1. Why is the convo surrounding CVID injections different? With other injections the populace receiving them are kids. Babies and infants. When I reflect on my faithful following of this practice in the past, here again as parents we were told that there would be irritation at the injection sight. Give them Tylenol, a warm compress, all will be well. Sound familiar? My babies were always fussy after injection. That was their voice. They could not express to me in words what the injection was doing to them. With the CVID injection, adults, now older kids have words to describe their adverse reaction(s). Adults who have had reactions to jabs they’ve participated in before CVID jab, just like kids, were treated as an anomaly. Well surprise. Surprise! Not so quick.

    Thank you for bringing it back to where The Highwire started. Where I jumped in. That has not gone away. Should never be forgotten. A convo that needs to continue.

  2. Vaccines have done a number on my family, even the “vitamin” K shot. It gave my son seizures, jaundice and lowered his blood sugar. The shots killed my little nephew, they called it SIDS, My niece loss leg mobility twice, she recovered but you can see she is slow. My dad developed diabetes and had a heart attack. My mom suddenly started to act as a kid, won’t shower, asks strange questions, like dementia, and suddenly started to get silent seizures. I have tried to warn them about the lack of safety and the toxicity of the ingredients, but no one listens. It is devastating to see them poison themselves.

    I lost my job for declining the masks and the COVID shots.

  3. What will never cease to amaze me is how people will accept putting into their bodies chemicals that are so toxic that if it’s spilled on the ground a hazmat team has to be called in to clean it up.

    A very solid rule of thumb I’ve found: if it’s too toxic for me to touch with my bare hands, inhale or eat, then it’s not getting injected into my body. That is the rule we should live by in our lives in regards to any medical intervention.

  4. Sorry Ed the regulator here in the UK has today said there are no safety concerns for babies and children so we are back to them making money and our children, well we all know.

  5. Del – please, please, please, can you and your legal team set up something similar over here in Australia?? What you guys are achieving is amazing – we need it too…. We are sinking!!! 😭

  6. Hmmm, 1:17:00 Let’s see, should De$atanist BAN death by collusion/fraud? Or, should he and his AG $tand for and ensure “Free Choice” to be $cammed to death?
    Can’t quite decide… 49 more govs and AGs to go? For now we CONtinue with Death, Dogma-$tyle?

  7. 1:17:00 Exemptions and stopping mandates is a fatal flaw, wrong path. “Medical” Monopoly Malfeasance. Kill the Kill-$hots Already! Nuremberg Already! Before King Chucky-doll’s WEF enslaves us with His Holey CliMutt Death Dogma too. WTF do we NotSSee?

  8. Dear friends if you are watching this content and not sending this team any financial support then you are also still part of the problem. If we do not support this movement fiscally then we will be equally to blame as those who are flat out lying. To take something and give nothing in return is aka – stealing…

    Please surrender and join the winning side with not only your time but equally as important; with your dollar.

    The children need us now more then ever. Where science, action and faith meet we get to live in Harmony with the life that God intended for us. A heaven on earth is birthing…

    With great sincerity, your Baha’i brother in the North East region of the US

    Allah-u-Abha (God is The Greatest)


  9. Del, Elon Musk has not been quite the hero on censorship as you seem to think. His “freedom of speech” policy claims users don’t have “freedom of reach.” Of course, without “reach,” that is, the ability to broadcast one’s views to wide audience, freedom of speech means very little. You might as well be writing in your diary at home. Musk is another false savior.

  10. I love the videos of the trials! Please post them so we can all watch Mr Siri and his team kick arse. It’s so amazing to see how our funding goes to work. Thank you for leading the way to saving humanity from these evil, evil poisons. Seventy and eighty decades of lies and poisoning almost every person on this planet. Look how healthy and pain free we would all be without these bioweapons being injected in us from DAY ONE of our birth. Lies for almost 100 years.. Not just covid shots but all of them.. Never again. Never!

  11. All vaccines are poisonous; if any idiots say it is safe, those idiots are drugs pushing whore… they have been poisoning children since day one and no one did anything about it until the “Vaxxed” movie by Del.

  12. Just had a question that I’m hoping to hear on one of the shows.. we’ve heard a lot about miscarriages caused from the vaccine but is it possible that the Covid strain itself caused miscarriages. Myself, and 3 other people I knew were pregnant at the same time, and 3/4 of us had a miscarriage within weeks of each other. All of us were 2-3 months pregnant. None of us have received the vaccine. Is this just a coincidence or is there science behind this?

