Biden’s Epic Blame Game Begins; Rand Paul Roasts Tony Fauci; Del Dives into the Data; Dr. McCullough on the Vaccine, Delta Variant, and much more; An all-new HighWire Hero!

Guest: Dr. Peter McCullough, MD, MPH

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Del Bigtree: [00:02:45] Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, wherever you are out there in the world. I’ll bet you can’t wait to step out onto The HighWire. Well, here we are. And yes, look around yourself. Pinch yourself. This is really happening. The world is getting crazier and crazier. And I told you from the very beginning of covid, we predicted so many of the things that have ended up taking place. But one of the things I’ve been saying over the last couple of months is that you better watch out when the vaccine starts failing, when the program proves to be the disaster that we knew it would be based on the science we’ve been looking at from the very beginning, the last ditch effort, the white knuckle grip to try and seize and hold on to control would come on and come down to blaming the anti-vaxxers. It’s actually those that aren’t vaccinating. That is the reason for the problems we’re in. Well, get ready, because here it is. Take a look at this.

News reporter: [00:03:41] What’s the message to platforms like Facebook?

Joe Biden: [00:03:46] That people really. Well, look, the only pandemic we have is among unvaccinated.

Del Bigtree: [00:03:54] A pandemic of the unvaccinated rang through our media all week long. But I think it was even better and restated and repackaged by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki. She had this to say.

Jen Psaki: [00:04:08] Our point is that there is information that is leading to people not taking the vaccine and people are dying as a result. And we have a responsibility as a public health matter to raise that issue. The responsibility we all have, the government, media platforms, public messengers to give accurate information.

News reporter: [00:04:29] [inaudible] 12 individuals that are on that separate sites, not from the White House. I’m not the source in front of me, but we’ve read it as well. Can you give us a sense of who those individuals are, as was asked before? And what specifically, you give it a tough message on the social platforms that they should do on social media platforms. What from this podium is the message to those individuals, the 12 of them who are responsible for sixty five percent of the misinformation that’s out there?

Jen Psaki: [00:04:52] The message is the same message as it is to every person out there who has a platform. Whether that is an elected official or that is a person who is a civic leader. The vaccines are safe. They are effective. If people take them, they will save their life in many cases. And so our message to everyone who’s sharing this information is that you’re the steps you’re taking are irresponsible. They could lead to people’s people getting very sick and people ultimately losing their lives. Why don’t we all participate in a process that will help provide accurate information out there?

Del Bigtree: [00:05:26] It’s an incredible statement by both the president of the United States and Press Secretary Jen Psaki, essentially calling anyone that doesn’t carry forward the White House narrative that the vaccine- that covid vaccines, any one of them are safe and effective. That’s it. There is no other story, any other story as misinformation and sharing misinformation makes you a murderer. Now, of course, a lot of discussion was about the 12, the disinformation dozen that they’re referencing, several articles and conversations about this. I want to be perfectly clear. My name did not actually appear in the disinformation, doesn’t. My name is in some of those documents. I think the reason I didn’t actually make that list is we’ve already lost our YouTube channel and our Facebook channel last year, which is the entire purpose of this discussion is to take out the rest of the YouTube and Facebook channels of people that are trying to tell the truth. I will say on that list are many of my close friends and people that I go to for information and have gotten us to the place that we’re at today, real heroes in this world. But let’s talk about where the White House is at. Is this really just about misinformation? Is it about health or are they just pissed off that they got nowhere near their goal of vaccinating one hundred percent of the United States of America? In fact, they’re so far off, it appears they’ve hit somewhere around 50 percent.

Del Bigtree: [00:06:50] And that’s after a four billion dollar allocation by the Biden administration to fund propaganda to stop vaccine hesitancy. And then we had the giant Delta variant scare we’ve been pounded with for the last couple of weeks, and that has not moved the needle at all. It’s surprising that, you know, no matter what they do, it doesn’t seem to work. I mean, I don’t know why it didn’t work to maybe offer a lottery to the people that were still remaining that 50 percent or maybe free burgers and French fries that didn’t seem to do the job either. It’s curious. Or donuts. Donuts didn’t do the job or maybe a free joint or a lap dance or a beer, all things that have been offered to that remaining 50 percent. It makes you wonder what the White House thinks about the audience they’re addressing and what they think when they say that 12 people can put up sixty five percent of the misinformation that is driving the 50 percent of America to not get the vaccine, as though that 50 percent have no minds whatsoever. Whatever they see on Facebook, that’s what they’re going to do. They’re not affected, by the way, by the twenty four hour a day news programing that the vaccine is safe and effective, that the coronavirus is completely deadly. All of the advertisers between that 24 hour news cycle and even the sitcoms are slipping in little anecdotal stories about masking and vaccinating.

Del Bigtree: [00:08:12] None of that seem to sink in. But a couple of words from the anti-vaxxers online is what stole their minds. Or maybe it was the truth that took their minds. Maybe it was actual data. You see, instead of offering lottery tickets and free beer and lap dances, people like me and those on that list share our information. This is a newsletter we send out every day. And every one of you that has signed a newsletter knows it every Monday. This comes out after our show. And what does it have? It doesn’t have a bunch of stories. What we told you, it’s the actual links to the science and evidence that we discuss throughout the entire show, every data point, every graph, everything that we presented. You can look at it yourself with all of the background data, all the peer reviewed discussions in science that exist, something that Jen Psaki, no one in the White House has ever provided us after asking us, after locking this down, destroying our businesses, destroying the health of our children because they couldn’t get oxygen, never once did we see a graph. Never once did we have an explanation. Never once did you put in our hands the actual science. We’re just supposed to take your word for it. Well, I have news for you. Maybe donut eaters and beer drinking burger eaters that go out for lap dances.

Del Bigtree: [00:09:26] Will just take your word for it. But that doesn’t seem to be what’s going to affect the remaining 50 percent. Why? Because though you might think they’re stupid and could be won over by a free glazed donut, the truth is, is they are actually the smartest among us. This is an article that came out, I think it says it all. MIT study vaccine hesitancy is highly informed, scientifically literate and sophisticated. It goes on to say the goal of fully vaccinated the American public appears to have stalled. This should not surprise us. When the vaccines were first approved for emergency use back in December, 20, 20, 40 percent of Americans expressed skepticism about the vaccine as well as they should, since it had never been injected into a single human being on the planet Earth before. Trying to shame the holdouts has failed spectacularly. Insulting and degrating them as morons or ignorant has resulted in a vicious pushback and a hardening of positions on getting vaccinated. But a study done at MIT showed that a substantial portion of public health skepticism was highly informed, scientifically literate and sophisticated in the use of data. Skeptics used the same data, the same exact data sets as those with the orthodox views on public health. We didn’t make it up. We didn’t pull out a crystal ball. We didn’t use wishful thinking. We showed people the actual science and data. What was written there, the parts that you left out in your misinformation campaign from the White House, things like this vaccine was never tested on pregnant women. This vaccine was never tested on children. This vaccine was never tested on any of the people that had comorbidities, which was the high risk group that we’ve all been talking about all around the world. The only people that were actually at risk were not a part of the trial. See those types of things are what we shared from the very documents that were coming out from Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca and Johnson and Johnson. So what are we talking about here? Ms. Jen Psaki. Are we really murderers? Are we really getting people killed? Because I know for a fact, VAERS has got thousands and thousands of deaths reported, somewhere between six and seven thousand ten thousand nine hundred ninety one. I want to correct this right now, because this is something that we’ve been talking about. And since we really are about being true about our data, once we’ve investigated that number ten thousand nine hundred ninety one, we must be clear. We now recognize this week that that is including some foreign numbers. So when I’ve been saying the United States of America, we’ve hit eleven thousand deaths in VAERS or right under it, we are a little bit inaccurate. They’re now saying at the CDC, I believe it’s somewhere around six thousand seven hundred, which is the number they’re saying is taking place in the United States of America.

Del Bigtree: [00:12:13] Whatever the case will be, I’ve watched everything that’s ever been produced in the United States of America polled after 50 deaths. And I think the last flu vaccine that went south was pulled after just 50 or 100 deaths. We’re at six thousand deaths. And as we’ve reported, there is highly underreported. As Harvard Medical School said, it’s about less than one percent. That would mean that there’s, what, six million deaths so far. Let’s go ahead and just go with the 10 percent and say it’s sixty thousand. Whatever the case may be, these are innocent people that would be alive today, maybe children that would go on to be president in the United States, but because they listen to your information with no data whatsoever and went out and got vaccinated for a free donut, a beer or a lap dance, they are now no longer walking among us on this planet. When it comes to misinformation at the White House and what you try to blame us for, perhaps you should visit the famous meeting by the WHO in Geneva, Switzerland, which took place in the fall or actually December of twenty nineteen. This is what Dr. Heidi Larson had to say about people accusing those of us online that were spreading misinformation. Here’s what she had to say.

Dr. Heidi Larson: [00:13:28] I spent a lot of time talking, particularly in the last six months with tech companies Facebook, WhatsApp, Pulser, Twitter, Instagram, we chat Weibo. They have a lot of fingers pointing at them to fix fix the misinformation problem. But it’s not so simple. One, the biggest problem is a lot of it’s not misinformation. Our problem is, as we’ve heard in the last forty eight hours, that there’s not anything 100 percent. And what actually can legally, without creating a censorship thing, can we absolutely say this is misinformation because we have a lot of ambiguity in the safety field and we have to come to terms with that. So we have to think about it differently than deleting misinformation, but building trust so people are willing to put up with a certain amount of risk because they believe in it enough, they believe in our work, what we’re doing, and that it’s in their interest.

