors are encouraging not to report to VAERS, that it’s not necessary. And how many that just don’t know about it. You know, so I hope people learn from hearing us how how important it is to report to VAERS, no matter how small you think it is, or even if your doctor says that it’s not related to the vaccine or they don’t feel it is and you feel it is, just report it.

[01:28:10] Del Bigtree

Absolutely. My question is, you know, you have been out there now, you’ve been on The HighWire, there’s been some articles written about your story. And again, when I think about the National Institute of Health, my understanding with the National Institute of Health is it is the premier scientific body in this nation and really the world when it comes to dealing with surgeries or new techniques or pathogens or how to handle them. More of our funding goes to the NIH than any other medical establishment in the world. So have either of you been invited to the NIH to work with our best scientists and doctors to figure a way through this since you’re not alone and they’re going to have to find some treatment for all of those that are having this terrible reaction from the vaccine. Are you working? Has the NIH reached out at all?

[01:29:02] Angelia Desselle

I was close to getting to the NIH. We had a string of emails going back and forth. They asked me for all of my medical records. I submitted my medical records. And was completely ghosted. I haven’t heard back from them. I think this was in May.

[01:29:22] Del Bigtree

Wow. Yeah. Anyone reach out?

[01:29:27] Shawn Skelton No, nobody’s reached out.

[01:29:30] Del Bigtree

Incredible. So when you see, you know, President Biden saying this is a perfectly healthy vaccine and you’d have to be an idiot to not take it. You see Tony Fauci saying, you know, there are no injuries. It’s very safe when you see these statements being made. Both of you worked in the health industry, by the way. That’s where your careers were at. What do you think? I mean, to watch some people of that level of power, the leader of the free world, talking about the fact that there’s no deaths and no injuries yet. Anyone can pull up VAERS and see that I think we’re over eleven thousand reported deaths and at least nearly seven thousand of those in the United States alone, hospitalizations through the roof. These are all record breaking injury numbers never, ever before seen in VAERS. What does that make you think about the state of our health departments and our government now in the United States of America?

[01:30:27] Shawn Skelton

It makes me angry. I can’t understand it, I don’t understand it, it’s it’s there in front of their face, you cannot tell me there’s no way that they are not seeing our videos. You know, they know we’re out there. Senator Ron Johnson has brought it to their attention.

[01:30:58] Del Bigtree

And only to be ridiculed, by the way, ridiculed for bringing it to their attention, as though somehow that makes him an anti-tax or for just wanting people to be heard and their stories to be heard, censored and attacked.

[01:31:12] Angelia Desselle

Now, look, we were like, yeah, if we were anti-vaxxers, we would have never taken the injection, you know? And that’s what I try to tell everybody. I didn’t do my research, you know, and it’s really disgusting that there is absolutely no one reaching out to us. The CDC has called. But there’s no help whatsoever, Pfizer has called me and they tell me to just go to my medical team, but we have no health. You know, I don’t have a medical team, right? Yeah, I have had 17 neurological visits and I still have no help. If it wasn’t for the American Frontline doctors and another group of doctors that’s been analyzing our blood. There’s nothing out there for us. [01:32:11] Del Bigtree

Shawn, what do you want people to know? We I mean, there is about 50 percent of the United States of America turned down this vaccine and now there’s a full court push to talk about vaccine passports. Our government is going to start knocking on our doors, making lists as though somehow we have regressed into some form of Nazi Germany. What do you say to those people out there that are going to now come under massive pressure to get this vaccine? They must be concerned about it. They didn’t get the vaccine. They certainly did enough research to think, you know, it’s it’s experimental. Should they succumb to this pressure? Should we just give in and say this is what the government wants? What do you think we should do?

[01:32:55] Shawn Skelton

Stay strong. Keep fighting. That’s what we’re meant to fight. If we give into this one tiny thing, then we give in to it all and we are overcome by our government, and you might as well give up everything you have, because this is their one this is their one test. This is their waving their carrot. Are you going to bite it? And a lot of you are biting it. So do not bite it, stand strong. We have our freedom, we have our rights. It’s your body, it’s your choice, don’t subject yourself to this. Don’t subject your children to this, if you want to take the vax, by all means, take it. I’m not suggesting you not to take it if that’s your choice. But if you do not want, fight it, fight and fight it till the end. Go down fighting.

