In the early hours this morning, HB-1312 passed out of the Colorado Legislature House Health and Insurance Committee, after hearings that lasted for thirteen and a half hours.  All of which you can listen to here.

The bill adds ALL of the vaccines on the CDC recommended childhood schedule to the list of vaccines mandated for school entry.  It passed out of committee at 4:30am under a 7 to 4 vote on party lines, without amendments.

From Cindy Loveland, NVIC Colorado State Director:

Former Senator Kevin Lundberg, who spent 8 years in the house and 8 years in the senate posted on his FB Page –

The committee hearing on immunization exemptions (HB-1312) went past 4 AM. The response to this bill was historic. Never before have I seen over 500 people signing up to testify on a single bill. Some estimated that over 1000 came to the hearing. Because they were dispersed to several rooms and the halls it was impossible to determine the total number who came to the Capitol.

With the exception of a couple of medical “experts” who were for the bill, all the rest were in opposition. Ultimately all meaningful amendments were rejected and the bill passed on a party-line vote.

The committee proved to be stone-deaf to the concerns of the people.