Del Bigtree: [00:14:42] There it is, the entire purpose of having media is to build trust. You have had nearly a whole year to build trust for this vaccine and you have failed. Do you think that’s because you don’t have the science on your side? I think so. Do you think it’s because donuts don’t work? The point is, is people just need the information. They are guided by information. And now we know the remaining 50 percent in this nation are not getting the vaccination because they have read the data, they read data, they’re college educated. They know the truth when they hear it. Do you really think that some liar can get on social media and grab 50 percent of the United States of America and not and get them to not vaccinate, even though it’s a perfectly healthy and safe product? Come on. Are you out of your mind? It is clear that what you have tried to push on people, what you’ve tried to hide is the myocarditis right in front of people pericarditis, blood clots, thrombocytopenia, anaphylaxis, Bell’s palsy, all of these things you kept saying, don’t look over there. Don’t look over there. Stay on here. It’s safe and effective. It’s safe and effective while you’re undermined by the death and destruction of human lives of the United States of America. That’s the data.

Del Bigtree: [00:15:58] That’s the fact there’s no getting around it. And those six thousand deaths may not seem like a lot to you, Ms. Psaki. I want to say that there was only three thousand deaths when the World Trade Center came down, and that changed our world forever. You may want to keep pushing forward. And the only way you’re going to be able to do that, since you have failed the public in actually grabbing their hearts and minds and convincing them through data that the vaccine is a good idea since you failed, now you’re going to do what the WHO said you shouldn’t do. You’re going to bully, you’re going to threaten and potentially bring in martial law. You’re going to take away our right to free speech. You’re telling everyone in that news agency there that they should not give any attention to the people that are speaking the real truth, the misinformation that everyone on Facebook and Instagram and YouTube, they need to take these sites down. They need to censor. They need to destroy our First Amendment rights. And that would be the destruction of what makes America great, because our founding fathers were clear that the news that the press was the most important part, so much so that they called it the fourth branch or the fourth estate of government.

Del Bigtree: [00:17:10] Why is that? Because without a free press, governments that are out of control will never have their feet held to the fire. And industries that are taking advantage of our government will never be outed to the public. The industries would love that and the government would love that. But our founding fathers knew that that would be the death of the United States of America. And by the way, press is not a bunch of highly paid people that are funded by former Exxon baby diapers and Monsanto toxic pesticides. All the people sitting in front of you in that room, that is not press. Press was anybody that could put together ink and put it on paper and share it with each other. You know, Thomas Jefferson had this to say about freedom of the press. Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost. And what are we talking about? The press again, it wasn’t a bunch of people funded by industry. It was guys like Thomas Paine that put together Common Sense, wrote it, and then maybe got a printing press and secretly did this under the nose of the king. And people passed hand to hand saying the king is against us. We are not being fairly represented. We are not free. We are living on our knees.

Del Bigtree: [00:18:20] That was the press. And sure, the king would have liked to have censored that too. And if he had achieved it, we would not have the United States of America. And so when we find ourselves in a position where the government is providing zero data to the intelligent part of our society and that 50 percent of the intelligentsia have said, no, we are not going to be forced into an unjust law behind a failed, pathetic product that has been improperly tested and all you want to do is censor that. It is time to stand up. Let me remind you that Thomas Paine also said this. Thomas Jefferson oh it is. If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so. So that fifty percent. You know what your job is. Stay strong. All right, we have a huge show coming up. Got Dr. Peter McCulloh joining us once again to talk about the efficacy, something we really haven’t gotten into detail on these vaccines. Do they actually work at all? But first, it’s time for the Jaxen Report.All right, Jefferey, it’s getting crazy out there. It really is. There are a lot of people that have reached out to me and said, I feel like we’re under attack.

Jefferey Jaxen: [00:19:52] Each week. Each week. I said it last week. This is a very important time. And they’re going to get crazy. There is a major fireworks, major fireworks happening recently in the form of Rand Paul versus Dr. Fauci round four. This is what I look like.

Senator Rand Paul: [00:20:09] Dr. Fauci as you are aware, it is a crime to lie to Congress. Section 1001 of the US Criminal Code creates a felony and a five year penalty for lying to Congress. On your last trip to our committee on May 11th, you stated that the NIH has not ever and does not now fund gain of function research and the U.S. Institute of Virology. And yet again, gain of function research was done entirely in the Wuhan Institute by Dr. Shi and was funded by the NIH. I’d like to ask unanimous consent to insert into the record the human virology paper entitled Discovery of a Rich Gene Pool of Bats SARS related coronaviruses. Please deliver a copy of the Journal article to Dr. Fauci. In this paper, Dr. Shi credits the NIH and lists the actual number of the grant that she was given by the NIH. In this paper she took to bat coronavirus genes, spike genes and combined them with a SARS related backbone to create new viruses that are not found in nature. These lab created viruses are then to shown to replicate in humans. These experiments combine genetic information from different coronaviruses that infect animals, but not humans, to create novel artificial viruses able to infect human cells. Viruses that in nature only infect animals were manipulated in the Wuhan lab to gain the function of infecting humans. This research fits the definition of the research that the NIH said was subject to the pause in 2014 to 2017, a pause in funding on gain of function. But the NIH failed to recognize this defies it’s way, and it never came under any scrutiny. Dr. Richard Ebright, a molecular biologist from Rutgers, described this research in Wuhan as the Wuhan lab used NIH funding to construct novel chimeric SARS related coronaviruses able to infect human cells and laboratory animals. This is high risk research that creates new potential pandemic pathogens, potential pandemic pathogens that exist only in the lab, not in nature. This research matches, these are Dr. Ebright words, This research matches indeed epitomizes the definition of gain of function, research done entirely in Wuhan on for which there was supposed to be a federal pause. Dr. Fauci, knowing that is a crime to lie to Congress, do you wish to retract your statement of May 11th where you claimed that the NIH never funded gain of function research in Wuhan.

Dr. Anthony Fauci: [00:23:02] Senator Paul, I have never lied before the Congress and I do not retract that statement. This paper that you were referring to was judged by qualified staff up and down the chain as not being gain of function.

Senator Rand Paul: [00:23:22] [inaudible] So you take an animal virus and you increase transmissibility to humans. Right. You’re saying that’s not gain of function?

Dr. Anthony Fauci: [00:23:27] Yeah, that is correct. And Senator Paul, you do not know what you are talking about, quite frankly. And I want to say that officially, you do not know what you are talking about. OK, you get [inaudible]. Can I answer your question?

Senator Rand Paul: [00:23:43] This is your definition that you guys wrote. It says that scientific research that increases the transmissibility among mammals is gain of function. They took animal viruses that only occur in animals and they increase their transmissibility to humans. How you can say that is not gain of function,

Dr. Anthony Fauci: [00:24:03] It is not.

Senator Rand Paul: [00:24:04] It’s a dance. And you’re dancing around this because you’re trying to obscure responsibility for four million people dying around the world from a pandemic.

Committee moderator: [00:24:12] And let’s let Dr. Fauci..

Dr. Anthony Fauci: [00:24:14] I have to. Well, now you’re getting into something. If the point that you were making is that the the grant that was funded as a sub award from ECO Health to Wuhan created SARS-CoV-2. That’s where you were getting. Let me finish.

Senator Rand Paul: [00:24:30] We don’t know.

Dr. Anthony Fauci: [00:24:31] Wait, wait a minute.

Senator Rand Paul: [00:24:33] [inaudible] lab at all? The evidence is pointing that it came from the lab. There will be responsibility for those who funded the lab, including yourself.

Committee moderator: [00:24:40] This committee will allow the witness to…

Dr. Anthony Fauci: [00:24:43] I totally resent the lie that you are now propagating, Senator, because if you look at the viruses that were used in the experiments that were given in the annual reports that were published in the literature, it is molecularly impossible.

Senator Rand Paul: [00:25:04] No one’s saying those viruses caused the pandemic. What we’re alleging is the gain of function research was going on in that lab and NIH funded it. You cannot get away from it. It meets your definition and you are obfuscating the truth.

Dr. Anthony Fauci: [00:25:19] I’m not obfuscating the truth. You are.

Committee moderator: [00:25:22] I will allow the witness to finish.

Dr. Anthony Fauci: [00:25:24] Let me just finish. I want everyone to understand that if you look at those viruses and that’s judged by qualified virologists and evolutionary biologists, those viruses are molecularly impossible.

Senator Rand Paul: [00:25:38] No one’s saying they are, no one is saying those viruses caused the pandemic. We’re saying they are gain of function viruses because they’re animal viruses that became more transmissible in human and you funded it, admit the truth.

Committee moderator: [00:25:52] Time has expired. And I will allow witnesses who come before this committee to respond.

Dr. Anthony Fauci: [00:25:57] And you are implying that what we did was responsible for the deaths of individual. I totally resent that would have happened. If anybody is lying here, Senator, it is you.

Del Bigtree: [00:26:15] What’s really one of the edited clips of that, it was about a minute and a half long and I really felt like I got the gist of it. But this morning, when you sent over the whole thing, I was like six minutes and we were going to show six minutes today? we have to, right? what other place on earth is going to give Rand Paul the moment to see all the detail that he lays out there in this case? I mean, if we really care about our lives and the future and a man that is about to try and mask us all and force fascinate us and says he wants to take away all of our rights, I think anybody everybody should be giving Rand Paul the six minutes. And I’m glad this is the one place that people can expect that. So thank you for bringing that forward and making sure we did it right today.

Jefferey Jaxen: [00:26:53] Yeah, you bet. And clearly, the media balance is is unbalanced when it comes to giving Rand Paul time. I mean, typically, he’s only been on Fox News where he gets to talk and speak about his side of this, his information that he’s seen. And the fallout to that conversation, if you want to call it we just saw, was Rand Paul has filed criminal referral to the attorney general. So Rand Paul seeks criminal investigation of Dr. Fauci after Senate tussle. This has been filed yesterday. And so the Justice Department really has the ultimate saying whether they’re going to investigate or, you know, proceed in this matter. We’re waiting for that right now. But playing this whole thing, we let people decide for themselves.

