By Jefferey Jaxen

Part two of the Twitter Files release has just been set free on the platform by American journalist Bari Weiss. The latest installment tells of a secret internal blacklist created by shadowy Twitter teams to “prevent disfavored tweets from trending, and actively limit the visibility of entire accounts or even trending topics…without informing users.” writes Weiss.

Among those tagged by Twitter for removal were Great Barrington Declaration author Dr. Jay Bhattacharya.

The three Great Barrington Declaration authors were also subject to a chilling, high profile hit job from top government officials according to FOIA emails from October 2020.

A personal email from then-NIH director Francis Collins to Dr. Fauci during The Declaration’s public rollout in October of 2020 saw the pair scrambling to censor the three ‘fringe epidemiologists’ as Collins referred to them at the time.

”There needs to be a quick and devastating published take down of its premises,” Dr. Collins wrote. “Is it underway?” he asked on October 8, 2020 – four days after The Declaration was published publicly.  

According to further ‘Twitter Files’ posts by Weiss, other accounts were also tagged along a select political spectrum by Twitter’s internal censorship activities despite denials by the platform’s leadership.

What has been known until now as ‘shadow banning’ was called ‘visual filtering’ behind closed doors at Twitter reports Weiss.

It appears that Twitter leadership up to CEO Jack Dorsey ran cover for these teams and their operations as evidenced by his 2018 tweet:

All these censorship-based decisions were made by the shadowy Twitter teams without the input or knowledge of users.

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