1. Speaking of SIDS I remember that back in the 90’s I think it was that the Japanese government banned ALL vaccines for the under twos and the already low number of SID deaths there fell to a very much lower number. After a couple of years big pharma managed to get that decision reversed, Japan is after all a vassal state of the US, and sure enough back up went the SIDS deaths. After that it was clear to me that anyone from big pharma saying vaccines don’t kill children, and lots and lots of children at that, are not ignorant of the facts but are damn murderous liars.

  2. We don’t need to “find a good doctor” Let’s be honest, most doctors are very intelligent and well meaning. At the same time, 50 percent of doctors are below average. We need to make the doctors good. To work continually to make them better. We need to challenge them.

    We need to let our doctors make the decisions they believe in and we need to track their results. We don’t just need to assign responsibility for their errors – we need to give them credit for their cures.

    Today, if a doctor cures a case of COVID – or most other diseases nobody cares – unless they want to fire him. We need to respect our doctors, to protect our doctors from abuse by the system. And we also need to challenge our doctors. That’s how we improve.
    to your health, tracy
    aughor: A New Theory of Cure

    1. My personal approach is to manage my own health. I’ve learned to eat and drink very little food and water. It’s what’s called breatharianism. I’ve since upgraded that to spiritarianism which is just more encompassing. I’ve learned bioenergetic and quantum-psycho-physiology through Cybernetic Transposition, Silva Ultramind, The Wonder Method, Meridian Tapping Techniques, Progressive Mental Alignment, Quantum Entrainment, Quantum Touch, MetaMedicine (now called MetaHealth, I think), and BodyTalk.

      The system itself is designed to be corrupt. You can insert good and well meaning people and still get terrible results from the best of them.

      Decentralization of the what it takes to keep a human being alive and happy is my target. Everything from a lot less electronics to de-Appling/Googling my devices and end-to-endencrypting and VPN-ing everything, to only eating Whole Foods when I do eat, to setting up Health Success Teams in my quantum space and in macro-life/society, setting up some simple legal protections in those regards and living ultra simply.

      They are going to have their way but it will only go so far and then it will all come crashing down. My goal is to find a way to enjoy myself during the process and hopefully find a good seat to watch the end of the world.

  3. As a parent of two vaccine injured kids from the late 80s/early 90s who has been fighting this fight for 34 years: Del and Company MUST stop calling the covid shots “vaccines!!” This is NOT just a mistake or an error. They KNOW they are mis using the term. I have been a financial supporter for years but for the Team: If you dont stop using the language of the Sociopaths I may have to re think my financial support. Im FED UP.

  4. Awesome show today!

    A great source for Canadians is Vaccine Choice Canada. They have been around helping vaccine injured Canadians since 1986.

    Also, Ken Drysdale PEng. just finished a full report proving the covid corruption and fraud.

  5. I would love to share a segmented video of Dr. Neu’s interview. So much valuable, practical information there!
    Thank you for all that you all do! 🙂

  6. pharma do not care what happens to ppl that have adverse reactions to vax. they are only interested in MONEY. take the K out of monkey pox and you get the real virus

  7. The germ theory narrative is a total fraud and hoax. Viruses do not infect, they heal and clear toxins from our cells. They are solvents, sponges and catalysts to facilitate cell detoxification. They need to be renamed to more accurately describe their valuable role they play in our health.

  8. Excellent point SabinaElSabio I completely agree!
    As far as the CDC ramping up monkey pox testing that’s synonymous with CREATING MORE MONKEY POX CASES. That PCR template is total bs.

  9. Amen. Virology is build on lies and deception and has been since small pox and polio. Just read The Moth in the Iron Lung. It was fantastic and eye opening even for some education on the BS germ theory. Read it.


  11. Please start a page on your website where people can recommend functional medicine doctors or root cause medicine doctors in their area! Let’s give these good docs some business!!❤️

  12. How come you didn’t ask the doc about a possible jab link to the children with hepatitis?? Could these kids have gotten damaged in utero when their mothers got jabbed? Or damaged by jabbed breastfeeding mothers??

  13. Justin Bieber was diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome, while wife Hailey suffered from a mini-stroke back in March.
    Both have been vaxed.

  14. I find Del hugely unreliable as what he is stating here runs counter to loads of things he himself debunked during the whole pandemic.

    That is why I consider him controlled opposition or at least to focused on his own income to report the truth.

    For one – the existence of viruses have never been proven. The narrative is a very, very different one than what Del decides to believe in.

    Controlled opposition!!

    Viruses do not exist – pretending so only benefits BIG PHARMA (and probably Del himself)

  15. Those children that have hepatitis and other illnesses ARE ALL VACCINATED!!!

    The vaccine is the deadly pathogen!

    Read Pfizer’s list of direct effects.

  16. Why the heck are you discussing this DEL:

    We are dealing with something (that if we were to accept the existence of the virus) that WHEN INFECTED has a deadly outcome in less than 1 % – survival rate above 99% and no serious after-effects after 12 weeks.


    Del is simply trying to make a VERY GOOD living off of this….


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