Jefferey Jaxen: [00:27:32] And just breaking, a couple of days ago, Judicial Watch and The Daily Caller, they’ve obtained 311 correspondence from Dr. Fauci to the show on funding requirements. The problem is health and human service, health and human services heavily redacted that. So now we have HHS running cover apparently for for Fauci and his funding recommendations, the claim was by HHS that these are trade secrets. They have to be redacted. But, boy, in this environment, in this climate, the people really need to know. The world really needs to know what has been going on in these emails. So I hope the attorney general has the unredacted version. And if he doesn’t, I hope someone sends it over to him within the government at this point.

Del Bigtree: [00:28:14] Well as Jen Psaki said so clearly said we all have to really dedicate ourselves to, you know, sharing the real information, the good information, not redacting it, not hiding it, because that’s obviously not getting us anywhere. You know, I said some time ago that I will not rest until I see Fauci behind bars. You know, I want to see this guy. I believe that he is responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands of Americans, whether it’s just denying them hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin and other things like that. But all the lies, all the deceit that’s taking place, we’re not even talking about the AIDS epidemic, which Judy Mikovits so clearly laid out just a few weeks ago. But, you know, I was thinking Jefferey this week as I was, you know, I don’t know why I was talking with a friend I thought, you know, would be the perfect punishment. I don’t want them hung or anything like that. I wanted to have to sit in solitary confinement and listen to his own taped voice, his excuses and his flip flopping. You know, every just, in loop, all the hundreds of hours of him spewing this strawman garbage he pumps out the obfuscation. I want him to have to listen to it until the day he dies. That would be a perfect, I think, way to deal with Fauci to just make him have to listen to himself because I can’t stand it any longer. It’s so obvious the man is lying and cannot stick to the point or answer a question. And I think Rand Paul is making a brilliant point. I really think he’s got him here. I mean, he gave him an opportunity right there. Right. He could have walked it back. He could have brought it back. He’s saying you are under oath. You’re under oath. I’m giving you an opportunity to step out. You know, this is what gain of function is. Are you ready to redact that statement? He said no. So there you are. That’s what you need. I think Rand Paul is set the trap. And I think Fauci just stepped right in a brilliant job by Senator Rand Paul.

Jefferey Jaxen: [00:29:55] Absolutely. And to piggyback off what you’re opening the show with, talking about the vaccine push and really getting people to do this. So there’s a poll that just came out that may be shocking to some people that are just listening to perhaps the White House press secretary or perhaps Cuomo or anybody else trying to push cheeseburgers for the shot. And this poll, this is the headline here, Overwhelming majority oppose vaccine mandates. Again, shocking for some people that may not understand this. This is by the Foulger Group. They specialize in political and corporate marketing research. And let’s take a look at this, because it’s very, very interesting, some of the numbers that they came up with. So this was done just ten days ago. And this is one of the slides from here. So it says, Do you believe taking COVID vaccine should be mandatory or should taking the vaccine be personal choice? People responded 71.4% said it should be personal choice. Only 21.8 said it should be mandatory, 6.8 said unsure. So there’s not too many people in the middle of the road there. Interestingly enough, it was kind of right down the middle with Democratic and Republican respondents. So 39.3 Democrats and then Republicans, 35.6 and then other is 25.1. But specifically just with the Democrats, we have a slide of this, but 58.7% Said it should be personal choice, which is interesting, because having watched this this rush to mandate these vaccines over the last five years or so since SB277 in California really has been from a lot of the Democratic side, although the Republicans do push it as well and are putting these bills forward. So it’s interesting to see here when it comes to the covid vaccine, we have 58.7% Of the Democrats that are saying this should be personal choice.

Del Bigtree: [00:31:39] I think it’s really important and something I was thinking about this week, I think for all of us, you know, we’re getting lots of calls right now coming to ICAN, employers that are saying they’re going to force vaccinate their employees. What do I do about it? The university, we’re going to all of these things and the fear and the panic that I sense in this. You know, it just hit me, folks. They are not the majority. We’ve already proved earlier in this in the show here that, you know, it’s the intelligent people that are on our side. So they’re not even that intelligent. Mostly you have people that just sort of follow what they’re told and good on them. Right. The United States of America, you should be able to trust your government. You should be able to trust your health agencies. It’s really unfortunate that you’re getting bad information from your news agencies. You know, I don’t hold that against people, but we’ve got to recognize that even with all of that onslaught of propaganda, 50% of us don’t agree with it. And this takes it a step further Jefferey. It really shows us that even those in the vaccinated program, those that got the vaccine, among those there appears to be were at 71%, like 20 % or more, you know, like half the people vaccinated. Right. Half the people vaccinated don’t want a mandated vaccine either, which says to me they reticently took this vaccine under duress. So when we’re thinking about how strong are we in numbers, I mean, we should be able to win this easily, hands down, since we’re the most intelligent half of the country and we have half of the country. But now what we’re seeing is that half of that other half that got theirs are clearly with us too, they didn’t want they didn’t want it force. Maybe they want a choice, but we’ve got to start recognizing how powerful we are and stand up in it.

Jefferey Jaxen: [00:33:16] Absolutely. Absolutely. And, you know, I was I was contacted after last week’s show because I said in the US there are no mandates which, you know, technically, like you said, a lot of the employers in the colleges, they’re making requirements. There’s no country wide American mandates as of yet. Kind of like what’s going on in the UK or France right now. But there is this creeping situation. It’s being reflected in the polls because the previous polls were saying, you know, do you want a vaccine or do you not want a vaccine? These are should the government mandate it? So the aggressive language is getting a little more aggressive. Now, I want to shift to there is a gentleman that a lot of our guests refer to. He’s a researcher. He’s an epidemiologist. His name is Johnny Ioannidis. Stanford University professor of medicine, focuses on the study of epidemiology, population health. He’s probably one of the top epidemiologists and public health experts in the world. And he’s been pumping out amazing research, specifically this next piece of research that our guests are continually pointing to. And I wanted to take a moment to go over this because it is really important and we haven’t really broken it down in the proper way it should be broken down. So this was published in what’s called the Bulletin of the World Health Organization in 2021. This is their kind of journal. They publish all their science and epidemiology with regards to public health. A lot of times in low income countries and this is the paper, it’s called Infection Fatality Rate of Covid-19 Inferred from Zero Prevalence Data, zero prevalence basically tests the number of individuals in a population who have antibodies to SARS-CoV-2, which, as you know, is the virus that causes covid-19. And real quickly, zero prevalence studies differ from the PCR tests that we always talk about because the PCR tests, they’re talking about cases typically where national statistics are based off of, but they don’t detect traces of SARS-CoV-2 with the zero prevalence, but rather the presence of the covid antibodies. So it counts the people infected with the pathogen at some point, whether they have symptoms or not, whether they’re virus particles floating around in them or not. And that’s not even talking about

Del Bigtree: [00:35:19] False positives, all those issues, right?

Jefferey Jaxen: [00:35:20] Yeah, yeah, yeah. So this can tell us how many people a specific population have been infected. So in this study, here’s a couple of quotes from this study. And they’re very, very important. This is what Dr. Ioannidis has found. He says, I included sixty one studies, seventy four estimates and eight preliminary national estimates. Infection fatality rates range from 0.00 Percent to 1.63 Percent, corrected values from 0.00 Percent to 1.54 Percent across 51 locations. The medium covid-19 infection fatality rate was .27 percent, corrected .23 percent in people younger than 70 infection fatality rates range from .00 percent to 0.31 Percent, with crude and corrected medians of 0.05 Percent. So the reason he was correcting those was because he was most of the studies use IGG antibodies and not all of them use the other two antibodies, so there is a correction kind of an algorithm that he used to to smooth that out, but here’s what he concluded in this paper. He says, based on the currently available data, one may project that over half a billion people have been infected as of 12 September 2020, far more than the approximately twenty nine million documented laboratory confirmed cases. Most locations probably have an infection fatality rate less than .20 percent and with appropriate precision, non pharmaceutical measures that selectively try to protect high risk, vulnerable populations and settings, the infection fatality rate may be brought even lower. This is incredible, incredible information. I really hope people read this.

Del Bigtree: [00:36:57] Because this would have been the big question, right? What is the actual death rate of this illness once you’ve caught it? What are your odds of dying? And now he’s showing us point 0.26 Percent is the is really the high spot as low as 0.05 percent. That’s incredible. I mean, it’s really incredible. And did we end up finding that email from Fauci? Do we have that? Yeah, yeah, let’s bring that up.

Jefferey Jaxen: [00:37:21] Yeah. So this was from February 16, 2020. And this was Anthony Fauci his internal emails from the dump and he’s talking to John LaPook. That’s the chief medical correspondent for CBS News. And he says, quote, “The currently reported mortality of covid-19 is about 2 percent. However, there are several folds more cases that are coming to the official attention of health authorities, i.e., asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic infections. If you count these, the denominator gets much larger and the case fatality rate could drop to 1 percent or even .5 percent or less. If that is the case, then this is a very severe seasonal flu in parentheses, 0.2 percent to 0.4 Percent. Regular seasonal flu is 0.1 percent or a typical pandemic like 1957 or 1968, which is 0.5 percent to 0.9 percent. So here we’re seeing it’s definitely falling in those ranges when when Ioannidis is saying 0.2 Percent in his paper

Del Bigtree: [00:38:15] 0.20 Percent in the high risk 0.05 percent for the young people. So this thing is, as we’ve said, really just at best, a bad flu. And it’s barely even hitting that severe spot. It’s in the bottom end of it, which really should make people wonder, you know, what was the true information? What is the misin-? Is this misinformation Jefferey? I mean, again, I keep asking myself if we’re under attack and you’re saying we’re putting people at risk. How is this misinformation? You have, honestly, Ioannidis is more qualified than any other epidemiologic epidemiologist, more qualified than Fauci for sure. One of the best in the world. He’s going through 61 different studies. Seventy five reports to come up with this data. He obviously is not doing this so he destroys his career. He’s trying to get the truth out there. And when we really look at the truth by one of the world’s greatest epidemiologists, folks, do you realize we destroyed our economies? Have you gone out and try to buy a car lately and found out that they don’t have any because they can’t rebuild them? Have you gone to Best Buy and try to get an appliance that no longer exist? Are you recognizing that we’re starting to look like Russia here in the United States of America, all for a virus that has a high-end death rate of 0.2 Percent? That’s incredible, man.

