1. We know that in every case the virus hits hardest among the vaxxed and barely touches the unvaxxed. I’m just wondering when you will tell these people that Jesus is the healer, spiritually and physically, and for those who reject Him the consequences are eternal.

    1. There is no virus making people sick, and viruses are not contagious.

      People are getting sick from the jab, remdesivir, and the poisoning of the water supply, with the same toxins found in the above.

      1. I agree 100%… We need to spread the message that by just using common sense, everyone is able to critique the non-scientific ways that “virologist” use to claim there even is a virus or that it causes disease. Most people believe that these people are just way too smart and their “science” is way too advanced for them to even look into but that is what they want you to believe. The truth is it is fake science and once you look into it, anyone can see that.

  2. All of us seem to know someone who has been injured by this vaccine. This gene therapy shot has NOT been tested. When what little testing that was done showed serious negative efficacy, it was covered up and even lied about. Now our children are being vaccinated. It’s beyond criminal. Sadly, the mass psychosis persists. It’s human nature to be in denial once you made the decision to be vaccinated, You have crossed that rubicon and there’s no undoing the damage or going backwards. In many cases the old axiom, “misery loves company” has set in with some peple. We are fighting a mass psychosis. But we are fighting. People need to wake the eff up, get away from the television. Do some real research before allowing themselves to be injected with an experimental vaccine that is unlike anything that has ever been used before!
    Now it’s Monkeypox! How ridiculous does this have to get?
    Here is the great Mark Steyn talking Monkeypox. It’s funny as hell!!

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POSTED: April 22, 2022


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