[01:33:58] Del Bigtree

Those are great words, and I think in many ways you represent that you’ve both been brave to come on the show originally, come back again, but the work you’re doing on your website to give a voice to the voiceless and to have a community that are sharing, you know, I’m sure the different things that are working or not working your website. Let’s just bring up that website very quickly. People can check it out. What is it? CV 19 reactions oh- c19vaxreactions.com. If this is your story and your finding, you’re having these reactions. This is a great website and you’ve put together a beautiful video of many of the people that have visited the website that are looking for answers. But the most important thing is they just want to be heard, which in a great country like America, where we talk about, you know, freedom for everybody and accepting everybody from every, you know, race, creed, sexual preference, it should be medical choice, too. And how about those that just want to be heard about what happened to them when they got the vaccine? Here’s the video that you made is very powerful. I want my audience to take a look at this.

[01:35:10] C19 Reactions video

I’m about to have you meet and put faces to many of the real people who have been suffering after taking the Covid vaccine. We desperately need the medical community to recognize us and help us find a solution. Until this is recognized as a real problem the medical community won’t research this and we will continue to suffer in silence without treatment. We’re not anti-vax. On the contrary, we all tried to do our part to help stop the pandemic by getting this vaccine. So let me introduce many of them to you, all of them weeks to months out from the vaccine and still being affected by these symptoms.

[01:35:46] C19 Reactions video

Johnson and Johnson, New Jersey, I want to be heard. Pfizer, Ohio, we need to be heard. Johnson and Johnson, Tennessee. Pfizer, Illinois. Moderna, Texas. I live in Washington. I am suffering and I want to be heard. Pfizer, Florida I want to be heard. We need to be heard. Please let us be heard. I have the Moderna vaccine in Wisconsin. Pfizer, Indiana, Pfizer, Florida. I want to be heard. Moderna, Minneapolis, Moderna, New York. I need to be heard. Pfizer. Louisiana. Pfizer, Illinois. I need my help and I want to be heard. Pfizer Maryland. Pfizer trial for 12 to 15 year olds, Ohio, we need help. We need to be heard. Johnson and Johnson, California. Please, we desperately need to be heard. I need help and I need to be heard. We need to be heard. Moderna, Kansas. Moderna, Virginia. I received the Moderna vaccine on March 11th, and my life hasn’t been the same since. Pfizer, Texas. Pfizer, Virginia. Moderna, Oregon. I want to be heard. Hear us. I am now suffering and I want to be heard. We need to be heard. Pfizer, California, Michigan, Moderna. We need to be heard. AstraZeneca Clinical Trial in the United States, Utah, please. We need help. I need to be heard.

Pfizer, Arizona, Moderna, California. Moderna, New Jersey. I deserve to be seen, heard and believed. Please, we need to be heard. Please let us be heard. Please. People need to know what we’re going through so we can get the help we need. My wife deserve to be seen and heard and believed. We have a right to be heard. Please. There’s so many of us that need help. Pfizer Varya, California. Moderna, Connecticut. Arizona, Johnson and Johnson. Moderna, New Hampshire. We want to be heard. I want to be heard. We listened, so we believed that this vaccine was the right thing to do. So please trust us and listen to us when we tell you that we are continuing to suffer physically. I’m speaking on behalf of my seventeen year old daughter Pfizer in New York. We need help. We need to be heard. I am afraid to be shown due to the negative consequences some of my fellow sufferers have faced for speaking out. But I need help and we desperately need the medical community to hear us. I have the Pfizer vaccine and I have been suffering now for almost three months.

[01:38:33] Del Bigtree

Incredible putting faces to these stories. It’s an incredible work you’re doing, and I’m always astounded by people who are going through a physical tragedy or going through this experience, but that you use what energy you have not only to just beginning from your day, but to be reaching out to help others. You are truly spectacular, a human being. So at this moment, as we’re now speaking to millions of people around the world, Angelia, what is it that the message that you really just want people to understand?

[01:39:09] Angelia Desselle

We need to be acknowledged Del. Every vaccine is going to have injuries. And they need to acknowledge us and we need treatment and we need help medically. OK, it’s a whole team of us here we’re working on it just wasn’t mentioned during all of this work.

There’s a whole team of us and we just we just need to be heard and we need to be held.

