UPDATE: 6/7/2020 – SB 163 was passed out of the House Health and Insurance Committee by a party line vote of 7 yes and 4 no.  All Democrats voted yes and all republicans voted NO. 

By Jefferey Jaxen

As the Coronavirus pandemic fizzles out, legislatures across America are restarting their engines in hopes of driving previously floundering vaccine bills across the finish line. Fueled by an unscientific allegiance to Big Pharma’s product lines, state officials in Colorado and Connecticut, with more to follow, are eagerly hoping to capitalize on the confusion, misfortune and unrest in the country to springboard their bills through unnoticed. 

Today, Colorado citizens are protesting a vaccine bill [SB 163] at the state’s capitol.  

The bill discriminates against parents who choose not to have their child vaccinated with every single dose of vaccines currently required for school, by forcing these families to be subjected to state mandated reeducation or a visit with a vaccine provider to have their religious or personal beliefs validated.  

This also applies to all vaccines required in the future, including a possible COVID-19 vaccine. The bill forces these families into a state tracking system with no informed consent or privacy protections that can and will be used for public health surveillance and interventions.  The bill also creates additional, costly burdens for schools.

Phil Silberman of Colorado Coalition For Vaccine Choice wrote on Facebook

The bill would combine our present Religious and Personal belief exemptions into one “non-medical” exemption that one would, inexplicitly, have to get approved, at your expense, by a doctor. In coming years, they will easily remove this “non-medical” exemption because it would no longer be seen as an attack on religion…The bill’s supporters have yet to explain what the legislative intent of the bill is.

The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), who tracks bills through their advocacy portal, also commented:

It is wrong for leadership at the Colorado Legislature to support advancing one of this session’s most controversial bills on a Sunday, during a pandemic and unprecedented civil unrest.  The committee chair who supports holding this hearing was quoted as saying she would not be “held hostage” by a vocal minority.

Testifying in the Colorado hearing was Children’s Health Defense Chairman Robert F Kennedy Jr. who railed against the poor vaccine safety testing allowed by captured federal agencies overseeing it. Author and FOX News contributor Michelle Malkin also testified against the bill calling it a data mining trojan horse. While Kevin Jenkins, Executive Director of Urban Global Health Alliance, stated “We do not support this bill, we do not support tracking children and we do not support parents having to prove anything to you.”  

Meanwhile, Connecticut bill sponsors are racing behind the one-two punch of American chaos over the past months to remove religious exemptions before its citizens can recognize, debate or protest the bill on an even playing field. 

The most recent version of Connecticut’s bill would permit all children who are currently enrolled in school and claiming a religious exemption to continue doing so, but would bar new children entering daycare or the school system from claiming the exemption. 

They are considering an amendment to the bill that would bar families from claiming a religious exemption to a future COVID-19 vaccine.

The CT Mirror admits in its reporting

The measure will likely be as controversial now as it was in February, when the legislature’s Public Health Committee voted – less than three weeks into the regular session – to send the bill to the House floor. The committee did so over the objections of thousands of outraged parents, who flooded the state Capital that month. Hundreds spoke against the measure at a public hearing that lasted more than 21 hours, and dozens more lined the streets outside the Capitol in protest.”

Senate Minority Leader Len Fasano, R-North Haven added

They’re using a pandemic to fear monger and get a bill passed that they could not get passed last year…This is just trying to conflate the issues to achieve a purpose for which they failed last session.

Regarding the bill’s formal actions, the CT Mirror writes

They are still working through logistical issues to create a safe environment for debate and voting amid the pandemic. There are 151 members of the House and 36 in the Senate – far too many to safely gather in one space at a time.

An unprecedented global lockdown with many restrictions still in play, record unemployment, and now historical unrest in America is hardly a time to ram through the most controversial bills seen in decades using special sessions. Despite their bureaucratic rhetoric, a feverish urgency is transparent by bill authors and ardent government supporters. 

The People have stood, and are standing, prepared to defend against bills which eliminate barriers between their families and the overreach of government funded by pharmaceutical lobbies despite the obstacles currently in their way. Widespread unrest, threats to their safety, unclear parameters for social gatherings and interactions, and the specter of an unknown virus are all disincentives exponentially stacked upon each other to deter citizens from participating in the legislative process – yet determined Americans have overcome all of it to fight and be heard.

Looking across headlines and reporting, most media appears to have omitted the ominous state of affairs continuing to unfold in America as background to these forced bills. The act of protesting such government actions as they try and ram through these bills, is courageous and deeply American. Yet the media will rarely if ever acknowledge why it is being done or what it has, and currently is, taking to do so. 

How will you be heard when your state reps try to silence you?