1. It all makes sense now. Who Dell is and why he is… What an amazing family! I’m grateful Dell’s independent, strong spirit was cultivated. What a difference one person can make 🙏🏻

  2. Beautiful family Del ! We are kinder spirits and thinkers as I grew up with Edgar Cayce’s influence also and have continued the same with my own family . Now I understand why I was drawn to the Highwire 2&1/2 yrs ago ! Thanks for introducing us to yours !

    1. Correction * Kindred * spirits. Thank you again for the beautiful conversation with your family members. Your spirits and thoughts resonate with my own. Thank you all for all the work that you do .God Bless !

  3. Monkey Pox “is an offensive name,” so let’s just switch it to Plandemic Pox, Donkey Pox, Gates Pox, Pfaucist Pfizer Pox, $oro$ Pox, Kim Jong Joe North Korea 2.0 Pox or just Money Pox to better define it and not offend common sense. Annnnd these CONmunists need a legacy with a name. CONmunist Pox!

  4. What a great show and beautiful family. I love the story that builds Del’s bio. How fortunate he and his siblings were to grow up “vaccine” free. That is why they are so fully rounded, creative, in touch with their spiritual selves and sharing their life’s journey and healing process with the world!

    I so resonate with their belief system of metaphysics and cause and effect. I belonged to the church of religious science, now called center for spiritual living, which was similar to unity; however inclusive, still practicing fundamentalist christianity so to speak without the hate.

    Del and his family model a loving and compassionate group of people who have all devoted their lives to helping others see their full potential and best versions of themselves, rippling out into the world.

    We are all so unique and awesome in our own ways. If we focused on what it is we do want in our lives, instead of always having to fight off what we don’t want, we could change the neural pathways in our minds and manifest love instead of fear.

    Thanks for sharing of yourself and your family Del. It brought me closer to you and our extended families.

    1. Correction * Kindred * spirits. Thank you again for the beautiful conversation with your family members. Your spirits and thoughts resonate with my own. Thank you all for all the work that you do .God Bless !

  5. Wow! What an amazing episode! Norma has my heart forever. What an amazing lady. My beliefs have resonated with Del every single week… from before standing in line for Vaxxed through his very first shows until the present episode. But to hear spiritual leaders talk about the body and food in the way they did, to include the word meditation in their practices, and to speak of the “divine essence in all of us”, and combine that with biblical verses. I think I have finally found my church after all of these years. I’m going to check out their website and watch some sermons today. Thank you all for being here during this lifetime and sharing your wisdom. You all truly have made a difference in this world in your own ways. Keep doing what you do. We need you now more than ever.

  6. This show is so incredibly valuable because it opens the door to a much more elaborate conversation. As in, conversation is always limited to the capable parameters of it’s participants. You don’t open certain doors because you assume the other person will have no idea what your talking about. In the same way I’m now going ‘shoot, Del knows all kinds of things, much broader ultimate purpose type of stuff’, I think this show may have been Del’s way of testing the waters with his audience a little bit. So, if you guys at The Highwire have been contemplating taking a few filters off and expanding the conversation a little bit, I would just say.: 10-4 good buddy. We got our ears on. We know what you’re talking about. At least some of us do. I order Alchemy-V. How what this show is doing fits into the paradigm shift is an interesting conversation. What are all these new institutions/methods/etc? 1st->2nd->3rd Dimensions. Thoughts-> Words/writing/Paper/Drawings->Our Reality. Let’s get some more stuff into the 2nd dimension of creation. I didn’t know you already have it in the 1st. Now I do. Crank up this conversation! 🙂

  7. Del I wanted to clap and cheer at the end there when you gave such a good account of why the government should not be in charge of making our world better. BRAVO!!!

    Loved hearing from your family. We need more of this in the world.