[01:39:39] Shawn Skelton

Yes. First, I’d like to say that I know that there are still hundreds in my messenger that I haven’t gotten to and I see you and I hear you. And I’m going to get to you. We just we’re not asking for anything except for help and to be heard. And to know that these vaccines aren’t safe for everyone and I hate to even call it a vaccine. But there are so many of us now. Just please help us. And if any of you are going through it, please reach out, that’s all we can say. We still don’t have the answers. I’m just a few days away from seeing my neurologist seven months in, and I’m finally going to get to see my neurologist. I guess you did see now that there is a website referencing it to us, Shawn Skelton syndrome.

[01:40:58] Del Bigtree Oh, really? OK, yeah.

[01:41:00] Shawn Skelton

No, I thought maybe I would just take my phone and set it down on the neurologist desk and say “I have Shawn Skelton syndrome, how do we fix it?”

[01:41:12] Del Bigtree

Oh, it’s beautiful. We must always keep our sense of humor. You are such a shining light.

[01:41:19] Shawn Skelton

We have to because this has really taken a mental toll on us. I can imagine. And there are some times that we have no choice but just to laugh because. We we just have to laugh about it sometimes because, well, it has really taken a toll.

[01:41:46] Del Bigtree

I hope that you continue to find answers. I know every time I talk to you, I’m going to reach out to more doctors and scientists that have worked in previous vaccine injury that may have some you know, even today, just watching the ivermectin, my mind says it’s just my understanding of ivermectin is it’s blocking receptors for the spike protein. And if that’s the case, then that says to me that you guys still have your cells must be creating spike protein, then it just hasn’t stopped. You’ve got Spike protein attacking your body. So if you take ivermectin, maybe it blocks it, if you stop it immediately. But I mean I mean, this is just speculation. But what I’d like to talk to you. And if you’re out there and you’re one of those functional medicine doctors, I think that ivermectin connection shows us something that we should be looking at. Perhaps we’ve got to figure out how to stop this this constant nuclear reaction happening in your body, which has been the big concern, right? I mean, I don’t know if that is the case. And I’m sure you’re talking to far more intelligent and brilliant specialists. But one of our biggest concerns is if we teach ourselves to start making this spike protein and producing it, does it stop? Does it ever stop? What would stop that? You develop antibodies? Fine. You have antibodies. But if the spike proteins keep coming in, you’ve just got this war inside of your body that must be stopped. So it’s you know, you know, unfortunately, you’re on the front lines of this. You are people we need to look at. We’re going to have to study this and figure out what’s going on. And hopefully we find answers to it and a better understanding of our immune system in our body, which clearly is not understood by those that are pushing this experimental product that is having devastating results and so many lives. I want to thank you for joining us again, Angelia. Shawn, you’re a shining light.

[01:43:43] Shawn Skelton thank you for having us.

[01:43:43] Del Bigtree

A blessing. Please keep laughing and if you ever have a moment where it’s not seeming that funny, call me, I’ll whip up a joke, whatever it takes till we get the answers we need.

[01:43:51] Angelia Desselle

Ok, we might be calling you more than you think, Del.

[01:43:55] Del Bigtree

I’m up for it. You deserve it.

[01:44:01] Shawn Skelton

Thank you so much.

[01:44:03] Del Bigtree

You’re welcome. Take care. Well, I mean, it’s I think we’ve got to look at those stories, and when we look at this whole scenario, we have a vaccine that’s a failure. It’s failure. I don’t know. I mean, and ask yourselves. Right, we really got to ask ourselves, what would, if this isn’t a failure, what would a failure look like? Right. If the vaccine cannot stop infections and cannot stop transmission, that that’s the only thing that a vaccine, as most of us ever believed it was supposed to do. If it doesn’t do that and then they tell us it stops or lowers our symptoms, yet we have symptomatic people everywhere. The most symptomatic people that are going to hospitals in Israel are vaccinated. So it didn’t help their symptoms. Makes you wonder. And then when we think about the reduction in symptoms, we realize that they cooked the books. When we look at what Peter Doshi told us all the way back, and I think it was, was that January that they hid thousands and thousands of symptomatic cases in the vaccinated. So clearly it wasn’t working then either. So what is this all about and what is the way forward? There’s a video. I got to play it because it was a part of the opening montage and it’s been eating at me the whole time ever since I’ve seen it. So I got to go back to this for a second. It’s this statement. It was in our opening montage where they’re saying it’s the fault of the unvaccinated, which we have clearly proven. It’s the fault of liars and moronic Neanderthal scientists that pushed a product that absolutely does not do what it’s-apparently all it’s good at is injuring people. It doesn’t seem to do the job it was supposed to do. But this statement by I think he’s a senator. Let’s just listen to this for a second.