Del Bigtree: [00:39:30] Absolutely incredible. I’m glad you brought it up, because, you know, Astrid Stuckelberger was talking about this and other leading scientists keep bringing Ioannidis up, and I ask you to look into it, and I’m glad we did. I mean, there it is, that there’s a lot of information there and it’s really critical now as we start thinking about and prepare ourselves for what I think is going to be another lockdown. I think these people are not done trying to inflict pain and destroy our lives so that they can get their agenda of an entire humanity that lines up, hold out their arms or bends over for whatever vaccine they want to give us every three to six months. It’s not going to happen to smart people, they’re not going to let it happen. And we’re going to make sure the smart people keep having information like this.

Jefferey Jaxen: [00:40:10] And speaking of lockdowns and measures and vaccine passports, let’s head over to the U.K. really quick. There’s a member of parliament there that’s really made some waves with an opinion piece. His name is Graham Brady. He’s a chairman of the Tory 1922 committee. These are the backbenchers of the Conservative Party. They collectively you know, I did some research here. This group can collectively exercise at times considerable power, especially when the government policies are unpopular, which is I don’t know if they can get any more unpopular in.

Del Bigtree: [00:40:43] The millions of people in the streets. It may be a sign of unpopular things, but

Jefferey Jaxen: [00:40:49] Just a little. So here’s here’s his article now. He wrote this is an opinion piece he received the entire the entire page is not quotes, as are all his words. And he says, “I believe the real purpose of mass is social control.” Big words here. “It’s time to turn down the fear dial” writes Graham Brady, chairman, the 1922 Tory 1922 committee now in here, he says to listen to these quotes: “When I asked a health minister in the Commons how she could justify banning health activities such as golf, tennis or bowls, she actually replied that while those activities were indeed safe, if we well let people do those things, they might think they can do other things, too. How far a proud nation has allowed itself to fall”, he goes on. “Many politicians and advisers will admit privately that the policy change compelling people to wear masks was not really about the spread of infection at all, but about the psychological effect that they would have. That real purpose is social control to provide a constant reminder, to maintain distance from other people, to maintain a state of anxiety that these people more likely to comply with the restrictions that might otherwise be resisted or forgotten.” And he finally says “this will be one of the most important questions when the inquiry into the handling of the pandemic begins. Just how far it can ever be right for the state to use fear to manipulate the population of a free democratic country.” Know if I didn’t know any better. These were almost the words of a whistleblower when I’m reading that, because he’s talking about private conversations he’s having with other members of parliament and health ministers. Now, this isn’t the first time we’ve hearing these words out of the UK, fear, anxiety being pushed by the government several months ago.

Jefferey Jaxen: [00:42:29] We have this was in April out of the Telegraph. We have the ministers pushing fear here. The headline, State of Fear How Ministers Use Covert Tactics to Keep Scared Public at Home. And then there’s another article. This one was just from a couple of months ago. Use of Fear to Control Behavior and Covid Crisis was Totalitarian at MIT scientists member of Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Behavior Express regret about unethical methods. Now, this is called The Spy, a Spy B Group. It’s one of the subcommittees that advises the scientific advisory group for emergencies, or SAGE. And they go on in this article, to quote, one CPPIB scientist told Miss Dodsworth as the journalist in March 2020, the government was very worried about compliance and they thought people wouldn’t want to be locked down. You think? There were there were discussions about fear being needed to encourage compliance and decisions were made about how to ramp up the fear. The way we have used fear is dystopian. It goes on. The use of fear has definitely been ethically questionable. It’s been like a weird experiment. Ultimately, it backfired because people became too scared. Continuing, another said, without a vaccine, psychology is your main weapon. Psychology has been psychology has had a really good epidemic, actually. And the final quote on this paper, in this article, if we’re being really honest, do I fear that government policy today is playing into the roots of totalitarianism? Yes, of course it is. Del. This is if I didn’t know any better, it sounds like the government’s waging war not on a virus, but on the people.

Del Bigtree: [00:44:06] On the people themselves, just like they are here in the United States of America, you know, calling really anyone essentially that doesn’t want to get the vaccine right now or does not believe in the narrative that the vaccine is perfectly safe and effective. You’re murderers, you’re killers. And anybody that allows you to speak is harboring a murderer or a killer. I mean, those are threatening words. It feels in many ways, as though there is a war now being waged, is being waged against the citizens of the United States of America and the world. I mean, this is not the way government should be speaking to the people

Jefferey Jaxen: [00:44:38] And like we do on The HighWire here, don’t just take the words of the headlines. Let’s look at the actual document that the SAGE group looked at to look to look at their options. And it’s literally called “Options for Increasing Adherence to Social Distancing Measures.” And this, again, it was in the 22 of March, 2020. People

Del Bigtree: [00:44:56] Sat down at a table. Somebody put this together. Let’s let’s spitball it here. How are we to get people in line? This is your government meeting to figure out what they think about you and how to best deal with this. All right, let’s see.

Jefferey Jaxen: [00:45:07] That’s right. Slide the paper over under persuasion. Number two, perceived threat. A substantial number of people still do not feel sufficiently personally threatened. The perceived level of personal threat needs to be increased among those who are complacent, using hard hitting and emotional messaging. To be effective, this must also empower people by making clear the actions they can take to reduce the threat. Again, if I didn’t know any better, I would think this was a document by some shadowy terrorist group trying to terrorize the population. But it’s not. These are government advisers.

Del Bigtree: [00:45:41] Yeah, absolutely incredible. Well, I mean, this is the truth. We’re putting out in people’s hands. And frankly, you know, at this point, we have to make sure that everyone that’s putting out information like we are, everybody that’s on that list of 12 and beyond, it’s time to start sharing this information far and wide for everybody out there. I mean, that is a tool that we can use now. It is really time to step up before we get trampled on and all of our freedoms go out the door. Jefferey incredible reporting. So psyched with Rand Paul. I mean it. I think we’re all getting the sense now, though things look a little bit scary. We’re no longer alone. We’ve got the world renowned scientists that are coming onto The HighWire now. We’ve got a politician, Rand Paul, that’s using the government and putting on government record the lies and deceit put forward by Tony Fauci. These are incredible, incredible times. And I think you’re playing a huge part in it Jefferey, your information. We know that the other networks we know, you know, the other people are watching it. I’m sure Rand Paul is checking in on the information that’s being put out there. So keep up the good work. You know, the people need you more than ever. So and so do we here at The HighWire. I love you, man.

Jefferey Jaxen: [00:46:51] Thanks, Del. I love you, too.

Del Bigtree: [00:46:52] All right. Take care. Look, if you like Jefferey Jaxen, as I do clearly, and you want to read more about what he is talking about, you to have to go to the Jaxen report at The HighWire.com, where he gets into a lot more detail for those of you that can read, which apparently is at least 50 percent of America. So definitely check out the Jaxen report. Look, we are bringing in world renowned scientists, doing investigations that no one else is doing. We’ve got lawsuits like crazy. Every week you are getting newsletters. If you are a donor and you’re part of our newsletter, then you’re seeing the legal war we’re waging to bring the truth, whether it’s against universities or for employers or supporting nurses that are coming out and telling the truth. And doctors we’ve talked about if you are a whistleblower at Moderna, at Pfizer or Johnson and Johnson, just, you know, I think it was the last week or the week before, a billion dollars mean you could win a billion dollars in court. If you bring forward proof that these vaccines that the vaccine makers hid information from the FDA and the CDC that helped it get approved when it shouldn’t have been approved, that is how our court system works. And we have the greatest legal team in the world and we’ll bring in whoever is necessary to make it even better to help a scientist. There it is. If you are a COVID vaccine whistleblower, email us, at [email protected], you have the potential reward in excess of one billion dollars.

Del Bigtree: [00:48:17] That’s no kidding. You get one third of that. That is won by the government. Remember, the government’s paid out billions and billions of dollars somewhere between 15 and 30 billion, it looks like. And imagine if they got all that back and you were the whistleblower that made that happen. These are the types of things that we are putting together. We are making offers and we got a team ready to go. That team is ready to go because of you. Those of you that support The HighWire, I am not, we are not getting money from Exxon. We certainly not getting money from Pfizer, Sanofi-Aventis or any of the people that are sponsoring the news agencies that listen to Jen Psaki every single day in order to do what we do and to have the type of power that now the White House is saying we must shut them up, that fifty percent of America is is awake and is listening to the truth, whether they call it misinformation or whatever they want to call us. You are getting the truth and you know, you’re receiving it in these packets every single week. In order to do this, we need your help. It’s getting more and more expensive. We’re hiring more and more lawyers, journalists and editors. We brought in a brand new editor this week so that we can up our game. I need your help. So please, if you’re not already doing it or you want to expand your donation a little bit. Please go to theHighWire.com, just click on that button, donate to ICAN we would love it if you would just become a recurring donor.

Del Bigtree: [00:49:35] You do this with just about every other bill you have in your house. You’re paying for CNN and Fox to lie to you every single week. Why don’t you go ahead and fund the people that are bringing you the truth? I don’t care if it’s a cup of coffee. I love twenty one dollars for twenty twenty one. Or if you have done very well in life, you can make up for those of us that only can afford a cup of coffee. Do what you can. I believe we are really making a difference in the world. Part of the way we’re able to make a difference is not because I’m anything special or have some brilliant mind, but the brilliant minds that now trust The HighWire that are coming on to our show from around the world, world renowned scientists and doctors that are published and doing great work. That is what is happening. That is the spectacular moment we find ourselves here in on The HighWire. So as we think about those fear campaigns that are being pushed by government agencies that supposedly the people voted for, we voted for you. Why are you attacking us? Why are you lying to us? Why are you trying to make us afraid? Why are you telling us we’re all going to die, especially if we don’t get the vaccine? You know what I’m talking about. Did you watch the news this week? Here’s what it was. If you weren’t paying attention.

