By Jefferey Jaxen

It’s been one week since Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s marathon presentation happened in the Legislative Office Building in Hartford, Connecticut. Watching the event it was clear that some turning point was happening. Overshadowed or supercharged, depending on how you view the possibility of a vaccination discussion, by the last minute cancellation of organizer Rep. Josh Elliot and the bailing of three Yale doctors who have refused to return emails asking for statements on why they didn’t attend.   

The public who wanted to see such a forum or debate occur went from anticipation to disgust. The continual debate forfeiture, while purporting to represent common sense, science, and progress, by the vaccine injury deniers and Big Pharma product line pushers has grown thin. Growing numbers of discontent Americans facing the unprecedented removal of their religious rights, free speech and open exchange of ideas have stopped waiting for the medical and science community to bestow their elusive vaccine gospel upon them. They are taking it upon themselves to begin their own education and research. Seeking out who they trust to get information from without insulting talking points, purposeful omission of relevant data and discriminating labels. 

As most media and low information legislators try to continually paint the vaccine debate in the broad stroke of singularly humanitarian ends, an ugly underbelly of corporate corruption, improper science and a trail of injury won’t go away. Kennedy, Jr. pointed those facts out continually in Hartford as do several others daily throughout their communities and on social media feeds. Regarding the current censorship happening in America, Kennedy Jr taken back at the Democrats asking Big Tech to “…stop criticism of a pharmaceutical product.” 

He continued, “And the mainstream press is letting them get away with that. Of demanding censoring of criticism about corruption at public agencies. We’re not allowed to talk about that now on social media? We’re not allow to talk about these women here who all have[vaccine-injured] children?” 

After using Merck’s HPV pre-licensure safety study documents, showing manipulation of data to hide increases in severe adverse vaccine reactions, to openly criticize the vaccine, Kennedy Jr openly declared “I’m saying this not on belief but because it’s true. And I’m saying it that way so that Merck will sue me if I’m saying something wrong. And they won’t!”    

Despite the mild media write-ups and milk toast coverage after the event, the citizen journalists and general public in attendance took up the slack and told the truer, more complete story. 
At least three members of the public in attendance live-streamed with their phones to every one media reporter present and still several more people took still shots and posted quotes and images from the event on their social media pages. 

At the same time, perhaps feeling some urgency of our present time, men and women within government are exerting their leadership and making their voices heard. Within just the last several weeks Representatives, Senators and Congressman are speaking up. The March HELP hearing, dedicated to increasing the momentum of Big Tech’s censorship surrounding the vaccine debate, saw Sen. Rand Paul as the sole voice stating points such as, “It is wrong to say that there are no risks to vaccines. Even the government admits that children are sometimes injured by vaccines.” and “Despite the government admitting to paying $4 billion for vaccine injuries, no informed consent is used or required when you vaccinate your child. This may be the only medical procedure in today’s medical world where an informed consent is not required.” Regarding any mandatory government vaccine legislation, Sen. Paul closed with stating, “…force is not consistent with the American story, nor is force consistent with the liberty our forefathers sought when they came to America…I still don’t favor giving up on liberty for a false sense of security.

Recently Oregon Sen. Dallas Heard commented on Oregon’s vaccine bill HB 3063 saying, 
Folks please get out a history book. That never works out for people in past historical events. We do not want to go down this road.” Sen Heard went on to comment on Big Tech’s sweeping censorship of the vaccine information calling it “really scary.” 

In addition to being the prime sponsor of three common sense vaccine-related bills in Arizona, State Sen. Nancy Barto also wrote an opinion piece in USA Today local affiliate news outlet AZ Central. In the article, Sen. Barto laid out factual rationale as the bedrock of her active bills writing, “Despite patient experiences or specific warnings on each vaccine insert, there is an unwillingness to acknowledge the [vaccine] risk for some individuals — and discuss them with their patients.” Her bills, HB 2472 informs patients of the option to obtain a titer test in certain circumstances to see if they already have antibodies against a particular virus. Senators/Reps speaking out, HB 2470ensures a person’s religious beliefs are respected through K-12, and HB 2471 ensures patients are given informed consent before vaccination as a critical component to ensuring the act is as safe and effective as possible.

Where America goes from here is anybody’s guess. Stepping back and looking at the trajectory, a steading media discrimination tone and omission of important facts that cast well-deserved doubt on the Big Pharma’s vaccine product lines can be observed. The tone changed to calls for censoring an entire side of debate and information, along with the mothers of vaccine-injured children, which was answered recently by Big Tech. Revenue steams are now being targeted as GoFundMe announced it will no longer host ‘anti-vax’ campaigns. If recent history is a guide, expect Patreon to follow suit having already shown their hand by selectively censoring certain political debate. Still for many, the unAmerican idea of censorship over open debate is repugnant and unacceptable. The possibility of a realtime backfire is in play. Regardless of the outcome, the rapid push towards shutting down debate coupled with overreaching vaccine legislation has brought untold amounts of people and attention into the discussion on the side of truth and transpanrpcy who would have otherwise remained on the sidelines.

Rep. Josh Elliot cancelled the Hartford vaccine debate/forum after the Yale participants bailed. He took to Facebook stating “the corridors have been lined with parents (mainly white mothers) who are aggressively arguing against the vaccination safety and efficacy.” Yet in his own legislative corridors, in the aftermath of his cancelled debate, a real conversation did take place with people who don’t judge each other by race or gender. The people in attendance just wanted to hear truth and a real debate surrounding vaccines.