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Last week it was Dr. Peter McCullough who raised the alarm about the #Covid vaccine spike proteins. Now, another respected professor, viral immunologist from Canada, Byron Bridle PhD, brings forth more corroborating evidence, suggesting the toxic protein in the shot distributes all over the body within as little as 15 minutes.

#PeterMcCulloughMD #ByramBridlePhD #VaccineSafety #SpikeProtein #AlexPierson #TheHighwire #DelBigtree

POSTED: June 4, 2021


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  • Court Strikes Down Newsom’s “One-man rule”

    Court Strikes Down Newsom’s “One-man rule”

    After over 7 months of violating the constitution by exploiting the current State of Emergency in California, Governor Gavin Newsom lost a lawsuit this week for his abuse of the executive order. The Judge issued a temporary injunction on his power of executive order. Assemblyman Kevin Kiley, who was one of the Legislators to file the winning lawsuit, came on the show to detail the important win for freedom in California.

    #KevinKiley #GavinNewsom #Injunction #KingNewsom #CaliforniaAutocracy #Democracy



    Who is our biggest enemy? A captured media? The pharmaceutical industry? A would-be President? Amidst a sea of uncertainty, coupled with a casedemic fed by faulty testing, more people than ever have joined our ranks in the search for the truth. No matter the outcome of this week, Del’s message to this community is to “Light the way.” You hold the power to change this. It happens one person at a time. It begins, and ends, with you.

    #WeAreTheLight #BecomeTheMajority #FakeNews #Election #Covid19 #Casedemic

  • What a week! Don’t miss The HighWire TOMORROW! Thursdays, 11am PST (2pm EST)

    What a week! Don’t miss The HighWire TOMORROW! Thursdays, 11am PST (2pm EST)

    Watch the show at

    #Covid19 #Election #Trump #Biden #HealthFreedom #PCRTest #EuropeLockdown #LockDownRedux #Cases #NewsomLawsuit #KevinKiley



    While America sits complacent in mask mandates & lockdowns, countries around the world are taking to the streets by the hundreds of thousands in serious protest of unexplained new lockdown measures. Del looks at real data on #Covid19 case rates around the world, and how the past eight months of severe restrictions and “masking up” has truly affected the spread of coronavirus.

    #Masks #AustraliaRally #ItalyRally #SpainRally



    Are you ok with your 11-year-old consenting to a medical procedure at school without your parental consent? The new “Minor Consent for Vaccinations Amendment Act” Bill would give children the authority to get a vaccine at school without permission from their parents or legal guardians. Dawn Richardson, director of Advocacy at NVIC, speaks with Del about this potentially dangerous overreach and how to stop it.

    #NVIC #Vaccines #ParentalConsent #ICAN



    Hospitals in France now require women to wear masks during labor or to face giving birth without medical care. Many of these women are reporting traumatic experiences including difficulty pushing, lack of connection with their newborns and unnecessary C-sections due to the difficulty of breathing during childbirth with a mask on. Legendary OB / GYN, Dr. Stuart Fischbein, discusses the dangers of women wearing masks during labor. With a growing fear of hospitals, more and more women are opting to give birth at home. Dr. Stuart also talks about the psychological effects of masks for infants and their development.

    #Masks #WearAMask #Childbirth #Motherhood #COVID19 #France #NewNormal #HomeBirth #BirthWithoutFear #BirthingInstincts #DrStusPodcast



    Governments around the world are repeating some of the darkest political moves in history by enacting mandatory camps for those who have tested positive for COVID in yet another attempt to control the virus. Del breaks down the CDC’s blueprint for COVID camps they call the ‘Shielding Approach,’ while leaders in New Zealand, Canada, and even Southern California reveal how they will isolate those thought to be infected and their family members against their will. Hear the terrifying plans straight from the source.

    #COVID19 #Camps #COVIDCamps #InternmentCamps #Isolation #Quarantine #CDC #NewZealand #Canada #America #HistoryRepeating



    With the presidential election next week, it’s time to vote for the future of America. Both candidates have taken a strong stance on how they will address the #COVID19 pandemic moving forward. Take a look at where each stands on the most important issue of this election.

    #Election #Trump #Biden #Masks #Vaccine #DarkWinter #CandidatesOnCovid



    Restaurant owner Tony Roman, of Basilico’s Restaurant in Huntington Beach, CA,

    not only decided to never shut down, but doesn’t allow people with masks to enter the premises. Surprisingly, his restaurant has remained packed despite a direct challenge from CA Governor Gavin Newsom and the liquor board. With liberty and freedom at stake, Tony is laying it all on the line.

    #BASILICOSHB #BeATony #Freedom #Masks #LeaveTheMask #PastaVinoAndFreedom