recently wrote an article titled Daily COVID-19 Deaths in the U.S. Have Fallen Dramatically Since April chronicling how the downward trend has continued after states began lifting their lockdowns.

“Amid concerns about post-lockdown increases in COVID-19 infections, there is one striking piece of good news: Daily deaths from the disease in the United States have fallen dramatically since April, and that downward trend has continued into June. Even taking into account the average lag between laboratory confirmation and death—about two weeks, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)—the loosening of restrictions on movement and economic activity that began at the end of April so far has not led to the surge in COVID-19 deaths that many lockdown supporters predicted.”

Meanwhile, as U.S. news agencies drum up their second wave of terrifying reports that cases are on the rise and the second major increase of Covid-19 is coming, The HighWire looks at the actual numbers to really gauge if this is in fact a second spike, or a case of confirmation bias.