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Prof. Eran Segal from the Weizmann Institute made a presentation on Tuesday in front of the coronavirus cabinet in which he argued that the level of immunity has fallen since November, and that this is reflected by the rise in the number of new confirmed cases.

According to Segal, the reasons for the rise in the R number – the average number of people each coronavirus carrier infects – include the slackened enforcement of restrictions, an increase in infection among children and a fall in immunity among the general public.- Advertisment –

“In this reality, vaccines aren’t enough to stop the [coronavirus] wave, and we need to continue using all the effective methods that minimize infection without hurting the economy,” a summary of the coronavirus cabinet meeting on Tuesday read.

“This includes strengthening public awareness and effectively enforcing Green Pass guidelines and masks in enclosed spaces, as well as renewing the effort of ensuring those exposed to the virus quarantine,” it added.

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