[01:45:44] Gov. Jim Justice

It is truly a blessing from God that we’ve been delivered this vaccine.

[01:45:50] Del Bigtree

That was Governor Jim Justice. It was this vaccine is a gift from God. I want I want to just wrap our heads around that for a second. A gift, so God had his hand in this vaccine. So God, you know, brought the best and brightest together because surely in all of his angels, I suppose, together to make the Pfizer and Moderna and AstraZeneca and Johnson and Johnson vaccine, a vaccine that cannot even stop infection, that is not stopping transmission. If we’re to take the head of the CDC’s word for it, even if you are in a crowded room of only vaccinated people, you should mask because chances are one of you has caught it, one of you is going to spread it, and the rest of you are going to catch it in high numbers. And then you’re going to take it back to grandma and grandpa and give it to them. So God helped make a vaccine that cannot even stop the infection, cannot stop transmission, but has this weird side effect of causing heart blood clots, heart disease, blood clots, thrombocytopenia that’s killed people. It’s helping swell the hearts of our children with myocarditis and pericarditis. God did that, too, I guess. I mean, man, Jim, I mean you I mean, you have really lowered the bar of what God is capable of. I’ve just got to say, I mean, I don’t know I don’t know how many of you out there in our audience are believers.

[01:47:13] Del Bigtree

And we usually stick to the science. But I want to talk about people that are dragging God into this because, frankly, I think God is a

little more talented than that. I think that God actually made a vaccine then that immunity would last longer than ten weeks. And I’m pretty sure that it wouldn’t lead to the largest death rate of any vaccine we have ever seen in the history of our vaccine program. In fact, more than all of our vaccines combined over the last decade or two, in six months, this has killed and injured and maimed more people. God did that? That’s all God is capable of? All right. Well, I have news for you. I think God created our immune system. And I just showed you the actual science that when you catch this virus, which really is only dangerous for those that are already having all sorts of other health issues based on whatever, you know, things they’ve had in their life. But multiple issues like heart disease and COPD and cancer at the same time. Ninety six percent was what the CDC said, really those cases that had, you know, other comorbidities, usually two and a half other comorbidities. But we showed you the science that natural immunity, your natural immune system, which I know was given to you by God, that has one hundred percent of efficacy. Once you catch this virus, your virus, your body handles it well, as we saw in our children, you won’t even have symptoms. And it doesn’t matter. You will still have a robust immune system that is fighting every single variant that exists as we speak. No delta can penetrate it, no gamma can penetrate it, no lamda can penetrate it. It is all dying and being crushed by the immune system created by God. Not this man made disaster by the Neanderthals of science that can’t even make a vaccine that protects you for a few days but only puts you in harm’s way and where is this all going, Rochelle Walensky, what is the plan? Seriously, I want everyone to ponder this for a second. Where is the end of this road? We masked, we got locked down, we destroyed our economies because we were waiting for that vaccine unicorn to arrive.

That was going to save us from all this and change the world so that we could get back to our lives. And now, this week, as Michael

Rapaport so clearly stated in his disillusioned video there, you’re telling us that we’re super spreaders even after we have vaccinated. So put masks back on? So lock back down? So hide from the sun? So shut down restaurants destroy all of our jobs? Oh, and let’s get a passport so that everybody has to take a product that only seems to be good at injuring you.

[01:50:02] Del Bigtree

To what end? Where does this end? What is the what is the rainbow at the end of this road? This is no vaccine we’re waiting for. Is the virus that’s going to disappear because it hasn’t done that. It seems to be mutating based on the vaccine pressure that Geert so brilliantly and profoundly stated. So what’s the end road? A world where we’re constantly masked until the masks no longer work, we recognize it. And then comes the helmet, the air helmet, and all of a sudden we feel like we’re just living on Mars. We’re all boy in the bubble, baby in the bubble. That is at the end goal? The CDC, the Neanderthals were just shocked, shocked by the discovery that the Delta variant just is not being handled by this vaccine, that somehow the mutation of the spike protein and the specific antibodies just aren’t even recognized. It just getting pounded from all sides. They’re shocked. Even though The HighWire a couple of journalists and I’ll give you some hidden world renowned scientists were ahead of you for over a year on this. We knew this is where we were going to land. We knew why you were censoring us, because you were still too stupid to be able to show anybody the truth.