News reporter: [00:50:48] This is being called a pandemic among the unvaccinated.

News reporter: [00:50:52] This is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated.

News reporter: [00:50:55] It’s a pandemic of the vaccinated.

News reporter: [00:50:58] This is an epidemic that’s occurring in the unvaccinated.

News reporter: [00:51:01] We’re seeing a pandemic among the unvaccinated. So this is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated.

News reporter: [00:51:08] The Centers for Disease Control says unvaccinated Americans are driving these numbers, accounting for nearly all deaths and almost all of the hospitalizations.

Kamala Harris: [00:51:17] Virtually every person who is in the hospital right now sick with covid-19 is unvaccinated.

News reporter: [00:51:25] We are seeing outbreaks of cases in parts of the country that have low vaccination coverage because unvaccinated people are at risk.

News reporter: [00:51:33] So it’s going to find those pockets in each community where people aren’t vaccinated and it’s going to do a lot of damage.

Del Bigtree: [00:51:38] To get to the bottom of this pandemic, this supposed surge and discussions about the Delta variant and what effects that may or may not be having, I want to talk to somebody that has a lot more understanding of this. I’m talking about Dr. Peter McCullough. He’s an internist, a cardiologist, and he’s published over 30 peer reviewed studies on SARS-COV-2. So it is my honor to be joined right now by Dr. McCullough. Dr. MuCullough, first of all, thank you for taking the time to join us.

Dr. Peter McCullough: [00:52:10] Well, thanks for having me.

Del Bigtree: [00:52:12] Obviously, there’s been a real sort of languaging shift in the media. And once again, as we’re getting used to, it’s as though a script is being sent to every network by somebody, I’m assuming FDA, CDC and NIH or writing a script. It’s all the unvaccinated. There’s a surge happening because of the unvaccinated. And my question really is, and it’s something that we’ve talked a lot on The HighWire about the potential dangers and what’s unknown about the coronavirus vaccines, Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson here in America. But what we really have never gotten deep into is efficacy. You know, we hear that it’s safe and effective. We’ve talked to you about the safety before when you you’re on before. But is this vaccine does this vaccine do what we think? Vaccines, when we hear the word vaccine, we hear a product that is given prophylactically that keeps me from being infected and keeps me from then transmitting it to someone else. Does this vaccine do that?

Dr. Peter McCullough: [00:53:18] No, it looks like it doesn’t. Now we have really breaking reports from Israel where about 80 percent of the adult population over age 20 has received the Pfizer vaccine. And in fact, about 80 percent of those covid-19 cases, in fact, are among the vaccinated individuals. Among those hospitalized in Israel, it’s 60 percent have been fully vaccinated. The same thing is true in the United Kingdom, where they have about seventy five percent vaccinated in this case with an array of vaccines, Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca. Now, 40 percent of those hospitalized in the UK, in fact, had been fully vaccinated. What’s going on is the Delta variant, and this is one in a sequence of variants that really has arisen as a result of mass vaccination. Now the Delta variant has undergone antigenic escape, immune escape, if you will, and it’s avoiding the antibodies of the vaccine and causing covid-19 illness in individuals. Fortunately, it’s milder. It’s more easily treated. But the great fear is that the vaccinated will assume the protection when in fact or not.

Del Bigtree: [00:54:24] So you are one of these scientists and there, there is a debate about this over this idea that Dr. Gert VandenBosch really brought to the world, which is this pressure of a vaccine in the middle of a pandemic, giving a vaccine where the the antibodies have are not robust enough. They haven’t mounted. You don’t have enough of the population that that vaccine has the potential to pressure the virus, to escape to, you know, immune escape to to develop qualities that get around the immune system, certainly get around whatever the antibodies are designed by the vaccination. Do you believe that is what we’re seeing when they talk about the Delta variant? Because we hear mainstream news here in America saying it’s the unvaccinated that are causing variants like the Delta?

Dr. Peter McCullough: [00:55:15] Well, there was a paper published last fall by an author, Vandor [?], That analyzed this and basically let us know there’s probably at least one hundred and twenty five different variants out there. We know that there’s over a thousand potential mutations, but the variants are largely restricted to changes, amino acid changes in the spiked protein. And that’s where the kind of where all the antigenic action is with respect to the vaccines. And then a critical analysis by Nissen [?] And colleagues from the Mayo Clinic in Boston have shown when a population gets to be more than twenty five percent vaccinated, that’s enough of an evolutionary pressure to allow one of these mutant forms to become the dominant strain. So vaccination is reducing the viral diversity and making it more compressed environment with fewer number of mutant strains, and it allows one to become more dominant. In the case of India, it was the use of the side of that vaccine that really prompted the emergence of the Delta variant. And now we’re seeing [inaudible] again with the stimulus for the emergence of the lambda variant out of Peru. So mass vaccination as opposed to targeted vaccination is in a sense creating the problem of this this immune escape of the virus.

Del Bigtree: [00:56:25] Now, when a layperson, even myself, when I hear vaccine pressure, I get this idea that the vaccine hits a virus and that little virus is sitting there like working out, saying, I’m going to beat you and figures out a way around. But is it that or is it really more the fact that so many people that take the vaccine or have immunity to one strain or one one variant that the other variants always there, it just becomes more prominent because it’s not being stopped by anything. It’s sort of, you know, is that a better description of what’s taking place?

Dr. Peter McCullough: [00:56:59] I think it is. You know, I’m an internist and cardiologist and I’ve also trained in epidemiology and I think as a professor of medicine, I’ve basically done an entire year of dedicated covid research and work at this point in time, studying this very carefully. And that’s my understanding as you articulated, that there is this array of strains out there. And then as each one, patients can actually be infected with more than one strain at a time. But in a population, our CDC keeps track of this, the original wild type strain that the vaccines are coded to, by the way, that’s extinct now. Now we’re down to six strains. The emerging strain that’s dominant in the United States is the Delta variant, which appears to be able to escape all the known vaccines right now. And then second now is the U.K. variant, which previously was responsive to our vaccines.

Del Bigtree: [00:57:47] Now is your opinion, because what I’ve been reading, many studies keep looking at the previously infected, those unvaccinated people that caught the wild virus. We keep seeing amazing numbers for them, studies showing that they’re maintaining their immunity. I think a study out of Israel said that there was only one percent or less than one percent that were being reinfected when nearly 50 percent of the vaccinated were the ones being in hospitals. Do you believe that the Delta variant is going to be an issue for people that were previously naturally infected by the coronavirus?

Dr. Peter McCullough: [00:58:24] No, the natural immunity appears to be robust, complete and durable. And when there’s a really solid case of someone documented with infection, they have the characteristic signs and symptoms and they have a positive PCR and antigen test. That person has lifetime, what we believe is lifetime durable immunity. There’s never been a second documented case in an individual where the first episode was substantiated. However, the confusion occurs when someone has not had a solid first case, but maybe has had an antibody test turned positive. And there there is a remote possibility of an infection. So they may have ambient positive antibodies to start with. An analysis by Myrto [?] And colleagues. Six hundred and fifty thousand individuals across 11 studies looked at this idea of having a prior infection not well defined, and the answer was zero point two percent chance of infection. Unlike the vaccine, where we know even in the spring in the United States, our CDC had a fully documented ten thousand cases of vaccine failures by the end of May. So we knew the vaccines were even failing before the Delta variant moved in. And the fact the CDC gave up on this and they started doing what’s called asymmetric reporting, meaning that they were not going to count vaccine failures in the covid-19 rates. And that’s how the talking points were generated. Americans should know that the CDC by the end of May have announced asymmetric reporting of covid-19. This is important to understand that they were only going to report covid-19 community cases and those that were unvaccinated, that they were no longer going to track covid-19 in those who had received vaccination. And if they became aware if the first test was obtained in the hospital and they were vaccinated, they would try to link it up with vaccine databases. But otherwise, the CDC is intentionally and willfully blind to breakthrough cases for COVID-19 vaccination. So that’s what’s created the false and fraudulent talking point that ninety nine percent of American cases are unvaccinated. It’s not true. It’s probably roughly 50 50. And that’s what we’re seeing in practice. We have about half the cases are indeed vaccine failures.

Del Bigtree: [01:00:39] And that’s what I’m hearing from my friends in E.R. and obviously what we’re seeing in other nations around the world, especially Israel, where that’s probably the best test group to be looking at as a nation. So when I see doctors and scientists reporting on the news that the immunity given by the vaccine is better than the natural immunity, can I call that a lie? Is that officially a lie when we hear that/

Dr. Peter McCullough: [01:01:07] It’s a false statement and it may be intended to somehow promote the vaccine, but the natural immunity is robust, complete and durable. As you know, it has a full biologic support where we can’t get the infection again and the vaccine is frankly failing. So the vaccine must be far inferior to natural immunity.

Del Bigtree: [01:01:26] So now let me ask you this. There’s a lot of people that are skeptical that write into our show and they’re saying, do we really have antibody tests that are capable of delineating the Delta variant? Is this Delta variant mythological in that they’re just claiming every infection now is Delta variant? When we hear that it’s the dominant strain, what kind of science is behind that? Can we trust that science, that this is all a Delta variant? As you said, the original wild strain is now eradicated. It is gone. It’s disappeared. How are they coming to the conclusion that the Delta variant and not the lamda [?], you know, are these PCR tests, which is most of what’s being used, are the accurate enough to determine what variant people are infected with?

Jefferey Jaxen: [01:02:12] The variants are determined by genomic sequencing tests. So sequencing tests are very different than PCR or antigen test. So they have to rely on sequences in the spiked protein and the nuclear capsid. The United Kingdom is doing a great job. They publish a variant of interest, a report. The last one was the 17th version on June twenty fifth, where they had fully sequenced about a quarter million infections. And there we knew 90 million I’m sorry, two hundred fifty thousand infections. And they had nine hundred thousand infections that were in fact the Delta variant there. They knew that forty two percent were fully vaccinated. So they’ve done a wonderful job in sequencing. The CDC does a select sample of sequencing as well, and that’s how we know the report. The last one we had, the CDC was the end of June. We’re down to about six variants. The alpha variant was still slightly dominant, I think, at about 30 percent. And Delta was right behind it. We now have reports that Delta is reemerged as the dominant rate in the United States.

