1. As long as the majority of human beings agree to give precedence to the past over the present, the minority which writes and adopts the Treaties, Laws and Decrees will be able to continue to dominate the populations. I’m not saying we should forget the past. I’m saying that only the present really exists and that we should beware of people who use the past to justify their abuses in the present.

    If we want to get out of the prison in which the globalists have locked us up, we will have to shatter our perception of time and free our consciousness from the “past / present / future” shackles.

    Time is infinitely more complex than that linear deterministic one track mind.

  2. Bill Gates owns the WHO by his influencing investment. He stated “Vaccines are the most lucrative investment I ever made”. He also believes the world is vastly overpopulated. Join the dots and abstain from the deadly WHO World Domination Plan. (Great Reset) Mick from Hooe (UK).

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Bill Gates’ new book, How to Prevent the Next Pandemic, hit the shelves this week and statements he’s made on his press tour about the Covid-19 response sound curiously similar to what The Highwire was saying back in early 2020. Take a look!

#BillGates #HowToPreventAPandemic

POSTED: May 13, 2022


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    Emerging variants of the #Coronavirus have scientists panicking about the efficacy of the newly rolled out #COVID19 vaccines. With #Pfizer and #Moderna already working on a 3rd vaccine booster dose for these variants, it begs the question how long can science outrun the mutations?

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    Deborah Birx spoke out recently on “Face the Nation,” insinuating former White House advisor, Scott Atlas MD, created sets of false parallel #COVID19 data for President Trump, an accusation he vehemently denies.

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