To even know the truth yourselves. Folks, we must resist, we must resist now, because there is only one way forward.

[01:51:28] Del Bigtree

Everyone is going to wait a minute, I think I said this before, I feel like I’m about to be redundant. Wait, I did hear play this. What did I say before? It’s got me a lot of trouble. Play it.

[01:51:38] Del Bigtree

[Episdoe 168] It’s a common cold for ninety nine point seven four percent of us. The non pharmaceutical dependent people. So here’s what we do, let’s go outside, let’s take off our mask, we’re not on drugs and we don’t need to be on drugs. Let’s catch this cold.

[01:52:00] Del Bigtree

That was back in June of twenty, twenty over a year ago, and by the way, New York Times is quoted in The Washington Post as quoting it, this is what they say, Del Bigtree, the spreader of misinformation that once told his audience to go out and catch this cold. That’s right. I did. And we should have we should have we should have let all of our kids catch this cold instead of giving them other upper respiratory issues and infections and driving them to suicide because we might be at herd immunity now, there may be no Delta virus if you had let us catch this damn cold. But instead, this is the headline that all of us are essentially reading every day of our stupid lives: “To defeat Delta variant, Experts recommend doing all the things that didn’t work the first time”.

[01:52:47] Del Bigtree

Couldn’t have been said better. That’s the Babylon Bee, are we going to do that or are we that stupid? I don’t think so. Do we care that the president, the United States is telling us we have to do it? No, because this is a free country. And our founding fathers told us that if a law is unjust, not only do you have the right to oppose it, you are demanded and it is upon you that you must oppose it. Here it is. “If a law is unjust and the man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so”. We have an obligation. We must do what’s right. This doesn’t end, this nightmare doesn’t end in the hands of Rochelle Walensky and Tony Fauci, who are going to mask us until the end of our lives, are going to tell us the air we breathe is illegal unless we go out and breathe it. Unless we go out and catch this cold, let me make it clear so it’s not taken out of context again, there are people that cannot catch this cold. There are people suffering from cancer and heart disease and many other illnesses. Many of them doubled up upon them and they are on their deathbeds as we speak. And if they catch this cold, they will die. But here’s what we know. If you’re vaccinated and you walk in on them, you’re likely to kill them because you don’t know you’re carrying the virus because the vaccine didn’t stop it.

[01:54:16] Del Bigtree

So the vaccine is not the answer. Here’s the answer once again. Let’s go back to the Great Barrington Declaration. We announced over a year ago the world renowned scientist that said what we should do, we must protect those that are serious and critical condition that cannot handle catching this cold. Let’s protect them. Let’s hermetically seal all the food that goes in and out of their homes. Believe me, we better do this right, because the fall is coming and the next flu is coming and they’re going to lock us down and they’re going to come at us with a war of stupidity. Are you going to let the stupid people reign or are you going to go out and say, you know what, I’m healthy, I’m strong, I’ve handled every other cold and flu that ever hit me. Some of them were real doozies. Only this time I’ve got ivermectin, hydroxichloroquine, budesonide. I can call Frontline doctors, I can go to Jeffrey Barke’s website or I can reach out to Richard Bartlett or I can call The HighWire who will put you in touch with any of those people. We have treatments to get you through if you happen to have difficulty, but let it be known to everyone on this planet.

[01:55:28] Del Bigtree

No one is going to hide from this virus. It has been so clearly stated it is here to stay, and unless you want to live with a helmet on your head, unable to do sports, never really having the life we once knew because you’re stuck with this plastic helmet on your head, if that is not your future, then you don’t want to be listening to Rochelle Walensky, Anthony Fauci or President Joe Biden. You want to be listening to your God given intuition that says this has a death rate of point two percent. I highly doubt I’m in that point two percent. So I am going to do what’s right, stand up for my nation in this world and go out. And catch this cold. Once you have, have some tea, have some ivermectin, and sit down next week to The HighWire because we’re going to keep bringing you the truth on the best website now built in this movement with a community page where we can talk all about it and no one is going to censor you, as we rebuild the foundation of freedom, the United States of America, and become that beacon of light and truth and understanding about our health, about our strength that the world can follow. Let’s do it together. This is The HighWire, you are my people and I stand with you. Let’s stand up and let’s hold the line. I’ll see you next week.