By Del Bigtree

Tonight, Joe Biden gave the second State of the Union address of his presidency.

But after the events of the last three years, most Americans have come to distrust the official pronouncements from Washington. Two out of three Americans say that the country is on the wrong track. Our lives now bear the scars of a government that is out of control and out of touch with reality.   

As we did last year, we would like to take this opportunity to describe what we see as The Actual State of the Union. The White House is beholden to certain powerful interests but here at The Highwire, we are free to tell it like it is.

So without further ado, I give you The Actual State of the Union:

We are in the third year of what may be the greatest crisis in U.S. history.

The scale of the crisis is so enormous that it’s sometimes difficult to wrap our heads around it.

The U.S. Department of Defense and the National Institutes of Health were funding dangerous gain-of-function research both in the United States and in China and it seems that one of their chimeric viruses escaped from the lab and triggered a global pandemic that has killed millions of people. This is the biggest story in American history and yet the White House, FBI, CIA, and the mainstream media refuse to acknowledge this reality.

But that horrific crime against humanity wasn’t even the worst part. The response was more deadly than the gain-of-function virus itself and elite institutions throughout the U.S. were complicit in violating scientific and medical norms and trampling the Constitution.

In the early days of the pandemic, Tony Fauci and Francis Collins at NIH were notified about the possible lab origins of SARS-CoV-2. But rather than notify the FBI as required by law, they colluded with other scientists to cover it up. 

By March of 2020, the U.S. and the entire developed world locked down, even though it had previously been the official policy of the World Health Organization to keep economies open during a pandemic because lockdowns don’t work.

The federal government took extreme measures to block access to off-the-shelf medicines like Hydroxy Cholorquine that the CDC’s own research showed would likely be effective at stopping a SARS coronavirus. Surprisingly, safe medicines like Ivermectin sat unused in the national stockpile even as people were dying from a lack of treatment and pharmacies refused to fill valid prescriptions from doctors that were attempting to save lives. 

The CDC instructed nursing homes to accept people infected with Covid in the misguided attempt to “preserve hospital capacity”.  States that complied saw unprecedented carnage that still has not been fully investigated.

Hospitals used and continue to use the wrong protocols promoted by captured government regulatory agencies — turning away patients who requested early treatment even though that’s when medicines are the most effective.  And then the government financially incentivized sloppy Covid diagnosis, intubation, ventilators, medically-induced comas, and the use of a failed cancer drug that knowingly causes kidney failure.  The amount of lives that could have been saved had Doctors been allowed to practice medicine without government interference and coercion is astounding.

And all of this seemed to be a part of a scheme to create the market for the experimental Covid-19 vaccines. Now, two years after these vaccines were quickly rolled out and injected into over a billion people, an unprecedented event, we see clearly that these shots suppress the immune system, which is represented in a recent study of hospital staff at The Clevelend Clinic revealing that the more vaccines a person receives the more likely they are to catch Covid.  And now it is becoming clear that the ineffectiveness of the vaccine is causing the acceleration of Covid variants which have made it impossible to end Covid, a goal our government has given up on.  How convenient. 

In 2020, Pfizer and Moderna conducted human trials in about 40,000 and 30,000 people respectively, that showed increased risk of death in the vaccinated. The FDA authorized the shots anyway. Then last summer, the FDA abandoned human clinical trials altogether and authorized the new bivalent shot based on data from 8 mice that were sacrificed after 28 days.  8 MICE.

The only reason we know how bad these clinical trials were is because the FDA lawsuit that forced them to release the data that they initially planned to keep secret for 75 years.

Hundreds of thousands of doctors, nurses, police officers, fire fighters, soldiers, and ordinary citizens were dismissed from their jobs for refusing to get injected with these vaccines. This is a clear violation of Article 1 of the Nuremberg Code which strictly prohibits coercion when attempting to inspire an innocent person to engage in a medical intervention.

The best doctors in the country, the ones who were most successful at treating Covid, are still being hunted by medical boards and the bureaucrats who are trying to strip their licenses for saving the lives of their patients.

Many universities mandated shots that cause net harms to students in order to keep federal and corporate grant money coming in.

The mainstream media abandoned investigative journalism altogether to become unquestioning cheerleaders for lockdowns, masks, social distancing, and vaccines — even though none of those interventions were supported by valid scientific evidence.

Newly released documents reveal that social media companies, under the direction of the White House, implemented the largest surveillance and censorship program in history.

We were promised a New Normal and what we got is a world where Children are having strokes and heart attacks. Teachers are falling dead in front of their students. Athletes in the prime of life and health are collapsing on the field. Celebrities are maimed and killed — suddenly and unexpectedly. Reporters, news anchors, and politicians keel over live on television. All the while, we are told that this is normal or the result of climate change or the fault of natural gas stoves — anything to direct attention away from the shots.

Biden came into office declaring that he was going to “follow the science”. But what that really meant was obeying Tony Fauci and the pharmaceutical lobby that pulls his strings.  The result is a 15% increase in all-cause mortality and a two year decline in life expectancy for all Americans (and a noticeable decline in birth rates in locations around the world). The fact remains that the U.S. will never exit the pandemic so long as it continues to rely on vaccines. But the Biden administration is unwilling to change course based on the actual data because, among other reasons, President Biden staked his reputation on these shots, going as far as taking away our right to work and support our families if we did not comply.

This madness has got to stop.

