CNN Angry Instagram Not Censoring More Vaccine Information

New York (CNN Business)Two months after Facebook pledged to fight vaccine misinformation on its platforms, and in the midst of a measles outbreak in New York City, Instagram is still serving up posts from anti-vaccination accounts and anti-vaccination hashtags to anyone searching for the word “vaccines.

“Instagram, which is owned by Facebook (FB), has said it’s working to reduce the distribution of misinformation about vaccines on the popular photo-sharing app. At a press event in New York on Tuesday, Instagram executives said vaccine misinformation is not eligible for recommendation to its Explore, hashtag and search pages. But discussion about vaccines as a general topic is still allowed and can be recommended in these places, they said.

An Instagram spokesperson added that its efforts are focused on vaccine misinformation, not the anti-vax movement. This means that Instagram wants to curtail false information about vaccines, but not ban people who identify as anti-vaxers or publish anti-vaccine posts.