Del Bigtree: [01:03:12] But as you said, it appears that it may be more infectious, but not more deadly or dangerous. Is that is that the correct statement?

Dr. Peter McCullough: [01:03:24] The infective infectivity is determined from in vitro tests using a human cell culture to see if the virus can more effectively invade a human cell. It doesn’t apply to populations now where there are so many individuals who have natural immunity. So I don’t think from an epidemiologic perspective, this is more infectious at all. It’s not going very fast in Israel. At the peak of their cases, they had ten thousand cases a day. They have a thousand cases per day. Now it’s mainly Delta, but it’s an I told America I’ve been on national TV several times. We’re going to get a small rise in Delta, but it’s not going to be anything like what we saw in December. So it doesn’t have the herd immunity is going to buffer that infectivity. It does have a lower mortality rate than we’re seeing at the UK. The UK reported mortality rate of the alpha strain at one point eight in that delta and a case fatality rate of zero point two percent of the cases that came to attention. But mortality is so highly amenable to early treatment, it’s really hard to report on that. In Delta cases who get early treatment multidrug approach, the mortality should be negligible.

Del Bigtree: [01:04:31] Do you share the concern that was put out by Dr Géert VandenBosch and others that if we keep pressuring this virus, we’re going to create an unnatural evolution where the virus tends to want to evolve to become less deadly? It’ll kill its host to wipe itself out. But under a largely vaccinated community, a virus can live. It can it can start to have immune escape. And we could end up creating a virus that is more deadly, that is maybe vaccine resistant and more deadly. Do you share any of Dr VandenBosch concerns or do you think what we’re watching is natural and this is all going to sort of just work itself out?

Dr. Peter McCullough: [01:05:15] Now, the analysis that I mentioned from Nissen and colleagues does suggest the vaccines vaccination is influencing the natural ecological biology of the virus. So we’re getting fewer strains and strains that are becoming more dominant as they try to escape. But the immunity of the vaccine, but so far, the progressively less virulent and we haven’t seen this disastrous scenario that was passed by some immunologist to suggest we may breed just a monster, a virus that’s going to wipe us out. But we are getting signals since the current sets of vaccines don’t work anymore. And we’re starting, in a sense, to play with Mother Nature and the overall compression of the diversity of viruses. We’re getting some signals here that we probably should shut down the vaccine program and go ahead and close out the pandemic with early treatment.

Del Bigtree: [01:06:12] And obviously, you’ve done a lot of discussions about treatment. When I was talking to an E.R. doctor of my friend just earlier today, we were we were talking about that, that, you know, we’re we’re seeing this surge. We’re or he’s saying it feels like there’s a surge and it’s in both, you know, vaccinated, unvaccinated. Is there a surge? I mean, there’s a lot of discussion right now. I’ve heard numbers as high as 70 percent higher hospitalization rates in some states across America than we were at last week, as though we could end up in a situation California just said, everybody put your masks back on, vaccinated or unvaccinated. Everybody’s putting their masks back on. There’s a concern, I think among those people that finally are feeling free are out breathing the air. A summer was robbed from us last year. We’re enjoying this one. There’s a concern we’re going to go back into these measures of lockdowns in mass because the news really seems big on this surge is happening. Is there a surge and how concerned should we be about it?

Dr. Peter McCullough: [01:07:20] Well, we have a very low baseline, so any increase from a low baseline will look like a percentage, like a big number in percentage. We are having a rise. This was anticipated. It’s happening in the U.K. It’s happening in many places around the world. It’s happening in Japan right now. But it’s not at the level of a surge where we need to become battle ready. In my view, there’s no public health impetus to start wearing masks or going into lockdown. We do need to make the monoclonal antibodies available. We need to have a lot of messaging on that, need to have a lot of messaging that early treatment, protect the high risk seniors, especially because the vaccines are failing and all these people have gotten the vaccine instead of being protected. Now they’re actually susceptible to the Delta variant.

Del Bigtree: [01:08:06] And when I was talking to my friend, you know, he said, you know, I said, how bad is the surge? He says it’s just like a regular flu. It’s not anything more. I said, yeah, but we’re in the middle of the summer in July. Is it like flu in July? And he said, no, that’s a good point. That is weird that we are seeing a surge of respiratory virus in the middle of the summer. How would you explain that? I mean, that is something I don’t remember in my lifetime. Any form of a flu or coronavirus having any sort of action, especially surge in the middle of the summer. Have we unnaturally created that or what would be the explanation?

Dr. Peter McCullough: [01:08:42] I think the most ready explanation and the Geert VandenBosch did predict this, and that’s carige now it’s possible that mass vaccination has now allowed those who have been vaccinated to carry the virus and then transmit it to others and hit a susceptible person who can express symptoms. If that’s the case, we may actually have a lot more data around and the vaccinated are simply carrying it to one another. You heard about a bunch of lawmakers who got on an airplane and they were ostensibly well. And when they got off the plane, a couple of people developed a covid-19. Afterwards, there was a naval shipping vessel that had thirty seven hundred sailors on all vaccinated, ostensibly all fine. And then one hundred cases develop over the next few weeks. It brings up the issue of carriage. And this is a little bit disturbing because if that’s the case now, we’re just going to carry this virus into summer season and everything else as opposed to going through some natural oscillation. So I’m a bit concerned about this, these events that have been reported in the last few weeks.

Del Bigtree: [01:09:46] We were sold on the vaccination was our only way forward. You’ve been an outspoken person on the idea that it was never just vaccinations, that there have been treatments hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, budesonide. These are all products that have been through some pretty extensive studies now showing that they have varying degrees of effectiveness, certainly more effective than what we’re seeing from the vaccination. What is our way forward? And are you in in your speaking out the way you have? Are you seeing the hospital systems in America listening and starting to use more of these treatments? Or is there still this very strange resistance by hospital groups to actually treat the people with things that seem to be working around the world?

Dr. Peter McCullough: [01:10:33] I think there’s more and more American doctors certainly are joining the circles of early treatment, particularly primary care doctors, independent doctors. There are now national and regional telemedicine services treating doctors. The word is out. America knows that this is a treatable illness and they’re seeking treatments through a variety of sources. More and more doctors are coming online. The hospital doctors are much slower and they’re still stuck trying to get them Remdezivir and other things that really don’t work in the hospital. And they’re too late. So we need more to jump on board with early treatment. It’s supported by Association of American Physician Surgeons, is another leading group called the Front Line Critical Care Consortium. These are really leading groups now for early treatment. And the drugs have been flowing in the United States now for months. Basically, millions of Americans have avoided hospitalization and death with the use of really treatment. No single drug works alone, but they certainly work well in combinations.

Del Bigtree: [01:11:29] When we look at these numbers that are touted in the news, over 600,000 killed by sars-cov-2, which makes it arguably one of the most deadly pathogens ever to sweep America, do you trust those numbers? How do you, as a physician, someone that you know, has, I believe, always been pro vaccine? You’re part of working in the system. You believe in medicine. Do you believe those numbers? Are we have we really seen the death of over six hundred thousand people from this virus?

Jefferey Jaxen: [01:12:04] The CDC acknowledges itself on its Web pages that 90 percent of individuals had significant contributing illnesses to the death, about 10 percent looks like it’s covid-19 alone. In pediatrics, I think we’re almost down, Dr. Macary from Hopkins has an analysis that was presented this week, suggesting maybe we’re down to one child in the United States died of covid-19 itself. Every, all the other children had contributing diseases like leukemia or cystic fibrosis, etc.. You know, I’ve never seen a viral illness like this. I’ve treated found more than one hundred patients have been based on many hundreds, if not thousands of individuals, there’s viral replication, cytokine storm and thrombosis. It appears to be a really difficult illness to treat late, and it seems so easy to treat early. So my best advice is age over 50, m4ultiple medical problems, treat early and we can avoid death, whatever its cause attribution is.

Del Bigtree: [01:13:02] The president of the United States, Jen Psaki, have made statements this week, pretty strong statements that people that, you know, speak against the effectiveness like we’re doing of this vaccine right now speak against the safety that to say anything that is not safe and effective, that they’re essentially were killing people. I think Biden may have backed it off. At one point he said Facebook allowing this information to be shared are murderers. That is very, very strong language from the president of a free country, this administration, not to get political about it, but this is the nation we live in and we are seeing at the same time, this rhetoric is coming out, discussions of door to door census based on your vaccination status. It’s clear when we look at the doorknockers that are going to be taking information. Have you been vaccinated? Have you not? Dr. Tony Fauci said he supports mandates in businesses, in universities pushing this vaccine, which you and I now clearly are discussing, is not doing the job. So why would we push it? You want to wind it down? They seem to want to go further. How do you see this this coming to a head between really two different medical or science perspectives and the most powerful position in the world and the president of the United States.

Dr. Peter McCullough: [01:14:24] Well, here we are, we’re right at 50 percent of Americans don’t want the vaccine. Fifty percent of Americans have not been fully vaccinated. The vaccine centers have started to decline mid April. They’ve been empty in May and June and now into July. There are inducements and bribes and lotteries and mandates. It’s pretty clear Americans don’t want the vaccine. The word is out. They understand it’s not working. They see the relatives getting sick after vaccination. They’re seeing record numbers of vaccine related fatalities and injuries. And so this is going to be just an unbelievably tense struggle between the will of the people and those who really want to force the vaccine on the population, on the remainder of the population when the vaccine is not effective and it’s not safe.

