1. This is incredible. It sounds like the pilots, like so many others, have been forced to get these life threatening vaccinations. We have family friends and relatives who have had serious health issues related to these shots. A young 35 year old family friend, who WAS a school teacher and forced to take these vaccinations, will never be the same. She’s been seriously ill for 8 months now and it’s not getting better. Something like Guillain-Barre syndrome occurred right after her last injection.

  2. This is a PRIME case-in-point of one of the biggest travesties w/ workers being bullied into getting jabbed or else faced w/ the loss of their career & livelihood. The Powers-that-be still bullied even AFTER they KNEW there were so many instances of heart problems being reported. No concern for the pilots’ lives or all the other lives potentially put at risk should the pilots have health issues while on duty. Sick. True evil.

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POSTED: May 20, 2022


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