  13. Really good episode. It still amazes me that we’ve gone from 3 vaccines to over 70 on the childhood schedule, rates of various diseases have skyrocketed, and virtually no one is talking about it! If you do question it, you’re labeled a nutjob anti-vaxxer.

    As was pointed out, even those doctors who don’t recommend the Covid jab are quick to point out that they’re not anxi-vaxxers and the rest of the shots are safe. Why? Because Big pharma, the govt, CDC, AMA etc., greatly aided by the mainstream media have been extremely effective at stigmatizing and vilifying people who question vaccines. ‘Anti-Vaxxer’ has become the new “hate” speech. No one wants to be labeled that way, and this is how they’ve shut down debate. It infuriates me.

    The segment about the lawsuits ICAN has brought forth was also very good. I wish they would’ve mentioned Children’s Health Defense though. That non-profit is doing similar work.

  14. Ron DeSantis is doing so much good as governor of Florida, He is leading the other states the way they should go. can do things as a governor that he could never do as President. I’m not sure this is the right time for him to run.

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Ex-BlackRock Manager’s New Data; Return of Restrictions?; #TwitterFiles Update; DeSantis Drops Public Health Bomb; Is Del Controlled Opposition?; Laying Out ICAN’s Public Health Watchdog Work

Guests: Edward Dowd, Aaron Siri, Esq.

#ICAN #PublicHealth #Tripledemic #DeSantisCovidRoundtable

AIRDATE: December 15, 2022


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    Celebrity Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson recently debated popular podcast host Patrick Bet-David over Covid vaccines, science & misinformation. In the process, deGrasse Tyson shared surprising misinformation of his own. Del breaks it down, and explains why he wants to have a beer with Neil deGrasse Tyson.

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    POSTED: January 13, 2023


    In a 2008 interview with CBS News, former Director of the National Institutes for Health(NIH), Dr. Bernadine Healy, openly discussed her concerns about the lack of research into which groups of children are more susceptible to vaccine injury and the deceptive reasons why she thinks proper studies were never done.

    #NIH #VaccineSafety #VaccineInjury #DrBernadineHealy #CBSNews #TheHighwire #DelBigtree

  • Making a difference in our world! TOMORROW on The HighWire | January 12, 2023

    Watch at TheHighWire.com/WATCH

    Every Thursday, 11am PST (2pm EST)

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    POSTED: January 10, 2023


    The first installment of ‘Covid’ Twitter Files shows bots, AI and foreign contractors were busy censoring American speech on the platform during the Covid response. Meanwhile, internal emails from separate litigation shows the CDC directing Twitter ‘Covid Misinformation’ censorship while also celebrating the deplatforming of Del Bigtree and The HighWire.

    #TwitterFiles #TwitterCensorship #CovidMisinformation

    POSTED: January 9, 2023


    The FDA’s approval of controversial Alzheimer’s drugs has led to the resignation of many employees of the agency. Now, a new law passed by congress will allow computer models in place of animal trials for FDA approval.

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    POSTED: January 9, 2023


    In January of 2018, ICAN Lead Attorney, Aaron Siri, Esq., deposed Dr. Stanley Plotkin, in a family custody case in Michigan. Dr. Plotkin is considered the preeminent global expert on vaccines, having authored the authoritative textbook on the subject, Plotkin’s Vaccines. Watch Part 5 of this 5-Part deposition of the man Bill Gates called ‘the last remaining giant of vaccinology.’

    #PlotkinDeposition #PlotkinOnVaccines #GodfatherofVaccines #ICANLegal #AaronSiri #Part 5


    In January of 2018, ICAN Lead Attorney, Aaron Siri, Esq., deposed Dr. Stanley Plotkin, in a family custody case in Michigan. Dr. Plotkin is considered the preeminent global expert on vaccines, having authored the authoritative textbook on the subject, Plotkin’s Vaccines. Watch Part 4 of this 5-Part deposition of the man Bill Gates called ‘the last remaining giant of vaccinology.’

    #PlotkinDeposition #PlotkinOnVaccines #GodfatherofVaccines #ICANLegal #AaronSiri #Part 4


    In the wake of the NFL player Damar Hamlin’s sudden cardiac arrest on the field, Cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough, joins Del to discuss his inexplicable collapse, and tackle the Elephant on the Field: Could this be COVID vaccine related?

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