Del Bigtree: [01:15:17] What just to wrap it up, because I get asked this all the time, what am I supposed to do as a citizen? So many people calling my employers, forcing it. We just don’t know what we do in this situation. We want to believe in our country, but we can tell that our leadership, as you’ve just pointed out, is clear to anyone looking at it, is wrong on a very, very important topic. Some of us feel, you know, disempowered at this time. What is your recommendation to people? Someone’s going to come up to the door and knock, ask them their status. They’re going to be moving into a space that doesn’t look like the United States of America as we know it, lists are being made. What what do you want? What do you think is the message we need to put out to American citizens, especially on how we move forward and get through this very as you said it, I think going to be a very complicated time.

Dr. Peter McCullough: [01:16:11] I think Americans are going to really need to make their voice known through the phone and and through messaging of their leaders. So many Americans I talk to, I get these desperate emails and messages too Del and they say, Dr. McCullough, can you help me with a mandate, what have you. And I said, well, have you messaged your company or have you messaged how you feel to your university? And the answer is no, I haven’t. I’m afraid. My personal fear, the fear of reprisal and actually make their voices known. Right now, the people are talking about they haven’t gotten enough resistance, they haven’t gotten enough negative feedback. They actually think they’re doing the right thing by mass vaccinating the population. And they need to hear the voices of Americans, about half of us, basically say, listen, we need to stop.

Del Bigtree: [01:16:52] I agree with you. It’s time for people to speak the truth, to stand in their truth, be bold in their truth and and make it difficult. Right. I’m not talking about doing anyone any harm, but stand, it’s time to resist things that are not, you know, American and rights that are truly ours given to us by God. If we don’t stand for it, you know, stand up for it, nobody will. Dr. McCullough, I know you’re racing off. You’re a very busy man and we really appreciate your knowledge and your taking the time. And most especially, I want to thank you for really putting it on the line. So many doctors and scientists been afraid to speak out. Many of them speak to me privately. The more of you that step forward and speak the way you have on in media, I think you’re really making a difference in your changing the world. It’s an honor to know you. I hope you go down in history and it shines brightly upon you as we make our way through this.

Dr. Peter McCullough: [01:17:47] Thank you Del, same to you. All right. Take care.

Del Bigtree: [01:17:50] Well, obviously, we’re talking about effectiveness. Lots of people getting sick, you know, whether they’ve been vaccinated or not. The Delta variant is out there. There’s so much that needs to be done. But for those that the vaccine has failed, I think it’s really important that you know where to go, that you can report it so that we can have the most accurate reports and that you understand what your rights are. So if you’ve been injured by a vaccine, we want to help.

COVID injury commercial: [01:18:14] If you or a loved one has been injured after receiving a covid-19 vaccine, including if you are a participant in a clinical trial, go to injured by covid vaccine. Dotcom submissions are confidential. We are here to help provide support, including connecting with medical specialists and potentially securing legal representation to assure the safety of covid-19 vaccines for everyone. It is imperative that every person injured by this product report their injury. We can provide assistance, completing a report to the CDC Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System. So if you or a loved one has suffered an injury from a covid-19 vaccine, go to injuredbycovidvaccine.com now.

Del Bigtree: [01:18:59] It’s incredible, isn’t it, to see someone as high profile as Dr. McCullough talk about the fact that the vaccine program just needs to be stopped. It is clearly a failure. It is not working. These are things that we predicted from the very beginning, from the very first time we started reading the trial data. We were telling you this. When they were reporting and jumping up and down about how effective the vaccines were, we were questioning it. But if you forgot how effective they were supposed to be, here’s what that looked like in the news.

News reporter: [01:19:31] Pfizer announcing that early data from its human vaccine trial has shown to be more than 90 percent effective.

News reporter: [01:19:38] Drug giant Moderna announcing their vaccine trials show that it is nearly ninety five percent effective.

News reporter: [01:19:45] The company says it’s shown to be 90 percent effective in trials.

News reporter: [01:19:50] This vaccine was found to be 100 percent effective at preventing severe covid-19 infection, nearly 95 percent effective in early results.

Dr. Anthony Fauci: [01:20:01] We now have a vaccine that is more than 90 percent effective. 90 percent is a game changer.

News reporter: [01:20:09] The vaccine is in ninety four point five percent, effective at stopping symptomatic infections. The results add to growing confidence that vaccines can help end this pandemic.

Del Bigtree: [01:20:21] Well, obviously, we were all bludgeoned with the idea that Pfizer was roughly 90 percent effective, Moderna was ninety five percent effective. But really, let’s be clear, that was a super low bar because up until that moment, everyone that hears the word vaccination believes that what a vaccine does is it stops you from getting the infection and it stops you from transmitting the infection, which is what actually leads to herd immunity. But we’ve been trying to make it clear to you from the very beginning, and now it’s becoming crystal clear to everyone on the planet that this vaccine doesn’t appear to stop infection or stop transmission. But they never said it was. What they said was it was effective at stopping your symptoms, at stopping what’s known as covid-19. Sars-cov-2 being the infection, but then if you show symptoms now, you have covid-19 a bit like you have HIV. But if you get AIDS, those are the symptoms of HIV. We’ve explained this ad nauseum. But here’s the question that I want to ask. How effective is it? Is it really 90 percent effective even at stopping symptoms? We’re going to try and figure that out. So this will take a little bit of time if you’re brand new to The HighWire, that you’re going to recognize that. How do I go back? Let’s see here. There we go. Look what I’ve gone and done. All right, let me show you the graph while I get this board fixed really quick, here’s what we know for sure.

Del Bigtree: [01:21:46] I’m going to show this to you the second. Sixty one percent of Israel is currently vaccinated. And so we’re going to use Israel because that was the test group, right? That was the group that ultimately was you know, we made a deal with Pfizer. Netanyahu basically sold Israel to Pfizer and said we’re going to be the biggest test group that ever was. So they’ve been more vaccinated quicker than anybody else. We have more real time data coming in. We’re looking at their hospitals and we’re getting information. So let’s go ahead and study Pfizer. Pfizer is really the only vaccine being used in Israel, which makes this a really good study group, too. All right. So let’s go through this. Let me get this out of the way. Put this up here. All right. So what we’re told by everybody was that Pfizer vaccine was 90 percent effective. All right. Remember that, OK? And as I just showed you, when we look at Israel, they said, no, we can’t. The reason it’s difficult to do data crunching is that 90 percent is only an easy number to work with. One hundred percent of everybody vaccinated then we know, you know, one out of 10 will get infected. But it’s not that simple, right? Because not everybody vaccinated. So we’ve got to sort of crunch the numbers in a way to figure out what we’re actually looking at.

Del Bigtree: [01:22:56] That’s what I want to do right now. So let’s go ahead and take these. Sixty one percent in Israel. Right. This is Israel. Sixty one percent are vaccinated. I’m going to say they are vaxxed, OK, which means we’re going to have to go ahead and assume that thirty nine percent then will end up in the category of being unvaxxed. OK. Now, in order to figure out how hospitalizations are working, everything, we’re going to have to figure out ratios. But for the first part, let’s go ahead and assume since sixty one percent are vaccinated, not one hundred percent, we’re going to shift the math up a little bit. But we know that 90 percent means there’s a 10 percent failure rate. So a 10 percent failure rate of 61 percent will leave us with six point one percent will fail. We expect six point one percent of the population that’s been vaccinated to end up getting sick anyway because of the known failure rate. All right. But now we want to figure out the ratio. How do we figure out hospitalizations and things like that? What we’re going to do since the unvaccinated, we know they’re all going to fail, right. They come in contact with this virus. They’re going to catch it. Then the question is, how many of them end up in the hospital? How many of those that catch the virus that are vaccinated end up in the hospital? That’s what we want to figure out.

Del Bigtree: [01:24:12] Here’s how we do that. So we’re going to divide the thirty nine percent into the six point one percent. OK, and when we do that, what we come out with is point one, five, six four. That’s a decimal otherwise known, the percentage we end up calling that 16 percent. For those of you that are confused, I know I’ve been through this about 10 times to figure this out, but it’ll make sense in the end. So 16 percent are going to be protected. Right. So let’s look at it when we look at hospitalizations. Right. This is what if if the vaccine is stopping your symptoms, then you are not going to be hospitalized, OK? If you’re not hospitalized, then the vaccine seemed to have worked. So we’re going to try and figure out what were the expected cases. So the expected cases in the hospital means that we expected that 16 percent, 16 percent of them will have been VAXXED, meaning that was the failure rate of the vaccine over the one hundred percent. And at that 16 percent we have we expect that eighty four percent then this is getting us out. One hundred. Right. We’ll be on VAXXED. This is what should happen in the hospital when we go to a hospital. We should see that the cases that are in there, those that were symptomatic, those that had vaccine failure, should be about 16 percent of those in the hospital, given the fact that we didn’t have a full one hundred percent vaccine uptake with sixty one percent vaccinated, 16 percent should be vaccinated in the hospital, meaning 16 percent had the vaccine fail.

Del Bigtree: [01:25:44] And basically everyone unvaccinated is going to have failure because they’re going to catch it. That was the whole point of being unvaccinated to get the natural immunity. Eighty four percent. But what do we actually find out when we read this article? Take a look at this. This article that came out on Israel. More than one thousand Israelis test positive for covid. This is what it ends up saying at the moment, around 60 percent of the patients in serious conditions have been vaccinated. Moreover, according to Hebrew University researchers who advised the government, around 90 percent of newly infected people over the age of 50 are fully vaccinated. So what does that tell us? There’s what we expected, but then there’s the truth. This is where the rubber hits the road. What was actually reported, 60 percent of those in the hospital was serious, in Israel were vaccinated. How many were unvaccinated? 40 percent unvaccinated. This is what 90 percent was supposed to look like, 16 percent of the hospitalizations being those that were protected by Pfizer, but instead what we get is it’s totally turned on its head upside down. More of the vaccinated are ending up in hospital, 40 percent unvaxxed, so if this was supposed to stop your symptoms and that’s was the low bar they set for themselves, they didn’t even make that bar.