In the past, we just asked for exemptions so that the government would leave us alone. But during the last 10 years, the pharmaceutical industry started vigorously running vaccine bills to eliminate exemptions which would, of course, increase their profits and eliminate the unvaccinated comparative control group. The pharmaceutical industry is now attempting to foist on adults the same regime it succeeded in imposing on children, it seeks to eliminate democracy and impose surveillance, censorship, and vaccine mandates on the entire developed world.

After the events of the last three years it is clear that the pharmaceutical industry is now an existential threat to the future of our nation and humanity the world over.

So we are no longer asking for half-measures. Instead, we’re going to lay out what must be done to stop this ongoing catastrophe and then organize to make it happen. We demand the following:  

All medical mandates must be taken off the table forever. We need constitutional protections at both the state and federal level for medical autonomy so that this never happens again.  This was the goal of the Nuremberg Trials after the Nazi regime had forced drugs, vaccines and medical experiments on innocent civilians.  It is time to reaffirm our commitment to the Nuremberg Code. 

It is time to permanently end the entire notion of a “vaccine schedule”. Forcing one-size-fits-all medicine on an entire population – mostly in children under 5 years of age – is savage and barbaric. Anything other than personalized, patient specific medicine should be considered malpractice.

We must repeal the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. Giving liability protection for vaccines has proven to be a disaster. Pharma must be forced to defend its products in court just like any other company. Natural market forces, like the ability to sue for injury and death, is all that is needed to insure that authoritarian medical tyranny never happens again.

The state and these captured medical boards need to stop hunting doctors on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry. We must separate doctors and the state by guaranteeing doctors’ First Amendment right to speak their minds and to practice medicine freely.

Everyone who lost their job because of government mandates must be rehired with back pay and full compensation for any resulting harms. The mandates were unjust and unscientific and those who followed their conscience must be made whole again.

The 1980 Bayh-Dole Act that allows academic researchers and government officials to patent and profit from federally-funded research must be repealed. By the same token we must join the vast majority of the world in banning pharmaceutical ads from television.

The United States should withdraw from the W.H.O., disassociate from the World Economic Forum, and restructure the FDA, CDC, NIH, DARPA, BARDA, and ARPA-H. All scientific data and knowledge should be made open source so that all citizens can examine the evidence for themselves.

Federal health authorities should be banned from working for pharma following their government service.  Stop the revolving door of regulators to pharma board members.

Just as we limit the proliferation of nuclear weapons, we must negotiate an international treaty to ban gain-of-function research.

Then there must be criminal trials. We must prosecute those who caused the Covid pandemic and covered up the harms from vaccines.  

Finally, we must force Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, Sanofi, Merck, and GSK to pay reparations to the vaccine injured. We must permanently end the Pharma business model whereby they cause iatrogenic injury that leads to chronic illness that must be treated by a lifetime of drugs developed by the same industry. 

What I have described here is the bare minimum necessary to save the United States from complete economic and political collapse. The childhood schedule causes an estimated one trillion dollars a year in harms in the United States and Covid shots are likely causing another trillion dollars a year in costs. Supply chain shortages, worker shortages, inflation, the soaring budget deficit, and the astronomical rise in chronic illness in the United States are all linked directly or indirectly to vaccine injury.  It is time to end the epidemic of vaccine injury.

While confidence in the federal government and our regulatory agencies are at an all-time low I believe there are examples of a better way forward being implemented at the state and local level. 

Florida continues to lead the way by actually reading the scientific evidence and making decisions based on the data. Other states should follow Florida’s example by convening their own independent experts to evaluate the safety and efficacy of all vaccines and a grand jury to investigate wrongdoing by the pharmaceutical industry.  Any state that is not evaluating the evidence for itself is putting its citizens, particularly children, in harm’s way.

Tennessee leads the nation by making ivermectin available over the counter. All states should allow all Covid medicines recommended by a doctor to be available without a prescription.

We are incredibly grateful to the scientists, doctors, and nurses across the country who have risked everything to tell the truth and provide the best care for their patients.

And we are inspired by the courage of everyday Americans in standing up to tyranny in the midst of the largest propaganda campaign in history. You were right to listen to your intuition and do your own research and your bravery saved lives and very well may save our country.  The U.S. always does best and is a beacon to the world when we stick to our fundamental values of decentralizing power and allowing people to make their own decisions.

The choice we are facing as a nation is clear. If we continue on the current path of allowing the pharmaceutical industry to get away with junk science, then the U.S. will experience endless pandemics and astronomical levels of chronic illness and death, leading to eventual economic and political collapse.

However, if the United States returns to its values, by ensuring liberty and justice for all as I have described tonight, then the American people will enjoy vastly improved health and rising prosperity that will be an inspiration for the world.

Stopping the epidemic of vaccine injury is the most important issue facing America today. I call on all people of good faith, regardless of political party, to join our movement to end mandates, to end liability protections, to end corruption in science & medicine and to restore the Constitution. Our best days are ahead of us — but only if we dedicate ourselves to creating that dream for America that we know in our hearts is possible.

May God bless you, your family, and May God Bless the United States of America.

Jefferey Jaxen

Jefferey Jaxen is a health journalist and featured in his weekly segment, ’The Jaxen Report’, on The HighWire. As an investigative journalist, researcher, and compelling writer, Jefferey serves as Lead editor of The HighWire News and Opinion Team.

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