1. Absolutely there is a gut /microbiome /autism connection. ..Diet is Huge for healing.But heavy metals like mercury and aluminum pkay a big role.See Dr Exleys research on autistic brains.They found high aluminum in all autistic brains.

    2. Don’t people laugh at the “stupid israelites”. Or gawk at the scientific atrocities of the WW’s, and every war that this nation has implemented against others.

  1. Re: Warrior Mom’s info.
    She mentioned that the children tend to (or always) need their ear healing/flushing out. Is this not a remarkable find! I mean, hearing is the most important sense we need to learn, especially when it comes to speech. Could autistic children have some kind of tinnitus, which is making it literally impossible for them to hear properly and therefore cannot speak (or lose the ability to speak properly). Tinnitus causes a ringing/whistling/etc sound constantly – which could explain why the children with autism seem to always have high pitched squeals.
    Any thoughts. Does anybody have any evidence to suggest Tinnitus is rules out? I’d bet it’s never been looked at/considered!

  2. What this man Tyson, who says that variants of SARS-Cov-2 began to show up, ignores, and he hasn’t done his homework all to the end,
    the argument of variants showing up, was used to persuade people to accept the vaccines. By inducing a new wave of fear.

    The underlying motive for announcing these so called variants, is the condition denied by the medical industry magnates, that the vaccines didn’t prevent from contamination whatsoever.

    Not only the vaccines failed to prevent falling ill from the same disease that the vaccine was said to protect against, but they failed also in preventing contamination from one to another person

    You must’ve missed the interrogation with the person representing Pfizer BionTech, who was asked if Pfizer had done research with its mRNA vaccine, finding out if contamination from one person to another person was prevented. The official speaker hadn’t the balls to appear in court and had sent a young woman to do the job. Her answer to tht question was “NO”.

    Besides, we’ve all experienced this failure in the 2 years of a pandemic that is the biggest scam ever designed to control the world population.

    Who was it that predicted that the vaccinated part of the world would die within 7 years after they received these jabs?

    We’re seeing many of our fellow human beings fall, be it on the football field, on the battlefield, or in the cockpit of planes.

    Check out the conditions in the UK, the population is falling like flies! If these experimental vaccines don’t do the job, it’s Midazolam killing the patient.

  3. The war of the Titans, that’s what begins to show up when Jordan Peterson is accused. His opponents are in for a rough ride, oh boy!

    Already, the name of Dr. Fauci, and the name of the WHO, the FDA, and the CDC are smeared and dragged through feathers and pitch by the general public that is informed.

    52% of the Dutch population wishes to see the parliament leave, either because of childish bickering and not making hay, or because of a regime with 3 lockdowns, that was based on deception. In the years 2020/21 .

    That same deceptive attitude is now tried on 30.000 farmers, with false measurements of nitrogen and CO2 levels near these farmers’ land.

    In my country of birth, The Netherlands, the government has lost all trustworthiness, in the eyes of those who dare to investigate, and see what’s played on the global board of chess.

    Those Dutchies are prepared for the arrival of Tristate Cities, where The Netherlands will be turned into a major megacity as the spider in the web of Europe’s EU. Fasten your seatbelts!

  4. This show made me super emotional. Truly I have watched your show since its inception.

    Thank you Del and the Highwire team. You have literally changed the course of history.

  5. As your show now has a properly international audience please, every time you want to say “The people of america” or the “united states’, change it to THE WORLD. Because this fight is not just for your nation, it’s for the whole species.

  6. Freakin’ love you Del! Thanks again!!!
    A couple thoughts:
    Mid pandemic you credited Eric Clapton for speaking out, but no word on Van Morrison, who was even more vocal about the situation. What gives? Van is the man!
    Also, I recommend connecting your team with Jeremy R Hammond (author of the book on Dr. Paul Thomas)- he is an excellent investigative journalist who has been shouting the truth about vaccines from a email soapbox all pandemic who could benefit from a little highlight on your show!!

  7. How about we test a hundreds of childhood vaxxes and see if they are inconsistent in ingredients like the covid shots. Maybe some kids are getting very bad shots.
    My son’s DNA is perfect. His autism is 100% caused by vaccines

  8. The Highwire should win the Nobel Prize for courageous , truthful,scientifically backed journalism , in a time of outrageous corrupt censorship by a corrupt government and corrupt medical organizations.

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Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Misinformation; Twitter Files Reveals New Government Censorship Collusion; Major Influencers Speaking Out About Covid & Vaccines are leading the Uncancel Culture; Does Death Data Point Toward Population Reduction?; New Edwards Deposition Segment Admission on Childhood Vaccine Trials and Autism; Warrior Mom’s A Group that is Rallying to Restore Freedom

Guests: Tracy Slepcevic, Peymon Mottahedeh

#Uncancellable #UncancelCulture #TwitterFiles #BeforeCovidVax #ItAintJustTheCovidVax #EdwardsDeposition #NeilDeGrasseTyson

AIRDATE: January 12, 2023


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    POSTED: January 17, 2023


    When it comes to the COVID-19 vaccine, world-renowned doctors and scientists are jumping ship. Many of those same experts, however, are pivoting sharply, insisting the same skepticism should not be applied to ‘safe and effective’ childhood vaccines. The HighWire host, Del Bigtree, whose 7-year investigation into Vaccine Safety and Policy in America inspired the launch of ICAN (icandecide.org) and The HighWire, explains why ‘it ain’t Just the Covid Vax’ that you should be worried about.

    #ProVax #ItAintJustTheCovidVax #BeforeCovid #ChildhoodVaccines

    POSTED: January 17, 2023


    POSTED: January 17, 2023


    From population bomb to false prophet, Ehrlich, and his protege John Holdren’s, book Ecoscience has a concerning passage about a bioweapon as a “solution” to overpopulation. Meanwhile, history shows Holdren lifted the moratorium on gain-of-function research less than two weeks before Trump’s inauguration in 2017. Another data point to a troubling, ongoing investigation.

    #PaulEhrlich #JohnHoldren #GainOfFunction #DePopulation

    POSTED: January 17, 2023


    POSTED: January 16, 2023


    It’s official, the White House, at “the highest levels” was involved intimately with quarterbacking the COVID-19 vaccine censorship complex. New documents obtained by litigation now show that Facebook was actively censoring accurate content that rightfully questioned the shots – from the science to personal experiences.

    POSTED: January 16, 2023


    Celebrity Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson recently debated popular podcast host Patrick Bet-David over Covid vaccines, science & misinformation. In the process, deGrasse Tyson shared surprising misinformation of his own. Del breaks it down, and explains why he wants to have a beer with Neil deGrasse Tyson.

    #NeilDeGrasseTyson #Misinformation #PatrickBetDavid #DelBigtree

    POSTED: January 13, 2023


    In a 2008 interview with CBS News, former Director of the National Institutes for Health(NIH), Dr. Bernadine Healy, openly discussed her concerns about the lack of research into which groups of children are more susceptible to vaccine injury and the deceptive reasons why she thinks proper studies were never done.

    #NIH #VaccineSafety #VaccineInjury #DrBernadineHealy #CBSNews #TheHighwire #DelBigtree

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