Del Bigtree: [01:27:10] The unvaccinated are faring better. They’re not having the symptoms and not being hospitalized, at least in Israel, when we look at this data. This is what we can conclude. It is nowhere near 90 percent. In fact, the unvaccinated are performing better than the vaccinated. Now, what does this really tell us? Right. I mean, in the end, you can sit here and I guess you can decide to get the vaccine. I don’t know why, since it doesn’t even appear to help you with your symptoms, it’s certainly not going to stop infection and transmission, which everyone in the news has stopped saying if you notice that they’ve given up on, say, oh, it’s going to protect your neighbor now. It’s just like you’re going to die. The unvaccinated are the ones that are in the pandemic. They’re the ones that are going to die. And anybody who stays unvaxxed is going to die. Anyone that convinces anybody to stay unvaccinated, you’re getting them killed. None of that sounded anything like in order to get the herd immunity, you need to vaccinate to protect your neighbor. They’ve given up on that because it’s clear so many infections among the vaccinated that that is not working. But did it lower symptoms, which was all they ever set out to do. And now we know it didn’t do that.

Del Bigtree: [01:28:13] But what does this tell us? What this tells us is ultimately. When we think about is this a pandemic of the vaccinated or is this a pandemic of the unvaccinated, it’s a pandemic period. Whether or not it’s that serious or you’re going to die, we can have those discussions. But here’s what you have to know. No one is hiding from this virus no matter how much we lock down no money, how many masks we wore and how many of our businesses we shut down. The virus is still here, as we just heard from McCullough, that old virus that started this whole thing, it’s already gone. That doesn’t matter. Our vaccinated helped us make a new mutant strain. And now we’ve got one hundred and twenty variants floating around to varying degrees. And we’re going to catch those variants. And that’s just the way this is going to go. Everyone is going to have to get the immunity and the only way to immunity is catching this virus. Everyone has to catch it. That’s the news, folks. It’s what I said in the beginning. If you read The New York Times, you read The Washington Post when they’re attacking me saying Del Bigtree, that spreads misinformation that actually told his audience, go out and catch this cold. I did say we should protect the elderly, just like every other article. And every decent scientist said, let’s go ahead and take care of them, put them away.

Del Bigtree: [01:29:23] But the rest of us have got to go out and achieve herd immunity. It is clear that this vaccine cannot achieve herd immunity. It never was going to achieve herd immunity. And now it does appear that it’s going to stop symptoms. But what you have to know is you’re going to have to now decide how you’re going to walk on this planet. Are you going to walk around in a hazmat suit or are you going to take on the risk that Ioannidis told us of that point, two percent for the worst of us and point zero, five percent for the best of us, go out and say, you know what, I think I’m one of the point zero five percent. I feel pretty healthy. I’m going to hold this nation together. I’m going to go out and catch this cold so I can protect everyone else around me. I’m going to take some ivermectin or some Hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, maybe some budesonide, all of those treatments that seem to be working in every study that I can find. I’m going to use those when I catch this thing to stay home and not spread it to those that might be vulnerable. But in the end, we never hid from it and no vaccine protected us from it. You know, the only people that are not worried and have no concern with the Delta variant or the land of variant or whatever variant is coming in our future, those that have already had the infection, those that were unvaccinated, caught covid this year, last week doesn’t matter.

Del Bigtree: [01:30:32] They now have what appears to be lifetime immunity. And those that were vaccinated, you’re going to have lifetime immunity too, as soon as you catch the virus, which is going to happen to you, that’s it. All you did was take a vaccine that didn’t even really lower your symptoms, it appears. And now you’re still going to have to catch the virus in order to get to that immunity that we’re all seeking on this planet so we can get on with our lives. So the only thing holding us back is anything we’re doing to keeping ourselves from ending up catching covid. It’s going to have to happen. I would recommend you start doing your research on the treatments you’re going to use when it happens to you. And I’m talking to both of you. I’m not selective, vaccinated or unvaccinated. Know what treatment you’re going to use because this virus is coming to a theater near you. Nothing really exemplified that I don’t think better than here in Texas. We had a bunch of politicians, you know, flee Texas because they didn’t want to vote for particular reasons. Here was the headline, Texas Democrats Flee State to block Republican voting law. They ran to the Washington, DC and hid out, tried to hide from shirking their duties or whatever it was in Texas.

Del Bigtree: [01:31:44] And what did they end up doing? They ended up catching covid. Here is the headline. Six Fully Vaccinated Texas Democrat Lawmakers Test positive for covid-19. Texas Dems Plan for Super Spreader Trip is Biden, Pelosi aids catch covid. They went out, they spread it there they are celebrating in their plane. I think that was right before they got covid. But you know what? I don’t fault these good people. Look at them. They mean well, they’re running away from the jobs that were paid to do here in Texas. But it’s OK. Maybe we can fault them for that. But I don’t fault them for catching covid. You know why? Because we’re all going to end up having to catch it. Unless you’re one of that, maybe 30 or 40 percent that already has immunity from the coronavirus you caught in 2019 or before. Yes, there’s cross reactive T cell immunity. And in the end I’m not too worried about it. I don’t think I’ve gotten covid yet. I’ve talked a lot about that. I’ve been to more super spreader events than anyone I know living on this planet, but I can’t seem to catch it. Maybe I’m already immune either way. I know what treatments I’m going to use should that day come. I know what treatments my wife will use and my children. That’s what it means to be smart, to be aware of the data, to know what’s going on.

Del Bigtree: [01:32:54] And I won’t allow any politician or doctor get in my way of using treatments that I see working all around the world. There it is. We broke it down. This right here is de-bunked. BAM. All right, if you like this type of whiteboarding and you know the math didn’t scare you away, you’re probably going to love a lot of things we’re going to be doing on our brand new website. It’s coming in one week, folks, it’s a totally new experience of how to go with The HighWire. We even have a community page. This is what it’s all looking like.

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Del Bigtree: [01:37:22] It’s going to be awesome. I think this is you know, I think we’re going to set a precedent for how news and communication information is shared, you know, going into the future, the future with our 50 percent of the intelligent people. And really, frankly, that other 50 percent of the vaccinated that didn’t want to do it either probably did know the science, but didn’t have a choice, whether it was to see a child of theirs because their spouse was being difficult or a job or something that was really important. I get it. We’re here for you to we’re fighting for your freedom, too. So all of that will be available. Coming up in just one week, The HighWire is taking on we’re putting on a brand new skin. All right. Speaking of information and misinformation and languaging from the White House, when we think of who’s making these decisions, are we going into another lockdown? You know, does Biden really think that Facebook is killing people, that they allow, you know, groups like The HighWire, even though we’re not there anymore? Is he right? Is this someone we should be trusting? There’s a video that came out after last night’s town hall. I just want to show a clip of this, because I think it’s important. I think this actually actually does matter. So take a look at this.

News reporter: [01:38:34] When will children under 12 be able to get vaccinated?

Joe Biden: [01:38:38] That’s underway just like the other question. It’s logical. And I’ve heard you speak about it because, you know, I’m not being solicitous, but you’re always straight up about what you’re doing. And the question is whether or not we should be in a position where you are. Why can’t the the the experts say we know that this virus is, in fact, it it’s going to be or should mean we know why all the drugs are approved, are not temporarily approved, but permanently approved. That’s under way, too. I expect that to occur quickly.

News reporter: [01:39:15] Well, that means you mean for the FDA, for the FDA?

Del Bigtree: [01:39:22] I mean. I mean. Folks.

Del Bigtree: [01:39:27] This is the leader of perhaps the most, should be, the most powerful nation in the world, the nation that has been the beacon of light for freedom and truth and transparency to the world. Democracy, Republic, this is our leader. In perhaps what is one of the most confusing and complicated moments in world history, the first time the world has ever been entirely locked down. We may be currently under attack by a virus that wasn’t even natural, came from a lab in China, or maybe it came from a lab in the United States of America. We need someone that knows how to investigate it, that knows how to ask the appropriate question. We need to know what’s going on and we lock down more. We’re going to destroy more of our jobs, more of our economy. What do we leave for our children? All of this is hanging in the balance and all of it is sitting in the hands of the man, Joe Biden, that you just saw, incapable of answering a very simple question about childhood vaccinations. I’m really, you know, not making fun of anybody here. Look, we’re all going to get old someday and those moments are going to come. But this is the leader of the United States of America at a time where globalists are attacking our borders, China may be attacking us with a virus. Who knows? We need to find out. We’re making decisions are going to affect our banking, our monetization.

Del Bigtree: [01:40:54] Social media seems to be out of control and nobody knows what to do with it. Bitcoin and, you know, currencies that don’t even exist in banks. I mean, these are really confusing times. We need somebody that’s really clearly thinking our way through this because those decisions are going to set a precedent for our children and their children and their children to come. And so as we sit here and I hear people calling in afraid about, you know, they’re going to make me vaccinate or I might have to, you know, I know what to do with my job, stand up, recognize that you are the 50 percent. We are just as strong, if not stronger. We’re definitely smarter. What are we worried about? We are not a minority any longer. I don’t understand it. If it was like five or 10 percent of us that decided not to vaccinate with the covid-19 vaccine and the rest of the 90 percent of America is down on us. But it is not the case. Let go of the past. That’s who we once were. We now stand really with the majority, 50 percent that said no and probably 50 percent that wish they’d said no. We’re at least at seventy five percent of America standing with us while we wait for the president, Joe Biden, who can’t answer a question, apparently, to decide our fate going forward. There’s a time and a place it’s very difficult, where all of us as children look to our parents that raised us, we respected them, we honored them, we saw all the great things they did in our lives.

Del Bigtree: [01:42:20] We saw how they took care of us. We saw how they set up an environment that helped us thrive. But there is that unfortunate moment where we recognize when we’re hanging out or we go out for dinner, we finally visit and we say, you know what, mom or dad? You know, I hate to have to say it. But it’s time for me to take the keys to the car away. And now as American citizens that care about the future of the world. It is time to take back the keys to America, the keys to our liberty, the keys to our freedom. We are the ones that know the truth. We’re standing in the truth. We need to hold the keys and then we need to hold our ground. That is what is required of each one of us, so you know who you are. Act accordingly. And I’ll see you next week.

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