1. There are so many CCP infiltrators (with the emphasis on traitors) in our government that we don’t recognize them when we see them. They are in plain sight and their rhetoric is their “tell” . Can anyone investigate Leana Wen? It seems like she is CCPeeing all over our rights.

  2. The POLITICAL SCIENCE changed. The blue states are ending mandates because they know they would get clobbered in November. Watch the narrative that the dems have saved us from covid.

  3. Del I love you, and I watch every week, but let Jefferey do his reporting..You are continually interrupting him. I know its your show and you love tooting your own horn, but let Jefferey report please. like I said love!

  4. Del I love you, and I watch every week, but let Jefferey do his reporting..You are continually interrupting him. I know its your show and you love tooting your own horn, but let Jefferey report please. like I said I love you!

  5. @EDNBLUE…You are spot on! The dirty Demonrats will turn this all around because they are scared shitless about the elections. Let’s just pray that people don’t fall for their BS again!

  6. Chris Cuomo said he was not going to let President Trump make life decisions for his grandparents or loved ones! But he didn’t have to because Cuomo left that up to his murderer brother who killed hundreds of elderly in nursing homes!
    I’m so glad he was fired & is off the air now.

  7. One interesting thing about Wen is that she is one of Klaus Schwab’s Young Global Leaders (just like Trudeau, Macron, Ardern, Putin, Pete Buttigieg, Gavin Newsom, etc.). Leana Wen is not only one of Schwab’s Young Global Leader “graduates,” she is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. She is totally embedded in the UN globalist structure. What her connections are with the CCCP, I do not know; however, her WEF connections are enough to prove her propaganda role at CNN.

  8. Remember when Turkey only counted hospitalizations and had very low covid numbers? (Before December 2020.). Then, suddenly, Turkey “got the call” and started counting positive PCR tests and their numbers went through the roof. The global corporate media went to town talking about the Turkey “surge.” The next thing you know, Turks are locked down from Fridays at 5 or 8pm until 5am on Mondays, no eating inside restaurants allowed, wearing masks even outdoors 100% of the time, etc. Now old, Schwab acolyte, Leana Wen saying, with a straight face, only hospitalizations should be counted. Watching all those clips of corporate media talking heads so-called interviewing “the experts,” one is struck. by the astoundingly bad acting (Chris Cuomo… wow). The fact that such a huge percentage of the world (especially the “western world”) fell for this very badly executed theater is just astounding.

  9. All those that pushes the Plandemic CONvid Scademics should be put in prison for the most evil scam on mankind… it will not end until all the tyrants that pushes this around earth are in prison…

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America is Rising!; What is Really Driving States to Reverse Lockdowns?; America is Rising, & SoCal Next Site for Huge ‘Defeat The Mandates’ Event; Top Expert Exposes The Hit on Ivermectin; The Coming Debut of ‘God Over Government’

Guest: Pierre Kory, MD, MPA

AIRDATE: February 10, 2022


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    The FDA authorized Covid vaccines for 5-11 year- olds this week, via press release. With concerning safety signals and low risk from infection, experts are questioning the move, suggesting the embattled agency has lost its way.

    #FDA #PeterMarks #kids #SafetyFirst

    POSTED: May 20, 2022


    The WHO met this week to vote on a set of concerning Pandemic Treaty amendments. Dr. Tess Lawrie and Attorney Shabnam Palesa Mohamed, two members of the World Council for Health, join Del to explain why you need to oppose this, and to promote the Better Way Conference, currently under way in Bath, England.

    #WHO #TessLawrie #ShabnamPalesaMohamed #BetterWay

    POSTED: May 20, 2022


    POSTED: May 20, 2022


    Fauci gives viewers a teachable moment in gaslighting as he attempts to tell Americans that they didn’t experience any lockdowns over the last two years.

    #Fauci #Gaslighting #Lockdowns

    POSTED: May 20, 2022


    The mask insanity may have reached its peak this week when unmasked stage actress, Patti LuPone, unleashed a tirade on an audience member for letting her mask slide below her nose, despite the lack of studies from the CDC proving mask efficacy against the spread of Covid-19. In fact, a new study out of Italy concluded that wearing a mask increases levels of inhaled CO2.

    #PattiLupone #MaskEfficacy #MaskInsanity

    POSTED: May 20, 2022


    Newly released science is showing that the booster may increase your risk of catching COVID-19. Immune exhaustion and confusion may be to blame.

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    POSTED: May 20, 2022