  8. Something interesting about the people Del mentioned trying to discredit him with his family history is that one of them copied and pasted from The Lds Family Search which you can only access if you are Lds or have a friend who is who gives access to that information. Lds usually has tough security on their systems so hacking it for that info is unlikely. I’m not surprised that this became an issue. Their is some not will known even to most Lds, history between Very early Lds connected businessmen and some pioneers and Iriquois tribes that had been split up close to that time period (mohawk being one of them) Some tribes were moved more to the Northern midwest territories forcing them to mix territory with more Algonquin and souix tribes. There is some strong evidence that the Constitution of the United States was formed based on a mix of these Iroquois tribes’ forms of governance and maybe from a few tribes from The North East in Canada Closely tied. The Lds governing structure I believe was formed from this influence as well since the Leader was born and lived in New York area where much of this history was known by some at the time. One can get deeper into the significance of all this especially from an Lds perspective. Especially from a prophecy perspective. But there is a history of injustice there too, especially when it come to Boarding Schools and others such as land schemes. This is all very interesting from every perspective. Our family is mixed blood as well of Native American (Bear clan) and European decent. The bear story was especially awesome!

  9. Love how much Your family ( Bigtree/Groverland ) has so much fiery passion for what’s good! Especially mom! She’s a woman after my own heart! It’s refreshing even just listening to them!

  10. Thankyou! Watching this made me feel the closest thing to the home in my heart I’ve felt in a very long time. Wisdom Love and Soul sharing As one is no pretense, just humble flawed human being allowing other human beings to be humble and flawed but still loved and valued! That’s the Spirit I fell in love with as a child. So much soul and Light there. Mine had retreated somewhere deep inside of me because of so much pain, negativity and trauma. This reminded me of how good it can feel to be alive and filled with the spirit again because it was here in these hearts wanting to be good people. This is what make a home. This is what makes a family and this is the seed of what makes heaven. This Old soul has been in the desert wandering for quite some time now thirsty. This was a well found in the barren sands. This well was where my orginial self was sprung from. Thankyou for sharing in a way it could spring back up from within to feel my soul again, even if for a moment. The spark of ones essense! Quote “Find Me when I have lost myself. That is all I ask of you! ” A.A. Miller.

  11. This is what so many of us are deep down looking for and need but don’t have anymore or never truly had.. Only an imitation. A family like this and a community like this full of substance and meaning, not just on some online forum but on a personal tangible presense on a day to day local level. This hits the ballpark in grasping the essense of what a soul is looking for. What a soul really needs and desires and wants to go home to. Too many of us have become spiritual orphans.

  12. Thank you Del for sharing, you have a beautiful family working for Truth for what’s important, for the sake of our children and generations to come, in harmony we will become one conscience over consciousness.

  13. Love your family, thank you for sharing the wonderful messages and teachings from your family that you were lucky to grow up with everyone directly. It explains so much about the truth you convey and the very special work you are doing. Keep going. We all know miracles are being created Sending you many good wishes, light and love from Athens Greece.

  14. Amazing show, brought me to tears several times. What an amazing family you have, Del! Just beautiful and completely inspiring. I’m in awe.
    Thank you for sharing them with us! ❤️❤️❤️

  15. Dell, you have a beautiful family. I thoroughly enjoyed your show! I now see how you gained all that courage to stand up and be true to yourself. Best show yet!

  16. About 20mins in and I thought “there is a little tension between Del and his brother”. But then as the show went on I thought I must have been imagining it. Finally at the end when the environmental topics arose, the tension was apparent again.
    Bravo to the whole family for being a shining example of how to be civil and engage in friendly debate.

    Side Note: I like to think of myself as an environmentalist as well but one thing which also gets me is when other environmentalists talk about water, particularly when they talk about ‘water waste’ to which I always have to ask “how exactly do you ‘waste’ water?”
    The evaporation, condensation, precipitation cycle is basic science showing water doesn’t magically cease to exist, it’s just transformed from one form to another in a circular cycle – i.e. it is never wasted.

  17. Wow that was an amazing show I loved listening to your story, you must’ve had an amazing childhood and kids today will never know what it’s like to live in nature like you did. My boys are 17 and 21 and never been vaccinated I if my 21-year-old would’ve got vaccinated he would be autistic , I believe I have a guardian angel helping me understand about vaccines because the information wasn’t out there back in 2000. I really feel sorry for kids today seeing them get so many injections and how many children are sick, i’m happy this Covid hit because it has woken a lot of people up about vaccines. I would never tell anybody my kids where not vaccinated because I was scared of being rejected. But once Covid hit I tell everybody because I’m no longer afraid of the truth, plus i became a born again Christian last year. I hope and pray that all natural herbal medicine comes back to our world and we can heal our kids once again. Love your work Dale you and your team are doing a fantastic job.

    AnnMarie from Adelaide Australia

  18. I’m with you Del! The government is not stepping in because they care about climate and the environment. For them it is only a money and power grab! Just ask the government where our climate tax money is going. They can’t answer because it is going in their pockets!

  19. A lot to unpack here!
    Man created in the image of God; animals .are not but were created for the use and benefit of man.(I eat a very little fish and believe animal life is sacred too.). Dominion over the earth includes science and industry, an ever expanding world that is certainly not a threat to nature or the the elements but improves it. I agree against pollution., particularly EVIL. There is so much we could do if the government wasn’t taken over by central banking to enslave humanity. We need to abolish the fed and reinstall a constitutional 3rd national bank for development for the common good, the common wealth; Hamilton Banking! Together we can do more .for Posterity.. Isn’t that the GOAL? We are the intelligent beings and we CAN rise with God’s help just as our founding fathers did. We must go back to those principles and be one..

    I appreciate your thoughts and ideas.

    What comes to mind is Mormon 5:24 “Therefor, repent ye, and humble yourselves before him, lest he shall come out in justice against you – lest a remnant of the seed of Jacob, (the covenant people, which the Native Americans are), and “shall go forth among you as a lion, and tear you in pieces, and there is none to deliver.”

    1. The point is to aide the world and eliminate poverty not kill them through “global warming” and no energy, no development. Sorry I cannot be more concise.

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It’s a family affair this week, as Del welcomes his tribe to The HighWire stage, to unravel the mystery of how a one time Emmy award-winning Producer from CBS became ‘King of the Anti-Vaxxers,’ and the family life that shaped his future.

Guests: Norma Bigtree Groverland, Jack Groverland, Syntysche Groverland, Rev. Shad Groverland

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AIRDATE: August 4, 2022


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    Trevor Fitzgibbon, the PR agent behind Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, and Julian Assange, pulls the curtain back on what went on behind the scenes during the successful run of his PR firm, Fitzgibbon Media, and consequently his fall from grace, orchestrated by an agenda of what he declares is “so much worse than I believed it was.”

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    On the heels of more violent protests in the U.S., Europeans have a different way. Millions of peaceful protesters marched together in unison across London & Germany, to name a few, last weekend sounding a collective cry for freedom, scientific integrity, and an end to lockdowns. On this Labor Day, let us remember it is “We The People” that make our countries strong and we should never let fear dictate over our freedoms.

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    As we enter perhaps the most controversial election this country has ever seen, Del warns that if we don’t wake up now, our future could look very dystopian. Will we #bebrave and fight back against the powers that threaten to drug our children, mandate masks, inject us with poison, and track our every move? Del asks if we will join him in making a difference and saving our country from total tyranny.

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    Are big tech giants manipulating the masses and pushing an agenda? Zach Vorhies, “The Google Whistleblower,” addresses what he learned while working at Google, within their YouTube department, and has a shocking prediction about social media’s possible plan as we approach the 2020 election.

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    In Aldous Huxley’s dystopian novel, A Brave New World, the people are given a drug to help them accept the conditions of the tyrannical rule they are forced to live under. Well just recently a college professor and ethicist suggested what the world needs now, during pandemic pushback, is a “morality pill” to get them back in line.

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    Resigning, being fired, or just stepping down, speculation has begun to swirl around the massive number of US health officials leaving their positions. With the CDC just admitting that only 6% of Covid deaths are without comorbidities, will more officials be exiting their positions?



    Since being suggested as a potential therapy for #Covid19 patients, hydroxychloroquine’s safety and effectiveness have come under assault by questionable players. The media’s push-pull narrative gave way to straight up censorship as ‘Frontline Doctors’ made the case public. Now, several senators have sent a letter to the FDA commissioner to understand why this therapy is being blocked. Is this the beginning of a greater investigation?

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    While making headlines as the first country to register a Covid-19 vaccine, several top Russian health leaders are voicing strong opposition to the shot’s rollout. From the internal defections, it appears the science, ethics and legitimacy of the vaccine are being put into question.

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    Sadly, in America, the public has come to accept that vaccine-makers aren’t held liable for damages their products cause. As Big Pharma shops around the same idea to other countries under the cover of Covid-19, the ridiculous notion has shocked leading health and medical law experts in Belgium.

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